Blind Guardian - Wheel Of Time Lyrics

Now there is no end
The wheel will turn, my friend

I'm in flames
Cause I have touched the light
It pulls me son
we shall be one
That's all I want
It's all I need
Everything is fixed
There's no chance
There's no choice

It's calling me
So precious and sweet
My mind keeps fading away

It's scratching deeper
My sole reliever
How can I find you now?

Passing through the flames
I see
How terror will rise
It soon will be over
Oh Father of lies
Like foul winds at twilight
It's coming over me
What was and what will be?
What is?
I don't know

Driving me insane
Just feel the heat
Madness creeps in
I'll tear it down

There's no end
Wheel of time
It keeps on spinning
There's no beginning
Turn the wheel of time
There's no beginning
Just keep on spinning

Light - it binds me
Light - it blinds me
Light - it finds me
Light denies me now

I creep along
So desperate and tired
Let me ask you
I am what I am
Prophecies I am the chosen
The flame will grow
Feel the heat
I'll keep on breathing
After all there's no tomorrow

Wheel of time
Save my soul, find a way
And if I fail, will it all be over
Oh wheel of time

The vision
So fleeting and vague
Once again I will bring down the mountain
One last glimpse
It is constantly slipping away

The young man said
"I will never give up"
The inner war
I can hold against it
My mind, my mind
My mind's in darkness

The young man says
"I will never give in"
The prophecy Behold It's true
I conquer the flame
To release the insane
I'm crying
I cannot erase
I'm the dragon reborn
and in madness
I soon shall prevail
Twice I'll be marked and
Twice I shall live
The heron sets my path
And name me true
Twice I'll be marked and
Twice I shall die
My memory's gone
But twice I pay the price

Wheel of time
Save my soul
find a way
May it be as the pattern has chosen
Oh, wheel of time
Turn the wheel of time
It keeps on spinning
There's no beginning
There's no end, wheel of time
There's no beginning
Just keep no spinning

Shine on
Embrace and deny me
Turn on, wheel of time
Shine on
You've burnt, now guide me
Weave on, wheel of time
Oh wheel of time

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Blind Guardian Wheel Of Time Comments
  1. RustingWithYou

    can't wait to see the sick fanmade trailers for the show with this song

  2. Oak Clarke

    "And Follow young Mat whene'er he calls- to dance with the Jak o' Shadows

  3. manster20

    He came like the wind, like the wind touched everything, and like the wind was gone.

  4. mabrou john

    The Black Tower protects , always.

  5. Nick Troglin

    This is so melodically composed of class and punch very powerful vocalist I love the harmonics

  6. Raezeman

    i just finished the series, makes me enjoy this a little bit more

  7. Term1nus

    This song inspires me to finish the series.
    On the 10th book rn.


    Once you get to the 11th book it will start to get good again and by the 12th book it will be amazing.


    @Hirungolwe I'm hopeful now. Thanks for this

  8. Omicron

    55 Darkfriends disliked this

  9. kill joy

    Is this what Rand listens to ?

  10. FrezCop Magnusson

    Well yeah i was let down by the ending of the books but hotdamn Rand was bad ass... even tho they were pushing the whole belive in god because if you dont you are actually doing shit wrong uuh belive in god..he was great alright.

  11. ZetaRhythm

    Thanks to this video and song, I decided to pick up the first 2 books in the series.


    Awesome, I also want to read the whole series because of this. But first I have to finish Lovecraft at least, got tons and tons of reading many authors before me :D
    Enjoy your reading :)

  12. Jon Economidis

    1 of the top 3 BG songs. Sooo good!


    -Where are you from ?

  14. Al Razi Siam

    A masterpiece if you tell me

  15. SimeonIsMyName

    Mother's milk in a cup! This exists!?

  16. Cartografia & Fantasia

    when u are playing d&d 5e as a dragonborn

  17. Timothy Issler

    Boss. That's all I can say.

  18. weirdplusho

    Never read the book, but still love this song. That's the power of Blind Guardian.

  19. Brandon Thomason

    The Dragon's Coil anyone? #Dragon's Dogma

  20. coolhorselover234

    Every darn time I listen to this I keep imagining Vanitas from Kingdom Hearts singing this with Ventus. I can't stop smiling for some reason.

  21. Fender Bender

    Just finished my 2nd round on this awesome book series and I feel lost, for some reason I feel so sad, do you guys mourn the deaths? I was wondering if I’m crazy, I get tears in my eyes when I remember who didn’t make it =[

    Dean Moxley

    Most moving paragraph in the whole series:

    Egwene died.

    Two words to the paragraph. What a blaze of glory for the flame of tar valon to go out in.

  22. Joshua Brown

    Let the Lord of Chaos Rule!

