Black Sabbath - Sleeping Village/A Bit Of Finger Lyrics

Red sun rising in the sky
Sleeping village, cockerels cry
Soft breeze blowing in the trees
peace of mind, feel at ease

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Black Sabbath Sleeping Village/A Bit Of Finger Comments
  1. James Kennedy

    God is great!!!

  2. Barely Passersby

    I have never listened to a Black Sabbath before. I read the comments here and some people say certain songs in the video title are not actually here and I don't know what is what because I only just started listening. Can someone explain with timestamps what song is what here? I'm embarrassed I never listened to them before no one told me it was like this, between the TV show with his family and hearing Crazy Train at sporting events I never gave it much thought or regret. I downloaded a live show from Switzerland I believe 1970, looking forward to hearing that too. Thanks in advance, kind music fan.

  3. Grand Funk

    Music mind spirit & soul. I sold my soul for rock & roll.

  4. João Paulo Macedo

    Apocalypse's soundtrack

  5. Steve Edwards

    Happy 50th Birthday. xx

  6. rodney wolfe

    This is bad ass.

  7. Phil Gioldasis

    i wanna hear my melancholy BaBy



  9. Vittorio

    when the music has no time. this album is proof of that. 50 years old and it's bloody current. absolute masterpiece. thank you

  10. Intuitus Mysticus


  11. ricardo correa

    my gram could understand any of these kind of music wich I heard outloud in my room but within time she understood what we were 4!

  12. Ronnie Jay

    nice sequence!

  13. Paul Greenway

    As Ozzy would say.. it's a f£*&*6g classic!

  14. static3d

    The greatest piece of rock music ever made. I'm a lifer Floyd fan, but this one takes it. Hands down.

  15. Patrick Leagas

    Just love the air and space in the recording and the drum sound !!! fantastic recording and for me the best album by BS. I had the vinyl back in the day.... were the tracks mixed & panned like this on the original ?-- or was it remixed/mastered for the CD version?

  16. James Kennedy

    Great fucking days.........

  17. James Kennedy

    Peace of mind/ feel at ease..............

  18. william leyva

    Background: Iommi lost the tips of his fretting hand fingers (middle and ring) on his last day on the job at a sheet metal plant on the eve of their tour. Notice his dexterity. He devised a solution: plastic and leather finger tip extensions. His innovation: switch from Fender Statocaster to the Gibson SG with heavier gauge strings and lower tuning along with modified "Laney" amplifiers. He turned a disability into the "heaviest sound on the planet" I have and still am a devoted "Sabbie"

  19. MR Doughnut

    This is just called Black Sabbath Sleeping Village/Warning

  20. Chommy Tong

    Drum God Fred

  21. Chommy Tong

    Love Ozzys voice .

  22. ShootBillybob

    This bar is for truck drivers only!

  23. Azazel Acheron

    Heavy Metal drumming is based on the big bands...

  24. Ian Hinrichsen

    A bit of finger?

  25. Sepher Agon

    246 people obviously don't have no taste in music. I slapped my son across the face when he said "Black Sabbath sucks" in front of my friends, in the living room. I mean c'mon, the little bastard (and he ain't little, trust me) gave me no choice, you don't disrespect your father in front of his friends, in his house! No one disrespects a man in his house, especially his own son! So I whopped him, that'll teach 'im. And he should know better, I try to teach 'im 'about music, on his 12th birthday I bought him a real record player and a Frank Sinatra disc, and what does he do, he stowes it under his bed! What a shame, what a shame. I tell you this young generation they don't have no sense at all. Just look at 'em, just look at 'em, who the hell wears pants that look like they just shat in them? That's how those stupid Justin Biber pants look like with the crotch down by the knees. I remember when they wore them hanging down with their ass showing, I understand, it's a gay thing, they wanna show their ass to let the gays know that their ready for them, but now they wanna tell the world they just shat their pants?! WTF?? What is this world coming too? When I was growing up we would have been embarrassed to let anyone know we had an accident, and now they wanna scream to the world - hey world, look at me, I just shat my pants. Okay okay, us adults we get it, it's a coming out thing, they want to let the world know they're not ashamed of anything. But to shit your pants and brag about it, that crosses the line in my book. That's the problem right there, the kids today have no shame, this is how they teach 'em. But also the kids today are so dumb they don't just know any better, I don't know what the hell happened, maybe it's something in the food, or the water, because everyone's gotten dumber, even grown men too. I see grown men wearing pants like that too! Damn shame, damn shame, that's for sure. Just a bunch of mindless followers, grown men following stupid ass kids. If you can't think for yourself to know what it looks like and gonna follow a stupid kids' fad than there's no hope for you. Just one thing, you're not coming in my house wearing those pants. I'll make you take 'em off or I'll make you turn around, 'cause if I catch you in my house seating in those pants ... well I'll just say this - someone's going to have to call the police, and it ain't gonna be me, that's right, it won't be pretty, it won't be pretty at all I can tell you that much. And the music they listen to, I said I bought my son a Frank Sinatra record and a record player, I tried to teach 'im about real music, I tried to get 'im to listen to it on vinyl, and what does he do, he puts it under his bed and listens to some motherfucker named Billie Illish on his God damned phone! Can you believe that? First of all can somebody tell me, who, or what, the hell is that thing - Billie Illish? Is it a boy or a girl? I mean these days you can't tell, and this generation's is screwed up for sure, they don't even know if they are boys or girls sometimes! How can that be, somebody tell me what the hell happened to the world? How can a boy not know he's a boy, or a girl she's a girl? Take a look down between your legs, what you got down there, is that a penis or a pussy, that don't tell you nothing?? That just proves my point, this is how stupid they are. If you don't know you're a man when you see a dick between your legs than you need help, you need help bad, you shouldn't be allowed with other kids, you're a fucking freak, I don't want your freaky ass going near my son or daughter, I don't want you freaking them out, that just ain't healthy, you're confused that's your problem just don't spread you stupid freak thinking to my kids. And I told my son - don't you ever bring one of those things to my house, 'cause I don't want to go to jail, I got normal kids that I love and I swear I will go to jail to protect them from this shit if I have to. And those things that don't know who they are they want to be called a they?! WTF?! They is plural, okay I understand you don't know who or what you are, but are there 2 of you?! So you don't even know how many of yous are, okay, I'll help you with that, I see only one, that's a singular, not plural, so you are not (a) they, you're an it you dumb motherfucker! That's why my son knows not to bring those things home or be friends with him, 'cause his normal hard working, blood in the face, American dad won't stand for any of this nonsense! If you bring it home I'll make it understand who it is, I'll teach it! Oh boy ... I better stop now, just these 246 up there, they got me started. This is something I take close to heart, I know reality and I don't stand for any of these games they play with kids' minds these days, if I didn't have kids maybe it'd be different, but I do and like I said, I'll go to jail to protect mine!

