Blake Shelton - Playboys Of The Southwestern World Lyrics

This is a song
About best friends

John Roy
Was a boy I knew
Since he was three
And I was two
Grew up two little houses
Down from me

The only two bad apples
On our family tree
Kind of ripened and rotted
In our puberty
Two kindred spirits bound by destiny

Well now I was smart
But I lacked ambition
Johnny was wild
With no inhibition
Was about like mixin
Fire and gasoline
(And he'd say)

Hey Romeo
Let's go down to Mexico
Chase senoritas
Drink ourselves silly
Show them Mexican girls
A couple of real hillbillies
Got a pocket full of cash
And that old Ford truck
A fuzzy cat hangin
From the mirror for luck
Said don't you know
All those little
Brown-eyed girls
Want playboys of the southwestern world

Long around
Our eighteenth year
We found two plane tickets
The hell out of here
Got scholarships
To some small town
School in Texas

Learned to drink Sangria
Til the dawns early light
Eat eggs Ranchero
And throw up all night
And tell those daddy's girls
We were majoring in a rodeo

Ah but my
Favorite memory
At school that fall
Was the night John Roy
Came runnin down the hall
Wearin nothin
But cowboy boots
And a big sombrero
(And he was yellin)

Hey Romeo
Let's go down to Mexico
Chase senoritas
Drink ourselves silly
Show them Mexican girls
A couple of real hillbillies
Got a pocket full of cash
And that old Ford truck
A fuzzy cat hangin
From the mirror for luck
Said don't you know
All those little
Brown-eyed girls
Want playboys of the southwestern world

And I said
We had a little
Change in plans
Like when Paul McCartney
Got busted in Japan
And I said
We got waylaid
When we laid foot
On Mexican soil
See the boarder guard
With the Fu Manchu mustache
Kind of stumbled on John's
Pocket full of American cash
He said
Doin a little funny business
In Mexico Amigo

But all I could think about
Was savin my own tail
When he mentioned ten years
In a Mexican jail
So I pointed to John Roy and said
It's all his now please let me go
Well it was your idea genius
I was just layin there in bed
When you said

Hey Romeo
Let's go down to Mexico
Chase senoritas
Drink ourselves silly
Show them Mexican girls
A couple of real hillbillies
Got a pocket full of cash
And that old Ford truck
A fuzzy cat hangin
From the mirror for luck
Said don't you know
All those little
Brown-eyed girls
Want playboys of the southwestern world

Ah we're still best friends
Temporary cell mates

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Blake Shelton Playboys Of The Southwestern World Comments
  1. Youngsavge1234

    Man been along time since i heard this. Great

  2. Anna Counts

    anyone wanna go to mexico now lol

  3. Cody Bedwell

    Me and my pal aaron

  4. M Clark

    But if your gonna get thrown in jail let it be with your best friend

  5. hrdknox2000

    Reminds me of my childhood friend Steven. My roommate moved out/dropped out of school by about this time my freshman year in college. I told Steven not to drink and drive and that I had a spare bed to sleep it off. He dropped by one night when he knocked on my dorm room door. I was already asleep for PT at 0500 that next morning. I woke up again to the sound of running water, when I discovered Steven pissing in the corner of my room. His defense: "Sorry! I thought I was pissing in your trashcan." I yelled, "Like that's any fucking better?!" A couple of hours later we were awakened by a fire drill. Still went to PT with ROTC a couple of hours later! Ahhh! The shit you can do at 18-19 years old without a problem!

  6. Randomness

    Blake Shelton the snitch

  7. Melissa Mac

    Everybody needs a friend like that

  8. Brown Fox Warrior

    At least the very first frame is honest.

  9. Zach Gilpin

    Soooo Blake Shelton is a RAT!!!!! Good ole boys have left country for good. 😢

  10. Susie Lancaster

    Love you Blake. Thankful for being born and raised in Ada. But I left when I was seventeen. Don't stop singing.

  11. Jeff Barnett

    Mike ramey.....crazy basterd love ya!

  12. the real robert e lee missouri confederate

    Thats right spumcake daniels little killer it was your idea genius

  13. Orange Fox

    164 guys aren't Playboys of the Southwestern world.

  14. the real robert e lee missouri confederate

    Austin daniels if you can read this claire mccatskill your a dumbass for that bastard

  15. Tyler Brock

    Best song ever

  16. the real robert e lee missouri confederate

    Little austin daniels 1f y0u c4n r3ad th1s y0ur a g1u1os3

  17. Chase Guess Gaming

    Where are the lyrics that's supposed to be in it

  18. taylor sims

    Jhon Roy reminds me of me. Especially with the cowboy boots and the sumbrarrow. First time i jeard it i did it to my brother. Lol

    Scott Lipe

    I bet posting this made you feel special..My guess is, youre probably 50lbs overweight and never seen a pussy outside of the internet

  19. Rene Soto

    The goes out to Big Boy know what took place $$$. To Sipes we did this at 16 years old. I remember like it was yesterday. Good times.

  20. Jade Mead

    Good taste

  21. Cindy Steyer

    this my and my bother we love we liter to on the where to school

  22. Angela Brown

    i love you

  23. Julianna Coughlan

    When I was just
    Iittle my mother put it on and I would dance and sing
    I still do now

    LR III

    Julianna Coughlan un

  24. Nick Merry

    Me and drake, known the mothafucka since I was 2 and he was 3. We've shown some girls some real hillbillies

  25. Lataura Thomas

    i am truly a dedicated die hard rock fan .. but i just love this song!!

