Black Sabbath - Virtual Death Lyrics

Reach out and take for me, fruit of the poison
Give me your body and your soul.
My youth is fading fast, years melt into the past,
This mortal life will take it's toll.

I'm sick and tired of losing, you find this so
It's all I have to keep myself in this state I'm in.

This park of natures fire, my only one desire,
This world is hanging by a thread.

I'm sick and tired of losing, you find this so
It's all I have to keep myself in this state I'm in.

People always tried to change me, alter everything
I am,
Though you find this so amusing, you left me in
This state I'm in.
Virtual death

You may think this existence, is just a human
Inside my mind it's near the end.
Virtual death

I'm losing, I'm fading fast. I'm dying, virtual death.

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Black Sabbath Virtual Death Comments
  1. Manny Badabing

    My favorite Martin era Sabbath album. Heavy,, doomy, killer.

  2. M.Mustafa Koyuncu

    tony martin deserves much more mentioning

  3. Steve Giles

    Best non ozzy or dio sabbath cd ever.

  4. Roberto Ricci

    Such an underrated tune from Sabbath. This could be a AIC song from the Dirt/Tripod era. Yeah Jerry Cantrell always cited Sabbath as a huge influence but I think Iommi loves AIC too and made a clear tribute to them with this song. Nothing wrong with that. Even Motorhead paid a homage to younger bands like the Sex Pistols and Metallica.

  5. Manny Badabing

    Iommi invented the slow doom riff. He is the true metal god.

  6. BOX MAN

    This reminds me of "The devil you know" and "13" And I like both of those albums so it's all good :)

  7. King Aragon

    i care to pray till i sweat

  8. Manny Badabing

    Iommi and Butler are the gods of doom.

  9. Grandmastergav86

    Love it

  10. Lucas Santos

    Born again is the worst Black Sabbath album they said

    Harlzen Berg

    Forbidden is the worst one by far.

  11. Dom Russo

    Between this and Headless Cross were the 2 best ones with Tony Martin. Eternal Idol was on the okay scale.

  12. Jason G. Clauß

    What makes this song so cool is that it borrows heavily from Alice In Chains whose style borrowed heavily from Black Sabbath. I love when that happens.

    The same thing happened when Judas Priest recorded Jugulator which not only used Slayer-style riffs but KK and Glenn even took on the roles of King and Hanneman. Better still, Slayer's "Disciple" clearly was inspired by Priest's "Bullet Train" so they flipped places yet again. That's what art is about.

    Jason G. Clauß

    Oh, and when Tony harmonizes with himself, he really sounds more like Jerry Cantrell than Layne Staley.

  13. Jel Gon


    Manny Badabing

    But without Sabbath there is no AIC, Soundgarden, etc. Sabbath invented this sound.

  14. 864gel8

    well, this of the heavier stuff from band......and one of the riffs that should not be forgotten,,,,so the vocals toooooooo.........masterpiece.......

  15. MrRictusGrin

    Martin never received the acclaim or respect he deserved and comparing him to Ozzy or Dio is just goofy because they're all good
    This album is my favorite TM era Sabbath effort

  16. Daniel Calamatta

    the distinctive Sabbath riffs - love them!

  17. Mez Hossain

    hey black sabbath, alice in chains called. they want their vocal harmonies back.

    Luciano Roberto

    +Mez Hossain Hey, brother. Tell them that Tony Iommi called back and said that Alice In Chains has to be born 100 times to achieve 0,0001% of what Black Sabbath possesses.


    +Mez Hossain Hey! Learn about Music, and never ever compare Sabbath to WHAT BAND SO EVER pls. <3

    Todd Fisher

    Obviously you don't know your Sabbath. AIC adapted to BS style.

    D Bammstein

    Fuck Alice in Chains

    Todd Fisher

    Fuck you!!!!!

  18. Chad du Messie

    VD rules.

  19. Chad du Messie

    tony martin,no.ion no.CHRIST YES.

  20. Stenio.

    este som é para os outros que arruinaram minha vida e me chamam de desgraçado....

  21. MeatWisdom

    Tony Martin sounds almost identical to Layne Staley in this one.  Good stuff.


    @MeatWisdom I always thought it sounded like it could be an AIC song.


    So I'm not the only one to hear AIC here.

  22. Robert Rudd

    We're fadding fast or pudding in 5

  23. Robert Rudd

    virtualy me

  24. Robert Rudd

    this is my from scepter day's