Blake Shelton - Frame Of Mine Lyrics

There's a picture of you on my dresser
And it's been there since you said goodbye
And when I look in it's direction
You're starin' my heart straight in the eye

It just sits there smilin' at me
Takin' me back in time
And before I know it
I'm all caught up in
That old frame of mine

I wish I could tear it to pieces
And I've tried with all of my might
But somehow I can't find courage
Oh, to let you out of my sight

It just sits there smilin' at me
Takin' me back in time
And before I know it
I'm all caught up in
That old frame of mine

Yea before I know it
I'm all caught up in
That old frame of mine

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Blake Shelton Frame Of Mine Comments
  1. RUNE Nod

    This has the old good country feel

  2. Felina Azarraga

    Sooo love this song💞💞💞

  3. Felina Azarraga

    Love this song💖

  4. Cody Bishop

    This was an old song he sang when we was comein up. When he still had the nuts to sing about who he was.

  5. Ingebjorg Mosberg


  6. Cub the Jeep

    Why can't this be on the radio now?! It's my favorite. And it's real country.

  7. Patrick Murray

    picture perfect

  8. Mac Braylock

    Sad that this is only a bonus track for him on iTunes. In my opinion it's better than a lot of these artists now a days "hit" songs.

    Mister McJunkin

    Opinions are like assholes. Some are pretty nice.

  9. Joseph Verdin

    love all of Blake Sheltons albums

  10. Star T

    All that comes to mind is dancing with my sexi man in his dress whites! Don't know why this song makes me think of something from the 40s but I love it!! Absolutely love Blake!!!!

  11. Wesley Tom

    zero dislikes period, thats how it should be


    someone disliked the video :/ it wasn't me, Blake Shelton is the best

  12. Kangkairen

    In 1996 or 97, I met two guys from Ada, Oklahoma. We sat around and swapped songs. One of them played this song. I can't remember their names, but I never forgot this song because it had a good hook. I thought they were a song writing team. One of them definitely looked like Blake Shelton. I remember he was quick to offer me advice on my songwriting and approach to making demos. Anyway, its been 20 years and I decided to search the internet to see if anything came of this song, because I liked it. I had no idea that he became so famous. Anybody know who the other guy could have been with Blake?

    Allison Hurst

    +Kangkairen My dad, Charles Quillen, wrote this song with Blake a long time ago. Maybe it was him?


    Obviously I remembered meeting him, I just couldn't remember his name. He wasn't famous yet. However, I could care less how famous someone is. Character is a thousand times more important than fame.

  13. Kevin Easterling

    really touching song needs to be played on the radio

  14. David Severn

    Hayley Pugh - is your Aunty called Blake Shelton or Charles Quillen, because I'm almost positive those two fellows wrote the song...

  15. crusincamry

    Great song!  Reminds me of a Ricky Van Shelton type of song.

  16. James Hurt

    Not a big Blake Shelton fan but this is an awesome country song !!!!!

  17. Cassandra Moura

    This is one of my favorite songs from Blake.  I don't know why it's not a hit.  I think every human being can relate to this song!  It's perfect

  18. Haley Pugh

    Believe it or not my great aunt wrote this song with him years ago. They finally released it and my great aunt nae would love it if y'all would share this song and TRY to get it on the radio.

  19. austin 8693

    Sooooo why wasn't this released let me guess its to country for the radio now

    Wesley Tom

    you goddamn right!

  20. tdc347

    Looks like ole Blake done tripped and fell over his country roots ! Now that's country.. finally

  21. Larry Nelson

    I love this song sooo much

  22. Kimberly Ocampo

    Thank you. :)

  23. sissystrode


  24. LadyJ1945

    I loved it when he sang it years ago but it sounds better now. Great song, Blake.

  25. D Rice

    Love it!

  26. Laura Cobb

    Well...what do we have here. Now why the other ones in his generation be REAL COUNTRY?????
    Blake I really like you in this song.

  27. Mira Balani

    <3 very sweet! <3

  28. Caleb Smith

    Maybe he can teach his wife a lesson or two about country music

  29. Caleb Smith

    Blake is one of only a few of today's artists that is truely still country

  30. emiemz08

    Its on Itunes.

  31. William Lewis

    Are the bonus tracks available on cd? I haven't been able to find the deluxe edition.

  32. Beth Brown

    I like this song from Blake..thanks for sharing a great song of his..