Black Sabbath - The Writ Lyrics

The way I feel is the way I am
I wish I'd walked before I started to run to you
Just to you

What kind of people do you think we are?
Another joker who's a rock and roll star for you
Just for you

The hateful image of another man
The endless ocean of emotion I swam for you
Yeah for you

The shock troopers laying down on the floor
I wish they’d fallen into my private war with you
Yeah with you

Are you devil, are you man
You’ve changed a lot since you began
Yeah began

Ladies digging gold from you
Will they still dig now you're through
Yeah you're through

You bought and sold me with your lying words
The voices in the dark that you never heard came true
Yeah came true

Your fallen phallic god dismembered and gone
A poison father with his poisonous son, that’s you
Yeah that's you

I beg you please don't let it get any worse
The anger I once had has turned to a curse on you
Yeah curse you

All of the promises that never came true
You're gonna get what is coming to you, that's true
Ah, that's true

Are you Satan, are you man?
You've changed a lot since it began
It began

Vultures sucking gold from you
Will they still suck now you're through

Cats, rats

The search is on, so you just better run
And find yourself another way
Rob the dead, they don't feel a thing
Leave the living for another day

Rats, rats

You are nonentity, you have no destiny
You are a figment of a thing unknown
A mental picture of a stolen soul
The fornication of your golden throne

A smiling face, it means the world to me
So tired of sadness and of misery

My life it started some time ago
Where it will end, I don't know
I thought I was so good
I thought I was smart
I feel my world is torn apart

But everything is gonna work out fine
If it don't I think I'll lose my mind

I know, I know, I know, yeah yeah I know
Listen to me while I sing this song
You might just think the words are wrong
Too many people advising me
But they don't know what my eyes see

But everything is gonna work out fine
If it don't I feel I'll blow my mind

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Black Sabbath The Writ Comments
  1. Brian Torreano


  2. Devin Lorenger

    Love this song and the Sabotage album. Great writing and Ozzy's vocals were amazing! Not sure why Sab fans never embraced this album. I think it's up there with the best of them. IMHO. So glad they didn't cut out the old timey song in the trail-out. Blow on a jug?? Freakin' brilliance start to finish!

  3. Matthew S

    Rock and roll stars for you.....

  4. Jachob Silversmith

    " !! LONG LIVE ROCKK & ROLLL !! " 🤘🤘🤘😤

  5. Dennis Z \m/


  6. Dennis Z \m/

    It never gets old

  7. Los brakon'eros

    Los sharabadosss

  8. Jeffrey Carpenter

    When I listen to BLACK SABBATH so do the neighbors.

  9. Terry Tyler

    Year of the METAL RAT Jan 25 2020 are you ready?


    The symptom of the universe is written in your eyes.

  11. ill76 Mao

    To all the Birdbrains commenting it reminds me of so and so... and so on..,. SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  12. Nico Guarini

    Not just the heaviest band ever, but also one the fuckin catchiest of songwriters!!!

  13. sorel edwin suarez

    I love the previous Sabbath albums.
    This one I could pass.

  14. paul hickie

    So much passion and anger Ozzy you rock 🤘😎🤘😎🤘😎.

  15. Scott Mihalut

    2 Star Blaster 77 same place I found the awesome album

  16. Matthew S

    I question the accuracy of these lyrics. A few of them seem off although it is largely acceptable.

  17. Petri Rantanen

    Ozzy peaking on this album!

  18. Mr. White

    Sabbath respects the elements

  19. Ethan Bradley

    Sabbath didn't have a bunch of love ballads. But they sure had plenty about a multi-dimension entity that influences art.

  20. Stephanie Mathusa

    A smiling face is the world to me

  21. Scott Mihalut

    I remember buying this album when I was 15 years old I'm 57 now and I still listen to it it never gets old

  22. mm2200

    Blow on a jug?

  23. Lukas

    4:30 - 4:45 ... 7:26 - 8:06 i love this part

  24. Peter

    The Writ is one of the few songs where Ozzy penned the lyrics, not Geezer. It is about t. Their frustration with all the legal hassle related to their former manager Roger Bain who more or less robbed them blind. They were superstars but were forced to constant touring in order not to go bankrupt

  25. Uncle Ruckus

    One of the best albums of all time one of the best songs ever still not ignoring the fact Ozzy is wearing stilts.

  26. Trail Blazing

    4:30 7:26 \m/

  27. Mike Hawthorne

    ... " but everything is gonna work out fine." - Yeah!

  28. Paulo Franca

    Algumas almas 🇧🇷 curtindo esse som agora bem doido dia 10 de Dezembro de 2019 antes que eu morra nesta porra de vida drogado

  29. MrRaymo88

    I love Ozzy.

