Blige, Mary J - I'm Goin' Down Lyrics

Time on my hands
Since you been away boy
I ain't got no plans
No no no no
And the sound of the rain
Against my windowpane
Is slowly, is slowly drivin' me insane, boy

I'm goin' down
I'm goin' down
Cause you ain't around baby
My whole world's upside down

Sleep don't come easy
Boy please believe me
Since you been gone
Everything's goin' wrong
Why'd you have to say goodbye
Look what you've done to me
I can't stop these tears from fallin' from my eyes
Ooh baby


Oooh baby love
goin' down, goin' down
Mmm ooh I'm goin' down
Ooh I, I...


Ooh, goin' down
Goin' down
Oh, I don't know what to do
If I ever lose you
I'll be goin' down
I said I'll be goin' down
Oh, please forgive me baby
I'm so sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry
What did I do wrong?
I said, what did I do wrong?
Please forgive me baby
And come on home
Goin' down, goin' down, goin' down

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Blige, Mary J I'm Goin' Down Comments
  1. Stan Shady

    Great Song 🔥

  2. Tyee Celeste

    She got me breaking down singing like that

  3. Vania Thomas

    The saddest part is I've actually felt this way for the first time about a man. I will protect my heart at all cost to prevent this from happening ever.

  4. Vania Thomas

    Being 31 and knowing what this song really mean it's sad.

  5. Queen Shan

    coment if yall still listen to this 2019

  6. Queen Shan

    cause im going down with her to

  7. Queen Shan

    Dont hate on mary j.blidge period

  8. M.C Watts

    Driving me insane ❤️💃🏼£(RM) Thu77OcK
    3$: S3X England

  9. Johnny Price


  10. Shawna Weiss

    Mary is so pretty. Not cheap like so many other artists. Class.

  11. Lavelle cloud9

    Still jamming in 2019

  12. Bionic Tide

    Who came here from filayyyy

  13. JocelynHk Carter

    Jocelyn Carter: " I'm Going Down" ever since my mom died. I had to hear this song this morning.

  14. Toni Turks

    Love this beautiful song n I love me more Mary j. Blige

  15. Marcos The Magickal prince

    Wow who’s here in 2019????😂👋

  16. regina love

    Im here after watching Katie Kadan from The Voice s17 sing this song.. 😍

  17. Showanda Davis

    You Noiamsix

  18. K Scott

    I want this hairstyle to come back!! LOL!

  19. Kristy Mendoza

    Mary I love you. This music is The shit!!! 💘

  20. Bevey Dillon

    You killed it Mary. Love it

  21. naraee

    Damn my mom’s generation was one hell of a time

  22. 4eva evolving

    I wanna see her do " mans 🌎"... Like she did led zepplin ! For ME 😬😆 👏 those/us/ALL YALL thats in a long distance relationship, KNOW THIS " LOVE is a process, & it aint gonna happen ova night" "mjb!!! yessss Bumping this joint STILL / all Mary's joints in 12/2019 b-day & holidays I resonate with her b/c she a ♑ like me! & one THING bout ALL caps ( 🐐 ) especially mjb is irrefutable Regalness , poised, & Grace! Happy holidays y'all! ✌ 💘 yo self if u really wanna b wit someone else!

  23. WAMatt

    Heard this song in a furniture store today. I was there repairing on there burglar alarm system. Don't know why I'm telling you all this, just seemed like the trend.

  24. Thassyo Cidreira

    Remastered 👏🏼💖

  25. Daniellewilson. SeM Wilson

    Donielle Wilson

  26. MsMasyoyo

    My 4yr old is singing this nonstop since hearing it on the radio...I was about 4 to 5 when this song came out lol

  27. Jonathan Mendoza

    Big Mouth Season 4 Confirmed When Jessi Glaser, Missy Foreman Greenwald, Connie The Hormone Monstress and Mona The Hormone Monstress Sings the Duet!😀😀👍

  28. keisha Warren

    This girl is on fire she can sign she said y’all are coming back home 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️❤️❤️

  29. zouzou Pneusloulou


  30. Alika Chunguana


  31. anna usher

    Me and boyfriend song

  32. John Riley

    Hood with good classical

  33. michelle williston


  34. Alonzo Hayes

    2019 ??? ✨💖

  35. That's so true

    I heard this song for the first time at Karaoke. Great song.

  36. Raymond Bermea

    Takes me back to my childhood when I was nine years old back in '95.

  37. Noble Energy

    Yes yes yes indeed Mary

  38. Rita Dunn

    Little is my movie

  39. MLG Phoenix

    2019 I’m 14 years old!!! Moms got me right😂😂❗️

  40. HOAX 1999

    2019 after the voice perform by Katie Kadan

  41. Quantrell Huff

    I "love" u Mary Jane Blige more than KC Eva did!!!

