Blige, Mary J - I Love You Lyrics


All those pretty memories,
I know you can hear me now
For the record,
I love you, I love you

[Verse 1]
When I found out that you were leaving me,
I couldn't sleep thinking about
All the things that we've been through
Now all that I want to do
Is tell you that I, (I)
Miss much...
(You know I really really miss you...)


[Verse 2]
Now that I'm on my own
I know that in time I'll find somebody new
(Who'll treat me better than you)
So I'll go all alone without you
But I still love you
You know I'll never live without you


I wish you'd change your ways soon enough
So we can be together
You just don't understand good enough
But now all we have is memories...

Memories we shared
No one else could compare
Ohh, I miss you, I miss you
Oh I miss you

...of the way we used to be,
Oh, those pretty memories

I miss you...
I miss you...
Oh, I miss you...

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Blige, Mary J I Love You Comments
  1. kay bee

    I'm on some new sweet memories

  2. Nadia Tabi

    son plus beau titre un son comme on en fait plus une pure merveille pour mon coeur et mes oreilles qui écoute ca encore

  3. Allen Alphonse

    2020 lit

  4. g3b3d75

    i could trip off mary j ,love her

  5. Micheal Smalls

    Sister was in pain, it's all over this CD. I feel you.

  6. Michelle Quinones

    song hits home. 2019 rocking

  7. aichag00

    I’m here in 2019. Brings back crazy memories.......

  8. doves’ FANS

    Anyone else listening to this dope shit in 2019?

  9. Lateshia Childs

    I was 12 when this CD came out, I remember my dad buying it I ended up playing it more than he did and kept it for myself

  10. GP Love

    The beat and her voice are so melodic

  11. Angelete Ashley

    December 3, 2019... I’m still listening!

  12. Sergio Rivera

    A True Legend, Mary J. Blige.

  13. Debra Marshall

    I meant you are a very inspiring person for some reason this phone keeps tying in ate for are means i need a knew one im working on it

  14. Debra Marshall

    I will always love u mary u ate a very good and inspiring person im your number 1 fan you always sing from your heart i always wanted to meet you and sing with you before i leave this earth love you mary

  15. Tammy Cordero

    2019 and still loving this song queen mary J ❤💯

  16. Panther Fan


  17. Influential Bitch

    2019 still vibing

  18. Melia Morris

    In 2019 2020 shiit and Foreva! The beat TOUGH,tha times, tha rhymes, tha VOICE, How could this EVAH GET OLD? Luv 4eva😙😙

  19. Sonia Ocasio

    Mary j blige. I love you my old school jam.

  20. Kierre Brown


  21. Latasha Ceasar

    Love this song

  22. Natasha Brooks

    This song made me cry like a baby every time I heard it 😭😭 thinking about when me and children's father relationship ended!

    💔💔,,,,,,,,,, Damn Mary!!

  23. Leroy Kelley

    Mary j bliges cutt I love you Leroy Kelley Jr dedicated to new Haven's Jennifer Renee Adams to dying and coming third eye alive. One

  24. Tia Moore

    I dedicate this track to my Sister Eboni Holloway. Detroit, MI. Rest in Paradise babygurl💅🏽💘💘🌍 I really really miss you. I love you!

  25. Forest Lover

    This sounds so good in my car. Love this song

  26. Maree Nxxry

    for the record ....

  27. trippy krammyk

    im 12 and I act like I was born in this generation its so much better than whats going on now

  28. Tiffany Nite

    Who’s still listening in 2019?

    Nicky Krystals

    I'm trying to figure out how many times that Issac Hayes piano sample has been used lmmfaoooooo

  29. Devon Grander

    I shine, you shine! Oops wrong record.

  30. Günay Yalap

    listen it 2019!!

  31. Chacree Daniel

    This song literally took me across country from Cali to home In SC back in 94 ..... the pain in this song is so real and as a grown man I still pump this shit loud

  32. Alayja Burkhart

    My narcissistic ex got shot eight times 6 months ago and this song reminds me of him so much. Love you Sonny.... our memories will live on forever babe.

  33. Mike Jazz

    I'm just glad Puffy didn't jump on the cut with his "come on" and "Uh ha" ... you know all up in the music LOL

  34. Mr I

    Thank you Chucky Thompson (Producer) and Mary J. (Singer) for this song!

    Nicky Krystals

    That Issac Hayes piano sample made this song hot!!

  35. Lisa Cammarata

    Yep missing my x

  36. Bigjig2011

    90s nostalgia like a mug listening to this.

  37. Khadijah Smith

    I remember when it came on hot97 for the first time i was 7years old sitting on my cousin lap in the back seat of a car looking out the window coming from my aunts funeral 😔😔😔💔💔♥️♥️....... Fast forward to today the meaning is still painful because now I'm dealing with a break up and this song has every feeling I feel about him i wish he would get it together 😢 before it's too late 😔

  38. nataniel apaturia


  39. Wavy Trae

    Had me in tears in 2019

  40. Gaz

    I LOVE me some Mary J Blige.... Love music is what makes the world go around...

  41. Dark Stranjah

    585 hill billys disliked this classic

  42. Spider

    Her pic was up in my cell. Sexy bitch.

