blackbear - Laid Out Lyrics

Why start a war you've won
Why start a war you've won
Take me down the place I found you layin
On the floor
The chase and fear, the pace we steer is changing more and more
I'll chase you down the bad taste in my mouth
Round and round we go
You drown me out
I'm still
Bruised and torn
We waged a war
But I'm unsure what it's for
Is it enough, is enough, have you had enough, oh

Baby give me all your love
Everything is laid out
On the floor
All your love, your love, your love
Everything is laid out, laid out
Everything is laid out
On the floor, on the floor

Why start a war you've won
(You won you won, oh)
Why start a war you've won
I admit I admit
I admit we had to face some shit but that's the past
I admit I acted like a kid, that's enough of that
I know this could last forever
I surrender white flag
Take your finger off the trigger
Baby girl

Baby give me all your love
Everything is laid out
On the floor
All your love, your love, your love
Everything is laid out, laid out
Everything is laid out
On the floor, on the floor

Why start a war you've won
Why start a war you've won

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blackbear Laid Out Comments
  1. fraz ahsan

    still in 2019 til this day

  2. in hell ex hell

    this songs of bear are GOLDEN <3 love from philippines

  3. Alonso Nava

    This Is Way Too Underrated.
    But It's A Good Thing Because It's Not Overplayed.

  4. Luxury T

    2019 anyone ?💗

  5. Laura W.

    i need a boy who loves his music as much as i do


    hehe, i bet i like his music even more tbh😂

  6. Alonso Nava

    New Fans Will *NEVER* Know About This

    Dunkin Nuts

    i'm a new fan :x

  7. Kira

    Dude thanks so much for having this channel! I been a fan since 2012 and it’s awesome to find songs I almost forgot about

  8. Angelique

    My fave 🐻

  9. Jade Nerie

    Still a banger in 2019!

  10. Jvmvrrv T

    2019? 👀

  11. Rest In Pieces

    I'm so happy this still exists somewhere, there's so much Blackbear and g eazy that's disappeared from the internet since they've made it big, probably copyright issues, but still..... Thank you for the rare tune 💕

    Laura W.

    Rest In Pieces i love blackbear and g eazy's songs 😍

  12. Alice Painter

    anyone listening in 2019??

  13. Tris Prior

    this song made me fall in love with blackbear :) saw him live a year ago and it was amazing.

  14. Leila G

    am i the only one listening in 2019??

    Eric Johnson

    Leila G 2020 gang

  15. Alex Tanchyn

    blackbear is for the empaths of this world

  16. KING JoJo

    who else knew Blackbear before the clout?

    KING JoJo

    since 2014 😎

  17. Grace Stitt

    This is a beautiful song omllll

  18. alyssa perez

    such a blackbear classic :’)

  19. FelicityGemini

    I'm late, but I'm glad I arrived.


    Anyone in 2018?!

  21. LostMind

    ...and this isn’t on iTunes WHY?

  22. Bella Roberston

    I love when he says baby girl 😍

  23. Leila G


  24. █████

    Only guy singer i can never get tired of...

  25. Maxence Delleaux

    Who listen this in 2018 ? 🎉

  26. Brenaauz

    Omfg, i broke my replay button, WHYYYY?

  27. megha tirkey

    Ethan Dolan imagine brought me here♥️♥️

  28. brittanni h

    This song is my new obsession

  29. fenderzo


    emily 914

    Deadroses "help"

  30. Eliisa Kasemaa


  31. Angela Li

    add ur songs to spotify pls 🤤😍

  32. Evelyn Dolan

    It's sad when you think about the sad moment that the dolantwins had and listen to this song 😭

  33. Amari Roberts

    came here from dolan twins and my favorite singer/artist!!!!!!

  34. Bailey Miller

    This song isn't on apple music either ughhhhh

  35. Jayparksbuttercup

    I listen to all his songs and I always end up in my feelings I get bad break up vibes but I'm single like wtf is that his music just speaks to my heart and it be saying get in your feeling asap you need to feel this like rn idk what his music does to me sometimes I just cry singing and be sounding a huge mess wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww😢😂💯❤😘


    This song is the final credit song of all my YouTube videos! The best ever! #LIFE

  37. Zeriah R

    how am i jsut finding this?

  38. Kizmaruu

    this is one of those songs you hear and youre instantly in love and you have it on replay untill you hear it and youre like ''UGH this song again.. OH WELL! i still love it''

  39. svt boo

    i've been a bear fan for 2 years so why am i just now finding this song?? i am shooketh


    Me too...

    Kylie Mccoy


  40. Athenea Castillo

    I love Blackbear and i never heard this song, it's the first time that I hear this and it's goddamn beautiful. ♥

  41. YoungMAC VII


  42. Daphne Condon

    Oh godddddd yes

  43. Kimmy

    Im still thinking to myself why is thIS SONG UNDERRATED iT SHOULD BE A GOOD ASS HIT IMO


    Kvmmy Because most of people in this world doesn't know what good music means

  44. Jordan Mattingly

    Blackbear is to good

  45. oreki hontarou

    the drop in this is sick as fuck

  46. Morgan Hope

    ever since i found blackbear i have been listening to him and i think i love him more than my bf ....... hahahaah..

  47. Karly May

    Song puts me in my feels..

  48. damn stuck

    Blackbear is perfect I've been listening to him for years ... His songs have some weird vibe to them which I like. Also they aren't just like any other song out there, there's something which makes me idk kinda feel good and better. Also I first listened to Tajan's remix which is also amazing. I love both, orignal and remix.

  49. tweedle. x

    Why start a war you've won?

