Blind Guardian - Curse My Name Lyrics

The tenure of kings and their magistrates
By good men it must be deposed
The convenant made can be voided at once
Disanoint him, take his crown

They plead for their king
And they pity their lord
Put him to death, that's what I say

Though never so just these dancing divines
Endue him with reason and grace
They're gibberish
Words dissemble the facts
God's will
They falsely will claim

Let him curse my name
On these blood stained pages of misery
Let him call me a tyrant so cruel
Let him curse my name
But remember the truth

So there they come
From everywhere
They witness revenge
Hear them calling
"You're laden with blood
It's spilled everywhere
And sorrow's everlasting

Oh you'll be aware now
That trial is near
It's close at hand
The masquerade is over
It ends
Remove his crown
and bring him down
Now we shall mourn no longer
Our prayers they've been heard
There's no more league
That will bind us to the tyrant
Our voices shall be heard
Cause we won't take it anymore

And we're one we are the nation
And we're one we are the law"

Falsely they praise
Deify his majesty
"He's blessed the anointed's
Fulfilling god's will"
Curse them all
No further he's king
Providence brought him straight into our hands

Let him curse my name
On these blood stained pages of misery
Let him call me a tyrant so cruel
Let him curse my name
But remember the truth

Now let him appear
There's joy in the air
Now witness a new age is dawning
In trouble alone
He's facing despair
Awaiting his bitter ending

We all know he's guilty as charged
By punishment due to his crime
We sacrifice the wicked king
Acknowledged by scriptures and law

Let him curse my name
On these blood stained pages of misery
Let him call me a tyrant so cruel
Let him curse my name But remember the truth
On these blood stained pages of misery
Let him call me a tyrant so cruel
Let him curse my name
But remember the truth
We won't take it anymore
Our voice it shall be heard
But I will remember the truth
We won't take it anymore
Our voice it shall be heard
But I will remember the truth

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Blind Guardian Curse My Name Comments
  1. Corvus Corax

    ¿alguien sabría un enlace sin tener que escuchar ese pitido de fondo del 1:51?

  2. Nemo the Fallen Angel

    Politics and thier policies

  3. Nesano

    This song has a fuckin' fly interlude.

  4. Guardsman Miku

    "So, you got any ideas for the next song on our metal album?"
    'Folk song'
    "What, like folk metal or something?"
    'No metal literally just a folk song'
    Fukin love these guys

  5. David Diaz Reyes

    ¿Quien esta al mando por hay?,No puedes contármelo o no te dejan los de el mando.

  6. David Diaz Reyes

    Si hombre si alguien esta al mando.

  7. David Diaz Reyes

    ¿Y si yo soy ese guerrero que pasa?,¿pasa algo?.Lo siento, pero tenéis un traductor por hay o alguien que este al mando.

  8. Francisco

    Moash be like:


    ROFL we talking Stormlight, aren't we?


    @Jorge Yes, that Moash

  9. rvendare

    Arthas is singing this song right now

  10. Wendel Adriano Bitencourt

    Does anyone know of more songs like this?

    Jesús Enrique Maury Reveles

    Well, Blind Guardian has several sings like this, my favorites are The Bard's Song and Skalds and Shadows. And there is Mago de Oz, an spanish band that also has plenty of similar songs like this one

    Iris Marques Fonseca

    Tuatha de Dannan <3

  11. 333cheeseboy

    If anyone wants a version without the high-pitched noise:

  12. TheMrGrafixable.

    Holy shit it's so fucking good

  13. Holly Munford Bloe


  14. bombkangaroo

    If Negan had a theme-song.

  15. Blech les

    Sounds a bit like the Islander by Nightwish 😋

  16. Gwobobo Snake


  17. Brunetto46

    Best power metal band on earth since 88 no competition

  18. Andrei Farcas

    The English and the French Revolutions in one song :))

  19. Adam Nowak

    0:00- 5:49 the best part. ;)

  20. Duchess Van Hoof

    MY favourite Blind Guardian song.

  21. Murilo Carvalho

    Amazing Blind Guardian. Very Good Medieval Song.

  22. Chase Dean

    True in the curent political climate

    Plebis Maximus

    Maybe if you live in Saudi Arabia. The vast majority of countries have gotten rid of their royal family or at least reduced their power to near nothing.

