Blackmore's Night - The Circle Lyrics

I've been here for a million years
Through the joy, through the tears
But when I am gone this will go on
And the circle starts again...

I've watched the mountains rise from dust
Saw the gold return to rust
I had cried when the oceans died
And the circle starts again...


I was here when the world began to turn
Kissed the sun as it started to burn
The whispering at the reckoning said
"The circle starts again"

The moon was rising from above
I caught her eye and thought it was love
But she turned her back, the sky went black
And the circle starts again...


I danced through castles made of stone
Walked the desert sands alone
In the midnight hour you feel the power
And the circle starts again...

Now the question falls to you, my friend
No begining has no end
Will we ever learn, will the world still turn,
Will the circle start again?


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Blackmore's Night The Circle Comments
  1. Charley jesse Taylor

    Them cashes you found I know,patterns and figured,them out,for,real

  2. Marie Carter

    Playing this for my dear black cat Raven who flew away on 4/8/17. One day the circle will be complete and we'll be together again. Blessed be, my beautiful girl 💔🔮💔

  3. A B

    I could listen to this for ever

  4. Steven Wiezbicki

    Candice Night is a gift to the world.

  5. Steven Wiezbicki

    One of the best songs ever recorded. The ending is amazing.

  6. Imircal Egnas

    So this is how perfection sounds like.

  7. Tet64

    Reminds me of The Wheel of Time.

  8. Laura Gilbert

    I love that people write songs about this stuff

  9. realism51

    This is the song I will slit my wrists to. It speaks of my life and the life around it. When it comes time, this is what will herald me exit

  10. Phantomsbreath

    Mystagogue 101. Drawing a circle and sealing it.

  11. Joseph Bauguess

    Who else think of The Doctor when you hear this?

  12. Adon Araphel

    "For She is the Brightness of the Eternal Light, and the unspotted mirror of majesty of the Divine, and the image of Divine goodness, so being but one, She can do all things: and remaining in Herself the same, She reneweth all things, and through nations conveyeth Herself unto the souls of the holy, ... For the Divine loveth none but him that dwelleth with Her. For She is more beautiful than the sun, and above all the order of the stars: being compared with the Light, She is found before the Light."

  13. Fandom Trash

    This song is Maxwell in a nutshell

  14. Loreto Cortes

    At last! Some music that can be enjoyed at a bonefire

  15. Joshua Bennett

    Wonderful music full of what is missing in pop music!!!

  16. Martell Jean

    Past lives, in medieval times...

  17. Dawson Gillies

    where the fuck did all these witches come from?

  18. SaberTag

    It may just be a correlation due to the names, but this song reminds me of the Circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker.

  19. Connor O'Mahony


  20. Someone Logical

    I created a children's book based off this in my Children's Book Illustration class this past semester! Love this song!

  21. Red Foot ZeFF

    This song throwing jewels at us 🔥I love it any else listening to it when the circle starts again? 🤣

  22. Ian McDonald

    I get sort of a biblical vibe from this. Like maybe this is from the perspective of Cain or the mythical Wondering Jew talking about how because of their curse of immortality reveals how cyclical time is or something. Just a thought

  23. ricky gibbons ricky

    It would have been awesome if Dio did a cover on this song. BUT still it's a great song. Can I get some suggestions for different songs by blackmores night?

  24. Jim Kelton

    The most talented female artist in the music industry. Please come back to the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg Pa. in 2019.

  25. Рус

    Всегда любил русскую музыку.Ричи - ты гений!

  26. phereous

    It was this day that I learned that my speakers don't go high enough.

  27. Campânula

    I fell the Power with this song!

  28. Александр Суворов

    очень красиво!

  29. andenmatten diego


  30. J Ashton

    Wow, where can I find this album? )0(
    ...and what inspired Ritchie's transformation from classic rock to this?

  31. bernard gingold

    Ritchie's guitar at the end is so haunting and so beautiful.

