Black Veil Brides - Smoke And Mirrors Lyrics

Quiet as I watch you falling
You become the prey again
I can see your skin is crawling
Lipstick cases and sins

Wake up Wake up Wake up
You're drowning
Same old song and dance
Wake up Wake up Wake up
My Darling
Never stood a chance

Lost in love you are
Out of touch so far
An illusion
It's all just smoke and mirrors
Always chasing scars
Never gets you far
An illusion
It's all just smoke and mirrors

I hear it in her voice, she's stalling
"You were just another man"
Your claims of love are falling
Now it's clear you can't win

Wake up wake up wake up
Heart's pounding
Praying for romance
Wake up wake up wake up
It's sounding
Time to try again

Lost in love you are
Out of touch so far
An illusion
It's all just smoke and mirrors
Always chasing scars
Never gets you far
An illusion
It's all just smoke and mirrors

I'd rather be alone
Than put you on a throne
And lose my faith in smoke and mirrors

Black painted eyes
Cover the lies
It's time you threw away your cruel disguise

Lost in love you are
Out of touch so far
An illusion
It's all just smoke and mirrors

Always chasing scars
Never gets you far
An illusion
It's all just smoke and mirrors

I'd rather be alone
Than put you on a throne
And lose my faith in smoke and mirrors

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Black Veil Brides Smoke And Mirrors Comments
  1. Sandoval Silva


  2. Jewel Damian

    Don't wanna be one of those people But their old music really is the fucking best. I remember this shit in middle school and I'm drunk on nostalgia.

  3. Hollie Star Elder

    I use to be a fan of them but i can still appreciate this

  4. Dach \m/ Metal Smash Montages

    First line "pray" should be "prey" if you listen to the context it's used in.

  5. theignitednightmare


  6. Hollie Star Elder

    Throw back

  7. Colten and Destiny

    I went to their concert in 2014 and it was one of the best experience I had in my lifetime. Ben for life!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  8. Pedro Pagani

    Still waiting for this on Spotify :(

  9. # TheRealBaz

    just came across this video and it reminded me of when this song and the album first came out, this has always been one of my favourite songs ever!

  10. zhyacoub

    How does a band with so much potential end up so shitty

  11. Madalyn Sinning

    Literally need this on spotify

  12. Sara Meta

    BVB armyyyyyyy

  13. A Frickin Cactus

    This band literally got me into all the bands I’m into right now and they’ve helped me through some shit and I wish I could meet them so bad but the Resurrection Tour isn’t coming to Ohio ;-;

  14. Sarah Price

    Still listening in 2017. Who else?

  15. Inzunxe X

    it keeps me com my homework

  16. Tori Robinson

    I can't wait to play all my favorite songs from them and all the other bands like them that have helped me through high school and will help me for the rest of my life. Rock, and metal, alternative genres are all so much deeper than people realize. I can't wait to culture my kids in fantastic music like this.❤

  17. Magenta Heisler

    how do u get this song i have the album but didnt get this one

    Bangchan's Babygay

    Magenta Heisler it's a bonus track

  18. Tayler Doolen

    what radio station number are they on

    Gracie Garlock

    Tayler Doolen i've heard them on octane

  19. Pixi3__Juic3



    Pixi3__Juic3 same I didn't find this until yesterday

  20. big old but sheeks

    it's only a very VERY small possibility right now but I might get the chance to meet them in like a few months... or at least one of them (most likely CC I would think). and I've been screeching because of it all day brb gonna go screech a little bit more (emo screams in the distance)

    Harsh Raythattha

    G'luck dude :3 I hope you do ^-^

    big old but sheeks

    @Harsh Raythattha Thank you :))

    Ellenor Tozier

    did you?


    You get to see em?

  21. LustfulDreamer

    I wish I could go to one of their concerts one day. but it won't happen, but its okay youtube gives me the chance to hear the music and so does the radio^^ I hope they make more awesome music just like the one called "perfect weapon".

    big old but sheeks

    omf what radio station do you listen to because I never hear bvb on the radio...