  23. Tomas Balciunas

    For all of the people complaining about the "high-pitched sound", it is meant to be part of the song, it is the sound of beating drums

  24. Juan Manuel Gutiérrez Bartol

    Fresh air

  25. Butt Rockman

    I love how, like many blind guardian songs, this is a ballad where the guitars don't come in until later in the song, but unlike, say, the Bard's Song, there's no moment where they come in that's immediately noticable. The entire song is so complex, with so many different instruments, that they make their way in gradually, only to be aggressively noticable by the very end, and yet you don't register it as a change or as a new instrument being added. And on top of all of that, the sustaining electric guitar chord is what they leave you on, making the genre transformation extremely apparent. It's so subtle, I love it.

  26. Ahter Çetiner

    Im in Neverwinter.

  27. BlueBloodLIVE

    The guy who uploaded this doesn't understand fair use the description 😂😂

  28. Manuel Lopez

    Is this leggendary tales from rhapsody,?

  29. E-Hero Stratos

    Blind guardian should be the definitive music to drunkenly sing in the streets

  30. Aryrix 1

    Guys. We can all agree that modern pop socks from Taylor's swift are better than this.

    And did you know today is opposite day?

  31. 333cheeseboy

    Anyone else hear a high-pitched noise around 2:50?

  32. Hércules Alves

    Como eu amo esse tom medieval na música


    Meu estilo favorito, é maravilhoso

  33. Keith Holm

    This whole album is just beyond brilliant.

  34. Kadir Yücel

    iyi işte amk

  35. chokevic


  36. J.S Bach

    Ahhhh, reminds me of medieval age

    Adam Mossman

    This song is based on a political essay written to justify the execution of Charles I of England.

  37. Emanuel Magalhães Fróes

    did they throw sand on the production?

  38. Miguel Berkemeier

    All the music is fantastic but the part that starts at 2:08 is absolutely lovely!

  39. Upwinger2020

    A song that fits most noble villains.

  40. Tito Pullo

    In the Heaven, Napoleon sing this

  41. Dragonball 777

    I wasn't expecting this band to be so good

    Jimmy Jazz

    fuck yeah....bend tha knee, bitch....unique voice...

    Dragonball 777

    Jimmy Jazz yee

    Western rider 100

    and do yourself a favor, if you have not done so already, please check out Demons and Wizards

  42. Un Lobo Sureño

    such a nice song
    but i still think kings were better than modern democracy

    Adam Mossman

    Charles I was pretty crap mate.

    But then so was Oliver Cromwell.

    What we needed was the Diggers. The Diggers were where it's at.

  43. Legend Sop

    Von absofort an gibt es keine Lagerfeuerlieder mehr. Nurnoch Curse my Name!
    Und ja kleiner Tim, das nennt man Metal.

  44. Çayuncu

    i think i get pregnant from this music

  45. Federico Putignano

    Feeling like i'm in a crowd of angry paesant yelling at the wicked king!

    Jimmy Jazz

    you need help

    Federico Putignano

    @Jimmy Jazz Yes, i think so

    Jimmy Jazz

    @Federico Putignano I feel like king that lost his head

  46. Joshua Brown

    Is this about Jesus?

    Adam Mossman

    It's about Charles I

  47. Davi

    about 2:50 and that high frequency, if you download this song .mp3 and 320kbps (I think it matters), it will desapear..dunno why, but if you want a music video from Youtube without this fukin sound in the background, here it is:

  48. Stefanosky98

    this song fit so well with the Namless king of Dark Souls

  49. Akzapt


  50. Ziraeal

    I love songs that tells some story, nowadays, me have things so empty

  51. Pedro Miguel Santos

    Clearly a song about high school life and the conflict between students and teachers; knew it as soon as I heard about bloodstained pages of misery (tests and homework, how I hated you).

  52. Sergiu Petrescu

    And here is the original song:

  53. Magda Chlebicka

    This song is more beautiful than I can handle... I'm actually listening to it while writing a fantasy novel and if I become a famous author, it will happen thanks to Blind Guardian!!! Those guys are ultimate MASTERS!!!

    2:00 - 3:34 so awesome!

    Nathan Kuszewski

    Magda Chlebicka whats it about?

    Magda Chlebicka

    @Nathan Kuszewski My novel? It's a long story about the conflict between two nations - one had a country, called Gantia, and the second one was a tribe, called Votrec. Votrecs had wizards, but they were outnumbered, so Gantians had taken their land. The main character is a boy who lost his memories and he was found by two Gantia aristocrats. They raised him to be a proud Gantian and he joined army. Because of his great abilities he was chosen to be one of the Flying Wolves, the secret forces, that specialise in fighting against Votrecs' wizards. In his first battle the main character was captured by Votrecs and in the prison he learnt the truth - he was a Votrec, kidnapped in his early childhood, and he was a wizard. There was a prophecy, that said, that the great wizard, who was raised by enemies, would have to choose to save or slay all Votrecs. This guy was amazed by his new abilities, spells and other magic things, but he had a Gantian girlfriend and Gantian friends. He had to choose his side and start a war. Sorry for my english, it's not my first language so I could have made some mistakes

    Nathan Kuszewski

    Magda Chlebicka cool stuff. ah, you remind me that I should keep writing.

