Black Veil Brides - Sons Of Night Lyrics

We are dust and bone, a temple's made of stone
We have seen it all, even watch our armies fall
We are mysteries, secrets that they keep
So that they won't show, stories that you'll never know

When war begins, we'll ride again

Tonight, our chapter will begin
It's time, to wash away the sins
And no one can deny, we are the Sons of Night
We're driving faster through our pain
No more, waiting for a change
Black crosses stop the light, embrace the Sons of Night

Wear a mask of shame, hiding all the pain
That the world has taught, every word and evil thoughts
Courage hides the truth, rubbing on the youth
Of the given rights, heaven let the world ignite

When shadows crawl, you're not alone

Tonight, our chapter will begin
It's time, to wash away the sins
And no one can deny, we are the Sons of Night
We're driving faster through our pain
No more, waiting for a change
Black crosses stop the light, embrace the Sons of Night

Tonight, our chapter will begin
It's time, to wash away the sins
And no one can deny, we are the Sons of Night

Tonight, our chapter will begin
It's time, to wash away the sins
And no one can deny, we are the Sons of Night
We're driving faster through our pain
No more, waiting for a change
Black crosses stop the light, embrace the Sons of Night

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Black Veil Brides Sons Of Night Comments
  1. Black Veil Brides fan

    Never knew this song existed 😭 it's so good!

  2. Francisco Pérez

    Don't get me wrong bvb is my second fav band and I love them but I have one thing to say... St. James

  3. Angella Wright

    Duuuuude did any of us have any idea that this song existed!?!!


    This song was an extra track on a special edition of BVB IV 😊

  4. El Vege

    Wow no tenía idea de que existiera está canción de BVB, está epica, Hermosa, Increíble!!

  5. Kliff Ivan Sabandon


  6. Logan Occhionero

    How did I not know this existed? When was this song released?

  7. elias epicsauce

    Hey sparkling holly idk if you remember but it's The Outsider from the BVBarmy page

  8. Joe Semmens

    Just when I think I’ve heard every bvb song. Another appears out of nowhere

  9. Dannie Costello

    Do you own a physical copy of the rare BVB 4 CD with the bonus track “Sons of Night”? I really want a copy! Please DM on instagram @trombone_player and we can make a deal!!!!

  10. Hearbeater 1999

    Woooooooooooooow 🙈🙉🙊
    This is reallllllllllllly amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  11. Allyson Gilbert

    Daughters of darkness brought me here

  12. bea

    I’m not hating at all, but idk why this wasn’t on the album, I love all the band members and I’m even seeing them when they go on tour, but I agree with Jake 100% this should have made it on the album, oh well. At least we still have it

  13. thedurningflame

    Is this a new song from there new album

  14. Gen Jones

    Just one typo>>> "RObbing" all the youth...of the given right.... GREAT VIDEO...WELL DONE...Keep up the good work. :)

  15. ItsTrain x

    What album is this from?!


    xXlTrainlXx it was a bonus track on the 4th album only in America.

  16. Juliet Biersack

    I'm such a huge fan they're literally my favorite band and I just found this song today and I love it!!!!!!! 😊💖

  17. RJay Araracap

    they speak the truth!!!! wow

  18. Elijah Awesome

    This will be the best album yet. Also my new favorite song

  19. Jane Doe

    BVB Army: mortician's daughters and sons of night..

  20. radgirly77

    Bvb is still a band love them

  21. Grrawmgrr

    ha this was posted on my birthday :D love the song !

  22. Expediente Creepy


  23. BaRnEy tHe PoTaTo

    I wish this could be on iTunes....... it's one of my favorite songs

  24. Risotto Nero

    sons of night, daughters of darkness, sisters of light....that sounds like a flipping book😂

    Brody Boyd

    Missus Fruitloop the guy fans of BVB should be called the Sons of Night and the gal fans called Daughters of Darkness, with it being singular like Son of Night or Daughter of Darkness

    Whitetiger 27.5

    I love all of those songs.

    Ever Haven

    @Brody Boyd daughter of darkness was a Halestorm song, so I think it should only apply to halestorm fans, but i like the idea

  25. Gold Loly

    I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike the song it's verry verry verryyyyyyyyyyy good !!!

  26. MG Dreams


  27. Aaron Daniel

    When did this song come out, I didn't even know it existed until like 2 weeks ago

  28. Sophie jessica

    I can't believe I've only just found this song....I swear I'm a true BVB fan, haha

    Angel Sanchez

    Really bruh

    Sophie jessica

    Angel Sanchez I Have no idea 😂 it isn't on the album they released in the UK so I guess that's how I missed it 😬🙈🤦🏻‍♀️

    Sabastion Adair

    Angel Sanchez its a best buy exclusive so most people most likely wouldn't know about it because even on youtube it doesnt show this in the album


    Ur PFP ❤️❤️

  29. Ginnie Katerina Petrova

    Really this was made a day before my birthday........THEY LOVE ME ENOUGH TO MAKE A SONG BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! *hugs the band members* Thanks you guys.

    Brody Boyd

    Jeydan Mason October 12th?

  30. Ashley Morales

    Is it just me or does sounds like an anime opening? Badass either way

  31. Jinxxed Misery

    Came here because of Jake.... I'm glad I did!! I LOVE IT

  32. Angel Sanchez

    It sucks that I cannot get all the songs at once


    Angel Sanchez lol I filmed this song on another phone and burned it onto a CD along with a few other favourites of BVB

  33. Jo boss

    I haven't heard this one! where have I been?!

