Black Veil Brides - Goodbye Agony Lyrics

Heaven's gone, the battle's won
I had to say goodbye
Lived and learned from every fable
Written by your mind
And I wonder how to move on
From all I had inside
Place my cards upon the table
In blood I draw the line
I've given all my pride

Living a life of misery
Always there, just underneath
Haunting me, quietly alone
It’s killing me, killing me
Dead and gone, what's done is done
You were all I had become
I'm letting go of what I once believed
So goodbye agony

I watch the stars and setting suns
As the years are passing by
I never knew that hope was fatal
Until I looked it in the eye
And now I'm not sure I am able
To reach the other side
Casting out the light

Living a life of misery
Always there, just underneath
Haunting me, quietly alone
It’s killing me, killing me
Dead and gone, what's done is done
You were all I had become
I'm letting go of what I once believed
So goodbye agony
Goodbye agony

Not alone in forgiving
The faithful and the blind
Innocence is forsaken
I leave 'em all behind
And then I see that even angels never die

Living a life of misery
Always there, just underneath
Haunting me, quietly alone
It’s killing me, killing me
Dead and gone, what's done is done
You were all I had become
I'm letting go of what I once believed
So goodbye agony
Goodbye agony
Goodbye agony

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Black Veil Brides Goodbye Agony Comments

    BVB in my soul


    Normal voice. Not bad

  3. Aleksandra Woźniak

    I Love it

  4. Haineko Mikemalcom

    I like it that at the end it sounds as if he were saying "agonía" instead of "agony", which is the same but in Spanish. It sounds so good.

  5. Erza

    Emo is not a phase.
    It's a way of life

  6. Alex Pineda


  7. Flor Cizennies

    Alguien más lo escucha en el 2020?

  8. IBozooo

    2020 dam y’all fake for not coming lol. Haven’t listened to them since middle school😂

  9. Your order, please?

    Billie; i have weird music vids
    Them: HOLD ON-

  10. elisa cailler

    the girl in the MV is the same in ''legions of black'' or it's just me?

  11. Polarbal

    4:13 Did anyone else notice how his pupils dilate at the end? 'Cause it was kinda cool.

  12. Christine Vanderheiden

    Nothing better than a drummer that can twirl both sticks. 🖤

  13. Jim from the Office

    Fun fact: the boy in this video is the same boy from knives and pens and perfect weapon.

  14. Simona Vomackova

    I Love song

  15. Gay and proud member.

    Even though his voice is good it could be just a bit more better

  16. Ismael Venancio

    Good bye agony bvb Douglas nilberti

  17. maryanna lgbt

    *cadê os br 🇧🇷*

  18. Hanier _R-

    Good song

  19. Yusdi Gaming

    Anyone in 2019??

  20. Alexey Petkov

    Basically, the same Bieber, but in goth entourage

  21. Makayla Bagwell

    Bruh I'm here reliving my old cringe emo days 😂

  22. Jacob Griego

    Black Veil Brides songs are some of the few songs that have great meanings when you actually listen to the lyrics and not just the music itself

  23. Kevin.daniel condori.larico

    me gusta la musica

  24. Alejandro Duran

    Sensacional 🤘

  25. Melissa Polanco

    I would like to be as talent as Jake and Ashley

  26. EJ Simas

    Commented already but I just want to add that Andy has an amazing voice. It's so rich and deep and like wow you look at him, and at first glance wouldn't think that he could have a voice like that but damn it's so perfect

  27. Laura

    Is that Ashley doing backing vocals in the chorus? He can sing so high, I love it

  28. Joel Cormier

    Sounds kind of like Slipknot

  29. EJ Simas

    I showed my grandmother a picture of Ashley and she asked me if I was sure he's a he lmao Ashley deserves more love tbh

  30. mariana Santana lobo


  31. Hyland Borkman

    Yeah, this album blew. Vale has a few bangers but was mostly just IV 2. Im so siked for their new one though, seems like they took a dip into what made them great after the break they took.

  32. pink angel

    you guys make me wanna fly with your songs!! I love your songs!!

  33. Silver Vampire

    oh god, I was seeing this video, and I just remember this, Ashley is not more from bvb

  34. Georgi Kisyov

    I think Andy is illegally handsome...

  35. Oh Lals

    The end of 2019 almost 2020 anyone else ?🙈

    Satan bitsch

    Of course

  36. Sol Cosplays

    Can we talk about how much that goth girl looks like Nemi.. or how much Andy looks like Uta from Tokyo ghoul?!?!

  37. WorldWideTribe

    Obviously bvb has put out many great songs of their times but this one in particular I get a very 70s classic hard rock vibe and out of all songs this is definitely a favorite

  38. Cyberknight Combat

    2019 anyone

  39. Tô Nem Vendo

    Alguém em 2019?

