Blessthefall - See You On The Outside Lyrics

Don't think I didn't see how you looked at me
What are you waiting for?
What are you waiting for?
I've spent those sleepless nights
And I waited for
And I waited for you

Sometimes I'd rather lie...

Oh, we found love
Takes me further than I've ever known
I thought you'd take a shot on us
You're my only one, say you'll be mine
And I'll see you on the outside
(See you on the outside)

I'll never fall asleep I only fall apart when you're gone
I'm hopeless at best on my own
And I wish that I could close my eyes, pretend that you'd be by my side
Cause all I wanted was a face to call my own
All I needed was a place that feels like home
I think I'm falling for you (falling for you)

Oh, we found love
Takes me further than I've ever known
I thought you'd take a shot on us
You're my only one, say you'll be mine
And I'll see you on the outside

Let's make our way out of town
This place has falling apart
No one knows you like I do

Let's make our way out of town
This place has falling apart
No one knows you like I do

Let's leave it all far behind
We'll make it out of here alive
Let's leave it all far behind
No one knows you like I do

Sometimes I'd rather lie

(Oh, we found love,
Takes me farther than I ever knew)

Oh, we found love
It takes me farther than I've ever known
I thought you'd take a shot on us
You're my only one, say you'll be mine
And I'll see you on the outside
I'll see you on the outside
I'll see you on the outside

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Blessthefall See You On The Outside Comments
  1. Park097

    2020?? Nostalgia hits hard huh?


    3-4 times every year i listen this with repeat. Love it!

  3. Dylan Hitsman

    This is my favorite BTF song to cover on drums. 7 years amd only 260k views. Such a shame that kids ask for new stuff after hearing one old single.

  4. Garth Noble

    I haven't listened to this song since sixth grade holy shit

  5. Former Rear Admiral X Drake

    Dont think I didnt see how you looked at me? sounds like picking a fight at the bar with someone, lets settle this outside mfer lmao

  6. the eye of every storm

    This shit sucks hard..

  7. Isaac perez


  8. Galihpras26

    Cover accoustic see you on the outside

  9. Dylan Hitsman

    2018 and I still fucking LOVE this song ❤

  10. dylan parrott

    Never knew beau went a bit Pierce the veil vibe with this song

  11. Крыжовник

    вери кул...найс...кароч заибись

  12. wildan kesantara

    My favorite song in Blessthefall Band

  13. rachel krats

    I met BTF at warped 17 and he was just as sweet as when I met Vic love them both 😍

  14. Actylo™┃GFX

    Heimdall <3

  15. Viral Hyena


  16. JellybearLPS

    I need an instrumental

  17. Jasmine Pollitt-Lindsay

    Is it just me that thought the intro sounded like Sleeping With Sirens? :/

  18. Don Draper

    expensive conversations in cheap motels vs the boy who could fly, great song though

  19. Memphis Wess

    This song nice .

  20. Skydancer

    I love post-hardcore.

  21. Ike Payne

    I love this album but this sounds way too much like a pierce the veil song for me. I always skip this song haha


    Ike Payne It's a good song

  22. Antivist Killjoy


    Adam Artz

    @Antivist Killjoy You wrote "Pierce the Veil made this song for blessthefall" and described Vic Fuentes as Pierce the Veil. I don't see people attacking you here, though. Musicmanguitarhero might've expressed his point with adding some fuck and shit here and there, which is something I thoroughly enjoyed in his comments, including the "fucking scene girls" one, which I found to be extremely hilarious and it's 3 A.M. and I don't even know what the fuck am I typing

    Antivist Killjoy

    @Adam Artz Oh, okay then.,


    +Adam Artz Thank you.

    Adam Artz

    @musicmanguitarhero hey you're welcome man

    Filip Faith Novák

    Bless the Veil?

  23. IScreaMaN

    The song with Jake for abr sounds like abr too and and the other song with the guy from stick to your guns sounds like stick to your guns

  24. natalie rose

    this song (and blessthefall in general) is perfect live. got to see them the other day, and i was only a few people away from the barricade. the crowd was insane, and there were a lot of crowdsurfers, but it was great.


    Omfg too many crowd surfers at my show but yeah they're awesome

  25. Rafael Olivares

    This song is very relatable..

  26. Adin Lee

    If y'all don't get the PTV influence listen to the background guitar riffs in the verses. It sounds a lot like them.

  27. The831hero

    That piano tho!

  28. Jeff Ayotte

    One of the best live metalcore band \m/ They were insane last night and this song was perfect live \m/

  29. Tiago Silva

    This song really looks like one of Get Scared songs.


    Também achei.

    Tiago Silva

    @AnnaWick1  É mesmo. Parece muito com algumas do album Everyone's Out To Get Me.

  30. Tyler Blazek

    I love this song but its just my opinion that the opening, right before he starts singing, sounds like its from a completely different song. I dont know, maybe its just me. I still love the song though


    You're right because they never used that guitar riff again in this song. You can recognize hint of it on2:21 but the actual sound never comes out again. I think that's why:) Maybe It could have been better if they did put that as a main riff and made variations of it.

  31. natalia vallejos

    muy buen tema :)

  32. Perplexd


  33. Kyle Farsing


  34. Nornfang

    never compare this band to ptv. ptv a bunch of pussies lol

    Christian Ramirez

    Fuck you man




    Vic actually helped write this song sooo

    Justin Shinlever

    calm down i can feel the edge all the way from here chill


    Atlas Only drawback for PTV is Vic's vocals.