  26. Danny Schwartz

    I wonder if Jimi Hendrix ever listened to this. I’d hope so

  27. Anonymous IRL

    i feel like a boomer listening to this but it beats out most if not all of the stuff they put on the radio these days .

  28. Joe Sabella

    Lady Gaga blows these clowns away

  29. Ozzman Osgood

    Wicked World's not on this cut.

  30. aaron19840904

    i love bill ward. he is friggin amazing!!

  31. Randy Maloney

    Great stuff but never heard wicked world

  32. Junio Ozorio Siva

    A obra - prima do black sabbath, meio século de pura energia, nunca foram tão atuais

  33. Tosa

    Imagine the band presenting this to EMI publishing as their maiden album with only ONE song, broken into sub-categories. Take it or leave it. There she is.

  34. Karina Guzman

    dylan esquivel

  35. Karina Guzman

    it fine

  36. Syd Barrett

    First album I ever bought in 1982. NO ONE at my school besides me and my friends were listening to Black Sabbath in the early 80's. Everybody else was listening to Kajagoogoo and we were jamming to The Wizard. We loved to smoke some and then crank this up!

  37. Dave C

    Time to chill and hit the pipe for this😳😳😳

  38. windridr66

    I've always been a Sabbath fan, but I've been immersing myself in it, lately.

  39. BIGGUNS57

    Want to push some weight working out play this!

  40. David Sackalosay

    saw them live in Baltimore in the early 70s

  41. Murray’s Dot com

    Fucking tune,

  42. ShawdowsAndDust

    Black Sabbath - Warning : perfect music to play loudly in my '72 Monte Carlo.

  43. eye see !

    I don't know about anyone else but today I put head phones on zone out THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN LIKE A TIME MACHINE I'M BACK TO BANGING ON MY CASSETTE PLAYER stuffing match box covers in it to here it all play

  44. Linam Kerotany

    osbourne ,dio the absolute classic not even time-beaten voices of all eras.specal thanx and regards to bruce dickie

  45. PWH HWP

    So "A bit of finger" is just The beginning of 'sleeping village"?

  46. Inoshikacho Konoyaro Bakayaro

    I hate when this is split up on new versions of the album. This is 1 song, with movements, like classical IMO.

  47. Daniel Benitez

    Who the hell could dislike this? my god...

  48. Metallica 1

    I first heard this song high asf black sabbath 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  49. Gordon Bain

    I used Sabbath to teach logic electronics! Most of my classes were teenage boys into music so I played Sabbath and asked them how the lack of logic control created heavy metal? I started showing them the 'AND' gate and how Tony would have avoided losing his fingers if one of those had been fitted to the panel press he was asked to operate when a mate was off sick. So Metal was born in the heavy industries of Birmingham. Later that month I asked why one of my class was absent and the boys said he'd not be in as he had just come back from a Sabbath concert in Glasgow. I said 'they're on tour?'. They said 'where have you been sir? I said 'earning a wage teaching you lot!'. I got on the phone to my wife and she got 2 tickets for the final night of their final tour in was a life reaffirming evening. :)

  50. Lane Nordgren

    You either love sabbath or you're wrong.

