Blige, Mary J - Mary's Joint Lyrics

oh, no no no...

[Verse 1]
I know
That you're just a man
But you're all the man I need
And I know
That you care and you'll never leave
No, you'll never leave

I love you so
I can't let go
You know it's real
The way I feel
I want to stay
I'll try to wait
On you my dear
My love's sincere

[Verse 2]
You promised
That you never would cheat or lie
Lie to me, don't lie to me babe
And you promised
That you'd trust and believe in me
Please believe in me

Unnecessary pain (pain is pain)
Now tell me who would get the pain
(You know it hurts)
If we should go astray
What would we do
What would we say


[During Chorus]
I wanna stay
You know I'll wait

I wanna stay
I'll try to wait on you, my dear
Baby you know, Baby you know
Baby you know, Baby you know
I wanna stay forever and a day

Oh, I love you
Oh, I need you
Everything is gonna be alright

You know I'll try to wait
I love you baby, love you baby yeahhh

Why can't we work it out
Why baby? can't we try (why, why, why, why, why)
You said our love would always stand the test of time
[repeat through chorus]

Let's take our time
Let's build our love
Stronger than it ever was

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Blige, Mary J Mary's Joint Comments
  1. Jason Abdus sabur

    This is by far one of my favorite songs by Mary J Blige and my favorite off the my light album back in 94 I hate to keep this on repeat all the time

  2. Lindsey Brookins brookins

    U no my heart bad so if my heart can take it I'm love u jr yes I'm crying yez me to crying I love u come go hospital with me it yes it ok great I'm happy yez

  3. Lindsey Brookins brookins

    Ok I got about couple yrs I got do my dialysis for my liver

  4. Micheal Smalls

    Baby baby baby baby baby baby, why can't we work it out, my baby can't we try.

  5. Raymond Ortega

    This song as well as “my life” by Mary have gotten me through some real emotional turmoil

  6. Darius Sears


  7. Lindsey Brookins brookins

    U love me yes spend bite time with me yes jr

  8. PinkDiamondDiva18

    Unnecessary Pain ❣🎯

  9. Lindsey Brookins brookins

    I love u jr

    Lindsey Brookins brookins

    I'm lay down I'm tried I no u ain't going no wear but I'm my arms love u jr

  10. danny kee

    I had no business liking this song at 10 years old knew nothing about love, flipping the cassette tape in the walkman to play this joint over again....Now at 35 I can relate as the opposer in this song never cheated we just couldn't make it work, shits crazy😂

  11. McAndyish

    Je l'aime tellement ce son 😍😓😢😍

  12. Gordon Hollingsworth

    All my 70s babies who was in love when this dropped n felt it hit dat like button

  13. janaaée janaee

    @3:42 which video or picture that’s from?

  14. T Roberts

    Always loved this song. I was 17yrs old when this album came out and I still bump it. Here the day before thnksgiving 2019..

  15. Kayla Davidson

    I’m still here in November 2019

  16. Cere Natori

    “Why can’t we work it out well baby can we try”

  17. Jequetta Avery

    Still a jam!!!! 2019

  18. Michael Reyes

    Millennials: "YaLl DoNt KNoW aBoUt gOod MuSic"

    Gen Z: Then why are we here?

  19. S.D PYT

    You know it's real!!!

  20. Rashida Nelms

    Memories rt here

  21. Dominique Barron


  22. ernest bediako jr

    Drake brought me here😀😂😂

  23. T - MOE

    Classic old school...

  24. Tiggerdagreat2k18 B3st

    I love you Shannon Nicole Stevens

  25. Tade Gerald

    They used this song in the “Weston Road Flows” song by Drake

  26. Tarah Ellis

    Whrn this album came out my daughter dad just went to prison he was at tht time the love of my life now listening to it i miss my dude he was my best friend rih Steven

  27. rudy luna

    Stuck in my head, in the best way

  28. ajaj

    Y’all gonna hate me but I’m here because of drakes sample from this song. Weston Road Flows 🔥🔥🔥

  29. aaron reed

    Drake did not bring me here

  30. Chanel Laurice Woods

    When Mary J is in rotation, Houston we gotta problem. Her music has helped me get thru a few heartaches. The 90s was the best!

  31. Delia Bass

    My song this at her 25th anniversary tour this past August. Never heard her sing this in person before. Shit was monumental!! True classic!

  32. charles williams


  33. Anthony Morgan

    The shit


    Love my sister ❤️🙏🏾

  35. Robert Antonetti

    This song has stood the test of time

  36. Anto Walk


  37. JohnJacobJingleHeimer Schmidt

    Puffy always gave Mary tracks she could work with.

  38. Candace Bonner

    2019 still bang

  39. Phatz Burch



    I made a Song based on this Beat but just made it faster and kicked my own freestyle over it so check that out and let me feed my fam 😂😂💀💯

  41. Tiffany Scott

    This will always be my all time favorite hail the queen of R&b

  42. Dee Hemphill

    She killed this song

  43. Mike Spex

    This album saved my life many times!! Mary J is my fuckin hero!!

