Blaze Ya Dead Homie - Dub Sack Lyrics

Yeah! Blaze ya dead homie MEC! Ten years in the making.. know about it, bitch!

[Chorus x2]
Dubsack, I got your back!
Hand you that for the Andy Jack.
Parked on mac in a purple lac, trying to fatten up my stacks.

[Verse 1]
Lookin for the twin twin twin
Check the purple mac with the switches hand damn,
From the back ben quarters B ten
Auto mac cause I got a couple twelves to trade it for a sack.
I got big way, and cut it straight up on,
48 sacks and they all fat dubs,
do the math cause making hand over fist paying six for a pound of that bubba kush shit,
made them other hoes quit when I sealed up the block
6 shotgun shells and only 2 shots,
now it's my spot, my place to shine,
my street, my curb make money on a dime
Sup, you need a dime and I'm right on top,
got me some nickelbacks for the bitches at the stop sign,
just a little sample, only for the ample women,
got a jackson and a dubsack you gettin'!

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2]
I take coin star notes to bottle return slips,
phone cards, 360 points, I'm even with.
I once took a headshot from this rap bitch,
and the drought is raining over here, I got your fix.
Paint your ass what it is it's the newest in the biz,
By now they know mosquito I ain't fucking with no meds
Only fuck with whole grain at the heaviest of strain.
A dubsack a day, it'll take away your pain, take the pressure off your brain, take the worry out your mind,
load a dubsack in a blunt, and get high in hell,
to smoke, choke, you feelin' good right?
Everything's a party when the dub's inside

[Bridge x2]
1 for the nickel,
2 for the dime,
20 for the dub of that bubba kind,
1.50 for the quarter, 3 for the half,
6 for the O with the pink giraffe

[Verse 3]
All my lettes' and los' everybody knows
that I'm out selling dubsacks after the shows.
In the purple caddy out the back window
15 for my fam, 20 for you other hoes.
You know this shit is actual
when a half on a digiscale
2 grams of bud and a half of gram of baggies sale
No stems or seeds, that shit has been gone.
only keep the high gray, so you can get your smoke on,
your homies get their coke on, rips from the glass,
where burn the whole shack puts the smoke in the air,
dubsacks I got em, best trees I got em,
once you got a dub you can never live without em!

[Chorus x2]

[Bridge x2]
15 for the juggalos,
15 for the juggalos,
15 for the juggalos,
and 20 for you other hoes.

[Chorus x2]

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Blaze Ya Dead Homie Dub Sack Comments
  1. Clowin

    Blaze kinda sounds like Shaq.

  2. Clowin

    Wow this is dope.

  3. Ugly Phat

    $15 for 2g isn't terrible

  4. Slackerman

  5. Kay Fabe

    Anytime I cant find trees this shit right here hook me up. Real shit nigga

  6. Jorge Sanchez

    Prices have dropped a lot. You can get a g of mid for 5 now lmao

  7. Kyle De Yaeger

    2019 still fire!!!!

  8. Lori Johnson

    ftw 150 for a half o sell to chumps i get the full o for 160 and i bet my cali weed is twice as good as the best shit hes ever seen

  9. Zion Izlegend

    Psychopathic for prezz 2020

  10. 「リカちゃん」Little Rika

    Why does this video remind me of Rappin’ for Jesus?

  11. 「リカちゃん」Little Rika

    *When you get your first green screen*

    Zion Izlegend

    U think they ain't from the hood. Shit ain't no green screen

    「リカちゃん」Little Rika

    Zion Izlegend HOLY F*CK YOU RIGHT

    「リカちゃん」Little Rika

    Zion Izlegend but I meant the scenes where they were in front of pics of [redacted]. Lol

  12. John Bailey

    who has fat stacks in 2019


    He in Delray? Looks like my old block

  14. Stannis 760

    His prices suck.

  15. Norton Sega Hippie

    Perfect song on payday

  16. kenn due mortensen

    i got jacked ,in my caddilack, they took my stash

  17. Sixbeend marak

    So cool rap😍

  18. darrius begley

    Blaze is bad,ass,,fool,,,

  19. SORROW Ω

    😂scared az fuk shootin this one

  20. Manny Dividends

    6 for the O of the Pink Giraffe!

  21. Arun James

    Blaze got bars and deliverence

  22. Obeace

    Took too long for Psy to show love to Blaze to start making music videos.

  23. official clown business

    Lots of people in the comments who claim to hate this song, juggalos, facepaint, etc., yet still clicked this video and took the time to comment. Keep hating, bitches, because Blaze is laughing all the way to the bank, and your clicks helped him do it.

  24. James Dutcher

    Bro I just went on a old 13 year old me track binge 😂😂and I cane across this...I sell now 😂😂💯kinda happy now

    Vendetta Grazie

    James Dutcher ip and call for the police, check

  25. Nicholas Turk

    Love the harbor freight wheel clock lol

  26. Manny Dividends


  27. Manny Dividends

    Remember the days smoking corn out a one hitter at night on my grandmas roof listening to this

  28. Jeffrey Swiderski

    Dank as Fuck

  29. DjBigRed210

    Lol, now that FIRE is $5 a G even in Texas where im at, LMAO!!!

