Blind Guardian - All The King's Horses Lyrics

I can feel I'm one
With the tortured land
With its solitude and decay
There's no one left
All the other men
Pass on through the night

All dead and gone
Still I don't dare to move
The imprisoned soul
Cannot find back home

Snow falls down
It covers field and blood
Snow falls down
And clears the view

It is cold

And once again
The battle's fought
Out on the plains
So rhymes spread out its glory
No rhyme defines its pain

I can't recall all their names
Connection broke loose
They've crossed the lake
Reach the other side
And leave me alone
With the truth

All the king's horses
And all the king's men
They've failed to damn the flood
They've failed to find the grail
Talisien, old friend of mine
Sing my song

Then once again
The battle's lost
I am to blame
Snow falls down
All dead and gone
They all are dead and gone
They've turned to dust
They've sealed the past
A long long time ago

I can't recall all their names
Connection broke loose
They've crossed the lake
Reach the other side
And leave me alone
With the truth

I can't recall all their names
Connection broke loose
They've crossed the lake
Reach the other side
And leave me alone
With the truth

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Blind Guardian All The King's Horses Comments
  1. Juan Logan

    Já me rendeu bons textos.

  2. IntermediateJesus

    Well this is certainly the saddest song they have ever made.

  3. John Yelland

    This song is hauntingly beautiful <3

  4. Crueldude Joe

    Yes Blind Guardian make some of the best songs in the world!

  5. SuperDib07

    Oh god THIS IS SO GOOD!

  6. Phillip H George

    Well Done Bravo!

  7. David Kellett

    Lord of the Rings, In the Forest, Harvest of Sorrow etc.. Marcus is the best. The band would benefit as a whole if they just let Mr. Siepen contribute more. The music he writes is just a perfect bed for Hansi's vocals to float over.


    I agree, he tends to be more on the softer stlye, regarding songwriting and there's something mystical on his ideas and patterns. And on their last record his song, "Doom" is the best, in my opinion.
    There's one thing wrong though in what you write. In The Forest was written by Andre and Hansi.


    I agree with Doom being probably the best song of their latest record ;)

    David Kellett

    You got me, true. I honestly don't believe that Hansi ICan*Technically*PlayTheBass (Fuck I miss Oliver Holzwarth) and Andre McDoodley-Noodler would came up with the beautiful picking pattern that Marcus used on that recording. I'd bet dollars to donuts that Andre and Hansi had some chords and melodies and words and then together with Marcus the Mighty Fingerpicker they all fleshed it out for the final arrangement we know and love. Andre just isn't a fingerstyle guitarist by any means I know of, he's more of a modal lead and melody guy (who can write some killer riffs, too) but I've never even once seen him play without a plectrum.

    I can imagine that nowadays, with modern computers and home recording set ups, it might be easier for Andre and Hansi to flesh this stuff out by themselves (I mean they scored a god damn orchestral album). But back in 92? I'm pretty sure they brought their song to Marcus and he KICKED IT'S ASS WITH WELL ROUNDED GUITAR LESSONS. (He's a good lead player, too. I kinda wish there could be more back and forth between his and Andre's disparate lead styles, but you don't need to fix what isn't broken I suppose)

    Do you ever get afraid that Marcus is going to quit because they keep B-siding him?

    tldr: Yes, but I sincerely believe that Marcus arranged his own guitar part, which I feel is absolutely integral to the song's performance.

  8. TrevRockOne

    It's criminal that a song this good get relegated to b-side status. Marcus gets no respect. Andre is like some kinda tyrant over BG's music.

    Mewtwo's Destiny

    Sometimes I think that Marcus is going to be the next person to leave the band.  He seems to be doing more and more non-Guardian things, too, as if he wants to be established elsewhere before he leaves.  It would be a sad day though.

    Daniel Madeira

    I truly hope not! But make sense what you just said! At least, i don t see him unhappy with the band.

  9. Jfrozin

    Dat 01:40 ...

  10. shady elbani

    Thank's bro <3 ! THe BEst

  11. Layla Bas

    The lyrics to this song is very cool, as is the music!