Black Sabbath - Wicked World Lyrics

The world today is such a wicked place
Fighting going on between the human race
People got to work just to earn their bread
While people just across the sea are counting their dead

A politician's job, they say, is very high
For he has to choose who's got to go and die
They can put a man on the moon quite easy
While people here on earth are dying of old diseases

A woman goes to work every day after day
She just goes to work just to earn her pay
Child sitting crying by a life that's harder
He doesn't even know who is his father

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Black Sabbath Wicked World Comments
  1. rocknroll_jezus9

    Practically a jazz tune

  2. Ash Bowen

    It's hard to believe this is a Fender Strat that Tony is playing on this song. The pickups "blew up" after recording this song. The rest of the LP is his SG Special.

  3. Carlos Navarro

    Wonder why they didn't include this classic in the 1st album.

  4. Leo Alsen Vitus Uno

    Happy Birthday Wicked world!! 50 years of Heavy Metal!!

  5. Carol Jahnke

    This is one of those non repetitive songs like hand of doom, sabbath has many of them, I love the way they just change.

  6. Nisindu Perera

    Came here from the skinless cover of this song

  7. George Koukos

    This band is overlooked because they weren't as commercially recognized as some others. No fear, the faithful have made it one of the greats.

  8. Juan Granados

    Y love Ozzy ozborne

  9. Simone Gianardi

    Lyrics still real today (and tomorrow).

  10. D H

    Iommi played a Gibson guitar on every track on every album except this song !

  11. Hector Cera

    Sounds like "Wild Child" by The Doors. I love it🤘

  12. John Delmos

    One of the very best songs ever written.

  13. Matheus Werneck

    this was recorded with a Stratocaster. Tony said it himself. Can you believe it?!

  14. fillbyname

    Is must have scared the crap out of the hippies

  15. dennis brown

    I just turned 60 and this has been my go to song for 48 of those years

  16. iago araujo

    Why do I think this will come into JoJo sometime?

  17. El topo Brujo

    I don't know who mixed that but it's incredible

  18. William Baker

    The first, the Greatest!

  19. Budahbaba

    First album was so experimentally grooving! It is still my personal favorite! :p So much iconic stuff was yet to come from the band, but as a musician, "this" sound represents where i wish i was all the time to an audience, instead of just in my own ego. This music is pure.

  20. The IronHorse

    Ayo who the F*CK Thumbs down ANYTHING SABBATH?? 🤨🤦🏿‍♂️

  21. GravityBoy72

    This was written around the corner from Villa Park.
    Up The Villa.

  22. Four Q Two

    2:55 Proof that God plays the guitar

  23. Charlie M

    One of the most influential bands of all time. No music had ever sounded like this. Hats off to Sabbath

  24. Rick Livingston

    ward says hes not a great drummer ....yeh right!!

    The Count

    I'm not surprised, the best musicians are usually overly modest and self-deprecating. He's wrong as hell but I respect his opinion of himself lol he's one of the greatest metal AND jazz drummers

  25. Rick Livingston

    ward didnt waist any time kicking ass

  26. ian mack

    Love it, its like Cream taken a step further.

  27. yamila Lugo

    Que gran manera de empezar los días

  28. Joel Howard

    One of the greatest album covers.

  29. ian mack

    Love this track, you can really hear how they loved Cream. that riff before the vocals comes in sounds just like live Cream.

  30. Lawrence Scott

    Doors~ Black Sabbath~ Kiss~ Pearl Jam

  31. Deborah Alcock

    I always wonder if I've been to this house before. Somehow I think I have.

  32. crabtrap

    everything about this album is understated, dark and perfectly balanced. even the cover, the cover is the illustrated incarnation of EXACTLY what is on the record in mood and feel.

  33. crabtrap

    every guy in this band is EXACTLY where they needed to be to compose this masterpeice. ozzy's unpolished voice fits like a glove. Dio being just the oppsite with his power operetic style also made exellent fit with new sabbath. i think that is testiment to Tony, Geezer and Bill's great compositions.

  34. Jordan Spurr

    a timeless track, one of the original sabbath anthems

  35. skinless brute

    you can enjoy this without screwing your brain cells up with that lettuce.

