Black Veil Brides - Lost It All Lyrics

I ruled the world.
With these hands I shook the heavens to the ground.
I laid the gods to rest.
I held the key to the kingdom.
Lions guarding castle walls.
Hail the king of death.

Then I lost it all
Dead and broken.
My back's against the wall.
Cut me open.
I'm just trying to breathe,
Just trying to figure it out
Because I built these walls to watch them crumbling down.
I said, "Then I lost it all."
And who can save me now?

I stood above
Another war,
Another jewel upon the crown.
I was the fear of men.
But I was blind.
I couldn't see the world there right in front of me.
But now I can... (yeah)

'Cause I lost it all
Dead and broken.
My back's against the wall.
Cut me open.
I'm just trying to breathe,
Just trying to figure it out
Because I built these walls to watch them crumbling down.
I said, "Then I lost it all."
Who can save me now?


I believe that we all fall down sometimes (oh)
Can't you see (can't you see it) that we all fall down sometimes? (oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh yeah)

I believe that we all fall down sometimes (oh)
(Can't you see, yeah) Can't you see that we all fall down sometimes? (yeah, we all, yeah, we all fall down)


I believe that we all fall down sometimes

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Black Veil Brides Lost It All Comments
  1. Peter remiel

    I miss my classmate on secondary now she's already gone 😢 " lost it All" black veil Bridge, the best from mangagoy castillo village Peter Alob

  2. Val Griffo

    Its 2020 and I can still relate to the song😢

  3. War is Coming

    2:42 is the best part my opinion

  4. Adam Scott

    All the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put Humpty together again.
    Better luck next time.

  5. elaventurerosabe

    We all fall at some point and music like this is always helpful as we rise upon again.

  6. Becuis

    I feel like he's singing to me uwu

  7. Joao Saito

    thanks so much

  8. Stefan Jovanovic

    i lost all in crypto

  9. Merry Skelton

    I'm nearly 20 years old now but 14 year old angst filled me has to come back and jam from time to time

    You can’t see me Jimoan

    Merry Skelton same 😂

  10. Schuyler Falls

    Where’s my 2020 team??? vvvv

  11. Spuriously_

    Damn that first quote was deep

  12. Gen.Aladeen Handsome

    after they mock you and hurt you by words until your walls is crumble down. they will leave you and forget you. and the joke is did you hurt them? why they did that ?just for fun..? to those who hurt and mock you god is there and he has the record. all of it be patient god will punish them in other way.

  13. Mr.E T.V.

    This song is helping me through life and my heart breaks that are still going on in my life. I have alot of empty whiskey bottles by my bed .... and I think to myself is life even worth living...... it's so hard for me to forget I just hope I find love soon because I'm on the edge of the cliff and I'm waiting for someone or something to tell me it's going to be okay😔

  14. DK2blue

    The 1. 1k dislikes are people crying from a broken heart and couldn't see the like button

  15. DK2blue

    listening to this because the girl I wanted played me.

  16. Pumpkinspicelatte 17

    It's not that I dislike the video, I dislike the band they are horrible.

  17. SDR Picasso

    This song is a little different than their music but this has to be one of their biggest hits!🖤

  18. Soda Pop

    Bush comedown

  19. Dalton Putnam

    This song really hits me dead center I'm going through tough times in my life right now but I'm not giving up I will never surrender

  20. Anthony Cobetto

    Just be glad you not gangster were you physically target and hurt people on purpose

  21. Anthony Cobetto

    Not emo punk difference is you try to fix yourself and search for a way out of the pain emo means you always not try to better who you are and better your life so your happy both try to fight for what's right both wanna die because they tired of being judged. Punks are tired of being called monsters emo is tired of being called worthless

  22. Deverie Cram

    I lost my soul and lost the only man I love I can't hold on mykael rougeaux no longer zurilious ra I tried but the ride is to rough n I contacted you in so many times n way n I'm done DEATH is all I have

  23. Äņğəł

    2020 ayyayayay

  24. nola bratteig

    Oh sure now it gets recommended

  25. jj Abraham

    Who's here in 2020? I'm still jamming to this, this song helps me more then anyone will ever know..

    nikitajane pitts

    @that one guy this music is great

    Gerard Way

    Same mate

    Cypher Poteete

    Meh ;-;

    Melanie Cotto

    This one and Savior have helped me more than I could ever say

    Jeolieth Teoffy Paundog

    jj Abraham well i guess i’m not alone then

  26. GamingSimon

    The intro, have it low voulme at first then increase it to max when the last tone is laid down.