    Pancake Lord

    +Brendon Urine They were on MyRock once and I literally SCREAMED along while my mum was sitting next to me like "wtf u doin child"

    The Named Stranger

    Christina Nanan Which radio station? Please tell me.

    Ellenor Tozier

    Pancake Lord lmao which song did they play?

  22. The Fallen Angel

    i have this album but i don't have this song


    Buy the separate song.

  23. Fran F.

    Why isn't this on spotify?!


    +Fran F. indeed, this is probably my favorite black veil brides song ;-;

    Chevy Loulou

    Fran F. Omg yes

    python blue

    It is on there now because I've been in the car driving and it played


    Fran F. Not on Apple music aswell :(

    Your order, please?


  24. Painfulaval

    This is my all time favorite song and I don't see why people don't know about this song as much as they should. It's an amazing song and it should get some recognition!

    Maggie S

    I agree.

  25. Zoe Annabelle Alice

    is it just me or does the start sound the prodigy?

  26. Cassidy Josey

    I have a queen size bed so enough room for me and andy :)

  27. Stormtr00p3r

    put on a throne or put outgrow

    EDC Education

    put on a throne

  28. darkcloud kitten

    did he write this about himself?

    Let's Get Cancer

    +darkcloud kitten sure

    Adara Tulley

    @Jesus of suburbia love the reference

  29. CocoChip3000

    Love the beginning

  30. Ellie’s Mirror

    How do you get this track? I bought the full album but nothing...

    Cypress Ablaze

    +Sofia K lol


    +Sofia K buy the individual song through like itunes

    Ellie’s Mirror

    @goforth115  ok. Thanks!


    +Sofia K Did you get the ultimate edition of the album? If not it's not on there.

  31. cheever indahouse

    This song is what got me listening to BVB.

    Matthew Wall

    +cheever indahouse for me it was in the end

    • hannah •

    Mine was Fallen Angels lol


    Set The World On Fire was mine

  32. Mx Lello

    why have i not heard this song before? i guess i didn't get stwof in time to have this track.

  33. Bloodfury Renekton

    Bas genre

  34. nienke huijbens

    only thing i don't like about bvb:  it's keeping me from my homework, but that's also a good thing..

    nienke huijbens

    @leoncrazyman07 good music taste :P

    Laura Jan


    Cassidy Josey

    +Iry Eau (it's that girl again) the fact that you in this other guy were like hitting it off in this comment section haha funny

    Jensen Lara

    SAME!!!! Amen dude!

    Queen_of_darkness_ X

    same.."im gonna do my homework right now mom''
    me: ''only listening to music. obviously BVB!''

  35. Gareth Wood

    How do i get the track :O

  36. Jared Crowell

    This brings back some memories. I remember when this shit first leaked. I was so excited, I listened to the entire album on repeat for a week straight. I can still honestly say this is the best album of all time.


    Jared Crowell this leaked? 😂😂


    The whole album?

    Glodeanu Andrei

    best album of all time ? dude no disrespect and i know opinions and such but get your musical taste checked.

  37. Caleb Cooter

    Guys my band would love to cover BVB when we get everything together look us up on facebook please-ADALYSSA thanks c:

  38. ElizabethLynch

    I only recently started listening to their music but I've been listening to the genre... I hope you shall accept me into the BVB army. Good day, my friends :3

    hanzo hasashi

    Same and im not some emo kid either i hate how its like wtf only they listen to it when they would probably like it

    Eva-Marie Russell

    @Sebby Siena yea  they arnt even classed as emo they are rock/rock n roll and they are amazing @ElizabethLynch you will be accepted bvb army is always happy to have new members

  39. Dennis Kent

    you're* ;)
    Also thanks for the upload :P

  40. Ishmael Izrama

    this is true for the longest time of my life I m been like this

    Ishmael Izrama

    @Mannequin Joy 

  41. Vivian Ramos

    Why do I feel like I've heard an intro like that before? Who gives a fuck! Black Veil Brides ROCKS!!!!  Andy is my role model, I want to be like him someday, except I'll be the girl version, not as epic but... BVB forever!!!


    The intro was stolen from Breaking Benjamin.

