Black Sabbath - Gypsy Lyrics

Watching the universe at the end of another day
Fatalistic ships form a distant shore
In the back of my mind I could see she was standing there
Like the feeling you have
When you've been there before

She was a gypsy woman
She was as cold as the day, yeah
She said I'd got it coming
And then she took me away, yeah

She took me through the shadows of her sunken dream
I thought it's over me, she wasn't all she seemed

She took my hand and then she started to speak
She told me she'd had the call
With eyes of fire that were burning my soul
She looked into her crystal ball
She read my fortune then she read my mind
She didn't like my thoughts at all

She showed me shadows, a spectre of life
My soul just wanted to scream
She stared so deeply into my eyes
That's when I fell into a dream
When I awoke in bed she lay beside me
And she read me with her eyes, she said

So you wanna be a gypsy, come on now
So you wanna be a gypsy, come on now, now, now

Gypsy woman you're the devil in drag
You are the queen of all hell
You took my body, now you're wasting my soul
You've got me under your spell
And as the sun shines on another day
You're gonna take my mind as well, it's over

So you wanna be a gypsy, come on now
So you wanna be a gypsy, come on now
So you wanna be a gypsy, come on now
So you wanna be a gypsy

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Black Sabbath Gypsy Comments
  1. 666kr

    Im 58 and this is the first time listening to this album.Its great! Its a cross between Ozzys solo music and Black Sabbaths sound in the 80s.Very classic rock!

  2. Sphinx 10

    Great tune im in space from the sid

  3. windridr66

    Oh hell yes. My favorite on this album.

  4. George Pistikos

    One of the best Lps ever!!!

  5. Marcelo Ortega

    What a great guitar riff

  6. Juan David Arias

    There are 30 chaste people who don't like this topic.
     black sabbath rules !!!

  7. Juan David Arias

    Hay 30 personas casposas que no les gusta este tema , jajajaja
    Black sabbath rules!!!

  8. Marcos Monteiro

    who loves this cover?

  9. Michal Majsiewicz

    Sabath najlepszy zespol hard rockowy w historii .Zepplin to plagiaty

  10. Richard Bexborn

    The sad is that this song is a gem - one of Sabbath's best - but it is hidden in a real turd of an album. I don't know what they hell they were thinking when they released this. According to Tony they were just so high on coke and fame that they didn't give a shit. But this song is awesome!

  11. Wolfen567

    Takes me back to Basic Training & AIT in Ft Sill. OK. We Listened to this album after the Super Bowl Minnesota Vikings vs Oakland Raiders in Lawton, OK for 2 days.

  12. Gary Oesterle



    Masterpiece Mr.Ward

  14. Patrick Linden

    I am stunned, this is actually great! It's one of the albums you never noticed.

  15. Rob Mars

    Great song live in 1976.

  16. Sotis175

    3:42 Love this part

  17. Dimitri.Safronov

    One of the best Sabbath songs!

  18. László Levente Kis

    LOL Sounds like Deep Purple

    Michelle Villicano

    Listen to Ronnie James Dio. He is so much more professional and artistic. He is a better performer. A lot more energy. Maybe cause he is usually sober.

  19. David Aughey

    Best track on a poor lp

  20. serious browser

    Way underrated sabbath tune!!

  21. FEAR-VIVIVI Manson

    i am the 900th like

  22. Gerald Jaramillo

    This is one of my favorite songs with Ozzy on vocals from either Black Sabbath or Ozzy.

  23. Patrick McLeod

    **Ugh.... It was a fortunate thing that Ozzy left after their final 2 albums in the 70s. As Tony said, they were burnt out, unmotivated and bored to tears. They were almost ready to disband. But then they fired Ozzy, which turned EVERYONE'S fortunes around, and everyone began producing great music again, only separately! That split gave us all the Ozzy solo music, the 2 great Dio-era Sabbath albums, and helped usher in Dio to heavy metal, resulting in his solo career as well! These last 2 Sabbath albums were somewhat sucky(even according to the band members). but that ended up being a good thing!**

  24. odudi

    Iommi's lead work in this song is alsome, so much emotion.

  25. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Padora box.

  26. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Have you ever asked the moon about Kronos?

    Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    The Kokomo we care Hope doll.

    Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Joseph Stalin and his Daughter hope.

  27. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    My soul well I survive just fine then Without one to worrie about, the name of the game is the children.

    Thomas Dittemer

    One night I awoke in bed and she layed beside me... that's a nightmare, whew!

  28. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Ok, Let's say I did come from the future. Was sent here to make sure my own birth took place, been waiting here for Many of years, had kids of my own, now I understand that Only one of us can survive, but what about my children, and there's?

  29. Michal Majsiewicz

    Sabbath its fenomen


    would have been an amazing Sabbath song had they stopped after the first part kind of takes a ridiculous turn and never comes back after that

    Lauro Levandowski

    Ridiculous kkkk

  31. John Crawford

    I lived on this shit when I was a teenager, wore the grooves out on it learning to play the drums!!

