blackbear - Emily Lyrics

(In the light of the city
In the light of the city)

In the light of the city, your legs around my neck
I'm taking you with me, wherever I go next
In the light of New York, from a dusty window
Tonight I'm yours, tonight I'm yours

Oh I know, she gon' make me work for it
But girl, if you want me, I'm yours tonight, baby
If you want me, I'm yours tonight, baby
If you want me, I'm yours
I'm yours tonight

I got a little bit of blow
I know you usually don't fuck with uppers
I got a place that we can go
I know vacation make a pretty girl so fun
And I just got back from NYC
I hit a lick and now I'm rich as fuck, girl
If you take a little hit of this, I know you gon' feel right

Oh I know, she gon' make me work for it
But girl, if you want me, I'm yours tonight, baby
If you want me, I'm yours tonight, baby
If you want me, I'm yours
I'm yours tonight

In the light of the city, your legs around my neck
I'm taking you with me, wherever
I'm yours tonight
In the light of New York, from a dusty window
Tonight I'm yours, tonight I'm yours

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blackbear Emily Comments
  1. Emily Adamopoulou

    My name is Emily 😂😍

  2. _jxliaaa _


  3. AlreadyFamous MSP

    Imagine just blasting this in your room that has LED light 😍🤪

  4. abigail gabusi

    Why is this not on spotify?????

  5. Rolan Seur


  6. abby higbee

    very good song

  7. isabellaedits;

    'legs around my neck' - chateau
    'if u take a little hit of this i know u gon feel right' - aint trippin except its sip

  8. RizziBoy DaRealest

    He’s a decent artist I really only fuck with idfc!! No pun intended just not my taste in music for most of his shit!! But it’s all done right and produced well

  9. Atul Waghmare

    Love Love emily

  10. Emily Fernandes

    Um cantor só ama sua fã com quando faz uma musica em homenagem a ela, amo vocês S2

  11. Mizuki MSP

    ThaTS My FQUaKiN NamE oMG

  12. O Deer

    I love how the background photo is the movie *The end of the fXcking world*

  13. HattrickIsrael

    but what if she dont want me?
    and even if I work for it i am working for nothing?

  14. Aaron Le

    another teotfw pic!!!

  15. Hélia Soares

    what's the name of that film?

    Kiran Lavetra

    "The end of the fxxcking world"
    Sorry it was 1 year ago 🤨

  16. ppanggoO

    Spotify please

  17. YepYep

    I feel like blackbear will be the next weeknd, I remember how the weeknd started so similarly

    Laura W.

    YepYep i love both of them! 😍

  18. Aleesha Briscoe

    I think this song has to do with his life and writing it in and song

  19. rupert clampitt

    "It wasn't your fault James."

  20. emily s

    hold on.... he got a song of my name?😁💗

  21. Emi lie

    podia ser Emilie :( musicão da porra <3

    Emi Ubertini

    My name is Emilie too ! Nice to meet you sister xp

  22. Polemistís Arcturus

    If there ever was a perfect flow it'd be this!.

  23. Issis Morales

    TEOTFW and BlackBear? Hell yeah .

  24. Emacorn 17

    I'm so happy to have such beautiful songs have correlation to me even by a title, just bring my gross heart joy and hopes of being pretty

  25. Painless Raid

    E-shes Everything
    M-Shes Mine
    I-shes Independent
    L-no Lies
    Y-shes Young and she's brave and can't help but say that...
    She's my Emily

  26. Shawn Dennis

    The cover photo for this song is literally perfect, love end of the fucking world

  27. emily 2


    Rolan Seur

    Me 2!! Omg

  28. Rochile Khan

    This is nice, i like it
    i dont understand though, is this a new release from blackbear or a cover or not even really his song and you created it?
    i cant find it on spotify

    Jenni Lane

    Rochile Khan it's not in a full album yet so it's not on Spotify because it's new

    Emma Ryan

    its unreleased

  29. Franny

    same old shit xDDDDDD

  30. yahia zakaria ladhem


  31. Tayler Nicks

    End of the fucking world 😏

  32. Canny's Revenge

    Mary... 😔💔

  33. Selena Khan

    what's the name of the name of the original?