  36. Sergej Miladinovic

    These guys are definitely going places, that vocalists has a very unique style

  37. Lawrence Aransas Pass TX

    In the 1970-71 school year, I was in the 8th grade. One day this kid named Steve, that had been a friend since Elementary, stuck an album in my hand and said, "You NEED to listen to this. It's my oldest brother's, don't tell him." I listened to it, alright! About 200 times, it seems like, until I returned it. Now, I'm 62 and I STILL listen to all of the albums of Black Sabbath released between '70 and '78. Finally saw them on the 'NEVER SAY DIE' tour in November of '78 and saw Ozzy's tour in 1996. The music that they put out during the '70s, has held up very well and still sounds great. I never pigeonholed their music as being Satanic, but more like the struggling forces of Good and Evil, and belief in God vs. Religious tyranny. The subject matter in their songs addressed the Vietnam War, drugs and addiction, mental illness and other things that made some people slightly uneasy during the '70s. When I first started listening to Sabbath, it was as refreshing as when I got the first Stooges album in 1969. After having been through years of Peace, Love and Flowers, finally, songs that were about reality. One reality of 2019, the lack of talent and the adoration of so called 'musical personalities' no longer being able to put coherent thoughts about subject matter into the form of lyrics put to musical notes beyond the mental level of a shriveled radish. (And then there are the ones who buy the results, and aren't smart enough to be embarrassed that they actually listen to these rectal releases). Thank goodness for the recordings, videos and YouTube, proof that REALLY GREAT bands and musicians really did exist! Rock on. 🎸🤘😝

  38. Occult Gibbet

    And now open the gates of the Nihilist revelation...


    For those who have the courage to walk into the realm of acceptance, the illusion of superiority over others (beings) erodes. No longer the apex of creation, we need to find our place in the web of life.

    Industrial civilization has failed.
    I would like to say thank you, for the industrialization of the natural world. Forcing the free-living into servitude and or poverty, justifying your oppression with one statement, that the primitives failed to assimilate - genocide is not a conqueror but an admittance to the institution of lies, the fondation of western industrial civilization - creating a hell for domesticated animals and all other beings, i thank you for planetary degradation - Thank you Civilized Man for your last and final gift!

    Industrial civilization is an existential threat!
    The Anthropocene is upon us, next comes "The Sixth Mass Extinction"...
    - Lawl !

  40. amr albathani

    jazz metal

  41. Victory Ishere

    lads n gents..the god of riffs himself.

  42. edson rogerio marques

    refugiado ou manipulado? comunismo,

  43. AlexSolomon

    Only 30 and still glad this is the first song i learnt on the guitar

    The Count



    @The Count i learnt it when i was 13 bit still one of my faves to play

  44. Valeriy Blinov

    Super Legends!!!!

  45. RagingBear

    The match that started the nuclear bomb

  46. Goof Ball

    Tony is playing a strat on this track

    Dragging Canoe

    Nope, hes playing his SG

  47. Sal Sifuentes

    FUCKING Bad Ass!!!!🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘Long Live SABBATH!!!!👹👹

  48. David Wood

    I’m sitting here watching a documentary on The Doors and I heard them playing Wild Child. The riff is exactly the same as wicked world and it blew my mind.

  49. Michael D Miller

    Its worse than I imagined ever

  50. D H

    The ozzman says this album cost $400.00 to make in 69-70 , Jesus how many lp's 8-tracks , cassette's and CD's I have worn out over the years of this masterpiece !

    Frank Discussion

    In the mid eighties, the big record-label budgeted entry-level acts like Ratt, Warrant, Slaughter, Tesla, Twisted Sister, Quiet Riot, etc. averaged around 80K to 100K for their first albums. Anything over that and people started getting fired.


    love this amazing album!

  52. amr albathani

    Best jazz fusion

  53. Daniel Rivera

    What's the lyrics!! What's the lyrics!!

  54. hunter lewis

    Pretty sure this song was their first song. Fucking awesome.

  55. Louis Csanko

    MR. TONY IOMMI\,,,/ MR.OSBOURNE\,,,/ MR. WARD\,,,/ MR. BUTLER\,,,/

  56. Metal Marshmellow

    You guys know there's cover of this song from Skinless!?😂

  57. RedElephantStampede

    Damn Tony hooked up with Lita Ford. How the fuck did he fuck that up?

  58. PoweredByDarkness

    Prog-like drums in this one, amazing.

  59. drfenderfunk

    The only Black Sabbath song where Ozzy sounds just like Robert Plant in certain places.

  60. ELG0RD0

    I never hear this song before, but i have the album. ¿Why?

