Blindside - 3:16 Lyrics

For God so loved the world that He
gave His only Son, that whosoever believeth
in Him should not perish but have
everlasting life.

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Blindside 3:16 Comments
  1. nunya bidness

    1400 FPS isn't enough. 1500+ or nothing.

    Cole Wallace

    You have no clue about what you are talking about. Lmfao


    I respectfully disagree.

  2. Travis Thacker

    It responds to chokes unlike the Federal Flight Special Control ..........The winchester wad is highly tapered design toward the front to where it reaches a diameter that basically the same as a Light Full Choke .700 or Improved Modified whatever you wanna call 700 to .695 diameter in terms of choke constriction. The rear of the wad is of course larger but it tapers down and the little air petal stoppers do their job just fine with out the rear end flight stop control like a Federal. I however am not a fan of Square Shot Pellets as they already are steel and loose a lot of energy down range and square pellets make for a worse patterning pellet and a pellet that looses energy badly past 30 yards range even with BBB or BB sizes. If they would simply put that Wad into the Supreme XX Magnum Drylock shells with round shot it would sell better by far. Winchester has always used both single and favors double section wad design in their shells as it allows ease of manufacture in different load weights. They can use on shot cup size and different gas seal sizes or vise versa but keep it fairly simple ...........Remington Favors a one piece wad and Federal Favors both designs but leans more now days to single piece wad designs. Double base piece wads also allowed Winchester to use the AACF taper walled hulls and the modern AAHS taper wall hulls for heavy or heavier game loads along with using them for light loads and skeet loads as well. They would use a smaller diameter base cushion wad over the powder and a slightly larger diameter tapered shot cup wad or wrap in the old days but they have changed with the they use a 2 piece plastic for most all special loads or Magnum Lead loads and for standard Lead it's all went to a one piece Power Piston type AA12 wad or AA12F114 type wad.........and in the Buckshot it's also a petal plastic wad for the #00 Ranger and some use the Cheaper buffer and fiber wad only while the #1 Buckshot loads all use the same one piece Steel Shot wad with fiber internal wad cushions depending on the pellet content of the #1 Buckshot loads. This allows them to use the same plastic petal shot cup wad for all 3 or now 2 loads that use #1 Buckshot inside them......16 and 24 pellet and the discontinued 20 pellet Magnum shorty. The light 16 pellet used a fiber cushion wad inside the shot cup while the 24 and 20 pellet did not use the fiber wad at all only buffer added and pellets sitting all the way down to the base of the plastic cup. Prior to them changing this load of old it was similar but used a 2 piece gas seal and shot cup plastic cup wad...........with buffer. They loaded a 16 20 and 24 pellet version with all 3 using the 2 piece old style fiber gas seal base wad or wads and the shot cup with full caliber pellets inside or close to full caliber #1 Buck and buffer. The more pellets the less fiber gas seals. This chnaged when the went from AACF to AAHS hulls.


    I don't really appreciate this load either - I think federal's rearward braking wad does a better job.

  3. Dub V

    What an amazingly in depth and well produced review.


    Thank you!

  4. Takeitinstride 4now

    25 yards isn't squat to test a round like that, or any other round. You can kill turkey, ducks, pheasant, geese, and most any game at 25 yards with any choke out there, including open cylinder. As for stacking more pellets, you need to count them and compare them to other BB rounds. You will find there is no more pellets than a regular load, and if anything, there's actually fewer. Blind Side ammo is a waste of money.


    I am also not a big fan of BlindSide.

  5. The bull Mc cabe

    I have a 12 gauge bakial , could this handle this ammo


    I don't know much about the bakial shotguns, sorry I can't help more!

  6. Scuba Mike

    BUT this load out of a Mod choke, really opened up at 25 yards. I would hope it would be tighter than that for the longer 40 yard shots on fast flying geese. In other words this load sucks and I should buy something else. liked


    I do most of my waterfowl hunting with Federal Black Cloud.

    Takeitinstride 4now

    @Scuba Mike Yep, you're right, blind Side ammo sucks. Not worth the money or the hype. Besides, it's a cube, not a hex. A true hex has 8 sides, six connected, bordered by one on each side. And if you measure the BB size, they're not much bigger than #4 shot. The term BB is very misleading.

  7. stateofthecity

    One of the most well put together videos i have ever seen involving an ammo test. The only thing that i love more than the overall production was the solid narration.


    Appreciate your kind comment, thank you!

  8. 6kproperty

    Excellent video, really appreciate you efforts and attention to detail. For my part , Winchester Blindside is simply the best steel shot hunting ammo available. Greater Canadas fall to my son's 20ga 3" #2 at forty yards constantly. what ever they give up in penetration they more than make up for with devastation. Neither one of us has lost a hit bird in over three years. Can't say that about any other load. Keep up the GREAT work. :)



  9. John H

    Those extreme flyers are going to badly cripple birds more often than regular shell when you come close but not close enough. Penetration is key on geese! Working with steel makes things bad enough. These look no bueno for Canadian Geese.