  32. Thomas Ritter

    2031 - and the circle starts again

  33. Pudding Cup

    I feel that Blackmore's Night bring a magical atmosphere. I love being around fires with their music

  34. Luigra

    My parents say they turned me this song on as a lullabye when I was a baby ^.^

    Vinyl Scratch

    You got some fucked up parents then this song FUCKING SLAPS

  35. gwenaël Quintin

    It's sound very Cool!!

  36. Leonel Basilio

    one of my favorite songs <3 it brings me so much peace

  37. Tess Burgoyne

    "I dance through castles made of stone/Walked the desert sands alone"
    Literal chills

  38. Tess Burgoyne

    "I have cried when the oceans died and the circle starts again" I love this line

    Mor Tor

    Me too! 🤗

    Steven Wiezbicki


  39. ShinKyuubi

    Of all the music I've ever listened to with my dad on the few times we got along..I'm glad he got me into Blackmore's Night. I don't get along with him very well 9 times outta 10 but he has done some good things in my life..I will admit that. Didn't even know he was into stuff like this until he showed me some of his Blackmore's Night CDs and took my little brother and I to Medieval Times for my my bro's birthday.

  40. Austin

    It would be so cool if someone choreographed a circle dance for this song.

  41. Lady Clegane

    Anyone else getting a Legend of Zelda vibe?

    Janine Wittjohann

    I love Legend of Zelda! The songs that remind me the most of Zelda are Lady in black, Darkness, Vagabond and ,The Circle

  42. Boaty McBoatface

    Gold doesnt rust though......

    Ivy Lang

    Boaty McBoatface they are describing sunset

  43. William maclaine

    I'm a little confused what's the song about?

    Lady Wytch

    The cycle of life/death/rebirth

    Steven Wiezbicki

    The death and rebirth of the planet.

  44. Fraggly of the Duma Faithful

    I can't believe I've gone this long without hearing this song!

  45. David

    I think I'm starting to like this band.

  46. MisticulX

    :| the irony of putting this song on loop


    Appropriate :)


    Yeah it isnt actually ironic

    Maverick Sloan

    GabiTehOtaku yeah it is. The song basically describes the circle of life and everything else. Takes some deep thought but the circle is literally imprinted into Nature and this universe. The circle of life, the water cycle, etc. same with “putting it on a loop”.

    Edit> Soon you’ll die. And your kids will be the next part of the circle, then they’ll die and they’re kids will be next. We can not escape this. It is a law of the universe.

    Lone Espada

    The further irony of a Majoras Mask avatar too. Got time for a song of time?

    Snowy Avis

    @Maverick Sloan Everything in that comment is nicely put and true, except one thing: it is not ironic. Ironic means using words/scenarios which are the opposite of the literal meaning/have an unexpected turn. Ironic would be having a song saying how nothing ever repeats and then playing it on loop, or having this song say that everything is a circle and repeats itself but never replaying this song again. Playing this song on a loop is the opposite of ironic, it's expected :)

  47. TheUnbeholden

    Her voice reminds me of Lucy Lawless.

  48. Trinity

    Kinda sounds like it's about reincarnation.

    PokeBattle Fan

    Trinity I think it is.


    Or the wheel of the year.

    nicola braybrooke

    and rebirth

    Nora Symi

    Or playing this song on repeat

    Steven Wiezbicki


  49. kaxa khosroshvili

    великий Ричи

  50. Barış Seniöpen

    10 star

  51. Юля Гегель

    Я из России

  52. NotOrdinaryInGames

    Has anyone written a song like this, but about triangles?

    Sbaba Games

    Hegel did it :v

    Robert Ruck

    Vaureen, new york

    T Hitsugaya

    I'm pretty sure Isosceles tried, but he sucked at music.

    Nora Symi

    Ive been doing geometry homework again



  53. EarthChild2020

    I love this song sooooo much

  54. David Travasos

    actually LIKE Blackmore's night. Kind of Celtic retro fantasy never existed in reality "nostalgia". The wifey's cute too!