    Lord Inquisitor Shadowlord


  23. ꧁꧂ KS13C です

    moiraine said its alright, till amyrlnin is came up.

  24. Maral Beklen

    He was swimming in other people's expectations. Man had drown in seas like that

  25. Jan Prochazka

    Tell them that they cannot hide among my allies any longer. Tell them that I am no longer blind.

  26. Lovre Marsan

    I usually love BG and their epicness but this is just disgusting...its too shallow, doesn't have a shred of profoundness from the wheel of time. Lyrics are for 10yolds and too forced, almost like machin shins ramblings, music is shallow for their usual mysticism.all in all it is forced and not done properly and i'm honestly sad bcs of it. BG what happened lads?

    Andre Felder

    have to disagree there

  27. alex reus

    Kneel and swear to Lord Dragon, or you will be knelt.

    Just finished book 6 again, and Dumai's Wells still gave me goosebumps

  28. Alex Simmonds

    The 42 who disliked are Myrddraal!

  29. Goose Master 5 Million

    I gotta say Rand's character arc was fantastic, once it actually started

  30. Satpal Singh

    The 40 dislikes are from myrdraal, trollocs and darkfriends

  31. TimecopSticks

    If they dont use this in the upcoming Wheel of Time production it would be a crying shame.

  32. Strom12b

    I am in love with this, I wish there was more. Perfect music with which to dance the spears

  33. Er Lee


  34. Deadralord777

    Haven’t read the wheel of time yet, currently finishing up ASOIAF but I cannot wait especially because of this song holy shit.

  35. praetorxyn

    How the hell have I not heard this until it just popped up in my suggestions? The Wheel of Time is amazing. Hearing this just makes me want to re-read it... again.

  36. Ultima228

    The saddest words I've ever heard in my life were "The End, of the Last Book, of the Wheel of Time"

    Gilberto Barcellos

    Ultima228 on Towers of Midnight right now... I’m both excited and depressed for being this close to finishing the series


    On A memory of light right now and i really cant believe i'm at the end of this journey. I'll try to dont cry when i'll see those words

    Suheyl yilmaz

    For me, it was the end of wise mans fear...(by patrick ruthfuss)

  37. HermesTrimegistus

    I adore Blind Guardian's dedication to Fantasy Fiction Genre, they are my kinda nerds.


    I have so many more books to read because of them! I love to read and the fact that they're such dedicated readers warms my heart. Reading is dying pasttime now, it seems.


    @MrEgofreak Yeah, totally. But, even in different formats storytelling will live as long as humanity.


    @HermesTrimegistus Agreed.

  38. GurAriel Rotem

    what book is this?


    the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, starting with The Eye of the World, if you haven't found it yet


    All of them...

  39. Coping Doomer

    I'll be sure to read these books

  40. Amber XV

    "The young man said I will never give up"
    This part is so epic.

  41. tothelastman6

    I can't stop listening to this song! It's beautiful and epic!

  42. VandroiyIII

    I still think this is the best piece of music ever made.

    If the TV series people are smart about it, they'll use some musical references or try to involve the Bards in the music creation.

    Amber XV

    It's really freaking epic. It basically what got me to read the books. Never done that before because of a song

    Freddy Martinez

    @Amber XV reading the war battles done by jordan while playing this music is amazing stuff.

  43. LordMichaelRahl

    Duty is heavier than a mountain, death lighter than a feather.

  44. omglolzbbqsauce

    34 people don't understand the foundational rule of our simulation

  45. Bryce Moose

    2019 anyone


    Bryce Moose here

  46. Lucas Stringer

    This should be used in the Amazon TV series during Tarmon Gai'don 👌

  47. Ozan Yücel

    ''shine on you've burnt me now guide me'' goosebumps every time

  48. pedro beato

    Never read the books but as a BG fan... This song feels so epic.

    Timothy Meysenburg

    Read them. One of the most satisfying and amazing series ever written

  49. Double Edge

    7:05 - Sekiro bois getting pumped

  50. LastAyleidKing

    So sad when the author died.....such an amazing book series

  51. withheld rather not say

    3:59 7:15

  52. Sam Bryce

    28 Dark friends downvoted

  53. E-Hero Stratos

    Never read Wheel of time and never read any Tolkien but here I am listening to blind guardian

    E-Hero Stratos

    @Ozan Yücel I'll have a look at audio books, but I think for a better experience I could read along with an audio book

    Ali Arima

    E-Hero Stratos you can easily find the PDFs online, that’s what I’ve been reading from.

    E-Hero Stratos

    @Ali Arima I found them physically and I gotta say, you get what you pay for cause its bloody huge compared to most novels


    @E-Hero Stratos have you tried any library? Most municipalities have them.

    Lord Inquisitor Shadowlord

    E-Hero Stratos Lotr just watch the movies.

  54. John D

    The ending of the books was such an anti-climax.