  34. Marianna Canine

    why have I never heard this???? I know every song of theirs but not this? wtffff Its so great

    elias epicsauce

    Marianna Canine a long time ago it used to be a bonus track on BVB4

  35. Valentina Gaytan

    When was this released!?

  36. Enrique Benitez

    when did this song came out

    Shane Parfrey

    Enrique Benitez it was when wretchend and devine the story of the wild ones came out i think it was on the ultimate eddition or the self tital one

    Owly Woofs

    Shane Parfrey self-titled weird edition. It was definitely the recorded with the rest of the self-titled stuff and then must have been released onsome version I don't know

    Brody Boyd

    Shane Parfrey nowhere near WaD, Andy said it was the 7th song recorded, which would've been around late 2013-mid 2014 after every single bit of WaD had already been released

  37. eclypse


  38. Eleanor Richards

    How did I not know this existed?! I know about every single song but I didn't know about this one????

    szavak helyett hamvak

    I think thats a bonus track in Black Veil Brides (the album) :3

    Ciro Henrique Serafim Giaccio

    It’s a bonus track in the best buy edition album, i got one

    Vargan Sartorious

    Eleanor Richards how about the whole new album vale


    @Random Stuff done for you is not that uncommon. It's on the Wretched and Divine album

    Black Veil Brides fan

    @TheCrowX like IPhone people use too ass

  39. Jorge Espada

    Why, Oh, Why isn't This On Spotify?!

    Cayden Sterlace

    I think it's because it's a bonus track only available on some versions of the album and those aren't on Spotify. I found this out because their song Smoke and Mirrors isn't there either but the rest of Set The World On Fire is.

    Brody Boyd

    Jorge Espada simply download music from the internet for free, just look up and look up a song and download it and it'll download to your default music app. No app from the Appstore or Google Play Store is required.


    It's too late for my answer xdxd

    "Sons of night" was only available in *Black Veil Brides IV* Best Buy version. If you bought the record on Best Buy's stores you'd hear this song in that version.

    Dach \m/ Metal Smash Montages

    Because spotify and streaming apps suck. Their selection is WAY too limited.

  40. Holly Wilson

    Love this song cuz it hasn't been too long since I found this one. Didn't know it existed.

    Namyn García

    The same hahaha

    MustacheMGaming 388

    Holly Wilson me too. I wish it was on an album 😩

  41. BvbGirl 19

    does anyone know when the new album out ?????/

  42. will deacon-taylor

    Oh my...I legit want to cry at this music..his voice fits this so much and the lyrics stand out to me so much :')


    Nick Simmons she's not a mirror honey

    Nick Simmons

    RyanKneels InTheTub God, the emo community has comebacks that hurt so bad


    Nick Simmons i know right? It's almost as if I'm not afraid to share my opinion...

    Turtle Herd

    Andy BiersackGirlBVB I have been bullied in school and told to kill my self but you description on your channel sounds alot like me 😀

    will deacon-taylor

    Thanks guys, yes the emo community is a bit shit at times, but at least we arent normal :)

  43. Britney Loving

    i love this song

  44. Sil

    is it a new album? I´ve never heard this song...

    Tdaawwwfwd Ahshsjak

    Sil It's a song from Black Veil Brides IV

  45. Chris Lorello

    ok this awesome why didn't  I hear about this is good

  46. Briana Malm-Hernandez

    when did this came out and what album is it on the 5th one

    will deacon-taylor

    Briana Malm Hernandez This came out in 2014 it was a secret track in BVB IV

    Briana Malm-Hernandez

    +AndyBiersackGirlBVB the most recent one yea and I cant wait for the upcoming album that I call the outsider album

  47. Joshua Zelinsky

    I'm freaking addicted to this song.

  48. Skyla Sykes

    This isn't from any album of them, right?

    Joshua Zelinsky

    Skyla Sykes This was a Best Buy extra for their Black Veil Brides IV album.

    Skyla Sykes

    ah! thx! I dont even know. From the album with the song coffin....right?

    Joshua Zelinsky

    Skyla Sykes Black Veil Brides IV was their 2014 album with Heart of Fire.

    Skyla Sykes

    ah! ok! thx! :)

    Brody Boyd

    Skyla Sykes lmao Coffin was released on the Rebels EP right after Set The World On Fire released but before they even started recording for Wretched and Divine which is the album before the album that this song is on.

  49. Mikki Rose

    When did they come out w new music from the new album? I haven't seen anything from them on twitter or Facebook or IG about singles being released...

    Lubna HM

    Mikki Rose this is from BVB IV

    Mikki Rose

    Lubna HM wasn't on my copy of it

    Lubna HM

    Mikki Rose yea it was an extra track realeased after some time

    Sabastion Adair

    It was on the best buy cd


    I got this on the deluxe edition.

  50. That one pansexual punk

    um SparklingHollyBVB can you do a motionless in white song because it would be awesome if you did their song underdog

  51. That one pansexual punk

    like 200 of these views are mine

    Joshua Zelinsky

    Ken Kaneki same.

  52. Elisu Emiya

    i was literally just googling to see if bvb had a new song coming out... and while listening to ribcage this came on next in my playlist omfg so perfect so happy this happened

    Amy Greateastt

    Elisu Emiya this is old tho lmao

    Elisu Emiya

    Amy Greatestt LOL its new compared to how up to date i am with the rest of the world XD

  53. Alex 1987

    I think I broke the replay button 😂

    Alex 1987

    I love it ❤❤❤❤❤

    Angel Sanchez


    Ella kramer

    Going to brake my reply button. I love bvb

  54. That one pansexual punk

    this is my new theme song

    Alex Kitchens

    it's a good one!

  55. Alex Matthews

    first coment