  43. J Cella

    Still 🔥🔥🔥😙💨💨 in the am 3am Mary the Queen

  44. Kera Williams

    If u ever love someone too much it hurts and destroy u this song makes u cry cuz it hits the home of the heart

  45. Kera Williams

    Here 2019 Mary is everything one of the best of all time

  46. E Mathers

    Damnn 2019!!! Remember chilling on the steps as a kid in philly Momz blasting this, something about a black woman’s pain you can feel in a song, Wanna just hold them.

  47. B g

    Reminds me when one of my cousins was murdered, great song

  48. sherry merrick

    this is the jam one of my favs

  49. Nyte Ryda

    Whoever disliked this song clearly doesn't know music

  50. K Cueto Belliard

    I still love you if you ever scroll down the comments and find mine- feel my love

  51. Shawna Drake

    Banging in 2019

  52. White Alliance

    Some songs are timeless.
    Some define a time period.
    This song can do both!

  53. Jazzy Smith

    Who still listening in 2019?

    Michele littlepoolboyman

    Jazzy Smith I still play this whole CD at least 3 times a week cleaning cooking or just chilling

  54. Enes Ibrisevic

    The best beat ever

  55. Jesi Wabbit

    Looks like it’s going to be Mary in My life all over again....

  56. M liza90s

    ❤❤❤the best

  57. Latisha Simmons

    Pure soul

  58. Micheal Smalls

    This sister makes you feel her pain. Her soul is deep. Chill bumps.

  59. Mon Morshed

    This song brings back a lot of memories...good ones and sad ones as well...nothing but love for the queen though

  60. Kat James

    This is my favorite and that's saying a lot. Listening to this after a breakup would shatter my heart every time. But it helped, too.

  61. Milan Paris


  62. Mustafa O

    I love you RnB, where are you?

  63. Aniyahs Cooking Channel

    Mary is the greatest

  64. jabar malid

    Nas sampled this one, I think on life is good.

    Nicky Krystals

    Everybody sampled this. Original song is called Ike mood 1970 by Issac Hayes. Every part of that song has been sampled lmmfaoooooo.

  65. Big Jay

    The Queen!

  66. Jasper67 Gonzalez

    Fuck Mastering mimicking....Its a fuck ass language barrierrrrrrrrrrr


    This song is timeless, no expiration date, like forever.

  68. Kapri Skye

    4 eva💜💜💜💜💜

  69. Sharon Morris

    2019 where you at 🖤🖤🖤

  70. keyouna corley

    Mary will be missed when its her time. She put out some fire shit. This song and (a dream)are hands down n my book of favs. I love Mary and her music. Keep blessing us! #1fantazzdntstop

  71. Deshawn Harris

    The biz iz going off

    Nicky Krystals

    Among others. Original song called Ike mood 1970 by Issac Hayes. First one to sample it was Kurtis Blow song called games people play 1983 for sweet g or some shit like that

  72. Elizabeth Green

    Those sweet memories:) Omg, off the hook.

  73. Shawna Drake

    I know can hear me now$

  74. Shawna Drake

    All the things we been through

  75. Toni Rand

    Can’t wait to see her in NC

  76. Taylor Real

    Dedicate this to my one and only love who plays this song constantly I love u baby

  77. Shawna Drake

    2019 Still Jumping!👍💙💜💙💜💜💙💙💜💜💜💙💙💙💙

    Archie Kornegay

    Shawna Drake

  78. oscar p



    Love this song. Never knew it was Mary.

  80. Quantay Knox


  81. William Estrada

    °^√•π÷×∆∆×°^•• 🕶️ NOW COMPARE #THOSE TIMES TO #THESZ °^π•√÷×∆∆÷°^^••

  82. Jamar Scott

    My shit i was about 12 when this came out

  83. Matthew Croom

    Beautiful and timeless music never gets old I listen to this song everyday at least twice a day.....bring real music back to life please.

  84. Yolanda Gittens

    omg i miss the 90s so much

  85. Jessica Beland

    This album was the soundtrack of my teen angst. LOL

  86. DopeOnTapProductions SuMMeR

    Most fav song ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  87. Trask Morgan

    Here June 20th,2019.i got hip to this song off her "My Life" cd.Got to say this song is one her best❤❤

  88. Julio Artiga

    When music was good! Timeless

  89. Jackie

    I was 15 and living in Flushing, Queens when this song came out. What pretty memories.

  90. Dee4HerbaLife

    This song is a low-key classic from a young 22-23 year old Mary.

  91. Brittany maraya

    I dedicate to M.A.T. i know you can feel me now

  92. Desiree Jablonski

    Love this song

  93. Felicia Carsella

    These are official

  94. Matthew Croom

    You just don’t understand good love......and now all we have is memories...I felt that💪🏿💪🏿💯💯🥃🥃🥃

  95. Lydell Jordan

    2019 and this song is making me miss my ex hella bad.. For the record...I love you

  96. Y-l'yukne Bayonne Addo

    This song is really really underrated. It's very close to perfection. I hear it since more than 20 years and 'til today, it's able to deeply touch my soul. In the RnB world, the best band of all time is TLC and for the solo female artists I chose the very talented Mary J. Blige. Thanx heaven for this sweetness!