  55. LoonyArt

    must risist erge to sing and embarrass myself because i am trying to be a wiccan and my parents are agnostic. awkward times peeps awkward times. at least they don't ask me if im going to do witch craft when i go upstairs anymore. GOODNESS THAT WAS ANNOING. eh why am i still typing. ok bye blessed be.....? idk still trying to work that one out.

    Ernst Muller

    LPS LoonyLunaLovegood then go be wiccan no one can stop u


    @Ernst Muller Ok. =)

    King Keif

    I'm Agnostic but love this shit, it's a great song, really has a great medieval and fantasy feel. The lyrics are beautiful and feels like a story, don't even consider it a religious song, just think of it as a great song.


    Your spelling is terrible, LPS, but the sense of who you are comes through clearer than in most comments. This is one of my favourites. Good luck to you. Seriously. (And who doesn't love Luna?)

  56. Ertix

    WICCA <3

  57. Ren Phoenix

    blackmoores night? more like blackmoores fart


    exuse me???

    Matthew Baxter

    Oh come on. At least get creative with it. How about Blackmore's Blight?


    @***** ?

    Andre O.

    dude, dont hurt yourself lol

    Ernst Muller

    Ren Phoenix seriously???

  58. vambo Kennel

    peter different tastes huh


    το συγκεκριμμένο κομμάτι το άκουσα πριν 7-8 χρόνια σε έναν ραδιοφωνικό σταθμό χωρίς να υπάρχει αναφoρά στον καλλιτεχνη ..προσπάθησα να επικοινωνήσω μαζί τους , αλλά η παραγωγός είχε δουλειά και όταν προσπάθησα ξανά να την βρω με έγραψε κανονικά βάζοντας έναν συνεργατη της να μου πει πως το συγκρότημα λεγόντανε cycles... έψαξα, έψαξα , αλλά δεν βρηκα άκρη... πριν λίγους μήνες άκουσα το συγκρότημα που έφτιαξε ο R.B και, αν και η φωνή της κοπέλας μου φάνηκε οικεία , δεν το ψαξα πολύ... σήμερα έκανα μια βολτίτσα στους D.P και τα παιδιά τους (whitesnake, rainbow, Ian Gillan Band , Blackmores Night ) και είδα αυτό το κομματι .... ας το βαλω λέω... και ! ω του θαυματος , ήταν αυτό ! χαρηκα πολύ ....μου είχε κάνει πολύ καλή εντυπωση !


    if only i knew what the heck your saying

    David Travasos

    not much really. Specifically the track heard before 7-8 years to a radio station without a petition to the artist ..prospathisa contact with them, but the producer did not work and when I tried again to find a normal putting wrote a partner to tell me that the band saying cycles ... I searched, I searched, but found no edge ... a few months ago I heard the band that made the RB and, although the voice of my girl seemed familiar, not very psaxa ... today I a voltitsa the DP and their children (whitesnake, rainbow, Ian Gillan Band, Blackmores Night) and saw this piece .... let's put it and say ...! lo and behold, it was this! I was very happy .... I had been doing a great impression!
    Read more

    David Travasos

    Greek translated to English results in interesting syntax.

    Allan Ricardo

    muito legal a sua história


    David Travasos αν ήθελα να το γράψω αγγλικά φίλε θα το έγραφα και γω.

  60. CrystalDesdemona

    Wonderful mystic song

  61. Ira Christidis

    Awesome, I like it very much!!

  62. createwithkate 202

    I sang this 4 talent day at my school :)

  63. peter deschenes

    As of today, there are 26 dislikes, how could anyone not like this? Seriously?

    Allan Ricardo

    +peter deschenes ..... verdade, mas o perfeito não existe , ninguém é capaz de agradar todos, nem deus é assim


    my explination: christians/catholic people just came here to dislike it.

