Blessthefall - Youngbloods Lyrics

If you can't find a dedication,
this life could swallow you whole!
If you can't find anything to believe in,
why are you still here?
I am far from perfect,
I am so full of sin.
Everyday you have the chance to take it.
Our time is now.
You're just a bitch!
And it was all a lie.

No one ever gave me anything,
what I have I earned!
And I'll take this to my grave.
Every time I turn around,
I see another face
trying to take me to my
take me to my grave.

What's there to fear?
Somehow I'll carry on.
(We'll all be dead in the end!
We'll all be dead in the end!)
I know you hear me,
for now I'll carry on.
We'll all be dead in the end!
We'll all be dead in the end!

Watch as we rise,
here until our time is over!
We'll all be dead in the end!
We'll all be dead in the end!
Watch as we rise,
here until our time is over!
We'll all be dead in the end!
We'll all be dead in the end!

The words you said,
it was all a lie.

Your reign is ending!
You never know when the time approaches!
Your reign is ending!
I've got the world on my back,
there's no way I'm ever giving up!

Your reign is ending!
You never know when the time approaches!
Your reign is ending!
I've got the world on my back,
there's no way I'm ever giving this up!

You will not be a part of this!
Don't kid yourself,
there's no room for you here!
You will not be a part of this!

You're just a fucking disgrace.

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Blessthefall Youngbloods Comments
  1. Josh Moore

    I imagined this song with a music video being at a kids birthday party and i cant stop laughing.

  2. Kaan Şenmanat

    Parkway Drive - "Swing" ?


    Me to my ex "UR JUST A BITCH!!!!"

  4. Carlos SpicyWeiner

    Who did it better ?
    The autumn offering : one last thrill

  5. UnitedFor DC


  6. Brandon Miguel

    Beau can't sing irl though

  7. Brett -

    0:33 enough said!

  8. Dead On The Inside

    *Hello everyone.*

  9. BxN cvsper

    So they say bitch but bleep out fucking 🤣

  10. curehazy

    Underrated song fuckn' awesome

  11. UnitedFor DC


  12. Abel


  13. Matthew Davis

    0:34 to 0:49 is my ringtone

  14. Hydro Drop

    “And it was all a lie” - My favorite scream of all time

  15. Ryan Taylor

    AND IT WAS ALL A LIE!!! ( that hit me hard.. )

  16. Matthew Davis

    Metal will live forever

  17. Tiago Silva

    Am I the only one who thinks the begining of this song kinda sounds like a part from Off The Heezay from BMTH?

  18. Rabid244

    *10 centuries later*

  19. gary snyder

    when your mom catches you listening to this and she asks if you're satanic

  20. John Adrian Ahumada

    woah.holy fvck

  21. Mr. Hi there

    When is Jesse Barnetts part?



  22. Not Oscar

    That moment when you realize that this sounds exactly like Parkway drive Swing


    Not Oscar for real

    Zeus Caboose

    That other crazy moment when you realize they are both the 7th song on their albums.


    andy hulse *x-files theme*

  23. bmthafiz

    tabs for the outro.
    00000000000 0000 000 000000 000000000

    you're welcome

  24. YoloDolo420DeathmetalRingsofSaturn AliensAreReal

    Attempted to perform a wall of death with my own wall
    Result: Minor concussion

  25. Deion Mitchell

    One of my favorite song from this perfect album.

  26. Gio

    That last breakdown in the end goes so damn hard x.x I've never heard them use a breakdown like that before. Sounds kinda death coreish to me


    Check out "Swim For Your Lives" and "Lying Through Your Teeth Doesn't Count as Flossing" by Greeley Estates

    Jared did some sick guest vocals in first song and Beau as well in the second song.


    No offense, but this has nothing to do with deathcore breakdowns. It's damn heavy, yes, but most deathcore breakdowns are much slower than this


    nd they didnt do the inverted chord when the breakdown does half-time, thats like a staple for deathcore breakdowns that Asking Alexandria kinda ruined

  27. Sam Core


  28. Sarah

    I always thought this song was pretty sick, but then I got into STYG and this song got even better.

  29. BangBang

    I raid to this. Hero* till our time is ovvvver

  30. Julian Trejo

    why do the first 12 secs of this song sound like black Veil brides set the world on fire album

  31. Jinxx and Ava

    Learning to scream this song. ^·^ love it. I'm just struggling with my faith right now and am really confused so idk how I feel about listening to a Christian band...still love them tho

    Phil S

    they arnt

    Phil S

    they arnt

  32. RetroDeath Reviews

    you're just A biTCH.