  42. Andrew Beaudin

    totally awesome song

  43. Drex Machine

    this sounds like something my mom would listen to. just this one particular song.

    Katia Randall

    My dad would totally listen to this and he hates bvb :0

    Alex Wayne

    @Katia Randall XD My dad has a love-hate thing with their music and them. 

  44. Tachibana Tachibana

    When I'm eighty-something, I will be proud to say that this was the music of my time.

    Lexi Willard

    Smoke and mirrors found on set the w o r l d on fire.

    Ella L.

    Now that you're four years older... do you feel the same?
    (I do.)

    N4N0 Recon

    I thought that said I'm eighty

  45. Elisheva Haley

    Sorry to intrude on the BVB army but I'm starting to get into the band and I love te genre already. I was hoping I could be accepted? If not, then fuck you I'm coming in anyways.


    Come join us. You have been warned. This fandom is filled with drama

    shawnee Leith

    Elisheva Haley welcome

    Fatal Venom

    how edgy

    A Frickin Cactus

    Elisheva Haley whoever says you can’t come in is an ass pickle. Of fucking course you can come in!!!

    Lils.L_ 23

    All yeemo’s are welcome!

  46. recklentless

    The fact this is only a bonus track amazes me. It should be a legitimate part of the album.

    Awkward Anna

    no cause if a bond track is this awesome imagine how fantastic the album is

  47. Samantha Gosselin

    @Aura B - What I'm getting out of it is one person is describing another as having lots of confidence and control and a dominate, powerful nature. But when they think about it, that person isn't really all that powerful or charming after all; they become prey to themselves and their own self-worthlessness. The confidence is all a facade...all "smoke and mirrors" if you will.

  48. Jackie

    I just listened to all of your videos for Set the World on Fire!  You done did good x) stand strong, fellow Fallen Angel/Wild One/bvb soldier!!! I couldn't choose which one to say haha. Anyways, take care~

  49. Tianna Erickson

    My dear simpletons. This song is just epical. Give it a decade and they'll become legends of "Clasic Rock"

    Tom the Cat

    Getcho extra dumbass outta here lmao


    Tom the Cat just wait you idiot

  50. Ryan Bone

    this song is about life

  51. mintychip

    this song is so cool, idk how else to describe it :p

    Ryan Bone

    @mintychip :)

    Cara Lane

    @Ryan Bone  This band is the shit!! no joke!

    Ryan Bone

    IK it is the mega shit

    Gaël B

    @Cara Lane
    you don't like nuance

    Alex Wayne

    XD It's so awesome you have no words to describe it?
    I like that idea.

  52. jesus carbajal


  53. Starr Fitzpatrick

    Hello everyone :3

  54. Britt

    it doesnt matter how much i listen or love this song, i cant seem to understand the message of the song. can anyone tell me?


    Looks like he got cheated on

  55. falyn smith

    falyn likes you Cheyenne doesn't though ps im falyn

  56. Karla DeCuir

    HungerGamesTribute1 that is not weird because me and my sister bite each others heads off and i will listen to bvb and like it more than i like her

    Karla DeCuir

    @mintychip jinxx is awesome. i love how he did the triangles around his eyes


    ya, inspiration from KISS

    Cara Lane

    @mintychip I love CC and Andy... their so pretty and funny... is it weird to call them pretty!?!


    @Cara Lane not really, i mean, ashley does look like a girl sometimes ;p

    Karla DeCuir

    @Cara Lane no. i think they understand. plus andy is kinda a jerk. i know this guy who works fora radio station and he interviewed them. andy said that it wasnt about the fans or the music but about the image. and that the music was second and that the image kept them famous. i hope they go to warped tour next you. sixty buck just to tell andy hes a jerk. sounds good to me

  57. JKnight1316

    whoo!  New fan of BVB!

  58. Jordan Leggett


    Blep Blop

    Well now you've been here for a year!

    Snake Breeze

    Angel Leggett now 3 years!