    Magda Chlebicka

    @Nathan Kuszewski Than keep writing, my friend ;)

  54. Ericos Gutierrez

    Why this song fits skyrim so much lol

  55. JimmySteller

    2:00 - 3:33 This is one of the greatest instrumental/choir solos that I've ever heard. The way they add layer after layer to the song, building the scope and ramping up the power. Blind Guardian might be a great power metal band, but this Celtic-style song is easily one of their absolute best.


    and it's also where the horrible high pitch is present

    Teo Voicu

    I honestly see this as one of the best songs to ever exist. The synergy between the instruments and then combined with the choir is simply P E R F E C T.

    John H

    @Stormsson Why, Oh why I wonder do people like you have to be so Negative over what..High Pitch?

  56. Simon Burtscher

    Snapes theme song!

  57. Venom Supreme

    Is this modern music? If this is being made in modern times...then I can say the future looks just as beautiful as I had hoped.

  58. Lazaros Theocharis

    For all Blind Guardian fans that find that high pitched sound around 2:50 to be too much for them to enjoy the song (Which is one of my favourites) you can go here

  59. Katerina I. Salazar

    Is this a movie? What’s it about? I love this dudes voice!

  60. Tcharli Veber

    tava aqui ouvindo angra...e essa musica de repente aparece... cacetada...conhecia Blind Guardian mas essa musica em especial eu tive que comentar que É BOA DE MAIS!!

  61. Michael Douglas Klitzke


  62. David Cabreón Muñoz

    Charles I did nothing wrong...

  63. Dovski

    1 million cursed names Poggers

  64. Firle Franz

    Just awesome

  65. Royalist Wilhelmus

    Sound kind medieval... 😍
    I love this song!

  66. Fluttershy .Windwing

    medieval as fuck

  67. Justin Potts

    I think this is what Trump's whole ideology is based on lol

  68. Toshiro Mifune

    are you greek OP?

  69. nabel nather

    Everything is superior you find the Germans

  70. Didi edições


  71. Isabela Maeda

    Will there ever exist any better song than this?

    a pigeon una paloma

    Isabela Maeda Probability would dictate so

    David Diaz Reyes

    Soy Español y también se Ingles, y lo que sucede es que estoy un poco harto de escribir y venga ha escribiros cartas, y que despues no me contesteis ninguna siquiera, que como estuve interesado por el tema a lo mejor se algo muy especial y que no todos saben, que a lo mejor este grupo de musica guarda o aguarda algún tipo de secreto detras, y a lo mejor como aquellos espejismos que yo tuve, y lo saben todo acerca de mi y mi forma de vivir y de mi persona.

    Fallen Winter

    Isabela Maeda No never miLady🙂

  72. David Diaz Reyes

    Anuncio San Miguel: I´m agree with the women are taking control, and with theirs vicious, but they are doing, really don´t like me!!.
    Like they can do an exhibition like this, the aid for example is a little dangerous, is to think about it!
    Like apoint with the finger in the middle of the scenary.
    I´m triying explain wath´s happening so i´m doing this type commentaries.No sir i´m not furious and i´ve never been. All under normalities.Thank you sir!

  73. Juan Hiribarren

    Is it me or this song sounds very similar to the islander?

    Spock Suchti

    Juan Hiribarren a bit, but the islander is some years older

    Andre Felder

    not very similar

  74. David Diaz Reyes

    And seems that i can remember many to a girl from when i was just or almost a young boy, when i was in the institute from here in Fuenlabrada and their golden hair and their roots from french.
    Long time ago and i think she´s married with one class friend or that they are only living togheter and this can disturbed.
    Her name is Aroa but never corresponded me.

  75. David Diaz Reyes

    Really pain.It hurtch.Say it but someone good friend or a good girl.I wait nothing happens.

