Blessthefall - Buried In These Walls Lyrics

I found hope in misery
Sewed my eyes shut so I could see
I won’t throw it away
I won’t throw it away

I found truth in your denial
And I’ll suffer for a while
I won’t throw it away
I won’t throw it away

(I won’t throw it away)

Can you take me to a better place?
Somewhere I feel safe
Till we’re far away?
Can you take me to a better place,
Far away?
I won’t, I won’t throw it away

(I won’t throw it away)

(I won’t throw it away)
I won’t throw it away

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Blessthefall Buried In These Walls Comments
  1. Phil Moody

    UPLOAD THE INSTRUMENTAL PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Edvaldo Andrade

    Olha qblz de música desses maluco gosto ouvir

  3. Mark Wullenschneider

    Always resonates in my head...

  4. Jake Covert

    Only 29 dislikes! Ha! This song is awesome

  5. WarriorBoss

    Had a dream about a song just like this. It was his voice and he sang " I did not know that someone died each year" then something about loving someone and the last word was "your misery"

  6. Francielle Stéfani

    Hi Brazil

  7. dushyant776

    I wish it had an official video .

  8. Phil Moody

    my favorites of this record:

    - Exodus
    - Deja Vu
    - Buried In These Walls
    - See You On The Outside
    - The Sound Of Starting Over
    - Open Water

  9. Jed Forster

    Am I the only one who thinks he sounds a little like Phil Collins in his first verse?

  10. Adin Lee

    I love the direction blessthefall is going in :)

  11. Janae Ochoa

    I cry bc this gives me feels and  im heart broken...

    Abel Pulliza

    ikr 😒

  12. Liquid Mind

    My life will be 100% complete as soon as someone uploads an instrumental for this song.


    agreed. beau really does ruin songs more than he adds to them... otherwise it would have had a great vibe

    Liquid Mind

    I didn't say I'd like an instrumental in the sense that I didn't like his voice. In fact, I love his vocals and I love him here in btf. I just thought this would sound beautiful if there was an instrumental. I respect your opinion, though.

    Kenny 11

    WyldeSatriani he doesn’t ruin this track at all lmao you crazy??? Ahahaha jk. Beau’s voice is sooooo good here

  13. John Viveiros909


  14. Brian Reyz

    Cant stop crying :')

  15. Chenoa Bryndis

    This song is really pretty... Glad I have this album.

  16. Hope For Tomorrow

    Anyone who might be interested in some new music, give us a listen! Especially if you like Blessthefall, The Word Alive or Memphis May Fire. We're hitting the studio this month, and releasing our new EP soon! 

    Hope For Tomorrow

    Much love, hope you'll like the new EP once we drop it! 

    Hoài Nam Đào

    Now i'm waiting for your EP xD

    Hope For Tomorrow

    @Hoài Nam Đào We just finished it, so we'll be releasing two new songs very soon! 

    Christopher Escobedo

    @Hope For Tomorrow you guys are awesome!

    Hope For Tomorrow

    @Christopher Escobedo Thank you! We just released a new song, it's up for a very short time. 

  17. Natalie Marie

    this songs is literally perfect. 

  18. El92Easty

    Incredible song. The best filler song i have ever heard. Puts all other electronic music to shame

  19. Fabydtb200

    Es la misma intro que You wear a crown but you're no king

  20. Karynna Hill

    Guys...the best song on the album is You Wear a Crown but Youre No King...they even think so...they made a bad ass music vid for it proving it.

  21. monsterhunter445

    Just a filler song. Not in a bad way by the way

  22. Sean S R

    Glad I have this album

  23. skyrimdabest

    Yes this sounds alot like a song on halo I want to say its halo 3

  24. nixi

    This song sounds like some of Linkin Parks new stuff... and almost certain I've heard this on Halo...:?

  25. Kaydense Kollatos

    I freaking love this song

  26. zack lyman

    song makes a lot sense if you listen to it all

  27. GetLikeATurtle

    you obviously didnt listen to the whole album

  28. xbrokenstatuesx

    listen to exodus or you wear a crown by them

  29. Hardline Entertainment

    sorry guys this is bad though. such a difference; so much lighter

  30. Joe Richards

    just me or does the beginning of this song sound like a song from halo?

  31. Maverick Lewis

    SHIT....guess not

  32. Maverick Lewis


  33. tony coppock

    ill be seeing them with august burns red dec 4 :)

    River Foster

    How was it?

  34. Kerrigan Morris

    Can you say perfection ♥♡♥♡

  35. Reno Clark

    my favorite song now!!!!!

  36. F L


  37. connor

    Why would you even dislike this?

  38. Fábio Pereira

    ehmm no because this song starts calmly and with piano and the intro for ywacbynk is much different

  39. Amy ScardyWin

    da fuq? get the fuck out of here

  40. bobbey smith

    fucking amazing!

  41. Dormant

    ive done a vocal cover of this if anyones interested :) and guitar coveres of every song apart from open water, feel free to check them out :)

  42. Josue Sanchez

    Love this song its kinda sad but a good song

  43. Derwillkommen

    wasnt that nearly the exact same intro like in "you wear a crown but you`re no king" ??