    Christina Carter

    I'm Christian and I like it, BUT I also go to a lot of Renaissance fairs. This music makes me feel at home ^_^

    Ernst Muller

    Christina Carter doesn't matter if you are Christian, wicca is misunderstood for satanism which is not true

    King Keif

    dude same any medieval thing is my being are faire just feels like what I should be

  64. kathleen bradley

    wow pirates come to mind..such atmospherical and visual music..I am transported back into 1674 on the high seas...wonderful after a hard days work to just float with the music of this mediaeval renaissance band...its the only way I can relax..genius..


    To me it gives that ancient Egyptian feel, for some reason.

    Maverick Sloan

    Really. For some reason I think of war. Soldiers marching in sync with the rhythm etc

  65. CleoCATra

    Love, Love LOVE this song!!!!

  66. Thomass Blaquelourde

    One reason is that this musick is Sacred like Paganism, another reason is that Blackmore is a god and she is his Sacred Consort.

    Asha-fey Wiersma

    Not sure about him being a god, but definitely magickal

  67. Sandy Koenig

    great music

    Allan Ricardo

    +Sandy Koenig ... verdade , excelente musica

    Sandy Koenig

    @Allan Ricardo Indeed very beautiful , he is a great guitar player also . Excellent music .

  68. Jesse Downard

    do they ever come to America??

    Janine Wittjohann

    They do but not very often unfortunately

  69. Sharon Fehr

    all wiccans! you want to hear some beautiful folk rock? and dance around the circle on a beautiful goddess moon? Please rock out to Blackmore,s NIGHT! you,ll feel the magic all around you! Blessed Be!

    Asha-fey Wiersma

    Blessed be; go well all )O(

    Tess Burgoyne

    florenna yes indeed. Blessed be )o(

    Mad Hatress Souffle

    I'm no Wiccan but this song is awesome! =)


    Not Wiccan, nor Pagan, or Atheist... but oh this calls to me!

  70. Sharon Fehr

    Blackmore,s NIGHT totally 'rocks✌👍👍👍👍

  71. Roxxy Fernandez

    q cancion tan linda 💚💜💛💙❤❤❤💛💛💛💛

    Allan Ricardo

    +Roxxy Fernandez ....verdade , ouvi umas 10 vezes seguidas

  72. adamdabs

    What a great track

  73. LadyMeilin

    Love it! Very catchy!

    Allan Ricardo

    +LadyMeilin ... we are two

  74. Ken Russell

    And might I say, The Circle would not have been near the song it is, without the fabulous vocals of his wife! Great Job!!!!

  75. Ken Russell

    I am 60 years old, and really only discovered Richie Blackmore about three or so years ago. "Smoke" was so over played , and when they re-did Kentucky Woman they lost me for good. Saw Rainbow once, horrible mix, and....bye! But one night I heard Son of Alerick on Pandora, and ever since "I pledge allegiance to Richie Blackmore, and to the genius by which he plays" McCartney, Page and Gilmour? Not even worthy to be compared to Richie Blackmore! I just hope I meet him before either he, or I dies! And "The Circle?" I literally felt something in the center of me respond when I heard that song!

  76. Emmanuel Mavromanolakis

    In the midnight hour,
    You feel the power,
    And the circle starts again...!!!

  77. the ocarina bard

    why does their music seem to attract so many pagans? like seriously, ive seen more references to paganism in their comments than anywhere else

    Evie Addy

    @Glenda Peterson Paganism is a traditional religion in fact its more traditional than Christianity as a lot of Christian holidays are all copied and twisted to suit the religion. 

    Retro Revelations

    "Paganism" is not a religion. "Pagan" refers to "the country folk", basically a Roman reference to the people they conquered sticking to their Old Ways. And that is exactly what it is about. "The Old Ways".

    There is no one "Pagan" religion (even though Wicca seems to try to act as that bridge, it is not). Every ancient people from the pre-Christian, pre-Roman world, had their own "Old Ways", and that is what defines someone being "Pagan", even tough it is a poor label, is someone who at least attempts to honor and follow the beliefs or worldview of their ancient ancestors.