  76. David Diaz Reyes

    Ha si, y no me gusta el alcohol ni las drogas,ni bebo mucho.
    A si ten cuidado por que por cualquier cosa te puedo, pues quizas hasta multar,ha ti no te gustara mucho ver tontos,pues el caso es que tontos meto muchos,como aquellos que se encerraron en sus respectivas casas y todavia siguen igual.
    Si,si,si, tu sigue sin creer en dios,que pronto te encontraras con la orma de tu zapato, me lo habisan hasta los dioses,de lo solo que fui.
    Y eso de el Ingles lo he demostrado, y lo seguire demostrando.

  77. David Diaz Reyes

    No si creo yo que no te hera falta mas dinero ¿Verdad cabron?
    Vamos no creo.

  78. David Diaz Reyes

    Quien sabe y si me las contestas lo mismo me suscribo.

  79. orfeas8

    Their songs would also fit in Attack on Titan anime.

  80. David Diaz Reyes

    Se trata de vivencias que yo he escrito , y aquel espejismo que tuve en un hospital psiquiatrico cuando estaba tumbado boca arriba, si , si, ya te digo:"hospital psiquiatrico", y es que por lo visto esta gente va muy en serio cuando hablan de.... conquistar el mundo, por ejemplo.
    Y sucede que lo tengo grabado perfectamente en la memoria, y fue con las gafas puestas y los ojos completamente abiertos.
    Parece que lo vi completamente.

  81. Kathy Florcruz

    For: Castrudeau.

  82. Deddy Romadhon

    Full magic

  83. Salim Ata Topçu

    curse my name :/

  84. Jacut

    One of the best BG ballads ever, too bad it doesn't get the love it deserves. I'd like to hear it live so much...

  85. Gabriel Rodrigues

    É quase o que acontece aqui no Brasil com o nosso amável vampirão Michel Temer, só falta um pouco mais de inteligência e união da população

  86. Jillian Gatchell

    at 3:15 and for the next 15 seconds there's this high pitched squealing, I dont know if it's my computer, but my sister confirmed it was making her ears ring. It's not good

  87. Mariangela Azevedo Santos

    Quando eu morrer ,se não puder ouvir Blind Guardian de lá,eu volto

  88. Milano 123

    Surement leur meilleur morceau. Dommage qu'il ne soit quasiment jamais joué sur scène.

  89. Tommy Breitwieser

    when ever i hear this song it makes me wonder what the regicide's felt as Cromwell became more and more tyrannical in his tenure as lord protector a role he attempted to make hereditary before his death . and how the overthrow of tyranny often simply begets tyranny of another kind.

    Adrian Keirle

    To be fair to Cromwell he gave power to parliament and watched in horror as they turned quickly into "The rump parliament". He was a good man that went through hell only to watch the people he put into power turn into a rabble of drunken whore-masters (his words). He gave them every chance to do a good job and became a tyrant when they failed. When Cromwell took power for himself he must have felt like such a fool.

    Edit: I might be wrong about it being refered to as the "rump parliment". I can't remember if the rump was before or after. I know the new government quickly turned into everything he hated about the last one though.


    @Adrian Keirle Oliver Cromwell is the OG benevolent dictator.

    Flynn Tom

    @Adrian Keirle Sadly that benevolence wasn't given to his son who he appointed as his successor to his position.


    @Flynn Tom
    Yup. Succession always is the bane of any type of non-elective government that relies on the merits of a single person

  90. Vanja Solemdal

    On one hand I'm glad I can no longer hear the high-pitched noise in the middle of the song, but on the other hand it just makes me realise I'm older than I've ever been, lol.

  91. David Rowe

    666k views \m/

  92. Mike Xunga

    As soon as I heard "blood stained pages of misery" I realized this song is really about high-school tests and the students rising in rebellion against the teacher.

  93. gunmunz

    best song to get into a chaotic good mindset

    Lavernius Tucker

    Christ what's a fucking brony doing here

    Plebis Maximus

    @Lavernius Tucker We degenerates enjoy good music as well.


    @Sam Notsteve *cum not can lol

    juanjo gomez

    my dislexic-ass brain read "catholic" and somehow still agreed

    ZooL Gamer

    Im Legal good. I love paladins 💞

  94. Claude Gibson

    this reminds me so much of darkstone

  95. Captain Peaches

    Blind Guardian has become such an amazing band as Ive gotten into DnD, the atmosphere the band creates just drives you to put yourself in that fantasy medieval setting. DnD, Skyrim and the like get so much better while listening to these amazing songs.

  96. Brecear

    Ah, John Milton.

  97. Fabio Ernesto Bianchetti

    He says Boba Fett at 0:50

  98. Beowulf

    I love this song

  99. Vanessa Sullivan

    It makes me feel like I'm in Skyrim :D