  51. Monica Lewis

    Some people get the chills hearing the national anthem or maybe amazing grace..

    THIS is the music that gives me chills.
    It never gets old. It sounds so god damn good every single time ya listen to it

  52. James Kennedy

    Peace of mind feel at ease !!!!

  53. king leonidasberg the spartan heeb

    Can't wait for Justin Twinkboy Bieber to come out with a tribute to Sabbath album's "music", if you wanna call that shit garbage music, is just that...shit garbage. No talent, tone deaf douchebags with machines that make sounds that's it. All these rappers, hip hop fucknuts and wannabe rock stars suck ass...Sabbath forever.

  54. Michael Bishop

    The first truth-teller. We called Him God.

  55. Badbad Manly

    Saw them, 70 or 71, first tour of US. I was so young, didn’t know. Hell or a show.

  56. Kent Duggan


  57. 07blackdog

    I asked my 20 year old son a rhetorical question: " What genre would you put Sabbath in"? His answer: " Sabbath". Correct!

  58. Ricky Fever


  59. hunter baw

    The birth of heavy metal. That generation passed the torch and you guys blew it out so shut the fuck up maggot genesis headbanging goof. Bird piece of shit goof

  60. hunter baw

    This isn't blues dummy, its heavy metal

    hunter baw

    No it didn't lol. Its morons like you that end up in the ER at parties

  61. Sloppy Jonuts

    Whole album smokes!

  62. Christopher Williams

    Anyone here, heading into 2020?? (November 11th, 2019) I can't be the Only one on an Ozzy/Sabbath binge, after Ozzy's newest and very honest single. Ozzy wanted to be a Beatle when he was young, but ended up a God...of course that's including The Sabs; Geezer, Bill and Tony. So, straight off your head and without looking, what is Led Zep's drummer's name? How about Sabbath? Exactly.

    Roberto Schunemann

    Christopher Williams the amazing and underrated Bill ward

  63. BirdzzZ On Day Flu

    Melodymaker called this album a really good Cream clone at the time... they were being dismissive but I completely agree with them cause sabbath took the psilocybin blues sound to the NEXT level

  64. William Baker

    Finest heavy rhythm section ever. Tony on lead and rhythm guitar, the master!

  65. Om Dot



    I feel so cool and casual

  67. Rat Man

    Cleaned a lot of lids on this album cover.

  68. Jordan Correll

    i guess this is just the mood for today..

  69. Alice D

    Epic..♥️ deep tune..

  70. Harry Clams

    Mary Had A Little Lamb brought me here !


    My favorite record...the perfect soundtrack of Autumn.

  72. Joe Sabella

    Guck your guidelines

  73. jackif60


  74. Badbad Manly

    They played my hometown on their first American tour, in 74. The second concert I ever saw at fourteen. Almost fifty years later, and...

  75. Vickie Wilder

    I had at least 6 albums of black sabbath as a teen I loved them, but I also loved the Glenn miller band namely the album major Glenn miller

  76. Lori Burns

    Frigin awesome !!!!

  77. Heim Dog

    Wow. Just fucking wow. I'm almost 50 and just heard for the first time.

  78. Gustavo Vargas

    Otro dé mis grupos preferidos, pura CAVILLA MY GENTE Que TRIPA! Uuuuuussssss ATTE: GUSSS Más NA

  79. Andy Ray

    Seen them 49 years ago at the east town Detroit two weeks befor my 15 the birthday

  80. Johnny Cache

    Recorded 50 years today! 🤘🏻🎸🎸🥁🎤🔊🇬🇧


    People always give Tony the credit but listen to Bill keeping up behind him in that solo he is fucking jamming🤘

  82. Firetubo

    all I hear is Geezer

  83. michael holmes

    remember this was played live apart from a couple of overdubs . Made us Brummies proud boys.Dined out on this at the chippie for 50 years

  84. David Gammon

    Along with Led Zeppelin's debut, this is one of the best

  85. Luke Johnson

    Dow Dow yauw , common Tony OZZIE is not like he usually is like in NIB he is singing all over the place. 🤟🎤🎸🎥💿 Weed was not an emoji.

  86. Luke Johnson


  87. Mirabify

    It's October, time to listen to some Sabbath.!

  88. Fongolitus

    writers: Dunbar, 'Brox' Hickling, Moreshead, Dmochowski

  89. Martin Bachleda

    They are all still where!

  90. Richard Taylor

    Hands down the best they did and one of the best albums in R+R history

  91. Brian Shupe

    simply brilliant

  92. Chuck Spaeth

    I wore this 8 track out in my '73 Capri.... Awesome times...

  93. Tony Di Paolo

    3:49 where shit gets perfect for a nice big toke

  94. James Mcdonough


  95. James Kennedy

    Cause there's Iron in my heart......

  96. James Kennedy

    Sorrow grips my voice/ as I stand here all alone.

  97. Jack Groller

    And on the 8th day.......GOD made Tony Iommi!!!

  98. redredbloodwine

    Hilarious: The credit above says Warning was written by Green Day.