  27. Renaec

    It funny I listen to this all the time and bvb has gained a new fan lol my daughter is a year and loves Andy voice it so funny

  28. Sparrow Sketches

    I all ready miss Ashley, but I still love Lonny.

  29. Hayley L'Heureux

    Honestly Andy sounds like a fallen angel singing beautifully. Who wouldn't love the black Veil brides.

  30. Zach Long


  31. Zuo Jersey

    Nobody noticing that Juliett sings in the background also

  32. Broken_turtle _girl

    I lost it all this year.... life has gotten so much worse

  33. Jacob Griego

    Damn this brings back memories because this was the first ever BVB song I had ever heard and that’s what got me into the rest of the songs

  34. i just løve sassy peøple

    When i clicked on this song i was so not expecting a warm dark voice to greet me! I was just listening to new bands and this was in my recommends and i was like "why not?"


    Did you enjoyed it after all? lol

    i just løve sassy peøple

    @m̾i̾c̾h̾a̾e̾l̾ absolutely! I love this song!

  35. killpophostclub

    maan i almost forgot abput this song and how much it helped me during my hard times until it randomly pops out in my recommendations rn ; youtube algorithm thank you so much

  36. Ariswyn

    Saw a post about how someone felt if they are open and honest about their feelings and give people they love all their love and it truly as he said, gets you no where. I gave my entire soul to a woman that I came into her life and made her smile, made her laugh, and genuinely feel loved like none other. However because of mere lifes constant battle and the reality of our financial stability, she broke up with me. I miss and think of her every day. I still love her and cant stand that we are distant. How can someone tell you they love you, that they'll never leave you, that they're always going to be with you and work things out with you or compromise for you. Then one day pretend it was never said because of how they felt about how our futures didn't align in the same direction. It's absolutely cruel and hurts every day. 😭

  37. xWretchedx Divinex

    The amount of times bvb have stopped me from suicide is uncountable

    King Sippi

    xWretchedx Divinex I felt that i listened to this while thinking I lost it all a few years ago and tried to kill myself on multiple occasions but we’re still here for a reason so stay strong you are never alone even when it seems like that sometimes I don’t know you at all but here for you and I was raised to love everybody including strangers so I love you and I’m here for you my friend If you need to talk to anyone about suicide you can add me on Snapchat chrishorne0331 I’m always here to talk

  38. Brianna Stoll

    Randomly thought about this song and I’m happy I redound it

  39. william bonny

    who are the 1.1k people that are so fuking fake that they pretend they don’t like this music and disliked it?

  40. Jade Kehoe

    20 years old, haven't listened to BVB in like 3 years. Can't believe I've fallen right back into my emo phase even harder than before 😂 Used to be obsessed, feel like I'm rediscovering them and it's great honestly

  41. Juanita Ge.

    Realization came to me like a bullet. Damn, so this is the real world?... Time passes by so quickly, I’ve not done half of the things I want to, but now I have a job and bills to pay and the rent.

    There’s always something that pulls us apart of what we want to do.

  42. Brenda Dunfee

    I can relate to this song!

  43. me me

    Kill me

    Please, please just it

    I'm tired. I'm hurt. There's just no point.
    Kill me and I'll be the happiest I can. Don't you see it's a kindness?

    I'm sorry for this and everything I've done. Goodbye.

  44. Ashley Hodge

    It's like this song was written about my life lately. This completely resonates with me and I can feel these lyrics in my soul. I absolutely love these guys

  45. Virgula EUW

    I love this song until minute 3 begins. The song just loses its smoothness and turns into an american church hype type of music.
    It completely ruins the peace/calm/chill feeling the vocalist gives you at the begining.

  46. ShapeOfDespair

    This intro......

  47. Thė Brøkęń Øñë

    2019 anyone?

  48. Sebastian Tomasino

    BVB ARMY 4EVER ♥♥♥♥

  49. suspish fishy

    Years after I was knocked down lower than ever before, I can happily say I'm in a much better head space, no suicide attempts in over 3 years, no cuts for almost 2

  50. BroDudeBr0

    Damn, this song really speaks to me. I'm glad I tapped on this song to listen to

  51. Am Done

    If i remember right, this is the song one of them wrote for me after talking to them one day. Whole bunch of shit happened, but i remember something about that. Plus one of my highschool friends is engaged to one of them UWU

  52. jonathan lewis

    Damn strong lyrics

  53. BlueMoon Glow

    Love the piano in thr beginning

  54. LuciHD


  55. Jesse Gilbert

    Tonight I finally understand what this song means I'm losing it all time is 10:13 on 11/14/19 they say hold on yet all I want to do is give in and give up if your reading this and feel the way I do say something please 🙏

  56. Carlosandkaleighm Morrow

    Man his voice with the music is soothing his voice is peaceful

  57. Tanairi Martinez

    I liked

  58. Tanairi Martinez

    Check 581 million dollars on empowr the views are worthless

  59. Oh My Darling

    Isn't that Alex Gaskarth on the pic? Hahaha

  60. Ty Smith

    I lost 2 bast friends in all my life

  61. Jonathan

    Found out my Grandmother passed away while listening to this song. Miss you grams

  62. Adam Knowles

    Damn, this hit hard tonight.