    Mr. C͎ho̸ċo̸laṭe

    I don't know why reading this made me laugh

  33. Carlos S. Redfield

    Swing of PWD XD

  34. Brett Evan

    first breakdowns my shit

  35. AmazingDanosaurIsNotOnFire

    Going to see them tonight!! :3

  36. Dylan Borrelli

    To this day I can't figure out what part Jesse does......someone help me out


    +Dylan Borrelli 0:40 "and it was all a lie" 1:00 "take me to my grave" with Jared and 2:02 most of the chant.

  37. ElfulanitoxD

    Amo este tema, y tengo que esperar hasta diciembre para verlos :'c

    Alonso Amezquita

    +ElfulanitoxD A donde fueron? Al DF?

  38. Adam Artz

    Weird. Never seen a Christian metalcore/post-hardcore band using cuss words such as shit, bitch and fuck in their lyrics. Never seen this before. Cool.

    stratos tzamtzhs

    +Adam Artz actually beau has statted that they are not a christianic band or whatever this shit is called


    Everyone in the band is Christian... but they are not a Christian band.

    David C

    +Adam Artz Everybody swears :)

    Adam Artz

    @dc619 I've never seen a Christian metalcore band incorporate such swearing into their lyrics. It just seemed odd.

    Brad Williams

    +Adam Artz They were a christian band. They just recently changed their classification of rock. They were and still are open about their beliefs but they don't classify themselves as a Christian Metal band anymore.

  39. Kevin Canterbury

    Put this on sound cloud

  40. Ivan Ramirez

    El mejor tema del mundo, me encantaría que tuviese un vídeo oficial...

  41. RatchetOfVaporex

    That breakdown at the end, tho.

  42. Phil Moody

    my favorites of this record:

    - Exodus
    - Deja Vu
    - Buried In These Walls
    - See You On The Outside
    - The Sound Of Starting Over
    - Open Water


    Agreed for the 2 first ones

    Chase Smeltzer

    more like the whole damn album.

  43. Jonathan Jadoo

    This is gonna be sick at warped

    Amanda Gonzalez

    It wasss

    Fred Behrend

    It was in San Antonio!

    rachel krats

    Jonathan Jadoo yasss

  44. Evr312

    Am I the only who thinks that last breakdown sounds almost exactly like the breakdown from Bring Me The Horizon's "Diamonds Aren't Forever"?

    Adam Chavez

    It does sound similar


    Lol i don't understand why every band i listen to, i see bring me the horizon comment everywhere! like for example i can listen to ISSUES, i would see bring me the horizon reference there, also Bullet for my valentine, i would see Bring me the Horizon fucking comment there!

    And i'm sure if i listen to SLAVES, i will see another lame comment of bring me the Horizon! WTF?


    Abel 12 year old girls have they prove they are edgy

  45. Héricles França

    This new Blessthefall album has everything to be awesome (i don't like the other works, not even a little), but the clean vocals parts... Holy fuck! Those parts sucks so hard, they have an raw, fast and heavy sound on the screams, but when the cleans come, they fuck everything (i use to ignore the clean vocals when this happen and listen to te band anyway, but the instrumental on the clean vocals parts sucks a lot too), in this song they don't make much difference, but in songs like You Wear A Crown But You're No King, those cleans makes me sick, they cut all the heavyness to a pop and gay sound
    (Just saying)

    Los The Ghost

    Couldn't disagree more. The contrast between beau(clean vocalist) and Jared (unclean vocalist) makes the band much more unique and pleasing to me..

    Héricles França

    This is very very very far from original, man LOL a lot (really, a lot) of bands do this, and Beau does more harsh vocals than Jared
    I love Kingdom of Giants, for an example, they have very heavy parts and melodic parts with clean vocals, without being pop like Blessthefall

  46. SkoomaThurman

    Who sang the clean vocals in this song?

    Athos Oliver

    @Wolfy Beau Bokan

  47. XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero

    Vic Fuentes? Co-wrote? Lies.

    codeine maniac

    He co-wrote the song named "See You On The Outside".

  48. Tristan Winchester


  49. Tristan Winchester


  50. BigBadWolf

    this is the best song in the album

  51. IntricateUniverse

    This song is just crazy in the best way possible way. Really gets the energy going! I'm not a huge fan of these guys but man do they know how to put a good show live. 

