Black Veil Brides - Ritual Lyrics

Praying for what your heart brings
Thoughts of escape and bloodshot eyes
You're barely sleeping, no longer dreaming
Now what you do to feel alive

Rise up and celebrate your life
We're not alone in our ritual
Sing for what you feel inside
Becoming one with our ritual

Singing songs of the old days
Try to remember what's gone by
Stronger in new ways
Don't care what they say,
This is your life
It's time to rejoice

Rise up and celebrate your life
We're not alone in our ritual
Sing for what you feel inside
Becoming one with our ritual

Our destiny is what we learned
Together wanting something more
Their misery and demons burn
A feeling that's worth fighting for

Rise up and celebrate your life
We're not alone in our ritual
Sing for what you feel inside
Becoming one with our ritual

Becoming one with our ritual

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Black Veil Brides Ritual Comments
  1. Emmy Fowler

    The more l listen to these songs l fall in love with them more singing that is! Does anyone else realize the songs are l goes you could say a good influence? For example 21 guns Andy says put the gun down just put the gun down.


    This is so fucking gay that my cat was sitting here and watched the all or 27 second I let this shit play and now I am pretty sure that my cat is gay. So thanks for that...thanks now I've got a gay cat that's going to run around the neighborhood trying to fuck other dude cats and prolly going to catch that cat aids and die!

  3. Rod Powers

    Motley Crue Rip Offs,..pussy ass music!!!

  4. Scotty Fisher

    They suck!!!!

  5. Kayla Schulz

    Indian they betray

  6. Dakota

    Every time I come here and just listen while doing anything my heart feels whole.

  7. Dani memo


  8. Dani memo


  9. Oscar Llulluna

    Que asco de bastardos poperos quisiera ponerles una escopeta en la frente a ver como no se cagan en los calzones

  10. #It's Ok to be Dutch

    So after Grete von Fleet's androgen shitband copying Led Zeppelin, we now have these clowns copying Kiss. Fucking pathetic.

  11. Emmy Fowler

    Andy is so cool l love his singing!!!!

  12. Stephen Cook

    Motley Crüe rip offs lol 😂

  13. Alex Villalpando

    These guys are a joke, music and looks, a very unoriginal way to mimic Motley's.

    Alex Pomeroy

    Hay ok look do not hate on then if You do not like them then that’s ok not every body does but u do not need to comment your negative opinion in the comments that is just rude so please keep it to your self. Oh and by the way just so u know these guys that you are trashing on our amazing they have help people feel less alone and helped people hear that someones out there that cares they have help people to have pride to be different and and to never let others put you down for being who u want to be. All they have tried to do is help people. Do u know how many people they have saved or help them save themselves they are the true heroes and I don’t know you but I bet you couldn’t even imagine how much they have help people can u really say that about your self personality I say u can not especially if you are taking your time to be leaving hatful comment about a band you know nothing about. I am a proud member of the black Vail brides army and I ask you please don’t hate so much there enough hate in this world already this band is just trying to take some of the hurt away and help people I hope you can understand that

    Alex Villalpando

    @Alex Pomeroy Well it is my opinion, and I have the right to write what I think. It is not hate, but I cannot always keep an eye on susceptibilities.

  14. Jason James

    Looks like Motley Crüe in Shout at the Devil era.

  15. Alejo Fernandez

    Que son estas cosas?....

  16. Lillina Blue

    🤟They melted Punk, Dark Gothic good looking to me 🧚‍♀️

  17. Lillina Blue

    Best music and best guys

  18. Francisco Tellez

    Pinche basura, ni a los talones de motley llegan, son un intento de copia de esos hard rockeros y del glam de fin de los setentas y ochentas. Se escucha tan falso.

  19. What a shame.

    Suck a hot log outta his

  20. Peter McDonald

    wow they actually look like girls
    I mean not just the hair the skin complexion and The Feminine stature
    Shouldn't they be called the trans something
    Or Motley Crue Phase 2 a Millennials perspective
    quite frankly I think one Motley Crue is enough it's like watching the next generation of cartoons

  21. Roman Iv

    Used to be a fan but not anymore, its obvious they play for the ladies. Still a very talented band tho

  22. Angel Dozal

    I love the new kiss

  23. James Miller

    I thought those were a bunch of chicks

  24. vova idol


  25. Nursafei Salim

    American glam rock

  26. zakkrick

    They look like X-japan from the 80’s

  27. Bradley Ellis

    Motley Crue wanna bees. Rip offs

  28. Kan Yura

    2020? Anyone?

  29. Hobo


  30. rbla51 reef

    Dear god I thought they were women

  31. Oscar Giraldo

    That is so fucking gay.

  32. Trippypastyy Li

    I used to listen them with 12 years and today after 5 years I feel that same feeling. ✨🖤

  33. girl amazing


  34. martintube


    Trippypastyy Li

    martintube :(

  35. 6stringgunner

    I'm really really disappointed in the new look and sound of 'CRADDEL OF FILTH'!!! Seriously?!? Ha ha ha!

