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  1. Yasin Ulutaş

    Bu adamlar çok iyi nesi sıkıcı yha - MeC

  2. withheld rather not say

    1:21 2:59

  3. w00tyd00d

    That full octave leap is fucking outta this world lol Hansi is on a whole other vocal power level

  4. Abrahem Samander

    I hope this developes into a true love for blind guardian, it’s sure is one hell of a good impression.


    Did you end up loving them? I sure do

  5. Abrahem Samander

    Oh so this is were the people sent by razorfist are hanging out. Nice to meet you guys.

  6. bludrk returns

    Sup! Just came here from Rageaholic!!!

    bludrk returns

    Oh and - 01:22

    Charles Tosti

    Which video?

    bludrk returns

    @Charles Tosti ELRIC OF MELNIBONE! haha

  7. Hard Gay

    Arioch! Arioch! Blood and souls for my lord Arioch!

  8. Billy The Conqueror

    Razorfist brought me here

  9. Patricia Tato

    Picture this Wolverine and the Punisher side by side going Ball Z ape shitt just slashing Down super villains nobody would be able to stop to do listening to this song by Blind Guardian the blood would truly flow that day Wolverine and Punisher and Blind Guardian I know what I am talking about about truly Unstoppable forces Wolverine Punisher Blind Guardian the blood flow and Flow Knights Templar cannot stop them


    I don't get it

    Enric Martinez

    Who want's sissy superhoeroes compared to Elric of Melnibone.

    It's like comparing a pint of craft ale served in tankard with budweisser in a plastik cup.
    I bet thsi Wolverine donkey would sound better with some Beyoncé and Lady Gaga than with metal.

  10. Outlaw8908

    Razorfist does know his Metal...

  11. DarthDregan

    Lord Razörfist brought me here with his review of Elric.


    Same! :)

  12. brad potts

    im'a listen to this while playing Darkest Dungeon

  13. Thedreadwolf Fenrir

    Thanks Raz0rfist

  14. Craig Evans

    Erekose! He remembers being the Eternal Champion,how shit must that be to live all them lives and remember to a degree?! Also blood and fucking souls for Arioch!

  15. clement boutaric

    tanelorn. the city of peace. far from the chaos, far from the law, far from the balance. the only place where a warrior can rest. but even that wasn't enough for Elric of Melniboné. He couldn't find answer here.


    In the end, I cannot give Elric too much pity. He may have been damned, but not from the start.
    He doomed himself.

  16. Shawn Manesh

    I travel a dusty old road

    And carry on in ultimate terror

    The torture will grow

    While infinity's lost

    The lunatic fears the unknown

    Into the fire

    Curse me


    Into the fire

    Everything is gone

    Did I miss the point

    Or fail to see

    That I am lost

    Cause I am chosen

    Crush another tower

    Grind the universe

    I'll fear it into pieces

    Mourn forevermore

    And here I

    Cry for Tanelorn

    Still I fear their voices

    Cry for Tanelorn

    No more fear, no voices

    Cry for Tanelorn

    Into the void this journey ends

    Cry for Tanelorn

    The dawn comes crashing down

    Into the void

    My locked up asylum

    Don't turn your back

    On your prodigal son

    When terror is raging

    Still my hate will grow

    Here on my own

    I've built a pyre

    Oh, fire

    Here on my own

    I've wasted life

    So weak

    A dark sword

    A black soul

    My soulmate gets near



    I'm banned from the island

    Refuse my, deny me

    I'm pale and I'm weak

    Now I don't belong here anymore

    Cry for Tanelorn

    Still I fear their voices

    Cry for Tanelorn

    No more fear, no voices

    Cry for Tanelorn

    Into the void this journey ends

    Cry for Tanelorn

    The dawn comes crashing down

    Into the void

    The trouble of many I've seen

    It's coming to an end

    Here's my last stand

    The torture at last

    Will be gone with the past

    Infinity. Where will I go?

    Into the fire

    Curse me

    In war

    Into the fire

    Everything is gone

    It's your blood I desire

    The last soul I require

    Right alter all the damage will down

    And here I

    Cry for Tanelorn

    Still I fear their voices

    Cry for Tanelorn

    No more fear, no voices

    "Feeding my void

    Feeding my void

    Here at the edge. I claim your soul"

    Cry for Tanelorn

    The dawn comes crashing down

    Into the void


    All hail stormbringer


    I am pretty sure it's not I'll fear it to pieces and is I'll tear it to pieces

  17. Irrel Levant

    Okay, while I was totalyl brought here from Razorfists' ELRIC fellating review, I'm actually a massive fan of Blind Guardian. THere's an old favorite of mine~ THat being said...

    Irrel Levant

    Amen, brother.

  18. A Normal Lobster

    damnit razorfist.
    you got me listing to something other then FFDP.

    Cee Cirice

    That's a good thing tbh

    Ken Hryhor

    That's all the better for you




    Welcome (even if years late)! I highly recommend their, "A Night at the Opera" album, if by chance you haven't listened to it yet, and enjoy the sheer chaos contained within this piece; The Soulforged, - specifically - being my personal, all-time favorite track from them (which was also my very first of theirs, coincidentally enough lol).

  20. Apocalypse_Later


  21. mvunit3

    ELRIC of Melnibone'! . . . The Eternal Champion! Wielder of Stormbringer!


    That brought me here, from Razorfist's recent video. The segment of the music I thought was cool.

    B. Ekov

    Blood and souls for my lord Arioch!


    To be fair Stormbringer wields him.

    William Blowers

    @ACEnBEAKY I see you are also a man of culture...


  22. josef2012

    corn cob metal,the best metal....Kappa.


    What is corncob metal?


    I too eat corn on the cob while listening to metal.

  23. Jed Syrenne

    the greatest opening theme for my dnd sessions


    Jed Syrenne Good for starting a new writing piece too...

  24. Adam Holland

    This will wake you up in the morning... INTO THE VOID !!!!

  25. Metal Maestro

    i love hansi kursch's screeeeeaaamss!!!!!

    gonçalo Baia

    Metal Maestro I KNOW RIGHT
    Theyre just so powerful

  26. Thyrus Sendria

    I have the Limited Edition of this Album

  27. HalBDeU

    Into the voooid!!!