  34. Rynx NoName

    Wish blackbear had all of his songs on spotify.

    Kate Holmes

    Ford Elliott it’s on sound cloud if you want

  35. Zizrint

    This is one of my favorite songs from bear ❤️

  36. Yerfz

    BTW Who Is The Original?? KOALA KONTROL Or Aminium Music?

    Futhi Mhlanga

    Yerfz both of them promote artists by posting their music, neither of them are “original”

  37. Anna Wiecka


  38. Fill Moniz


  39. Jeush De Alwis

    Anyone listening to this high af?

  40. hazelnat


  41. Sarita Sapkota


  42. Luis Bonilla

    this was my first song I heard from Blackbear <3 damn those memories

  43. nona beatrix roberth kekry

    Love it 😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍

  44. Hiram Garcia

    What a beautiful picture!!!!!!!!!!

    Ivan Lstr

    +Aminium Music is it a movie? if it is, whats the title?

    Hiram Garcia

    Ivan Tornea It's "The end of the f**king world"

  45. john cachero

    The picture makes the song feel new

  46. Ian Cisse

    Old song

  47. Kritika Singh

    Nice song😍

  48. Srijon Jana

    *Hi there, i'm a cover artist, and it would mean the world to me if you could go to my channel and check them out. I promise you i won't dissapoint.* :D

  49. AdrianBeRapping

    One of my favorite ones by bear, I have every single one of his songs ever since his Polaroid days.

  50. MapleSarap

    She gon make me work for it

  51. Another Week Music

    Just now realizing this is an older song and it has a line from Ain't Trippin XD

  52. Another Week Music

    The production reminds me of EDEN a bit

  53. Casper Lee

    My name is emily

    Rolan Seur

    Me too!

  54. Kinkyii

    This takes me back💜

  55. Emily Rossi

    Wait so all the sudden they come out with a song that’s my name 😂


    HAHA same


    Who's they? Also this song came out at least 3 years ago lul

    Bella Hakola

    HE came out with this song like 3 or 4 years ago

    Emily Goodman

    I mean first to last has Floyd, theres actually a lot if u look it up

  56. Rhonarr

    Yeah, I could listen to this when it was the end of the fucking world

  57. Neb Dier

    Loving these pictures from “end of the fu*king world”

  58. Super Singh


  59. Icarus Eden

    Woke up just now.... This song feels so good.

  60. Toidleboy Gaming

    James and Alyssa!!!!

    Khánh Nhân Nguyễn

    The end of the f***ing world


    I have a funny story for you haha, i saw your comment and i was like, what is that? I saw the another's guy reply and saw this serial. I just watched it today and omg i loved it, i swear. The last episode was.. not what i expected..

  61. Neil

    I'm taking you with me, wherever i go next ~ ☁

  62. franciely batista


  63. Jazzii Daily

    OMG AMAZING!!❤️❤️❤️

  64. Tara Who

    *Oldie but goodie* ❤️❤️❤️

  65. Brennen

    This has been one of my all time favorite songs by him. So old yoo

  66. Melissa Yukari Ueda


  67. ghazi elayyan

    Nice oneeeee

  68. Chill'in

    this is gonna be big! :)

  69. Theodora_ Stf_


  70. PX3UAden

    When I type A into YouTube search Aminium Music is the second thing to pop up :)

    What's first??

    Aminium Music ... spelled wrong

  71. Music Queen

    under under under the lights 💡♥️

  72. Razamashaine Choudhary

    Before 150 views !!✌

  73. dream _er


  74. xbLue

    Just perfect ❤💙💚💛💜


    awww, that was cute af <3 I love you ❤❤

  75. Hell.o

    Perfect like always!
    I had a bad day and this song makes me SOOOO HAPPPPYYY❤😄😁

  76. Space Walker

    Nice song ❤
    Nice picture ❤

    evy mary

    Miaugosia Matusiak the end of the fucking world

  77. kcalskult

    love love love

  78. SHR


  79. Fahim Hossain

    Blackbear the boss