Blaze Ya Dead Homie - Dead Neck Lyrics

It's ROC, Its '07
Out with the old, In with the new
Blaze said the cemetery full of dead neck bitches
They swallow, I believe him I don't know why but I do

Scopin' on the streets and rollin' with windows down
I get so hard that it leaves cracks in the motherfucking ground
I want the dead to wake up and ride with me
Baby I'm tipsy from sipping on the Hennessy, smoking sweet leaf
Roll in the cemetery, anyone will do
Turn up the volume and take a look all around you
Bitches arise from the grave like "Hey we heard you like to listen and we got a lot to say, you wanna chat?"
Bitch fuck that
I want to bust a quick nut
Me and my homie Boondox is looking to get our dick sucked
We want some dead neck and you know what it's about
So come over here and put our fuckin dicks up in ya mouth

[Chorus x4]
Let me get some of that dead neck
Dead bitches suck a good dick

Connected with the dead
These tricks is needin' fed
Throwing dick off in cadavers
Fucking holes in they head
Getting brain from a brain
Got me going insane
And the slit off in her throat is where my nuts hang
Dancing zombies bitches like I'm up in the club
Shoving dollars through their stitches, necrophiliac love
It's all good with these ho's when they working the pole
Got they tonsils mutilated by Blaze and the Scarecrow
Yo shorty, work it twerk it, drop that dead ass
Get down on your knees, open wide for the next blast
Come hooked, don't rock it with a full pocket
We just getting started, now I'm going for the eye socket

[Chorus x4]
Let me get some of that dead neck
Dead bitches suck a good dick

Now I'm back to the cemetery every other Friday
Looking for the same crusty bitches that do it my way
Boondox bought a forty, got a fifty ???
So I'm gonna see how freaky they can be
Dead ho's show up in droves
All searching for dick holes
Put it in one and pulled it out
With half her throat still attached
The home girl gobbling on my nuts like they were snackin'
These are the kind of hos that I attract
Dead bitches want dick and this is obvious
By the way they stuff the whole thing in they esophagus
And that's How I like it, I'm hooked on dead neck
Fuck a hood rat cause this is the best yet
Dead neck, this is where it's at.

[Chorus x4]
Let me get some of that dead neck
Dead bitches suck a good dick

Explain to me how an encounter with the dead in the cemetery can be an addiction?
Whether or not the woman is alive or dead is irrelevant.
It's the art of love making that we hold and cherish in our heart.

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