  30. 415 O8

    Sabotage by the ex and jehovah worldly witnesses

  31. James McFadden

    At the 8:13 mark, can anyone make out the lyrics? It doesn't even sound like Ozzy! It's driving me nuts! I gotta know!!!


    Google - Black Sabbath - Blow on a Jug

  32. Felix Mejia

    7:27 holy shit! Tho

  33. Fender King

    Ozzy’s voice is amazing on this album

  34. Paul Byrne

    grew up with Sabs ion the 70's still my fave band 2019

  35. Phil Jones

    All these years later, I still jump when the initial riff kicks in. Bastards.

  36. A Blaylock 427

    just heard ozzy wrote these lyrics.

  37. Jaws Jaws Jaws

    Just understand that we are here. We labeled ourself rockers. Communication through connections

  38. HRRoach

    This is by far my all time favorite album. Notice how much influence Nazereth got from this... and everyone else too...

  39. Willy Wonka

    Blow on a jug, come on everybody, blow on a jug!

  40. farty mccrablice

    I thought I was so good...I thought I was smart.... I feel my world being torn apart...

  41. Sean O'Neill

    OZZY: stand in the corner, away as far from me as possible, you're minging sit your dumb ass down and shut it, sick of your BULLS^^T WILL wear those red tights now, shut the F^^K up and stop complaining


  42. J R

    wow this album still speaking the truth wrap in Rock...its an art

  43. Perfect Stranger

    *Brilliant album. Seminal. Epic. One of the heaviest albums I've ever heard*

  44. Sadman Hetfield

    First time who hear this song,surely he will feel it from heart and life

  45. Luc Vierbergen

    The first Sabbath album I ever listened to

  46. Michael Garner

    This album is peak never got

    better than this.

  47. Michael Bishop

    'You are nonentity, you have no destiny
    You are a victim of a thing unknown
    A mantle picture of a stolen soul
    A fornication of your golden throne"
    I always thought it was:
    "You are an entity, you have no destiny
    You are a figment of a thing unknown
    A mad fool figure of a stolen soul
    The fornication of the golden throne"

  48. Michael Bishop

    Sabotage. Best Album ever.

  49. James Barker

    Don't fuck this song

  50. Gary Smith

    Study the mirror.

  51. Leo B

    This epic was never played live WHY!? Because of this, this song is largely forgotten, along with other Sabbath classics that seem to have been forgotten by the band and never played live. It's a shame really. I mean, Metallica played all of their songs live, why not Sabbath?

  52. Jaws Jaws Jaws

    Why do I have the same mirror in my room that I’ve always bitch myself in. N just found out my favorite band did it first. Like going through a lot of weird shit in my life. I want to show ozzy the same mirror I’ve tripped in.

  53. Ian White

    A great track. I'm reminded of Alice Cooper's 'Only Women Bleed' though. Which came first I wonder? They're very similar musically.

    Leo B

    You mean the part starting 05:06 reminds you of that song, not the whole thing

    Ian White

    @Leo B Now you mention it, yes. Just those two sections in the 'coda'. Still kind of interesting though.

  54. NightCrawler775

    Black Sabbath forever! 🤘😈

  55. Fernando Cesar dos Santos

    Ozzy had some great vocals on this album

  56. Jaws Jaws Jaws

    These guys heads are in constellation

  57. Patricio Ortega

    Black sabbath is great banda of rock.

  58. Drew P Drawz

    Where Ozzy found vocal 'apotheosis'...

  59. Francis Kilmister

    Great album but worst artwork EVER

  60. Eric Wood

    All the lyrical passages on this album are highly intelligent, clever and personable!!!! This album is a masterpiece ❤️🙏

  61. gjmoore5757

    Best lyrics .so deep

  62. Jon Blackers

    introducing the devilbaby of Born Again

  63. Gene Smick

    To those that are wondering - this song is about their management at the time. They were getting ripped off and had enough of that nonsense! And yes, the OZ sounds freaking awesome here! But, don't compare him to any other singer...he has his own style.