  10. ryan G

    28" barell. Benelli super black eagle semi auto 3.5" factory modified choke

  11. ryan G

    Do me a favor, get a benelli SBE II with factory modified choke and pattern every expensive BB load and lets see what patters best. I friend this before but my 3 year old spilled all the cups of bb's while I was counting them.
    My "field" experience is that blindside patterns well but doesn't drop late season geese (leaving a lot of cripples)(and birds that need shot again)
    Where I have Canada geese drop instantly dead with hypersonic bb by Remington. But doesn't pattern well like blindside. If (and when) you can place a good shot with hypersonic, the birds just fold dead instantly.
    Faststeel, black cloud, blindside, hypersonic, hevimetal, (all in #BB) I would like to see your tests of all but with a benelli sbe II with factory modified choke

  12. Jonathan Amante

    good work

  13. fresian pony

    anyone like the Mossberg 500 more than the 870

    Patrick Toerner

    They are better than the newer 870's. I still like my Winchester SXP the best for pump action. Especially the Defender... They have the most reliable pump action in my experience. Costs a little more to get mag extensions, if desired. But they are worth it.

  14. curtis young

    i would love to see the winchester blind side 1650 fps shot

  15. NorthernBackWoodsman

    Remington all the way, man!

  16. ***

    as a LEO and avid shooter, i am extremely grateful for the quality of these videos. thank you for taking the time to make these videos.

  17. DeanMk1

    Back in the days before screw-in chokes became the norm, there was a company that used a cube shaped pellet. It was their "spreader" load. Spreader loads were specially made to lessen the effectiveness of a gun's choke. So if you wanted to take your full choked duck gun on an upland hunt, you could grab some spreader loads, and on the bird's end, the pattern would more closely resemble a modified / improved modified choke's pattern. I suppose the cube shaped pellet would cause a little more damage than typical spherical shaped pellets, but I also believe the ballistics gel test shown here, relates more to how much gunpowder was shoved into that cartridge, than any "improved" ability of the shot to transfer that power to the medium, due to its shape.

  18. MikeS

    I like you videos. Simple, informative and to the point. I would like to see some #2 Blindside duck load test but that's just me!


    When these shells first came out I bought a box to use for waterfowl hunting. I was not impressed with them at all. For long distance duck shots I would not recommend them.

  20. Jordan Hoinsky

    Hunted with this load and Remington's Hypersonic Steel today both 3 inch and BB shot with my 11-87 full choke. At ranges 40 yards and further the hypersonic performed considerably better then blind side, but at distances closer then 40 yards hands down blind side takes it. Either way I ended up with 2 Canada's with each load and 3 mallards. Not a bad day.

  21. MuskieZz

    Im sorry to say this but im forced to.. :P i really wonder why you test these shells with thoose guns.. short barrels.. cylindric chokes.. low distance.. kinda waste of the ballistic gel in my opinion... and its says nothing about the shell so its a useless test :(

    i use a beretta with 34" (86cm) barrel and a full choke.. you want something similar like that to take a real test of these rounds... then put your ballistic gel on 50 to 60 meters ATLEAST.. then see what it does :)

    these are hunting shells and neither of your guns are hunting guns in my opinion :) doesnt take away they are nice guns tho :)

    good luck!


    @MuskieZz I did a bunch of testing last year on barrel length and shot velocity. With the quick burning shotgun powders, there is no appreciable improvement in shot velocity once your barrel is past about 15 inches long. I agree that long barrels swing better and have a longer shot radius, however there is no difference in either the pattern (choke and forcing cone are what matter) or the velocity.

    My intent was not really to investigate the usefulness of their primary purpose (waterfowl hunting), but more from a short range defensive perspective.


    +MuskieZz any ammo can be used for self defense and by testing it you find out if its going to work. If you can afford a high end trap gun you can afford to make your own gel tests and video them. Not everyone lives in the country so using buckshot or slugs can be out for self defense with their shotguns so they want to know if these loads will work. I have a few blind side BB rounds on my shell carriers and bandoleer along side buckshot of various sizes and slugs in case I need it. If you get been forced to use a hunting gun for self defense you could be forced to use such a load besides a 34" barrel is for clays not hunting. What do you have a 682 Elite?

  22. Brian R

    I know you put some time into this production but...... I'd have much rather seen how well this stuff would have patterned out to a more conventional hunting distance say, 40 yards with a 30" circle & 15" center circle. With a varity of different choke constrictions. To check not only pattern density but holes in said pattern. 5 shot average over each choke. I don't understand the cylinder chokes, was this a test for home defense? If so why not choose lead? I can't imagine anyone who would choose steel, round or square when lead has proven best. Thanks for the info though.

  23. babber

    I would love to see a gel test of sellier & bellot .223 match bthp 69 grain


    omg i love this doods voices. very nice video exactly what i was looking for thanks bud.

  25. bullboo1

    Looked good enough for inside a house as apersons chest is not very far from front to back. According to that a chest shot would take out heart and or lungs in none shot.

  26. derek223556

    That was very thorough and very well done.  I'm looking forward to watching more of these.

  27. GunFun ZS

    Thanks for the info. I was also very impressed with your cinematography. Your style was slick. I especially liked the series of cuts showing the guns followed by the reverse sequence to the shots, and the guns stood up next to their patterns. That was fast, looked good, and very easy to follow visually.

  28. Randal Ulbrich

    good job ! could you plz test slugs ?

  29. f_dog80

    great video, very well done.