    When you talk about "Christians vs. Pagans", you're talking about people with their OWN culture, and then people who are conquered and being forced to leave behind their own culture to submit to Christianity (or else in many cases, be put to death). Yes, the Church did subvert many Celtic and otherwise "Pagan" gods and holidays, but only to appeal to the people they were trying to conquer.

    Regardless, to the original question, the answer as has already basically been pointed out, Blackmore's Night, and many of the "traditional folk" songs and stories they draw from, are from those "Old Ways", before the western world was changed. BM especially has strong Celtic roots in their music and lyrical themes, and many so-called "Neo-Pagans" draw at least partially on ancient Celtic culture (or what they know of it, as much as lost or twisted).


    Don't know about their other songs, but this song is definitely Pagan, might be the reason why ;)


    @Retro Revelations Don't know what you're on, but Paganism most definitely IS a religion (the fact that Romans used the concept differently is irrelevant as to it being religion or not - I very much doubt people in today's world use Roman ways as their reference point in anything..!!) Please check your facts before you put out such rubbish.


    @Barbs Morning Garden Mate.. You cant steal music. Music can only be played in the present and ceases to exist the second youre no longer playing.

    Stealing requires an object, an owner and a thief. There is no such thing here.

  78. Guigley

    Oh man, if only I had a gigantic bonfire to dance around while blasting this song into the night.

    Jere Niemi

    Then you step on a lego


    @Guigley Under a Violet Moon as well.


    @vanizorc And how could we forget "Locked Within the Crystal Ball?"


    @Guigley Check out Faun as well. Their Andro, Unda, and Wind & Geige tracks are practically made for bonfire dancing. Very hypnotizing and enchanting.


    @vanizorc I do love me a good Faun song.

  79. Thefatscotsman

    Good song and its even better live.

  80. Elena Wellington

    I love this, can't replay enough

  81. MAThompsonFrenk

    LOVE this!

  82. Pix Tron

    If only there was an Instrumental version. :D


    Yes, bring Ritchie's guitar to the front of the music. He is the originator, the driving force and the one who will never be equalled. He is Ritchie Blackmore.


    @orange70383 The live version of this song is incredible.

    Holly R.L.

    I really want one for a project

  83. Carlo Nicotera

    it's wanderful

  84. pineapplepenumbra

    Of course gold doesn't return to rust, but, apart from that, this is a stirring and evocative song.


    It's called poetic license.

    Evie Addy

    @pineapplepenumbra yes that is what oxidising is. 

    Sharp Shark

    @Evie Addy
    I am sorry the say this but, it's only called rust when it is iron oxide...

    Evie Addy

    @Sharp Shark actually water and air cause tarnishing which is a form of oxidisation learn your Shit before coming for me

    Sharp Shark

    @Evie Addy
    But it's not called rust....

  85. Praxus May'Salkiriiss

    This is the perfect song for me when casting my circle ^.^

  86. Brandy Kratz

    Believe it or not a Norse site on Facebook lead me here. Beautiful music. I am now a fan.


    sounds more arabic than nordic. 

  87. supermarioneti

    only 201,423....whyyyyyyyy

  88. xkeithx2


  89. xkeithx2


  90. fuck google plus fuck youtube fuck these new comments

    wow people really just throw that celtic discription around don't they? lol

    Roxy#love your life and I will love mine

    why are u commenting if say f***** theses new comments

  91. Gunnar Hiptmair

    I heard that it is not possible too see this in YouTube-germany ????????????

  92. Aliyah Vance

    12 people aren't apart of the circle.

    Barbs Morning Garden

    @Aliyah Vance I understood that. I I agree. Look at my comment above.

    wolf spirit

    +Aliyah Vance there probably bible thumpers what else

    Linden Shepherd

    Sadly, it's 47 now. They must really be living in the Deep South or something.


    Now it's 57 people that are not a part of the circle, alas...

  93. J A

    I can totally headbang to this.

    Mark Gowans

    If I close my eyes I can almost image Rainbow doing this song in their Ronnie James Dio days. It would just suit his voice I think.