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  1. Sir Solo

    Man, I dunno I feel like this coulda been a looot better for being an anti to Fly. The rhythm of the lyrics isn't much in unison with the music as I've familiarized with most BG tracks

  2. RogueMephilesClone

    I came upon this having listened to "Fly" countless times.

    Wasn't prepared for what I'd find. The album lived up to it's name, alright.

  3. Gantris

    In short:
    Fly = Peter Pan and Neverland
    Dead Sound = Whore of Babylon and Apocalypse

  4. Justice

    Enjoy the heat of your whore, Babylon!

    That is one of my favorite lyrics in a metal song ever.

  5. Matthew Riker

    This song is meant to be an opposite of Fly. Where Fly is about Peter Pan or Finding Neverland, hence why it's more upbeat (if it can be called that lol). This one is meant to showcase a more mythical Apocalypse setting, which is why it has a slightly different sound, as well as darker lyrics compared to Fly. I love this band so much.

  6. Maxwell Llewellyn

    Bad audio quality! Use this video instead

  7. David Diaz Reyes

    No se si es verdad esto que me ha sucedido del pie,o es mentira, o es que os habeis hecho oidos sordos,¿y ya veremos no?.
    En realidad no se quien ha sido, si ha sido el de la ortopedia o que pasa por pedro por mi casa,o no se.

  8. David Diaz Reyes

    Oye,¿ no habras venido ha ver mi pie como esta verdad?.Pues pienso yo que esta un poco hecho polvo.
    No veas esta mañana (¡que me cagüen tu puta cara ya!) para levantarme.

  9. kyuubikid7971

    I fucking love this song. I love that it has to do with the title of the album. "A twist in the myth" Fly is all about the magical and amazing parts of fantasy and dead sound of misery is essentially that gritty and realistic part of having to kill the fantastic creatures that pretty much terrorize the land.


    It's about the apocalypse from the perspective of Satan, getting trapped for eternity in the lake of fire after failing continually to destroy God's creation. Sirens are the saint from his perspective. He is playing the victim and crying because he was left in hell alone (God and humanity will reside in the heavenly Jerusalem and be completely immune from his influence, while demons and Satan's followers were killed by the angels and Jesus in the Armageddon).

  10. realitygutter

    It's simply the alter ego of the song "Fly". It's obvious they did it for the twist, and just because they could! No mystery here, just inspiration and joy.

  11. burbon ­

    Horrible song. Reused melodies and lyrics that are just badly sung.

    Πασχαλης Μπανδας P

    "Reused melodies" There is a reason they are reused.

  12. madcat789

    This sounds a lot like Fly.


    is basically the same song, but in another tuning and with other lyrics

  13. Stormrider59

    Well this is certainly different lol. I absolutely love how the guitar sounds on this version, it is a lit brighter in the mix than in Fly.

  14. Praw

    Anyone knows why this track is not on Spotify?

  15. Sirfox 116

    Hydra Dominatus...

  16. Cthulhu McSwagger

    After listening to Fly many times, this song legit scares me. As if something evil infested and corrupted it.


    Have the same feeling :D


    opposite for me :D Fly seemed so off from the beginning :D This is so beautiful

    Mateusz Franiczek

    Lol. Ill find out


    @Mateusz Franiczek Find what out?

    Alpha Critter

    @Mike this song is about Babylon, fly was about peter pan

  17. caim

    bring down Paris!

  18. InsertCleverNameHere

    Well, compared to Fly, one could call this track a...twist in the myth...

    Sandwich Breath

    YAAOOOWWWWWWW *cue CSI Miami intro*

  19. TheMrCabbage

    Love it! Somehow draws Fortress from Heroes III to my mind making the song even more enjoyable


    I know that one, though this does not reminds me of that one.. :3


    Ah, I see you're a man of culture, as well

  20. Nutv_21

    3:45 - 4:02 My ears are clogged with cum

    Emperor Swagatine

    +Nutv_21 Are you a christian teenager?

    Alpha Critter

    Emperor Swagatine XD or the Pope's assistants

  21. m. kall

    the blood of sirens on my hands i cant wash away

  22. Praw

    Funny that this is the bonus track, because it's so much more sophisticated and has great harmonies.

  23. Dark Wanderer

    I love both versions!

  24. Quinn Masters

    I've always wondered why this song is so similar to Fly

    Sunny D

    It's the same song as Fly (guitarwise anyway) but I believe it's tuned half a step lower or maybe a full step. Fly is half a step below standard tuning and I think this one is a full step


    @Sunny D it's not just tuned down, it's played in the minor key as opposed to the major key of Fly.

  25. MattTheKingg

    this is fly in a lower octive


    oh, nvm. i read the other comments and found out it's a bonus track remix. how did i not know of this? i don't know

    Abe Rivas

    @MattTheKingg Didn't knew this either! my mind's blowing right now D:!

  26. The Almighty Johncast

    Dark, let's do it now
    Bring in the sirens, cut out their tongues, do it now!
    Ignore their cries!