  50. tweedle. x

    As soon as it came on I immediately said " I love this song already." I love Blackbear songs so much, and I love Blackbear!

  51. delaney mitchell

    But why isn't this song on iTunes tho??? the real question

  52. Beautiful Soul

    This NEEDS to be available on the iTunes Store in the USA!!!

    Beautiful Soul

    He's making a new album and this amazing song isn't even on it... I'm thinking "what hell is going through his mind!!!"

  53. R awr Hunter

    IF u guys R into this genre Check Crywolf .... WARNING EARGASM

  54. — bcxi

    This is such a good song omg

  55. Hunter

    im here cause im a legit bear fan

  56. Beast gaming

    oml, i cant stop replaying this

  57. Amie Ragains

    Spotify blessed my musical education with this song and THEN THEY DELETED IT #salted

  58. Tammy B

    Noones cares where you came from I've been listening to him since the start who else keeps his songs to there self and doesn't let family or friends listen :D ?

    Vanessa Machado

    Deilvzcherry me 🙋🏽‍♀️

    zbsndj dndnen

    @E Tan483114 omgg same. i was like "he is trash, stop listening to him"

    Alex Tanchyn

    His music is so rich of underlying messages.

    Once in tune with his vision, it's impossible to stop listening!

  59. dalia

    this is so lovely

  60. Jesslyn McLaughlin


    andrea rockss

    it used to..

    Jesslyn McLaughlin

    andrea rockss I wish it still was :(

    Jesslyn McLaughlin

    andrea rockss I also love your picture

  61. Mady.

    will never getting fucking tired whatever deep shit happens to me!

  62. • cait •

    Jeez, when that chorus hit, I got goosebumps and I smiled so wide...this song is just 🔥❤️✨


    Cat Nicole sameeeee

  63. Chijike Uka

    Damn, this song almost had me in tears since i broke up with my ex. This guy is going through exactly what I'm going through

  64. Jakariah Ahmed

    Can't believe I just found this song 3 years later 😫


    Jakariah Ahmed right :(

  65. tiny- pineapple


  66. Callahan Moreland

    This song gives me chills

  67. Shannie

    How did I not know this song existed until now?? Had to look for it after watching a fan-made KPOP video.

  68. Douglas Rodas

    Heyyyy I can't find this song anywhere to download it... I think Blackbear deleted it from everywhere... could you please share it with me?

    andrea rockss

    convert this song to mp3, there are a few pages online (you have to do it on your pc😉)

    Douglas Rodas

    I am kinda obsessed with quality of music... That's why I always look for the original quality files. But thank you!

    andrea rockss

    +Douglas Rodas yeah me too, but i don't think it is on itunes :(

    Douglas Rodas

    andrea rockss I found Blackbear had this track for free download on his Soundcloud profile time ago... so maybe who uploaded this video got that original file. 😞

    ninki minjaj

    I use ClipGrab for desktop

  69. jakedaily

    Ive been listening to blackbear since his mat musto acoustic days. his older music never gets old.

    jose juarez

    jakedaily dancin with mat musto is the Best thing he has uplouded ON social media

  70. Elliott Falcon

    Put it back on spotify 😡

  71. Anonymous Dancer

    Listened to this every single day my freshman year of high school walking from class to class... In between periods this was my go to song. Idek why.

  72. Karen Alvarenga

    your love, your love <3

  73. Alberto_ g11

    love this song so much whos listening it 2016? never gets old....😏😏😏😏

    Eduardo Pereira

    2017, so good. I think it will never get old...

    Alberto_ g11

    tbh lmaooo this shits fire asf no matter how old it is. fucken blackbear is a legend


    This is actually the best Blackbear song

    n ourah

    Listening in 2018 cuz it will never get old



  74. rowan

    wtf this brings back so many memories

  75. E M

    Yo a Dolan twin edit brought me here wtf

    Amanda Parker

    Cynane Your just jealous because they are more successful than you😂😉


    I dont know who they are and its *you're* not "your". I'm not successful but I'm still happy where I am

    Amanda Parker

    Cynane If you don't know them then why you hatin?😂🤷🏽‍♀️

    Angelika Hammon

    Ellen Marie so same though lmao😂😂 i couldn’t find it anywhere else. Apparently Spotify took it off😩


    samee :)

  76. Eteeweetee

    My good choice of music brought me here🦄

    Adrianna Mendez

    truee 😂


    lol and Ethan dolan


    Fuck Ethan dolan

    Kendra Wagner

    Matthew did he do something to you? no.

  77. 80semma

    Wish this was on iTunes

    Emily Ye

    rnhrdt1 do you know why? I’ve been trying to find a way to download it

    Bella Roberston

    80semma fr 🙄😖

  78. Saddened Angel

    God this song😍😘

  79. Marco


  80. Elliott Falcon

    Why was this taken off of Spotify 🙄👿

  81. Commenting

    Can we all just stop talking about vine bringing us here and start talking about how f**king amazing this songs is. Also its not on spotify so my heart just broke :(

  82. Leslie

    This song makes my chest hurt in the best way

  83. kylie carter

    Jesus I can't even handle how amazing this song is

  84. Corina Tu

    A Adam Driver vine brought me here 😊

  85. /Thegirl In the nite/ bought me here who else?!!

  86. Melissa H


    Saff P

    Ik it broke my heart.


    Fuck spotify

  87. Aleigha's Guidance

    this song just puts me in my zone

  88. BeautySincere26

    This song puts me in the chillest mood ever and I absolutely love it , this song beautiful

  89. Kily Matthewd

    This song is top blooby😂😂😂