  36. carlos vargas cardona

    Una copia muy barata de motley crié😧😧😲

  37. Rajeev Das

    In my life I want to see my biggggg fan Black Viel Brides

  38. Mikael Thomas

    Mick Mars children they suck

  39. pengamen youtube

    Like a boy band..👎

  40. Cali*grown Bay Area cowboy

    Kids of kiss start a gay boy band?

  41. sv fantom

    Wow! These chicks are hot!

  42. herison leandro baia

    Metal gay

  43. Brad Carr

    No thanks fake black metal band they are terrible watered down pop crap.

  44. James Selvey

    Keep your day job. Sorry.

  45. Souls Of Sorrow

    Damn talk about cringing... people actually listen to this 💩?

  46. Farah Jazy


  47. HighSpeedEnthusiast

    I'll smack the fucking estrogen out of every single one of these little soyboys! This ain't even remotely fucking metal.

  48. Joshua Pitz

    Where is the rainbow button at???? 💩💩💩💩💩💩

  49. Reaction Videos are Useless

    Dafuq is this video in my recommend. Cant these ladies just make music without looking stupid?

  50. Jasper Bunny

    Thm days being bonee n fit in anything lol n live on chips n water n happy meal once a week 🤘👍👌🙏🤟👏🤞🤝

  51. Accidental music

    This [email protected]#$%^blows

  52. Ismael Venancio

    Ritual Black veil brides alguém em 2019

  53. Baudelaire Ether

    Squeeze off log

  54. Dean Phillips

    And I shall name them CRUE.

    southern daze

    CUNTLY CRÜE, maybe...

  55. Ismael Venancio

    Uma das melhores composições da banda Black veil brides

  56. юрий коваленко

    Вот так и мы ездили на концерты :в Тушино, на Гарбуху только не такой боевой раскрас.

  57. Jhon Moreira Rocha

    Tem brasileiro aqui tbm, que curte um bom rock? I Love andy❤️🔥

  58. fernanda jackson

    Amo muito 🖤☠🤟🏻

  59. Raphael Paulo


  60. Lillina Blue

    Dark. Beautiful.

  61. // Søy Pøkémøn \\

    Ashley 😢

  62. Jose Luis Santiago

    Mi adolescencia la inicié con ellos y la estoy viendo junto a ellos, BVB FOREVER

  63. Jacek Dzionek

    This is my favorite song ♡♡♡
    2019/2020 ?

  64. alcatel664

    Se visten como metaleros pero tocan música nickelback

  65. JCatalan C

    Bye Ashley:/


    Sin duda unos hermosos momentos de la verdadera musica

  67. Leonardo Santos

    Essa música é muito boa

  68. Shadow Star

    Serce mi pęka 😥 Ash...

  69. Familia Vivas Bonilla

    Que poco de emos de mierda

  70. ღKiritoッ ・AMV編集・

    That's scare me and same time makes me feek good.

  71. Celeste Di Chiaro

    Thought this was a real music video for a second! It's amazing 🖤🖤🖤

  72. Psycho Alice

    I'm in love you guys I'm a big fan, u guys are amazing at singing keep making songs 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  73. SHE WOLF

    They look so badass and this song is just kinda pop music.

    Don't get me wrong. I love them! <3

  74. NÃO TENHO ESSE CANAL antigo canal NA CAMA

    visual mais engraçado que essa banda tem kkkk

  75. Kristan Rae Stops

    they are actully really positive... xoxo

  76. Mia Polin Casares

    bvb de corazon

  77. Ismael Venancio

    Top demais perfeita

  78. Kimbo Assumi

    Favorite lot's of love from NAGALAND Japan

  79. toby dailey


  80. Fourty4 Rüdy

    What the fuck... I think you guys have vagina instead of penis... Looks like a bunch of skeleton is playing

  81. Ismael Venancio

    Bvb Andy siix boa letra

  82. Lipok Wapang

    Bunch of gays

  83. Seanna Coffman

    I would not be here without this band in my life, I love you guys so much, that i come right back to you if I'm having a hard time.

  84. †Sadboy† Legendas

    B V B <3

  85. Lizete de los santos

    I love you are the best I am your number one fan

  86. Luana Nathália

    Someone in 2019 ??

    X_X_X_ T_E_N_T_A_C_I_O_N

    yess forever

    Manuel Kanxoc



    Always gonna be here ~

    Your order, please?

    @Dakota same

  87. Julian Sanchez Thornicroft

    Theyre sooooo sexy 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😙😙😙😙😗😗💘💘💘💘

  88. Mei Rose

    I remember that always use to be scared of Jinxx as a kid with all that warpaint on but one day at school it was Halloween and I went to school with the whole makeup on and my mom looked at me like I was crazy and when I got to school all my friends took pictures and I found some other kids dressed as Andy and Jake and Cc💜💜😂😂

    1:56 is Jake ok😂😂

    Celeste Di Chiaro

    That's so cool, I wish my school was excepting of this type of music. Everyone thinks I'm a freak.

    And for Jake I honestly don't know lol 😂

    Darker than Black

    @Celeste Di Chiaro same.

    ßagel Swiss

    Mei Rose jealous omg

  89. Sebastian U

    2019 <3 FOREVER BVB