    Jordan Leggett

    Good lord it's been 3 years since I've commented on this, and 6 (I'll ignore the irony in that) since I started listening to BVB 🤘🤘🤘 Rock on

    Snake Breeze

    Angel Leggett 4 years!

  59. Hannah Brooks

    welcome *hugs you*

  60. Baby Baph

    Well, I didn't. In an interview they did when Andy said: "I think the world needs more Black Veil Brides." He also said: "Hell yeah! Accepted with open arms and open legs. We'll go balls deep for our fans and music." And the interviewer said: "I bet all your female fans are like 'YEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!'"

  61. Baby Baph

    Yes we very much are ^_^

  62. Laura

    I found BVB a few weeks ago and am now just in love with their songs :) Shame they aren't popular over here in England :/

  63. Ray

    Everyone's welcome <3 x

  64. lauren hartter

    Welcome to the family!!! <3

  65. placeboskies

    The BVB Army will always welcome new members of the family! :)

  66. Kriss Curd

    i love bvb... this song ^_^

  67. Master Bastard

    why wouldn't you be accepted? ofcourse you are, they accept anybody lol :)

  68. jofeho

    Man, this is certainly one of the best songs they've made. It's simply awesome.

  69. Isobel Beebe



  70. calie simon

    of course you are im glad we have another person to the family :3

  71. Jovee Gillen

    If I could make all haters here me say something it would be this:

    You're not going to change anyone's mind hating like that, so what's the point?

  72. Jovee Gillen

    Everyone one is excepted in the BVB army+ family.

    It doesn't matter what race or gender you might be, it's what's on the inside that counts. If you support and love BVB, we can all love it together!

  73. Nyphadora Tonks

    Best band on the planet

  74. beck ryan

    Okay, i will admit, i am not a part of the BVB army. but i still count myself as a Fallen Angel, and for me, this is the second greatest band I've heard! Unfortunately, i like My Chemical Romance better.... Okay... I love them, and I'm obsessed. So I'm an MCRmy soldier, but I remain loving Black Veil brides.

  75. ObsessiveCompulsiveClown

    Welcome to the family :)

  76. dylan martin

    BVB ARMY forever fuck haters they aint nothin bu bitches wo aint got no life and jus likes to fuck with ppl

  77. dylan martin

    not my decision girl

  78. Jess W.

    Your part of the BVB Family and BVB Army now. You are very welcome here. :)

  79. Stella Kapela

    hahahaha yeah.. i am.. we are rare situatios xD

  80. Kaelben Shadowfox

    I have all three of their albums and I have just now discovered this song, and I love it it's really awesome!

  81. Kaelben Shadowfox

    haha welcome to the family stella we're always here for you :) *hug*

  82. Melissa Smith

    army strong stella just don't let those haters give shit to the band you see it tell em off


  83. trent nissen

    well yeah, over a million strong, I'm sure we can always fit a few more in. After all you're speaking to a Veteran XD

  84. trent nissen

    the opening is a different style than what they usually do. And so is the rest of the song, and I love all their songs and after finally buying the album I realize this song exists and it's bad ass

  85. Djurdjija Popovic

    wait,you're a directioner that fell in love with BVB....omg just like me!!!!

  86. Al Alberqurque

    Kinda wierd that you'd say that to a family member of yours...

  87. NaughtyNickers

    -cough cough- Youtube to MP3 -cough-

  88. Corinne Germanotta

    I don't want to buy the whole album.......that's why.

  89. kittyanddad

    Of Course you are accepted, and were not just a Army are a family,and are always there for each other through everything. Supporting our hero's Always ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  90. Baby Baph

    Accepted with open arms and legs :P Thanks for joining.

  91. Baby Baph

    Well, you're accepted with open arms and open legs ^_^

  92. Cant Catch These Hands

    not the newest anymore :P

  93. PurdyGirl5547

    I love looking at all the comments on this video, they just make me so happy see how many new members of the Black Veil Brides Army and Family we have. Puts a smile on my face every time ^_^

  94. PurdyGirl5547


  95. thatsoshelby shelby

    WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE!!! and your accepted <3

  96. thatsoshelby shelby

    yes u do and we all stay together through whatever happoens