  55. Alex Melik

    Of the "super long" BG songs this is my second favorite. The greatest one is still "And then there was silence"

    Valrock Mograth

    Cry for Tanalorne is my favorite but just like you said this is a very close second

  56. Cmdrduo02us

    I want to get started on this series but have no idea where to pick it up. Im kinda busy and want to have an audio book to listen to. Any recommendations?


    Just finished the audio books, they are fantastic. I wholeheartedly recommend them.

  57. logicslayer

    Great song that lead me to a great series!

  58. Cthulhu The great

    Does anyons know the name of the book?

    Janus Kjempff

    A Blake

    It's literally Wheel of Time. The first book is *The Eye of the World*

  59. Marphey

    Thanks to Sacred 2 i know of this awesome band.

  60. Magda Chlebicka

    So beautiful voice, but wasted for power metal... Anyway it's so good, that I have to listen to it, even though I hate this genre.

    And in fact this song is sick, I love this oriental sound. Valhalla is also sick, it sounds like my beloved thrash, but melodic

  61. Andy Buckland

    Id love to hear Iced Earth do a cover of this with Ripper signing

    Chris Clark

    Andy Buckland The world isn’t ready for that.

  62. christiano Chapouto santana junior

    To this day i dont know if he keeps reincarnating in the same world because the dark one keeps trying to escape or if its a one time event and then he goes to do the same thing in the diferent parallel worlds


    Same world, I’m pretty sure.

  63. Twiggie Leon

    Starts my work out playlist

  64. that.wolf.aldieb

    I started reading the books a year ago....I’m now on book 12! So excited to finish it! Definitely one of my favourite books series!! People are so shocked at the size of the books cause I’m only 13 😂

    bad boy

    Can u tell me the name of the book because I'm lost


    bad boy The series is called The Wheel Of Time

    bad boy

    Wow ! Thank you

  65. StrengthOdyssey

    It is an amazing experience to read the wheel of time books for the first time while listening to this song. It travels you into a whole different world.

  66. Yukiru Senake

    Help. I think I'm stuck on loop.

  67. HaywireEagle

    This song still gives me chills!

  68. Sam

    Really happy that someone made a lyric video of this. What an epic song, wouldn’t have known about this book series if it wasn’t for this song.

  69. Callian r

    Give me a Wheel of Time anime opening with (an abridged version of) this song.

    Alex Dagos

    Honestly, a wheel of time anime would work. The whole thing is inherently anime.

    E-Hero Stratos

    I mean, this is essentially writing the most epic concluding battle


    It has so much filler it could definitely be an anime.

    Wait, there's no beach episode though

  70. Sr Imposible

    You can call me Ba'alzamon

  71. Sr Imposible

    Come to me if you dare to Shai'tan! I'm the storm! I'm the Dragon reborn!

    Drdeki Petrovic

    Path of Daggers

    Alexandre XIIXIIIVII

    Time to die!

    Lord Inquisitor Shadowlord

    Sr Imposible Magnus the Red is not happy

  72. FlynnTech

    So very good thank you for making this its so empowering! Dovie' andi se tovya sagain!

  73. 1993Warbirds

    It's so lovely to see so many WoT fans here. You are my people!!

    Swiggity Swaggity Shaggity

    What's WoT?


    @Swiggity Swaggity Shaggity not sure if it is what he means, but I think it is a book series, that goes by the same name as the song, according to urban dictionary, 14 volumes and a sequel, the url

    Dwight Alexander

    I have WoT book 1-10 in pdf format, just pm me for those interested.


    I just fell back into my binging of this song, and saw there's a show. I need to pick them back up.


    The people of the dragon

  74. Yasin TEKKALMAZ

    The best part 5:54-6:50

  75. Yasin TEKKALMAZ

    Aiel's the best 💪💪

    Sr Imposible

    I think that the Seanchan have an objection

  76. Battle Saw

    This is a LONG song

    cooper smith

    And then there was silence is longer

    Battle Saw

    cooper smith lol


    This and "and then there was silence" are my favorites

    bozo force

    It is from a long series of long books

    black1 blade

    Not that long lol

  77. Battle Saw

    I did not suspect thatXD

  78. Ace B

    The strongest thing in this song is Hansi's voice. Such a strong and beautiful voice

  79. Ursus Maritimus

    fucking sick.

  80. Tobias Klenke

    If you have no idea which book to read next - listen to some Blind Guardian songs!


    got into the dark tower because of them,best thing i,ve ever did.


    @Rodrigo Proud of you.

  81. TheCreedEvolution

    reminds me of prince of persia

  82. zeppelin led

    when i listen to this song i cant contain urge to Yell: IM DRAGON REBORN!

