Blindside - In Black Lyrics

I inhale take it in the hate the anger
it clouds my thinking it pulls me under
further further my eyes lose sight
my ears grow deaf my mouth is gagged
i exhale get rid of confusion
returning my focus i try to keep my grip
closer closer lights come on
to kill the black festering inside
i inhale i choke i exhale i choke
i crawl you kick i choke on hope
if i, swallow everything that you give
to me i would vomit on this world
i see your delight in my mistakes
using my shortcomings to your full advantage
you're full i'm empty the story old and stale
a thousand times over torn to laugh
as i sit crying whining in selfishness

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Blindside In Black Comments
  1. courtney aposik

    I miss blindside. I miss who I was when I only listened to them. Even though I hated myself. I was never more honest

    Hope Heartless

    Girl. Same. Listening to it, im like.. how the hell did i lose who i use to be?

  2. Healing Melodies

    This is still one of my favorite songs. Found myself singing it just now and had to listen. So beautiful.

  3. Nicole Hope

    beauty and pain into one black rose

  4. Johnfelix1234567

    I disagree strongly with Steven Cook.  I like everything they've done since the Black Rose EP.

    Bama Bug

    Johnfelix1234567 agree with you. Their last album was amazing..every song. Hope they make another album soon.

    Константин Батькович

    agree. last 2 albums were great

  5. Steven Cook

    beautiful song, too bad the band lost their heart; their new stuff is just garbage, guess the same can be said of all bands though.

  6. Cincy Stone

    I love this song but I always get so depressed after listening to it.

  7. Amhphp

    Amazing song. Heard it so much already and still haven't got bored.