Blaze Ya Dead Homie - The Crypt Keeper Lyrics

"You should not have come here. your not welcome here. this place is for the dead."

They call me the crypt keeper in charge of the netherworlds
Death valley is made up of skeletons and spoken words
Vultures fly by like ghetto birds and pick flesh from bones
While they melt in the sun like ice cream cones the dead zone
Absorb'em until it rains brimstone and hot lava melt away puppet strings
Got a thousand of 'em waiting to jump if I give the word
And drag you down in the crypt without a care or concern
I hold the hour glass which means my word is my bond
And if your name appear on my list it' you I will be creepin on
Of should I say encryptin no I'm not trippin I pause for a second
To reload my weapon and blast

[Chorus x2]

You fucking with the crypt keeper you fucked up now bitch cause I here to see ya
You fucking with the crypt keeper you fucked up now bitch cause I here to see ya
(the sun is falling and it's raining blood the deadman has returned to your neighborhood)
And you know I'm bout to blast break backs, cut throats, bullet holes, gun smoke
Don't you know bitch motherfucker I'm a lay you down
And you know I'm bout to blast break backs, cut throats, bullet holes, gun smoke
Don't you know bitch motherfucker I'm a lay you down
You fucking with the crypt keeper you fucked up now bitch cause I here to see ya
You fucking with the crypt keeper you fucked up now bitch cause I here to see ya
(the sun is falling and it's raining blood the deadman has returned to your neighborhood

Pour out some liquor and bow your head and show respect to the motherfuckin dead

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Blaze Ya Dead Homie The Crypt Keeper Comments
  1. Andrew Hart

    Mad love to ya Blaze. Youre one skilled dope ass artists reppin and spitten the wicked shit. Your shows are amazing but more then anything, you still to this day one of the most down ass buffalos there are and have more love for the fam then most others artist that claim that. You the shot Blaze. whoop fucking whoop ninja

  2. APEtv.


  3. rodney hunkley

    Whoop whoop lmwcl (love my wicked clown life) juggalo 4 life

  4. chiefdaisydh

    Blaze your shit homie

  5. Shawdow Bear

    Wicked Song. Should've been longer Track instead of 2mins. Whoopx2

  6. JohnnyWas


  7. Joe Domino

    LOL @ the haters, ive heard this shit live and ill tell u from 1st hand experience that BLAZE IS THE FUCKIN SHIT!

  8. Chowkko

    Thank you :)

  9. twiztidzlette

    when the news reporter says a gang of fans went out of control. and u wonder why were all in a gang and the most hated type of people in the world. its not cuz of icp and shit. its because of ALMOST ALL OF YOU!!!!!

  10. twiztidzlette

    youre the reason why we ALL LOOK BAD!!!!!! so stop calling urself a juggalo cuz ur nothing but a little bitch!!! if u dont know the meaning of being a juggalo dont fucking call urself one. listen to the song behind the paint!!! by icp. seriously turn it up in ur headphones and LISTEN CLOSE!!!!!! then ull know. fuckers

  11. twiztidzlette

    they do what people say they do in their music. thats not anybody is psychopathic records fault. people are just stupid and dont know how to listen to what they really mean!!!!!!!!!!! they believe in god. anybody hating on that obviously isnt a good person. if u were getting ur ass beat and one of them saw you. THEY WOULD DEFEND YOU. thats why were called a FAMILY! NOT A FUCKING GANG!!!!! all you stupid bitches taking shit to a new level with their music & shit FUCK YOU

  12. twiztidzlette

    yea theyre in it for money but it goes deeper then that. theres a connection you feel when ur listening to their music. cuz some of it is so deep that it touches youre soul in a way that some other music cant. like twiztid also said, "drama sells. You dont like it? go to hell" basically the drama is just for show. everybodys got beef with someone! lol. & then u got the juffalos that say their a juggalo but really are just taking it all to a whole new level!

  13. twiztidzlette

    ignore the haters. theyre just bored thats all. and they hate what they dont understand. its really sad that they have to sit online and look up anybody in psychopathic records and talk shit. it shows that they have NO life. im here for the music and the entertainment. NOT to sit here and argue with stupid ass people. they dont know icp, twiztid,blaze,dj klay etc. cuz if they did i know that theyd see that theyre good people. who care about their fans.

  14. twiztidzlette

    u spell great for being french

  15. twiztidzlette

    i love blaze!!! =]] hes awesome!! hes such a sweetheart too. fuck the haters

  16. Chowkko

    People who hate us, please don't waste your precious time to insulte what we love, I kinda feel sorry for you because you might have better to do instead of watch psychopathic videos and dislike them.. I mean, it don't mean anything.
    Sorry if I mispell something but I'm french. MMFWCL

  17. twiztidzlette


  18. wadeandawesomeshit

    @ryanfuknschmitt horror core has been around since 89 so no you didn't

  19. HorrorShow131

    I love blazes beats

  20. Jase Jeffers

    ughh.... not long enough......keep having to press replay.

  21. SinisterGrapefruit

    @oxsideswipexo ur sad :( need to go here to express ur hate... C'mere, i'll make u happy. *opens arms, offering hug*

  22. Mike Hawk

    @GrandTheftAutoSAKing thats original

  23. Mike Hawk

    @jesseluna117 but u all have jizz on ur faces

  24. GeorgeCarlin40

    @oxsideswipexo hahahaha mannnn talking shit over youtube.... mann ima have to give you a medal or something cause you talking all that shit it made me really see how pathetic some people are but you know if you want i can give you a cookie shake your hand or whatever if itll make you feel better?

  25. SinisterGrapefruit

    @bladestarnes Uh? Juggalo's have nothing to do with lil wayne, m8...

  26. robert mclachlan

    @bladestarnes fuck ya dood

  27. Rashad Almomani

    @oxsideswipexo i got some pictures of me training with Rickson and 3 of his top black belts if you'd like to see,its not like you'll find em anywhere else. Rickson was here just last thursday

  28. Mike Hawk

    @ordaboy the Gracies wouldn't accept wastes of life like you so nice try make yourself useful and end your life.

  29. Rashad Almomani

    @oxsideswipexo i'z a juggalo, i got my rickson gracie jiujitsu blue belt, i could choke you out,catch you in an arm lock snap your mcl and then make you suck the shit out my ass beeyotch.

  30. Rashad Almomani

    this album was so fuckin hard

  31. doyle starnes

    u say lil wayne i say mylrin mason

  32. James Edwards

    blaze is the fucking shit whoop whoop

  33. Success Keeps Spittin

    and being a keyboard warrior makes you a bad ass right?

  34. Mike Hawk

    juggalos are a bunch of pussy bitches

  35. The VigilantOnes

    shit blazin to dis as i tipe haha WHOOP WHOOP!

  36. Zuzu

    wicked fuckin base on this shit

  37. Aarron-Gregory Hartley

    this is the only song that didnt have a negative comment on it for real everyone else b hating on the family

  38. Steven wolfe


  39. WaterMagician12 MK

    This song is pure musical genious. Everything from the beat to the lyrics is why horrorcore rap is my favorite sub genre. I have this CD at home and I must've listened to this track over 100 times and it still doesn't get old. Too bad it's not longer.

  40. bitchassfucka

    fuckin wicked just like it should be

  41. dejr88fan74

    Best Blaze song eva...he is one sexy ass dead man...WOOP WOOP....MMFWCL Psycho Juggalette

  42. John kennett

    jugaloooo!!! thats the shit homie

  43. Success Keeps Spittin

    ty all MMFCL

  44. linda bolling

    this song is the shit mmfwcl