Blige, Mary J - No One Else Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Many have called but the chosen are few
The best of the few is you
You know exactly what to do

Baby, your time is so perfect
Why in the hell I deserve it
Keep on doin' what you do

No one else
No one else
Can do me like you do me

No one else
No, no one else
Can do me like you do me

[Verse 2]
Happy 1 plus happy 1 is 2
Happy 2 is me and you
Our love was meant to be

Yes, we have our up's and down's
But some how we came around
And we made each other love so free

Can't lie
Now I'm satisfied
Yes I'm satisfied
Even when I cry

Won't stray
Stray away from you
I would be a fool
You know these words are true


[Repeat bridge]

[Chorus and adlib until fade]

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Blige, Mary J No One Else Comments
  1. Trent Rama

    mr dalvin was dope heavy bass

  2. Christopher Murphy

    2020 and this is still jamming on the one ☝️

  3. Kim S

    Mr. Dalvin production 💃🏾

  4. Rashida Nelms

    this was my shit

  5. Justin Coombes

    Now this is my jam.

  6. Seneca Williams

    One of my favs

  7. Sean Miller

    One of my all time favorites, your royal highness giving life. after death.

    Angel Johnson

    Sean Miller queen mary

  8. islord999

    Every so often I always come here to this song. I decided to leave a comment this time. I LOVE THIS SONG.

  9. The LakeShow

    2020 still knockin 😎😎😎😎😎

  10. DW 001

    Yet still in 2019!!!!!!!!!! Mary J Blige is the Queen of soul. Yes I said QoS!!!!

    Gail Jones


  11. Anna Esien

    2019 still singing this 😜

  12. Eddie Sumpter

    Here 8/3/19

  13. Dillard Hill

    We need more of this rite here on the radio!! If you agree wit me in 2019 thumbs UP!!!

  14. Johanna Vasquez

    “ you shut the fuck up”

  15. Johanna Vasquez

    Naw bitch 2020!!!!

  16. Sharde’s Wordplay

    2019 thinking about someone special 🥰

    Lífþrasir Loðbróka


  17. RobbyneaQueen Moore

    JULY 2019

  18. Delia Gonzal

    there is no competition... Mjb fo life

  19. Lateshia Childs

    This CD here......still make me remember where I was in 1994, what I was doing while listening to the CD, so many memories. It's hard to pick a favorite Mary album I love them all.

    Angel Johnson

    Lateshia Childs i agree

  20. Linda West

    This album is sooooo🔥🔥🔥

    Angel Johnson

    Linda West yes

  21. Helen Jackson

    Bought when it released. Still here 2019 👊

    Angel Johnson

    Helen Jackson wow

    Angel Johnson

    Helen Jackson wow i was only 4 in 1994

  22. Margo

    I'm here 2019

  23. Victoria Welch

    C'mon Mary,get it!!🎶🎵🎶

  24. Cheryl Harris

    Love Her

  25. BornAgain77

    Listening in 2019

  26. Avtar Singh

    I grew up on Mary j blige

  27. stephen cole

    Classic track is soulfull touch your emotions 2019

  28. riz1738

    this song was stuck in my head all day today 😍

    Nina Marley

    riz1738 mine too

  29. KemDia

    Yeszz bitch Yeszz!!😜

  30. Ricky Chisolm

    "No One Else"🎼🎼🎤🎙️🔊🎶

  31. Leon verses Noel

    Jodeci background vocals produced by Mr Dalvin and KCi Hailey

  32. Foxy

    K-ci wrote this song.


    Def 💥

  34. Ellavette Harvey

    Still pumpin in 2018.

  35. Play Roulette Productions

    My shit! Need a remix!

  36. Miss Mel

    El ❤️

  37. FONDA {Baby Girl} Jordan-Morris


  38. Ean Willi

    Still bumping In 2018

  39. No_clones&unknown86


  40. Bm. mot.

    Who is here in 2018

    Osha 77

    Bm. mot. 2019

  41. Stevie Broward

    2018 still jammin

    Osha 77

    Stevie Broward 2019

  42. Q. G

    2018 still bumpin😌

  43. willou974

    Free at last...

  44. BoogiesMama Graham

    And Still In 2018!!!!!!💯💯💯💯👊👊

  45. Janelle Hundley

    Who still playing this to remember their ones who passed in 2018???😯🤔🤔🤔🤔

  46. Teria Zellous

    2017 still my day 1

  47. Curly Riley

    M.J.B the QUEEN

    Angel Johnson

    Curly Riley yes


    Real talk...... Ain't never gonna be the same. That's so sad. I love this song. So heart felt.

  49. Princess Thompson

    Yessss girl. No one else!...

    Janelle Hundley

    Honey right on!!!😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😀

  50. Pretty Redd


  51. Jamesharay Ray

    produced by Mr Dalvin

    Angel Johnson

    Jamesharay Ray oh ok

  52. Destiny Rhiannon

    For the love of light yes!!!! :)so amazing!!! I miss these days !!

  53. Kendra Trezevant

    here in 2017💖

  54. Kimberly Anderson

    real classic ✌

  55. BaByy YakSOn

    Born in '93 and I know all these songs through my lovely mother .

    Ean Willi

    BaByy YakSOn your mom is a real one ❤️

    Qology 101

    That's how it's suppose to be

  56. Whatsitmatter Whydoyoucare

    Mary J. oblige me by stayin' real.... Girl, you're who I only feel....

    Janelle Hundley

    Whatsitmatter Whydoyoucare bitches

    Janelle Hundley

    Y'all stupid ass bitches happy Valentine's

  57. Latrena Graham


  58. joe webb

    why did music stray away from this....classic !

    Better Late Than Broke

    the music world may never know

  59. Hasiyna Fall


  60. Kenneth Ewing

    this my shit the one n only mjb

  61. LON SOLO

    Mary J!!! Classic

    Al Capone

    I play this song when I pray to my father lord GOD.. It's a celebration of our love for eachother.. No one else can do me like GOD.. He is everything..

  62. Adrienne Hill

    Still bumping this in 2016💓💓💓

    Osha 77

    Adrienne Hill 2019

    Gail Jones

    @Osha 77 YUP

  63. ephemeralsamsara

    Classic...I love this song.

    Better Late Than Broke


  64. wr513