  83. Orion Hammerfall

    "Till shade is gone, till water is gone, into the Shadow with teeth bared, screaming defiance with the last breath, to spit in Sightblinder's eye on the last day." - The Aiel's purpose.

    Drdeki Petrovic

    To The Last Day to The Shayol Gul

  84. AshaRedFox

    Dovie andi se tovya seagain

  85. FourBoxComix

    It's never over al'Thor

    Abinav Viswwanath

    - Paden Fain


    I win again, Lews Therin

  86. Lycan Thrope

    Taishar Manetheren.

    Sr Imposible

    Taishar Malkier

  87. AshaRedFox

    The wheel weaves as the wheel wills

  88. AshaRedFox

    OMG I’m only on book 1 and I was sooo crushed when Hopper died. My sisters on book four and our stepdad said Mat died, what he didn’t say was he only died for a couple of days!!!! She was panicking. (We’re 12 btw, reading a book series for adults, r u proud??)

    Nathan Morgan

    The wheel weaves as the wheel wills.

    iKanD Media

    Come on Youngling, it's great that you are reading the series but be more judicious on where you post spoilers. If this were the White Tower, I suspect the Mistress of Novices would be having "words" with you.



    bozo force

    Spoiler warning people.


    @bozo force thanks.

  89. Animus Rex

    I'd love to witness BG play this with a live orchestra al la Metallica's S&M album. Actually I'd love to just witness BG live at all before I die.


    Animus Rex haha same here


    I caught them in a bar show. No orchestral bells and whistles, just standing room for 150 people or so. Was wonderful

  90. Tj king

    Blood and bloody ashes

  91. theo kounias


  92. Vexillien

    I'm pretty sure this is the most epic song I've heard so far in my life.

    Galaxy 8926

    This should be the intro song for the show

  93. Alixaria Seain


  94. caim


  95. IMSolutions

    I am going to celebrate the day this book comes to the screen,fuck all other fantasy this is going to put in shade all of it.

  96. Ernest Cambor III

    "Ta'veren," Loial said.

    Everything in one Equation

    It's amazing to see how ta'veren like Rand al'Thor can influenve people to write songs and books about them

  97. Thomas Bergan

    Imagine this music on the new series... Awesome!   " kneel and swear to the lord Dragon , or you will be knelt."

    Groucho Junior

    "I win again, Lews Therin"

    Drdeki Petrovic

    Mazrim Taim

    Drdeki Petrovic

    @Groucho Junior Ishamael

  98. Gabriel Acosta

    Debo decirlo: TODA la canción es sumamente perfecta, digna de dioses... Llevo semanas oyendo ésta canción y, siempre, SIEMPRE, desde el minuto 7:56 se me eriza la piel y se me humedecen los ojos... Es un sentimiento muy complejo y hermoso...

  99. FidelisRaven

    Who wants to bet this video will skyrocket once TV series comes out? :D

    Jason Gore

    if they fuck Perrin and Faile up I'll eat whomever of their children that did the fuckery in front of them... I almost ate Billy Zane for his tomfoolery, but was merciful because I understood why he did what he did... Anyway, if they have no children I'll take their animals; dogs, cats, birds... Fuckin' gold fish even, by the throats with my teeth that are in my face-mouth, and eat them instead. If they have no pets or children then I'll just scare them and emotionally abuse them. Send them nasty letters in the mail.

    Do whatever you want with Rand or Elayne or... Not Matt, either. I liked him. I relate to him in some ways. But, Perrin was always my favorite. Faile was right there with him when she came into the story. With her big saldaen nose... But, anyone else... Not Lan...Well, not Tom either. I cried for him. Twice... There's a hundred and seven million to fuck up, is all I'm saying.

    "Sa savornia nienda missian ye" that's really what made mat stick in my head... I think that's the right spelling. My old manatheren is a little rusty. It's been years since I've read the books... I've been studying Dutch lately, anyway.

    However, they probably will fuck it all up... So, I should start an E-bag, study up on George Carlin's help section on serial killing and get some travel funds together... Oooh... But, that means a new axe, too!
    Ahhhh, yes. Relish the small things in life, people. They get you through.

    Jason Gore

    @bozo force yeah, that part sucked. Plus he was pretty much copy-pasting from Jordan's notes, which, Sanderson has no problem with depth in his own books, his The Way of Kings series is right there with TWoT for me, but, I'm sure that picturing a world created by someone is a little easier than being the step-creator. Which made it almost a chore for me to finish the last couple of books.


    @bozo force "power of description" oh, you mean repeating the same description two or three times a chapter?

    bozo force

    MyVanir, I meant his ability to make you see the characters not just read them. To be mentally transported into a fictional world


    @bozo force Most of the characters in WoT feel like caricatures because of how heavily-stereotyped they are. It actually makes "seeing them" really hard, because real people rarely conform to their national/gender stereotypes.