  44. Lavender Water

    The BEST hands down!!! MARY GOOOO!!!

  45. Nubian Queen

    My favorite song out of alll her songs ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  46. ness35tc

    My favorite Mary song 🎶... My joint

  47. Tavon B

    My fav Mary song of all time.

  48. D. Silence

    2019!!! The My Life album is STILL the [email protected]#$!!!

    Alonzo Eley


  49. kema Diggs

    I love this song nothing like old school 🎶

  50. Tenisha Smith

    If you dislike this your a fool this a classic hit entire album is real hardcore you hv to experience it to kno type of ish


    I love this and the beautiful one ❤️ love cousin Mary

  52. Uniquely Created Feathers by Racquel

    If this song dont speak to my soullllllll😭😭😭😍Only MARY J.BLIGE!!😘😘😘

  53. king esseen

    Her best "Joint"

  54. Melly2018 Bluntazx

    Heeeeeeey!!!! I swear I love this man!!! God got us

  55. latosha adams

    That pic with her in the red sick

  56. Natasha Parker

    Still playing this in 2019 💃🏽💕 CLASSIC!!!

  57. Sharon Salone

    💚💚💚 This was my joint

  58. Latonya Simmons


  59. Cee Oh

    Since I heard drake I've been trying to find where he sampled this from.. Then a year later TODAY im walking in the projects from the liquor store & some old heads were playing this and I was waiting for drake to rap this I was like "hold on that's marry" so I went asked the name of this song lol and Im here😍🙌🏾🙌🏾 So happy this is even better then drakes stuff❤

  60. Solo Dolo

    Wish we could this sound back #90'sBestEra

  61. Marshall Comer

    I love this joint here from MJB I see her this Thursday night here in Baltimore City still my shit here in #2019!!!

  62. Deshanna Hyder


  63. Ietta Fields


  64. Nikk White

    I know that you’re just a man
    But you’re all the man I need 😩😩😩😔

  65. Kris C

    She hitting them hooks hard as fuck got damn I Love it I love it I love her

  66. Lesa Clewis

    2019 STILL🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  67. William Lyde

    I could never get tired if this better all of Mary music cause she is so good

  68. Iesha Cage

    Still listening 💙

  69. Ebony Redd

    Who still jamming in 2K19

  70. Nick Cameron

    Favorite joint ever by Mary.....

  71. David Simpson

    " You said, Our Love will Always stand the test of time!".

  72. Daniesha Hazel

    Anyone listening summer 2019

  73. Tarelle Moore

    Gofundme #👁🚬♾🙈🎶🙏🏼👍🏾💀🏡❤️💕😡👀😆**

  74. C Dub

    Who/What! type of Person have the Audacity to Dislike This? 2019💝💟

  75. Kris C

    2019 26 years old I slept on this album but I'm woke...

  76. carltonjohnsonesl

    Milk is chillin.... Giz is chillin... y’all don’t feel me

    AJ Dynamo

    Top Billin!

  77. Anto Walk

    The length of depth in this woman's voice till this day holds my attention

  78. Teresa Childs

    Feeling her

  79. Deshawn Butler

    I really wore this song out to the goodwill thread😂😂

  80. Priscilla Dowdy

    I love you MJB

  81. Rita McLean

    I can keep this on repeat ❤️💜❤️💜2019


    This is my favorite song In LIFE!!! I ❤ YOU MARY, especially for this REAL SHIT!!

  83. Keturah Anderson

    I’m 30 and I play this everyday

  84. Shon Fraser

    1992 Old Westbury University! This song is about Shon Arron Fraser Shirley Fraser Son! Facts shout out to Ho Ha

  85. Bowllegged40 Rochelle

    Big repeat in the truck.

  86. william silveira de oliveira

    Brazil 🇧🇷 2019?

  87. Raquel Gary

    Epic track! My son’s father used to threaten to break the cd if I played this song again. And what did I do you ask? I kept it on repeat and walked over to his Timberlands with my oatmeal cream pie and dared him to Bust A MuthaFuckin’Move!
    Long story short, my son is 23 and I still have the exact cd that I purchased in the 90’s.

  88. Jaylen McDowell

    No matter how many times I say I hate you. I always have a soft spot for you. My first love...

  89. Jaylen McDowell

    I need to hear this. From her 😞... she has to mean it. So broken.. 😢

  90. Tamika Brunson

    Y can’t we work it out
    My baby can we try
    You said our love would
    Always stand the test of times🔥

  91. jjfmean

    This beat bangs in my trunk, hard. 🔨🚘🔊

  92. Pamela Knight

    i follow mary j blige all through all her ablums mary is bad queen all around the world

  93. Queen_T

    2019 👌🏾🙌🏾

  94. Boo So Sexy

    2k19 still rocking to this💃🏾

  95. Rasheed Shotuyo

    I wonder if Mary J. Blige was talking about Diddy here.


    Rasheed Shotuyo She was talking about Kc for Jodeci

  96. Minner Mouse

    Just got put on to this song in 2019**