Blind Guardian - Valkyries Lyrics

To the gods of the north, I pray
And raise my cup for the fallen ones
Then I cry
In Valhalla they'll sing

Red blood keeps pouring down
Come Valkyries, join me on that final ride

Here I lie bleeding
Odin, I await thee

The battle rages on

New lines they're weaving
The future, the past and the present
They're one
They will reveal their mask
To show me a way to survive
This bitter war

Soon it will be over
He will be the one
We'll weave in

And terror will now rule these lands

When the battle is lost
And the slain ones are chosen
Valkyries will guide us home
When the battle is lost
And the slain ones are chosen
Valkyries will guide us home

A spinning wheel
The path of glory
Round and round
come join us
On your final ride to Asgard
Let's move on fast
allfather waits
So let's heed the final call

For now
We leave this world behind
It's over

All glory to the brave
Still blood will rain
Through storm and fire
Let war winds reign
It's the feast for the crows

Follow the light
Just follow the light
Or fade away

Soon it will be over
He will be the one
We'll weave in
and terror will now rule these lands

When the battle is lost
And the slain ones are chosen
Valkyries will guide us home
When the battle is lost
And the slain ones are chosen
Valkyries will guide us home

We'll keep on weaving
We're crushing through lines
With our battering swords
We're marching on
Assign the brave
To survive
This bitter war

Soon it will be over
He will be the one
We'll weave in

And terror will now rule these lands

When the battle is lost
And the slain ones are chosen
Valkyries will guide us home
When the battle is lost
And the slain ones are chosen
Valkyries will guide us home
We'll heed the final call
A call to arms
The valkyries will guide us home

The finally I hear them say
Carry on
For Valhalla awaits you

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Blind Guardian Valkyries Comments
  1. Gitte Løyche

    Great song!!!!

  2. Michał G

    The most tragically underrated BG song ever. I swear like every review of this album I've seen considers this one of the weakest songs, though it contains some of the most divine melodies I've ever heard.

  3. Disfigure7

    awesome shit, can't wait for that new album

  4. Ursus Maritimus

    Fucking sick.

  5. Patricia Pardini

    Melhor banda do power metal,amoooooo💖

  6. Fran Santiago

    This song is so poignant...aside from the great vocals...and guitar. I was singing along to this...and all I could think of was But kidding aside...very underrated band!!

  7. arturo suazo

    I love this song!! \m/

  8. joyce mota

    Amo essa musica.


    Foi a primeira música do álbum que curti, depois fui curtir o resto álbum que é sensacional.


    Esse álbum é fodástico

  9. Patrick

    This album is such a gem

    Fran Santiago

    Indeed...and it goes so put it on, next thing you know...its over :(

  10. Deadly Alien Beats

    this is perfect while doing a D&D campaign

    Jusper Crisp

    i miss those days

  11. Adam Markey

    Andre Olbrich's tone is just perfection.

  12. Nverdis

    This is the best song to listen to while taking a shit


    You sir are a piece of Shit.


    Are you saying that you _wouldn't_ listen to this while taking a shit? Particularly one of epic proportions?

    Angela Ryan

    You need more fibre.

    Mare or stallion, There's far more inside

    Is it not normal to shit now?

  13. cannedcatfood

    Yaaaaassssssss. So epic. I love you BG :3

  14. Da-Ja's Quality Crap

    That intro was LIT.

  15. Dark Heart

    I love this song💙 . Blind Guardian lover for life

  16. peter daoud

    im from jordan and the people living in the north of my country stink so does their god


    It's highly likely the people living to the north of your country (Syria) have the same god as you.

    You're right though, Allah stinks.

  17. Ringofan19

    I'm at a loss for words. There is a depth and richness, and a sense of point and purpose to the songs of Blind Guardian that overtakes and destroys modern american music. I'm home.

    Hæstwulf Iclingas

    Orden Ogan is another good example from Germany.

    As for power metal outside of Europe, there are some good bands in China and Japan.

    K Constantine

    Yeah, but they try to emulate the style, which grew organically out of European folklore meeting metal.

    Christian Campbell

    @Nono Nunu You don't know shit.

    Knute Nelson

    Iced Earth is American

    Knute Nelson

    Demons and wizards is American
    Same singer from Blind Guardian tho

  18. Ix Suomi

    One of my favourite songs from Blind Guardian :')

  19. Mitzi73

    BG's songs are too short. Please make the next album 2 hours!