  42. anet parks

    The love of my life left me almost 20 years ago of no choice of his own. The Lord called him to an eternal rest. I promised you time has not healed but I know that God will heal in time. R.I.L. Bobby R. Parks 12/17/99.

  43. Thea Ry

    I'm here after watching Katie kadan

  44. tenadjang nelson

    Janeece freeman💪

  45. Trejo's World

    Katie Kaden

  46. Lili hxjh

    November 2019 y’all ❤️❤️❤️

    Marina Holmes

    You've got excellent taste in music. 😆

  47. On Len

    Here after Katie Kaden blew this song up on The Voice!

  48. Josh The Stormtrooper

    I came here from the madea play and the movie little

  49. dreesa vann


  50. koslaz2708

    Everyone is here after the movie Little, but I am after the Xfactor audition of Jazzlyn Little.

  51. Hector Sanmar

    Supreme, Nakel fosho

  52. Darlene Shaw

    Mary J.Bliege u got it going on, love all ur music💝❤💖

  53. Robert Turner

    Mary got that swag. Can't nobody do it like her!

  54. Hot Roland

    I’m going downnn 🗣

  55. Mark Lavalla

    Watching a rerun of blackish and here I am

  56. Родион Назаров

    No,I am here not because of "Little" I am here because my life is going down and nothing good is happening to me,so I decided to search some "music of my life"

  57. Latonya Flowers

    The movie LITTLE bought me here

  58. shlrley Jones

    Mary j Blige you nailed that Song! Love It 😍

  59. Fortnite Time

    Upside downnnnnnnnn

  60. Shannon Hollidaze

    Jazz festival 2019 Cincinnati brought me here. She sang the hell out this, she had all the women in the audience singing right along with her

  61. Laria1966

    Beautiful ! Gives the original Rose Royce a run for their money !! 🎆🎊🎀🎉

  62. megan meganm

    Lil Kim documentary bright me here

  63. steamyboy69

    Too bad it’s a cover. Mary J did good though. But for me, Her best song is Love No Limit.

  64. Clarence Goldthreate


  65. boss girl

    Mary j blige so flyy

  66. A s.

    who’s here after watching Fantasia’s song association

    Keston Mitchell

    A s. Lmaooo meeee

  67. Salina Sanchez

    Thank. The fuxkin gods. Why did it take so long. Whatever they need from me they get it

  68. irene_vxoxo

    Still watching in 2019 <3

  69. arian henry

    I miss my boyfriend bad so when I listen to this it bring back memories 😘😘😘😍😍😍♥♥♥😭😭😭

  70. Wacko Islas

    Lol me and my nephew would sing this when we would go down while playing zombies...haha good times

  71. chuckeya drinkard

    Been here since  Sister Sister and never left

  72. Lakecia Trainer

    She kill it comment down below

  73. Elsa Gregoria Malpartida Rubín


  74. Elsa Gregoria Malpartida Rubín

    Aint no halfsteping

  75. Elsa Gregoria Malpartida Rubín

    Mary it.

  76. paul abel

    After watching little movie am here

  77. ember michelle

    Once I start playing Mary J music I cant stop.

  78. MrBushidolord

    My Might be Sons Mother. Made me Feel this Way Mind Body Soul Life. When I did everything and thought everything was Fine. And Lied and made me think I was the Problem. 😭

  79. Twinkie Wilson

    All ya'll here from little? SMH... Mary's remake made this an anthem in the 90's!!! Still goes so hard!!!

  80. Runyararo Zvavanjanja

    I'm here after watching little

  81. Apriel Pryor

    Come Mary!!!!! 2019 still singin and listening

  82. Benjamin Venegas

    For fuck's sake, no one cares why you came here or what year you're still listening to this. Can you please make a more interesting/funny comment. PLEASE.

  83. Something Nice

    I saw Mary j Blige perform at the Cincinnati music festival 2019! She was dope

  84. Jacqueline Cullins


  85. Damian Alarcon

    im here because of candice boyd from the four

  86. Terry Whitney

    Who else came here from Little? 😂❤

  87. yodsak kidtiwong

    ตามมาจากหนัง little

  88. Hicks family

    Lol I just got back from Bradford Wood's:)

  89. Tyla Arp

    This is so good😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍

  90. Bentley Minott

    I honestly didn’t know who Mary J Blige was, until the BET Awards. And now I’m glad that she existed! Her music is brilliant 👏🎶❤️

  91. Forever Edges

    Who came here from the song what you did? 💯

  92. Jermain Pottinger

    This on littel

  93. Sharon Matsheba

    Am here after watching madea's family reunion again september 2019💖

  94. retrojordans5

    I'm here from Sister, Sister 😭🤣 Tamera did that!

  95. Loretta Antone

    Came from MIGHTYDUCK 😂👌

  96. Lina Walker

    Imagine coming here from LITTLE🤢

  97. Mikayla Underwood

    Who here after mighty duck ?😂