  27. Olias

    It's a kind of reference to that song, but listen closely and you'll hear the atmosphere is totally different :>

  28. Olias

    Hehe, I love this little twist. One could say, there's something nice for everybody, a joyful song about Peter Pan, and this kinda wicked but catchy thing... And both are freakin' epic.

    Alpha Critter

    PaganAstronaut it's about the whore of Babylon, read the lyrics bro

  29. Nathan Shepherd

    sounds like fly with different lyrics doesn't it?

  30. SuperDanisama

    misma cancion distinta letra

  31. Christian Christensen

    No problem, i spent quite a while figuring this out as i was wondering myself when i first heard the song :P

  32. MirandaAzazel666

    You're a smart cookie. :)
    But yeah, that does explain the difference. Thanks. :D

  33. JackBauerSnake

    Blind Guardian For Thousands Eternities!!!I Know That The Dead Sound Of Misery Is An Alternative Version Of Fly!!(And I Am Very Happy That Some Guys Already Knew That KINDS OF METAL AND KINDS O ROCK MUSICS/BANDS AND MUSICIANS For Ever!!!

  34. francyloddo

    HFDJHFJHFJDHFDHFJDNJNNNCVMCNM non ho seriamente parole per tale arte.

  35. Franz Esteves

    God damn it I love this one much more than Fly.

  36. Christian Christensen

    FYI: Dead Sound of Misery was PURPOSELY made to sound like "Fly". Why?

    It's the same song. BG was so intrigued with Fly they wrote another song on the melody, using alternate Lyrics and playing the song in another tune.
    They went from playing it in a major chord (Fly - Sounds like a "happy" song), and Dead Sound of Misery is in a minor, so it sounds "darker" or whatever you want to call it.

    I love the chorus in Dead Sound of Misery more than fly :P

  37. Fallen White

    This might be good to analyse, was thinking of using some sort of variable bgm schtick

  38. Jowain92

    Okay, I have no idea what inspired these songs, and I don't care.
    When I hear "Fly" I think of a woman who tries to escape the harsh reality she lives in and fights to make it so.
    When I hear this song, I think of the opposite, her sibling who is and evil overlord of whatever or that they are fighting each other ot something. I guess it's the similarites between the songs that does this.
    This song is a prime example on how to use the same sort of melody twice without making it suck.

  39. TheDeadNut

    @JWood663 fly is awesome, just like this one.. why don't you just shut the fuck up?

  40. TheDeadNut


  41. Naughty Mare

    fly was ten times better this version is shit

  42. Naomi Cristerna

    it sounds like an anti-fly song

  43. ir0nsquire

    @caralhotuk lol i agree there but it always seems to me that they never want to repeat their same patterns...or was this done on purpose?

  44. Marcelo Leite

    @ir0nsquire Its the darkest version!

  45. ir0nsquire

    K, this is exactly like Fly.... 0_0

  46. Zo Grimmwood

    2 people did not ignore the cries of the sirens LOL

  47. champFichtnerBourne

    @Hazlett5551 yeah me too. The sound in both is epic, but the lyrics from "Fly" is more inspiring I think =)

  48. bAcHnEsSmOnStA

    I <3 them both equally. This one has a more somber feel to it that sends chills down my spine. The other one is more lively and upbeat. Amazing how much this song changes just by singing slightly different.

  49. K Hazlett

    i personally likke Fly better

  50. DarkGriffon

    Masterpiece. As Fly.

  51. ZimnyArby

    @MaxGoldhand no, they are similar but it's other song. For me better is Dead Sound of Misery.

  52. Max.Sc.

    Because it is the demo-version of Fly

  53. Ana Nas

    you are best of all power metal bands :D

  54. Sazalamel1

    @llamacarlito thanks, that sounds awesome xD

  55. MetalSEGAKid1990

    this is the same song as fly WTF?

  56. Dmitry M

    Absolutely love this song and prefer it to Fly.

  57. K Blur

    1:51 sounds like he says : Yes I'm on bird I'm exploring Badlands the time is right to move furthermore XD

  58. marek gdovin


  59. Robinson

    "The blood of sirens, on my hands I can't wash away.."

    Moments like that in music, especially in power metal are the reason why I listen to music. Truly.

  60. Sean Tan

    It's meant to be an alternate version of Fly... Not that BG are slacking.

  61. Lukas Reckweg

    you're right, the intro is better than Fly's...but Fly after 2 minutes is just so much better xD at least thats my opinion :D

  62. rainmaker113

    they had an awesome riff and brought it into two differant directions, i wouldnt want to make the choice either, its best to let the fans have everything

  63. Rafael Solorio

    a twist in the album :O!

  64. yToshimitsu

    thanks 4 the explanation.
    and yes, they can.

  65. Schwiemann

    This isn't just similar to fly.
    This is a remix of fly. And very on-purpose, it's a bonus track lol BG can do whatever the hell they want for bonus tracks

  66. yToshimitsu

    Great song.
    very similar to Fly though... why so lazy?

  67. defnist47

    Very similiar to Fly into.

  68. Tise Noiazei

    Great Song

  69. Jason Dagenhart

    hahaha i love the intro, it's so great. LIVE LONG BLIND GUARDIAN \m/