  20. Jewish Suicide Bomber

    I just discovered Blind Guardian, the first song I herd was drive into obsession and I think I found a new band for my top 5

  21. Killian Hackenschmidt

    Only one dislike?
    I'm in valhalla for sure

  22. Hæstwulf Iclingas

    Don't bring other bands into a Blind Guardian video's comment area.
    Fool. I'll go along with you, and make sure that your Disturbed mind drowns in a Cradle of Filth.
    See? I can insert band names into sentences too.


    quality profile pic
    good taste

  23. sigma vile

    what a pity that such EPIC and AWESOME songs are so short :*(

  24. Captain Spacelazor

    Lol tool

  25. Casual Ninja

    New gym song

  26. Dr. SoulReaper

    yes i would want to be a warrior of the blade and yes that hollow feeling would follow me every where but i would be fine with that because i prefer swords over any other weapon but your those who stop are the true kings the heros of war are just mere pawns in the game of life

  27. darkwattie227

    i understand what you are saying my friend, and about a month ago, i wouldent have listened, but now i have somthing to live for, i still wish to be a warrior with a blade in hand, but my true wish is that i make sure the thing i have to live for doesent go through her life alone. thank you kindly, i can can now let your words sink into my mind.

  28. Fukou da

    No real reason, I just figured a only a kid would say something so silly. Trust me, you're not a warrior, you never will be and even if you could, you do not want to be.

    Take it from me who has seen plenty of death, there's nothing glorious about it. It is, in fact, the emptiest feeling in the world.

    When I salute a casket donning the Ensign, the hollow feeling I get inside is indescribable.

    Just remember, those who die in war may be heroes, but those who prevent war are kings.

    Teofil Raicu

    Dunno, sounds like you are just an edgy teen. Or.. were 4 years ago when you commented on this.



  29. darkwattie227

    16, why?

  30. Fukou da

    How old are you?

  31. John Scoutberg

    This is the album i would make a personal AMV out of. That and mirror mirror. Liek, a personal AMV. Animations and original characters/storyline/scenery.

  32. Cecil

    0:04 scariest moment of mi life. i was alone on ma house. tought that it was someone at my door

  33. TechUnadept

    wether she likes it or not, eh?

  34. darkwattie227

    man i hope i die fighting
    now a days you cant die a beutiful death, you cant hear the song of steel, or feel its cold sting!
    now-a-days you can only feel the pain-ful hot sting of lead.
    no steel to fight with
    just shoddy projectiles.
    mabye some-day that will change
    mabye one day the race of man will be able to here the valkyries sweet song of death again.
    until that day, i can only dream.

  35. burning255

    I Listen this song every day,never get bored of it.So much emotion through this song,it feels you are on a Battle with all this Norse Mythology.


  36. Olias

    My mom loves this song.

  37. Paul LaBar

    Thank you. This is a such a better recording than the "HD" one. Oh, and pro tip for anyone else looking at this. HD video does not mean HD audio. THIS is HD audio.

  38. Rachel McCleary

    I know you were not disappointed:) \m/

  39. Corvinus

    I was thinking of something to comment about this music, but I simply lost my words listening it.

    Long live the Metal, and may the Valkyries guide you when the end comes!

  40. Roland Staghare

    @TheKnight447 You don't know much about song structure do you? The part that repeats often is called the chorus.

  41. Zombie Picasso

    @Metalaseylypse 100% agreed, love every song on the album

  42. Madara Uchiha

    this band is so incredible epic nobody can give them water

  43. Ryan Gorry

    is that a link too... myspace?

  44. Roland Staghare

    They need to play this live. The chorus is like crack.

  45. Brokk

    How often do you find an album that delivers 10 unskippable tracks?

  46. Verxus^

    i wonder if will they be able to surpass this EPICNESS with theirnext album :)!!

  47. LightGreenee

    amazing song!!! so magic!!!

  48. Rachel McCleary

    Timeless! Long live metal.....

  49. Matt M

    Good God! Tomorrow after work, I'm buying this album. Hell I'll buy 2 and keep one unopened and seal it in a safe. This is too good to lose!

  50. DoctorNopants

    @Blaiseaeron I actually began to enjoy TTM .I didn't like it at first either

  51. stubenrockerberlin

    Awesome, nothing more to say...

  52. TheGuardian550

    Yeah so right this is just epic. When you want to explain what epic or amazing is show them this album. I hope the next Album is so godlike like this. Although the next Album is just with orchestral music. I know it will be Godlike, like Hansis Voice or like Blind Guardian

  53. Peter Pekarovič

    @bobnoj666 absolutely epic part:)...great album and for those who dont like it,try to listen to it several times and you will love it...ncie to se,how can blind guardian do different music in every album and is still maserpiece(except twist in the myth maybe:))