  30. Chris Stirland

    Doesn't he look a silly boy with that wall clock on his neck

  31. Amanda Buck

    Love my booyysss muah

  32. forgetfulfunctor1

    And where is Blaze now? Lol

  33. wavefire YT

    But where is the dubstep?

  34. Daniel Wilson

    I ain't payin' no 6 for a zip.. ;-)

  35. Killer Game Shit

    whoooooooooooooooooop whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop

  36. Michael B

    “An-And I don’t even smoke weed. But fuck it, I’m smoking wit y’all!”
    - Shaggs

  37. G Roland

    411 1 & 1 4:20 4:20 use ur damn ears. What do we all see.

  38. Kevin Shelbrock

    who ever the fuck is paying 20+ a gram is a fucking moron

  39. BigBewtieHoles

    icp much have turned qeer for a day to shoot this gay vidio! BLASE BATRAYED JUGALO FAMLY

  40. Jason Shipley


  41. Halbert Gonzalez

    Keep it doPe

  42. Richard Taylor

    ik this is old prices but really this is a great song Blaze and I tried blunt's joints bowl's also Bong's what is my favorite of all I would say I really don't care what it is really but if i wanna be way up with the stars birds and the moon the sun it would be the bong it's so pure when i take my head up and hold it I Will fly


    you are a homosexual.

  43. Adam Midge

    It’s old weed prices, but he even says he got you with 2.5

  44. Seth Ward

    Shaggy should be better at juggling being a clown

  45. Richard Taylor

    I love this song with mairjuana nothing can go wrong unless if it was laced and lace weed I wonder who they do dirty to get that treatment man made products is the root of evil always will be and maybe old prices but still a great song

  46. Angie Hoster

    whoop whoop

  47. Mr. Egerss

    Sick song JR. High school that was BRD

  48. John Wells

    Blaza blazeeee

  49. Richard Taylor

    it maybe old weed prices but shit i can't live with out that good old green shit that man made shit i can live with out it weed I can't get out of my mind cause the way Mary Jane got me I love her for it she even told me I can grow her in my back yard and take care of me very well after she's fully mature enough to roll her up

  50. Santos Lucero

    EVEN WIC, BLAZE?! that´s gangsta

  51. Mr. Froglegs

    I like how shaggy and violent j just kinda hang out in the background for most of video


    Mr. Froglegs yeah haha. Blaze does the same in the “story of our lives” video

  52. Lance Tuck

    Blaze mdh kinda grew on me. The weed prices are all wayyyy off. Good song though. Whoop whoop fam.

  53. Ronnie 5151

    Great song but he says that he took some head for a sack, but honestly whos going to be sucking dick for weed, I mean come on its not crack or heroin

  54. Austin Lee

    what the fuck kinda prices is that cuz lmfao

  55. brian brewer

    Love this song....whoop whoop 15 for the juggalos

  56. Zap Rowsdower

    People saying Marijuana is bad pfffttt yeah right, it's way better than shit people doing nowadays, METH.

  57. Nathan lizzot

    I'm not saying I'm from Canada but 6 for a z is nuts yo I can get a qp for 7

    Nathan lizzot

    Even if they have the best green in the world not worth it what's a dub sack? A point

  58. keli primuth

    basiclly making the seller money but the buyer doesnt (keep it up blaze id buy ur weed at ur price fam is fam)

  59. keli primuth

    and 2 better expland heres another theises he says make hand over foot selling dubs if u sell a pound in all dimes and dubs u will make more money then selling half of it up front then selling the rest in 8ths and oz and qs so 4 istence i know someone who sells 8th 4 70$ becuse he sell everything in incraments of 10s and 20s never selling 3.5 4 50 llike i get my 8ths 4

  60. keli primuth

    noice finnaly reached 1 mill views can i get a whoop whoop from all my fellow juggalos and juggalets

  61. richie mccarthy

    hahah these prices are trash wtf blaze taxing us the fuck up

  62. SwizzyJ303

    Holy Fucc , can’t believe people listen to this fuccin garbage , I’m literally boutta hang myself this is so bad

  63. Husky300 45

    this sucks

  64. HatchetFam Entertainment

    Damn weed expensive af outside of Cali. I’ll pay my $2 Faygo bottles and stay here

  65. vaping Ricer

    This guy's terrible at math lol

  66. Kenneth Carpenter II

    Who the fuck is payin 600 for an ounce? Bahahah it ain't crack fool

  67. Kenneth Carpenter II

    Lol j is so fat in this video.. thank god he got that liposuction

  68. Jace Chamberlain

    for 600 i can get a once of wax

  69. Jace Chamberlain

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  70. Jason Shipley


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  74. Jason Shipley


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    icp in the 90s talked a bout murder. now they talk about weed and molly



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    Representing the democrap plantation ..

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  88. Jakob Verde

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    I n d e e d

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