  26. Joseph Kunaschk

    this. has bin my favorite song for as long as I can remember

  27. ali hauser

    Back when Blake sang GOOD music

    countrygirl country musiclover



    His music went into the shitter

  28. nemesisgenius

    If this song were released today or 5 years ago at least, this would surely be a #1 Billboard country hit for Blake. I guarantee it!!! This tune barely hit the top 20 in 2003.

  29. Stan Niswonger

    This sond sucks

    Ethan Morse

    song smart dumbass

    Joseph Kunaschk

    You do to Stan Niswonger

    countrygirl country musiclover


    Tyler Brock

    Thanks for your
    I love you so much

  30. Sarah Murabito

    There's foreshadowing in this song.
    Please comment if you know or want to know why.


    Guess nobody wanted to know lol

  31. Landon Anderson

    me and my buddy are them he's the one sleeping in bad I'm the one who is wild and crazy

  32. Justin B

    Moral of the story , Blake Shelton will throw you under the bus if you get in trouble together


    Justin B no moral is don’t go to Mexican prison, sell out anyone to avoid it..

    Patrick Brown

    Justin B no moral of the story we dudes do a bunch of dumb stuff when we are college age


    Right better not go to Mexico prison

    As The Key Turns

    American prison is no fun either, I know, believe me.


    John Roy sounds like someone I want to have a beer with

  33. Joshua Beadles

    real hillbillys oooooowwwwww

  34. Gyn Xiety

    Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl

    Shaun Cougar1986

    Gyn Xiety omg lol nvr put it together 😂. That’s awesome

  35. Rachel Hall

    B bananas a an.

    Elsa Carrillo

    Rachel Blockinger

  36. Nick Ambrose

    This song reminds me of a buddy of mine. He was always the one with the wild crazy ideas. Haha

  37. Malaquie Lewis

    I like that song

  38. Shadow Banned

    This song was played constantly in a bar in Loleta, California in April 2004. I remembered it being good. I was obviously wasted.


    Happy Guy it’s an excellent drinking song... think the la la la part is like that because there drunk singing ‘brown eyed girls ‘

  39. Layton Murphy

    you rock

  40. Noah Daves

    This is a great song. My cousin is actually singing backup in this song.

  41. The Protocol

    Ten years with my best friend are ten years with my best friend. That is my boy forever. Ten years in mexican prison just makes you tighter as friends.

    Jodi Douglas

    and looser of bunghole

    Ryland Williams

    The Protocol blow it out your ass

    The Protocol

    @Jodi Douglas touche lol and Ryland I get the feeling somewhere a funeral is missing the guest of honor.

    Landon Anderson

    Ryland Williams take it easy man

  42. jacob Sims

    ya the only reason he pointed at romeo is because he has a Mexican name!!!!!!!!!

  43. jacob Sims

    this is a really really good song!!!!!!!!!

  44. Adrian Nandin

    This is the song me and my friend poop together to

  45. Ruben T

    Why did they get thrown in jail for having American money?

    Ruben T

    @Chris Nameth I'm guessing "hash" is an incomprehensible slang word for some kind of drug?


    @Emper0rH0rde Because there was so much, the police assumed it was drug money.


    Hashish, also known as hash, is made by eliminating plant material and
    collecting the trichomes from the flower tops of female cannabis plants.
    These flowers, or ‘heads’, are the most potent parts of the plant. As a
    result, the THC content of hashish typically varies from 20% to 60%.
    There are two common methods for producing hash:

    In Morocco and Lebanon, hashish is made by sifting the mature cannabis
    tops through a series of fine sieves until a resinous powder remains.
    This powder is compressed and heated to allow the resins to melt,
    binding the remaining vegetable matter. The resin is compressed into
    blocks sealed with cellophane or cloth.
    In the Indian sub-continent, hashish is made by rubbing the resinous
    tops of the plant with the hands or a leather apron. This allows the
    resins to stick together. These are then scraped off the skin or leather
    and rolled into lumps of various sizes, and later compressed into
    It’s always important to be informed! Check out the related Go Ask Alice! Q&As below for more information.


    wow you are fuck'd

    William Gilley

    Der usually large amounts of cash are for illegal purchases as it is untraceable. You know like DRUGS

  46. SuperMrdirtbiker

    I knew my best friend since we were newborns! This is totally us 14 years later!

  47. LR III

    Song reminds me of my buddy Chris. Been bout 7 years since we used to get wild at colleges on weekends and lettin girls know all bout the playboys of the midwestern world!!!!!!

    Miss those days buddy!

  48. Luke Mccafferty

    Love this song "show them Mexican girl some real hillbillies

  49. Haley Phillips

    love this song

  50. Sandra Sword

    love blake so much

  51. Ethan Ehrlich

    my mom said she sat for about ten minutes of me singing it in spanish when i was asleep

  52. Robert Flanagan

    What music video??????????????????????

  53. Ethan Ehrlich

    it may look like he rob a bank and was tryin to take refuge in mexico

    Landon Anderson

    Ethan Ehrlich where do u get the music video

  54. Sara M.

    try watching the actual music video i was wondering the same thing but then my brother made me watch it it makes more scence then.

  55. Sara M.

    thats what i thought before i seen the music video!!!!!!!

  56. Sara M.

    i adore this song!!!!!!!

  57. shyan louis

    i love this song im 11

  58. Ivy Sutton

    no he got found with the cash which the guard wanted and set them up and took the cash.

  59. Wolffie

    i think they bought drugs

  60. OrangeOceanOctopus

    He got in trouble for having American cash? That doesn't make no fucking sense!

  61. campt91

    For some reason I always used to think he said .."All those men are brown eyed girls" which really confused me. I see it now though.


    campt91 wtf

  62. AllAmericanGamerGirl

    Yeee Haw!

  63. Ashley Blanchard

    i love this song im not country but i love love country music woot wooot

    countrygirl country musiclover