  63. Autumn Nelson

    This song brings be back to all the deaths and hard times in my family. All the fights and brake ups in life. Depression tried to get the best of me It torn me down. But then I had a friend sing this song to me and the brough the true me back the happy old time me . The me that does not let little things get to me. she helped me find out what I wanted to be in my life. So I thx her for everything.

  64. Michelle Largay

    This song had helped me so much.

  65. Harambe Christ

    Anyone else recently literally lose it all? Broke, homeless, single. And it's all my fault. I hurt the one I love most... And I got exactly what I deserve.

  66. Belfemork Kormfebel

    Fuck life fuck everything fuck society ☹️☹️☹️☹️🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

  67. Brandy Sue Cubbage

    Turn to this song when im feeling down and not sure what to do

  68. Melyla Mash

    I just realized that this is basically Emo viva la Vida.

  69. Jinxxie Lynn

    This song means alot, I feel like I'm losing everything right now. My husband lost his job, I cant get hired anywhere to help. We are gonna lose power the 28th, we lost water 2 days ago and thanks to a friend we have water again... we have lived in this house for 4 years, all for nothing... so I'd say I've lost it all.

  70. melodic death Metal

    couse i lost it all thats why i build a wall around me so i wonr get hurt

  71. IvsSixxTheOne

    These guys arent putting their tallant to good use.....

  72. Allen Dario

    For those who are suffering depression, I would like to say that hope is always there for us.

    Im suffering depression because the people I related to have disappeared and my relationship with my father has changed significantly and it feels like he has passed away and became another person. Im not his son anymore but i have grown to a full man and my life is in my own hands

  73. JanuariSnow 11

    0:59 He's got the keys to the kingdom! The world is open wide! No? No one?

  74. Lauryn Hankammer

    I showed my friend the that Alex Gaskarth in the beginning picture?? 😂🤷🐅

  75. Bi_King

    this song makes me cry every time I listen to it tbh..BVB always does such a good job with their songs..

  76. JayYoungx 300

    how i assume how a king that owns a kiingdom thinks mentally

  77. Brobito Mcmahan

    So I sit here listening... and the only thing I can try to think about is the way she looked at me when we were happy..

  78. Isabella Myers

    Ok so I’ve been hella upset and have been crying every night bc people bully the shit outta me all bc of the way I dress and the music I listen to. I clicked this song bc well it’s fuckin good. And as I’m listening to it I start scrolling through the comments and good god they put me in such a good mood lol.

    Sorry I typed to much I tend to do that 😕

  79. Mileena Rose

    My prozac isn't working for shit

  80. Jayda Shipp

    Hello people scrolling through the comments! Hope yall have a wonderful week! XP

  81. Sleepingwith_my_pierced_disco _

    What about Ash and Jake and Jinxx and CC??
    It's Black Veil Brides not Black Veil Andy we all love Andy but without the others BVB wouldn't be real...

  82. Chris G.

    Algo han hecho en el canal oficial. Han dejado sólo cuatro canciones contadas... Y el videoclip original de esta canción cuesta encontrarlo. Alguien sabe qué cojones le está pasando a la banda? Es una pena porque son unos GRANDES 😥

  83. Sierra Keeling

    Its October 2019. I listen to these songs again. And I remember when I was in such a difficult time. Listening to these songs helped me so much and I know I'm not the only one who they helped

  84. Exotic Menace

    Those messeges you put in there really made me think. Thank you. It really helped.

    I dont know who to give credit to :/

  85. *Dxre Dxvil*

    Are You Estonian? Please Answer To That.

  86. Darth Gamer

    anyone in 2022

  87. E.P. Manne

    It's a good song. And the band its talented. But some people are nuts. Fame has nothing to do with their worth.

  88. Lauryn Hankammer

    I wrote a song similar to this


    I wonder how many depressed has suicided already

  90. Brian Rexy

    I love your music you guys are awesome

  91. Adam Tucker

    To the mothers of this nation

  92. Karrison Marcum

    His voice really does sound like a sexy chainsaw

  93. a n g e l x c x

    I’m not really emo anymore but I’ll always be a BVB Army member