  64. gerard sallows

    terrible album cover to a great album remember it well

  65. Tindurtiete Mudssirchant

    Geusthurtss awners never gavethiss father screwde inawl faussets gaines yours saidist uf church that eatsmiiye sickness ufadmirreal attractions an bleed inheads uf canisstirs that luvs uf nothiene you mite havit yet notethiss never even 1 triyde uss with everu life uf moms aginst miye liviene hands and shiyehead take. Forth underwaiste uss assafe caniflope and nevers aye daiye scene gear least umports uss family 1. But iyme thank you loss thiss mite you freaks uf desth staye out uf miye time in ranks iye tuff and sind seanorse miekesscorned. Iye never expecttid you awl woud turn on mie after holdiene your lifes insince iye came here yess thiss takes thie capes and note it shalt filtip atach at throats sour boiyne can nowe longer finde miye trust in even 1cuf thoze thar took extreme and total fitescevery monent in causte thaiye never imagined in mist are thieze uf promotid

  66. Tindurtiete Mudssirchant

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  67. Rod Austin

    This album I probably my favorite. So unique to the others

  68. Chris Moore

    Your lyrics suck.

  69. Christian Oliver

    I didnt know how to explain my family my fascination with this Album from Black Sabbath.. Almost 40 years after that moment I still don't know why I love this Album.. and can't explain my family as well How good is this music for


    Geeezus. Ozzy at his best.

  71. Pat G

    discovered this in 1980...

    "Too many people advising me, but they don't know what my eyes see..."

    that spoke to me, was written for me ...

  72. Tindurtiete Mudssirchant

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  73. Isaiah Mcdonell


  74. Luke L


  75. Uncle Justin

    I was into this way before GWAR but gwar brought me back.

  76. Bas Handels

    2:00 wah wah, wah wah... Does anyone else recognize Rage Against The Machine...?

  77. Gary Smith

    Did anyone else notice Bill Wards arm thing? What does it mean?!? I mean besides that his fortune is less. And the other guy is just sitting there. (wink!)

  78. paul morrison

    An absolute Banger of a track.

  79. mountain 66 hot wheels

    love this album . excellent sabbath .

  80. Kenny Burkett

    Favorite song by them. kidding all them are good

  81. Marcia N.

    "God knows as your Dog knows, Bog blast all of you!" LoL. And SHE is coming soon to put an end to pain, suffering and misery, so, until then, have faith, be kind, look busy and try to forget and unlearn everything that's been programmed into your brain, revert to relying on your common sense(s) and remember... "Do not take the Lord's name in vein. "

  82. Mark Harwood

    Blow on a jug? By all means do that. Jug band music will improve your life. Check out the Memphis Jug Band and go for it.

  83. Todd Royce

    Geez sabotaged the album cover

  84. David Stopford


  85. Assimonem

    Excellent lyrics-Dark.Thanks for the fill-in of the bits I knew not-I fuckin love this album, deep lyrics from Mr Geez the Butler-The writ has been served.The whole concept of this album is greatness.

  86. Tim Leachman

    There is no better than SABBATH!!!!!!!

  87. James Parker

    For 35 years I’ve pondered these incredible lyrics. Geezer who wrote them must have been aaaaaaa a bit upset at those record executives.

    Love the change of tempo at 3:37. This is my favorite deep track of theirs for 35 years.

    Touché Turtle

    It's about being fucked over by all the slimy bastards out there, selling their bullshit to impressionable minds. Theft. Fraud. Fake news...nothing has changed, it's got worse if anything...the lawyers lap it up & make it up as they go along...Just smile & enjoy the ride. Sabbath will always be with you.

  88. Leonard Piercy

    Not enough people are watching & liking Black Sabbath on YouTube. Miley the shallow talentless whore Cirus gets more views & likes. Quite disgraceful and frightening.

  89. NickH

    This album and Sabbath bloody Sabbath are masterpieces....they have so much depth and you can just feel the moss growing off of trips to another place.

  90. bob bobo

    Are you metal, are you man?

  91. Alex Giblin

    Sounds like pink floyd brain damage

  92. Serpos Porangatu 1

    O bom do black sababath são essas mudanças no som e até nas vozes que os fazem ser uma banda diferente que ninguem os conseguiu copiar.

  93. Dano Ecks

    reminds me off when I was a lil lad.....the only thing my pops ever did right.....thanks dad.

  94. Paul Burke

    i love Ozzy

  95. keith kelley

    Fuck you, Patrick Meehan!!

  96. Marcos Monteiro

    It seems yesterday .... we here in Brazil, in pre internet or pre-all times we had very little information from our bands and was in the city center of sao paulo when I came across the most beautiful or horrible cover, depends on the taste of a band that was used to those mysticisms, crosses etc ... The emotion lasts until today and Sabbath changed my life and still in my heart to this day .... in 2019 and forever SABOTAGE

  97. Jhorman Vásquez Gordillo

    Siento intriga por esa cancion al final de la canción
    Es rara . Si alguien sabe algo acerca de la cancion por favor digame

  98. dave horner

    amazing ii love black sabbath