  52. Logan McCauley

    This song just pumps you up, makes you think of someone you hate, and makes you want to mosh

  53. Scottay

    Best breakdown of all time

  54. robert fallows

    your just a bitch!!! 

    please grammar internet police correct me 

    wendy carrillo

    Haha you're badass just for saying that xD

    Adin Lee

    yer just a bitch m8 :)


    @robert fallows ur jus a bich m8

  55. Dominik Zech

    Dat Breakdown \m/


    Gonna see them live in 2 hours!! :D

  57. Kyle Antinore

    Sweet 2008 ABR cover, guys.

  58. Alex Warholic

    \m/ My Face Is Melted

  59. Viper Strike Studios

    "Sext me riiice here until lunch time is over!!!"

  60. Timothy Neville

    Blessthefall will run free forever

  61. Trevor

    sounds so epic live

  62. Joey Henderson

    You're just a bitch!

  63. Nick Adams

    Blessthefall if you guys ever read this you need to do a music video of either Youngbloods with Jesse or Carry On with Jake, it'd be so sick I love seeing those kinds of music videos where there's collaboration.. it's like a brotherhood of metal awesomeness.

    Albert Twangle

    Nick Adams it's me blessthefall your request has been noted

  64. Jorge Matos

    All albums coming from this band are awesome, but three of the songs that make me headbang all day are this one, hollow bodies and you wear a crown but you're no king

  65. Kiliab Gonzalez

    that breakdown at the end is eargasmic

  66. NamelessSession™

    omg YOUR JUST A BITCH!!!!!!!!! IT WAS ALL A LIE in fuckin love


    *You're just a bitch

  67. Morgan Fane

    this my fav off this album along side carry on and hollow bodies fucken love this album

  68. Garrick Oestriecher

    That outro tho.... Love the new sound from BTF.

  69. Cheyenne Ward

    Alberto feels pretty satisfied with this album and he gives it a 9.8 stars out of 5 lol

  70. Kyler Zuniga

    @ that 34 seconds tho cx

  71. Matheus Nasi

    Billions of eargasm with this music!!!!

  72. Zad Massive Attack

    este álbum creo que a sido de los mejores de bless the fall sigan asi la verdad ame el álbum completo

  73. matthew cruz

    Hey I love this new album!!!!

    matthew cruz


    Kevin Neal

    Did you just reply to your own comment?

    matthew cruz

    yeah I did I just got bored!!

  74. xOddReflecTx

    Where is Jesse? STYG<3

    eric dudley

    @xOddReflecTx Throughout the song and right before the breakdown

  75. michael ronning

    Craig was so much better

    Alex Taylor

    Dislike x 1000

    Desmond Lor

    You're just a bitch (:

    Kyle Farsing

    he's way better in escape the fate & dead rabbitts than blessthefall & the word alive...

  76. Dom Twaites

    These guys are so good at breakdowns

  77. Dom Twaites

    Dat breakdown at 2:28

  78. amen928

    dat breakdown O.o

  79. Danny 12gage

    your just a B*CH


    *You're just a bitch

    Matt Howes

    @HSN You're the type of person that makes others want to hang themselves..


    @Matt Howes If it keeps them from reproducing more idiots, I'm all for it.

  80. alf

    This song is actually really good. Honestly, I wasn't expecting to like this, but wow.

  81. thatwhiteasianguy

    That breakdown kicked me in the face!

  82. Nick Adams

    Moshed so hard to this song when I saw them.. ♥

    Morgan Fane

    aw that outro man everyone goes fucken mental in that breakdown

  83. pitter_padder

    Dat kick-drum tho......

    Nicolas St-Louis

    That breakdown tho...

  84. Jay Witting

    1:28 Lol sounds like "Until lunch time is over"

    Jacob Pratt

    I can't listen to this anymore 😂😂😂😂😂 I bust out laughing every time now

    Morgan Lemon

    so sad when i hear this lunch time is over

  85. phrog

    Eargasm, everytime

    tattered butterfly

    ironfrog saaaaame

  86. alvaropetrer

    Loooool, Swing by Parkway Drive, it have the same first riff xDDD


    just that O_O

    Jackson Kyle

    still a good song though


    without doubt


    Almost. not quite.



  87. Mathieu De Zutter

    Nice song but intro sounds a lot like "Thirty and Seven" from August Burns Red!

  88. qMn

    beast song ! 

  89. Memento Mori

    You're just a bitch!

  90. SavageAlien


  91. SavageAlien

    you're* xDD

  92. SavageAlien

    Fuck... YEA! Because it's so fucking full of emotion and i'm getting a fucking eargasm everytime

  93. MegaOmer2

    no its dafuq

  94. Ragnar