  44. xXShaRinGaNxBLaZzeXx

    never gonna stop listening to this song. 24/7 nonstop :)

  45. Veginite

    That's what's so good about music. You can interpret it as you like :)

  46. Veginite

    No, only Beau is in this. Lights only did Open Water with Beau :)

  47. Veginite

    Can't agree more with you!

  48. Veginite

    No song has ever made me shudder as much as this one and Open Water...

  49. IRNjuggle28

    It doesn't make zero sense. There are some stylistic similarities between some of the LP stuff and this song. It's by no means a ripoff of their style, though.

  50. Emo Jr

    Awesone song love it.

  51. Luis AlegreMusic

    linda musica

  52. Brian Reyz

    I just wanna cry after listening to this song ..
    Really nice

  53. Delene Zuniga

    took the words right out my mouth

  54. havoren

    The best part about this band is that even though they went completely heavy (thanks to Joey Sturgis, one of my favorite producers in metalcore/post hardcore music), they still haven't forgotten who they are and still stay true to their original style. I believe that once Joey started producing I See Stars' music, they forgot who they were and focused on just being heavy with lots of electronica. Even though I love ISS' new music, I'll always miss the old ISS :( at least BTF is still alive! :)

  55. bringmecaptainmat

    This album is just awesome! For any fans of blessthefall please checkout my album! /watch?v=DbomNhxXi20

  56. Lydia Isabella

    this song is perfection <3

  57. limnimal


  58. MaskTheFaceless

    Our words!

  59. AskingAlexDorameWithSirens

    make zero sense get the hell away

  60. Dustin Nuttall

    I love the emotional bounderies that they have added to their new album. I personally think that this is their best album yet.

  61. ClayMoore

    This is why I love Blessthefall's new album. It's got the most intense songs I've ever heard, but it's also got some songs with a more slower beat and sound. Just like this and Open Water. It's simply a masterpiece. This better make the Billboard 200!

  62. billybobjames92

    Its Become A Habit O.O

  63. ismael franco


  64. Xavier Silva


    I found hope in misery, sowed my eye shut so I can see, I won't throw it away, I won't throw it away.

    I found truth in your denial, and I'll suffer for a while, I won't throw it away, I won't throw it away.

    (Ah, whoa) (ah, whoa) (ah, whoa)

    I won't throw it away

    Can you take me to a better place, somewhere I feel safe, 'till we're far away

    Can you take me to a better place, far away, I won't, I won't throw it away

    I won't throw it away

    I won't throw it away, I won't throw it away

  65. CrystalGenocide666

    This album is much better than Witness and Awakening; I love it.♥

  66. Jenna Leckrone

    The slow song of any album is always amazing.

  67. Jamie Gotheridge

    Sounds like something from Goldeneye 64

  68. Robin Burnette

    This song is great but With Eyes Wide Shut is still better and Craig is still better. But good job on the new album Beau.

  69. Invictus Rising

    Now I've never really liked Blessthefall, but this album is really good from what I've heard so far.
    Good Work guys.

  70. Little B&A

    This song is touching ♡

  71. elk33dp

    i love peaceful songs like this from bands like this

  72. Donnie Burke

    Damn.....this song is awesome.....totally different from their regular stuff

  73. Julius C

    Why Do You Have To Type Like This

  74. jessica dotson

    the song open water does

  75. Jay69th

    does this have lights in it ;o

  76. Rafael Ferreira

    caralho lembra muito take the crown pqp!

  77. Stephen Archuleta

    This is not their typical style, but this is just fantastic.

  78. lx-Endlessly

    @madman no one gives a shit about your opinion, this is Blessthefall.

  79. iiimadmaniii

    i guess this is where i throw my own music promotion ad up here and say to listen to the last part of is it liber... .. .- the ending bass is exactly identical to this songs bassline, and is almost 3 years old. but i like this song.

  80. Phil Moody

    lyrics please

  81. billybobjames92

    You Guys Have Improved Soooo Much! This Album Is By Far The Best Thing I've Heard For Quite A While And I've Been Waiting AGES To Hear All The Tracks! Amazing xD

  82. Brayden O'Brien

    They are amazing and this album is better than the rest IMO :D

  83. Leticia Hernandez

    This song makes me think about everything... Lovin it .

  84. Hope For Tomorrow

    You may like some of our stuff if you like them, especially some of the new material we have in the works!

  85. Hope For Tomorrow

    What music should do! Hope all will get better

  86. Klex

    Holy shit. This band has changed from their last album, and I'm lovin' it!

  87. Blueguy995

    Awsome song!!!!

  88. Matt Tindall

    I have not been calm in days. Hell even weeks. I listen to this and I'm just completely calm for the duration of this song.

  89. lettersfromhaley

    can I get some lyrics pleaseeee I need to quote this sonnggggg

  90. Cameron Herrera

    There is always something about these type of songs that make you think about everything.

  91. Ryan Mitchell

    i thought this album was heavier maybe not this song but most of them have been really heavy songs

  92. Mark Schmidt

    Woah. This is new. Blessthefall hasnt really been much for calmer stuff. Sweeeeeeeeet.

  93. Mike Sharp

    These guys are AMAZING at what they do. Not one shitty song. Fav band. Dig these guys alot

  94. 3sp3c4u

    the most perfect song i've heard in my entire life..

  95. brittany henderson

    Love this song!!! So calming and amazing. Deffinately their best album ever!!!!

  96. spoderman

    She was, but not anymore.