  40. Jack Spades

    Black Veil Sevenfold

  41. Gina Purk

    I love that song 🎸🎸🇦🇺🇩🇰🃏🔊

  42. impact-gaming

    i love you bvb ;)

  43. Martina Forteis González

    I'm here after listening the vengeance and sainst of the blood

  44. Andre Pauli

    Goodbye agony, and goodbye Ashley...gonna miss you brother and wish you all the best in your future endeavors!! 🤘🤘

  45. gays in cosmos

    i’ve always had a thing for rock ballads and here i am once again <3

  46. Gin Luna

    Hace tiempo que no escuchaba esta joya💓😍

  47. emo andproudof it

    I've never related to a song more

  48. AmishRiot

    this music is so bland

  49. AnGee Gee Guzmán

    ya no anda mas en cuero

  50. Aprendiendo Algebra

    viva black veil brides mejor banda del mundo

  51. Bittu Mandol

    Bands like Black Veil Brides, Bullet for my Valentine, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Papa Roach, P. O. D., Slipknot rocked my world

  52. Lynette Harris

    Oh what a voice!!!!! 🖤🖤🤘🤘

  53. No b

    just me are brazilian here? ;c

  54. Елизавета Романчик

    "American satan". This film about he. Voooooy

  55. Dalton Johnson

    i so love that song so mush

  56. Cesar Mundo

    one of the best songs ever. their músic is an escape from life

  57. Alfy Hill

    Still a damn good song

  58. LittleCuppycake95

    So everyone’s talking about Andy & Ashley in the comments but....

    Anyone notice that the guy in the music Video is the same person who played the kid in the ‘Knives and Pens’ ???

    Feel old yet?! 😂😱

    Andre Pauli

    I didn't see it at first, but you're right...time sure flies by!

  59. Exalted Madness

    Gonna miss you Ashley:(

  60. tea

    Man, I'm gonna miss ashley so much :((


    So much same!!!😭😭😭

    Ashton G

    So does that mean the band is ending or are they gonna find a new bassist?


    @Ashton G I thinking optimistically, they'll have to find a new bassist 😭😭

  61. Wanderer Gaming

    alicia vigil i love you your so beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍

  62. a bump in the night

    Once again I say:
    Andy didn't have a glow up.
    He never needed one.
    He's just always been gorgeous.

  63. kris swaffield

    i have to say they look alot better without all the makeup

  64. Anna Izabela

    They are so great, I love it. And Andy's fantastic!

  65. Mara Brennan


  66. Atuk Phom

    My fav band

  67. Ixtab Fails

    Satan will bow to this dark lord

  68. mscathc

    2020 Tour GUYS!!!!!

  69. Luís Alejo

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    through this link:

  70. Angel Martinez

    Goodbye Agony= We Stitch These Wounds meets Wretched And Divine

  71. Claire Eshenbaugh

    I would cry so hard if he died in rl. Oh my god.

  72. Smityr

    Vuelvan a tocar juntos csmr 🤬😡

  73. akholms

    its killing me killing me> reference to 30 seconds to mars

  74. mrsgodfood -

    lmfao i remember when i sang this song at a performance when i was 8

  75. Josh Ainsworth

    Bvb are shit they will never beat bmh

  76. Andrie 2Rist

    Sunday 03 Nov 2019...12:36 PM indo Time

  77. Neethaii Moonlight

    I know that vale is a sequel for wretched and divine, but sometimes it comes to me the thought that bvbiv has something to do too. after watching again this vid, i'm almost sure now this is part of the story that actually started at the release of coffin. the whole music video was a reference to the legion of the black and to the coffin music video.

    gotta keep on my research ¬¬

  78. Dudas M

    Chupa esse cara todinho

  79. Nelly Guadalupe Sanchez


  80. M I S T

    My fellow Bisexuals and I quiver

  81. Depressed Band Obsessed

    After rewatching this I now realize that Andy has 2 jackets on, I mean he looks fine as hell as the others and the second jacket doesn't clash but why?


    When you can't decide on a jacket, just go with both #andylogic

  82. Pamila Dz


  83. A Shot Of Whiskey

    May we take a moment to appreciate the music then......

  84. Aimee dalton

    Sexy man, sexy voice, I can’t help but love the messages in this song and some of his other ones

  85. Sarah Monge Tercero

    to wpo to rexulongo

  86. Boglárka Juhász


  87. YoshiiXD Way

    2019 *-*

  88. YOYO - Gaming & Collections

    I forgot how good this song was 😍

  89. I Love Loki

    Wait did I read Gotham? ^^

  90. ulquiorra jeagerjackes

    Sigue doliendo.

  91. Kadu Clash

    Adoro black veil brads

  92. lalminthang vaiphei

    Wow what a lovely song I never heard a song like this before!!!

  93. Peque paquita :u

    Me da un poco de nostalgia ya que dicen que la banda se va separar:(

  94. Andru Pj

    Años de que conocí la banda, en un programa de telehit y aún la sigo escuchando, 2019 uwu