  35. MsSisi9898

    The beginning sounds like SWS's song "If you can't hang" c:


    not really...

  36. Elicia Benitez

    The people who are saying it sounds like pierce the veil and those saying it doesnt.. it may sound a bit like them because Vic helped them write this song and they used some of Vic's melody work.


    Elicia Benitez I don't care if it sounds like them, it sounds good.


    This is great

  38. Anita Mercado

    <33 it n.n

  39. Pedro Carvalho

    I fucking love ittttttttt <3

  40. th3m4n09

    I don't understand how people say it sounds like Pierce The Veil, it sounds nothing like them!

    Adin Lee

    Listen to the guitar in the background

    Gabe Celaj

    th3m4n09 Super late reply but in case you didn't know, the PTV vocalist wrote this song and this song has a huge influence from their music


    Does it matter?

  41. Grogman, B.

    Chiodos fans might relate to

  42. adam krapper

    1:50 ruined it.

  43. Arkantos

    Exactly what im living right now.....

  44. Kaitlin Grigg

    I read in AP that this song had something to do with My Chemical Romance


    whoooaat? really?

  45. Mystical writer

    This is perfect just right,i feel in love instantly when i found this song it's very amazing what it says it's just perfect love it lots

  46. Linna Issa

    I love bless the fall

  47. estevão bartes

    02:40 .... ÉPICO !!! 

  48. Jennifer Ramos

    "Vic is emo god." Lmfao wtf is wrong with this world? Vic isn't emo you dumb fuck :-)

  49. Riley

    That comment was amazing. c;

  50. Sikma Patatas

    this song needs an acoustic version !

  51. soapyasscheeks

    The greats but it sounds amazing

  52. soapyasscheeks

    This album may bite off of the fe

  53. Dup Dupix

    Jared should have scream on 02:44 ... Would have been so epic, seriously ... The song is good, but they missed that. Guitar break, violin, piano and scream ... What's best ?

  54. May Nitivong

    Ptv is WAY more intricate. Way more emotive sounds and melodies and not to mention subject matter! Vic is emo god.

  55. Hubert Eichson

    I have no problems whatsoever under any circumstances. I just hate the dude with my whole hearth.

  56. xLostProficyx

    This album is a master piece

  57. AJgetsbuckets2

    What's your problem? There is no need to say that.

  58. AJgetsbuckets2


  59. Yuri Fazio

    I listen to some mexican feeling right here :D

  60. MinecraftVenom

    Once again awesome

  61. F L

    Pierce The Veil all over this song!

  62. Kiernan Morris

    i actually like the fact that this song sort of sounds like pierce the veil. i love both blessthefall and pierce the veil, so yeah. :P

  63. Joseph Wagner

    Best song on the album!

  64. Steven Myers

    That bridge! :)

  65. PillarOfChrist

    not really. I dont like pierce the veil, i dont like the pierce the veil sounding parts, but otherwise this is my favorite song on the record

  66. jml

    They should've just let Vic sing on this!

  67. Nivik

    So good

  68. Amy ScardyWin

    contradicted your self their dumbcuff

  69. PillarOfChrist

    I know that vic helpied write this song but it sounds too much like a pierce the veil song, which is very bad, I do not like pierce the veil, other than that, this is my favorite song

  70. Andres Monroy

    If you want that go to Rise Records, This is Fearless Records if they dont want to, they dont do it e.e

  71. Slither

    If you can't hang then, I'll see you on the outside.

  72. scoop dee dee poop

    i hope you dont mean lyric videos because it makes the song look corny

  73. bobbey smith


  74. Sofi Biersack

    Is beautiful song!

  75. Tyler Mcgilvery

    My favorite song

  76. Pedro Moraes

    AWESOME !!!!

  77. Blake Simmons

    Not enough people have heard this song

  78. Samuel Sweat

    Got the CD in the mail from signing up at the FearlessRecords booth at Warped Tour MN. Sick as fuck. Favorite song from my favorite album.

  79. Jerrel Carpio

    wow this song has the most diffrent vibe to it. still a great addition to the album <3

  80. Lina Kouroumani

    Favourite song from their new album!! This and "Open Water". ♥

  81. Kathe Baez

    I madly love this song.

  82. yourmanomar

    It was announced that Vic Fuentes of Pierce the Veil was working on a song with the band.[14] It was later revealed to be the track, "See You On the Outside" which was streamed through Hot Topic on August 8, 2013.[15]

  83. carlos muñoz

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    Just listen for now, never forget to fill with your mail id and ph number.

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  84. Christian Nichols

    As others have probably said, co-written by Vic. :) the intro and the pre-chorus to the first chorus definitely feel like PTV

  85. Stahl Reich

    Buried In These Walls - shit-song for sleeping!

  86. Nick Willard

    No its when you listen to PTV you get BTF vibes.

  87. Ryan Baldwin

    Came here to see if anyone else was getting PTV vibes. Glad I'm not the only one.

  88. AW Jadesniper

    never really cared for the other albums...but this album is freaking fantastic. One of the best this year.

  89. bob917865

    I don't like u

  90. richard maish

    vi helped write this song

  91. Gus Chavez

    Definitely has the vibe of Pierce The Veil... The Boy Who Could Fly :)

  92. DakotaTheBassist

    Vic Fuentes helped write this so yeah it will have some Pierce The Veil vibes

  93. Michael Shonk

    Man that's all I can hear now. Quite a deadly setup in songwriting right there.

  94. Fabián Acevedo

    Nice $_$