    The Count

    Could be because of the region you're from, I believe this song is only on the north american release. Which also omitted Evil Woman in favor of the track.

  61. The Fare Player

    Happy 49th!

  62. Adam Wisniewski

    "Cypress Hill - I ain't going out like that" brought me here. \,,/, In addition to my love of metal otherwise.

  63. Dan Jameson

    Bill Ward is my favorite musician in this group

  64. Brad Bowman

    I'll be 50 in may...was raised by this music...still the the it .man

  65. Valeriy Blinov

    Super Legends!!! Great!!!

  66. BlackRiot_07

    -You can't play metal with single coil pickups! (Tony Iommi laughing himself)


    Unless you're Ritchie Blackmore.

  67. Ed Ochoa

    who da fuck is in the cover?

  68. Loretta Santos

    in one hundred years Black Sabbath will be relavent.....too much peace equals Zardoz ......unfortunately. ....can't win without balance ....can't lose without balance?.... Patrick

  69. Petter V

    That intro is basically jazz with rock instruments holy shit

  70. leo lee

    Budgie was better

  71. TheBaconDinosaur

    Imagine a Thrash cover of this

    The Count probably as close as we'll get.

  72. TheBorys

    This song is AMAZING!!!

  73. Humzah J.

    Wild child, full of grace, savior of the human race ..

  74. john rossini

    first album the best

  75. Ned D.

    Bill Ward could've easily been a jazz drummer.

    Dragging Canoe

    I mean, that's how he started playing was jazz.

    Jim Nacey

    bill ward is fucking the baddest mofo to date

    Jorge Luis Corday d'Armont

    So, what's he playing?

  76. Paul McGahuey

    Can you all be able to call out love for wicked man?

  77. Chase Tams

    Ozzman thou hath made me a believer

  78. D Wnright

    Perhaps the greatest album of all time.

  79. Armand Di Meo

    This album is going on 50 years old and I never paid a lot of attention to it till now. I heard "The Wizard" the other day on the radio. This prompted to check this album out further. I was always put off by Black Sabbath because of the alleged satanism, which as it turns out is not true, as well as a general bias agsinst "heavy metal ." I am amazed by their muscianship. Bill Ward and Tony Iommi are especially brilliant, They are somewhat reminiscent of Clapton and Ginger Baker. There is also a definite jazz and blue influence at least on this album. This album is one of the greatest rock albums of all time and has stood the test of time.

    Sam W

    I pity you if you lack the ability to distinguish between the artist and his art

    John Delmos

    thats funny you mentioned Cream, cuz i was listening to them a couple hours ago.

    John Delmos

    Because they were very good.

    El topo Brujo

    John Delmos could also be the YouTube algorithm,we are listening to the same kind of music (psychedelic rock and heavy shit from this era) and it's suggested,whichever it's quite nice (wicked world,white room and and the address by deep purple to say some good picks)

    Henrique Montalvão

    Whoever says that sabbath is satanic probably never listened to master of reality.

  80. Big0tips01

    Skinless- wicked world. Thought it sounded like black sabbath took me 1 year to find out it was a cover

  81. Dread Man

    F*CK WHAT ANY OF YOU HAVE TO SAY. SHUT THE F*CK UP AND JUST the music.. IF YOU'RE READING THIS SH*T, that's the problem. WHO CARES!!! Listen to the music, and ignore the voice inside your head. It really is that F*CKING SIMPLE.

  82. Angela Gutu

    Only genius musicians are able to compose such a technical song!!!!!

  83. a t

    This song is like a witch laughing, dancing, flying in the sky.

    The Count

    I support that imagery.


    whizzing fireballs done on the hedonistic public while kackling!

  84. Emanuele Mazzoni

    This album is a masterpiece.

  85. Gerrit Gerrit

    Anorilous if you read this?, i love u #nohomo

  86. Frankincensed

    I know a little Yeah, I know a little, I know a little about love, Baby I can guess the rest

  87. Ilona Vinck

    Sounds like wild child (the doors) on the verse

  88. Julian Adams

    Am i the onky one who hears some Foxey Lady in that riff??

  89. Sabbra Cadabra

    first song wrote

  90. Thetrucky69


  91. Wedson Santos

    gezzer botando pra fuder no baixo

  92. Ziggyzag Zi

    HEAvy PRog Metal

  93. Baron Saturday

    This is some wicked $hit.

  94. George Shara