  32. Bernhard Herrmann

    Superclass - as we fans know it about B S.! O:-) this band and many many others of U. K. - F O R E V E R !X!

  33. Joe Merolillo

    Sabbath.We rocked them thru our teenage years.Only true Sabbath fans know this Album!

  34. Pär Andersson

    Best song on the album, masterpiece!

    Ahmet Polat

    "you won't change me", in my opinion

  35. Kameron Bowers

    Now that's 70s as fuck. 😮

  36. Terry Koogler

    Classic all time great Sabbath album

  37. senicegy

    Great song.

  38. Joe Merolillo

    Lets keep it alive if you remember please post!

  39. Joe Merolillo

    So you want be a Gypsy

  40. Joe Merolillo

    Sabbath on Vinyal or tape ! This is a great album.We loved it back in the early 80's.I miss this stuff!

  41. Rickard T

    The best song from Technical Ecstasy

  42. Bitopan Das

    Forget ratings, the music is awesome and well thought.

  43. Tamara Shalosky


  44. coloradodesantamaria

    Bill Ward is king!

  45. MissDragonByt

    The only song that sounds so cheesy from studio, yet full of balls live that i can think of!

    T Dunph

    @ MissDragonByt  Cheesy how? I think almost all true Sabbath fans would agree that the studio version is pretty good.

  46. Hadenuf p

    Underrated awesome album!!

  47. Larry Legendary


  48. Gio Gionist

    Song about a woman(people) they are origin from Rajasthan! Love it.

  49. Gio Gionist

    Ac/dc has ripped off the intro for their song love hungry man.

    Kennedy Crevoiserat

    Dont slander bon like that

  50. Jose Gomez

    I like Ozzy Osbourne, he sounds a lot like Roy Wood from The Move/Electric Light Orchestra.

    Alison Eckiwaudah

    Wow he sure does

  51. I like to watch

    I love that little break at the (2:40) mark where Ozzy songs "And she read me with her eyes, she said" and you would expect Tony's solo begin at "said," but instead he was waits half a beat and then comes in with his blistering solo...grabs me every time.

    Thomas Dittemer

    GYPSY WOMAN, YES, What imagination..! Only Sabbath can pull off music like this.

    Ahmet Polat

    yes Sabbath does it really good! there is such little break in "killing yourself to live" too, it makes me feel like jumping

  52. carlos eugenio

    another great masterpiece of Sabbath,Love all of they!

  53. Mike B

    This album is totally underrated, if it had been released under a different name than Black Sabbath, it would have been a huge hit.


    @Marcus Finch that's the prob with sabbath, all the early albums were way ahead of their time, even though their sound was from the dark times and meant for that time in birmingham, they're still relevant today. their influence can't be calculated, every album was underrated when you look at how they've shaped metal. fucked if i could a pick a favorite. i'd give you two different answers within 5 minutes. i never liked technical ecstatcy, at first, but it grew on me until i couldn't hear it enough. sabotage just blasted my brain open from the first note

    Bernhard Herrmann

    @MiLLsY666 , yeah, my old pal; SABOTAGE is a Wonder of musical Nature, it really is !!! O:-)

    Bernhard Herrmann

    @MiLLsY666 , yessssss, my old pal, SABOTAGE is a Wonder of musical Nature, it really is!! O:-)!! is: Symptom of the Universe ; that one is s o o o o brutal, but with a great soft ending ! :-)


    @Bernhard Herrmann brutal describes nearly every song on that album opeth and blind guardian must've been influenced by the way sabbath go from soft to full death, and even almost thrash metal without blinking

  54. Zepron

    I noticed Sabbath's last 2 albums in the 70's dont have that doom vibe like most of their first 6 albums


    Yup. But I dont mind. I'd have enjoyed it more had they continued but I also fear that they would have stagnated. Then you have the iron maiden problem where your music becomes boring. Not becauseit's bad. Book of souls fucking kills surprisingly for their 16th album. But it's hard to listen to because it sounds like they're treading their own beaten path. I respect artists for changing even when I dont like it over the alternative. Now many bands can take their sound and just continue to add more with every release (Death is a phenomenal example of this) to where their 1st and last album sound like different bands but listening in sequence you hear the change happen naturally

    Chonroy Vietnam

    They were burned out and had to do something else

    Lauro Levandowski

    They needed hits... rock'n'roll doctor, it's alright and kept the heavyprog stuff from sabotage.
    Sabotage is heavier but has am I going insane as a hit

  55. Thomas Castrovillo

    Ozzy sounds fucking awesome. His voice is so interesting and intense

  56. Thomas Castrovillo

    About my wife the lyrics, a power that can bring a man to ruin!!!!

    brian leblanc

    Strongest Drug I've Ever Done.......Pussy.....That Shit Will Fuck You Up


    be careful of gypsies

  57. James Shaffer

    One of their best LPs musically and lyrically. So freaking good.

  58. Gabriel Campos

    Kind of Rolling Stones isn't?


    This whole album is a conglomerate of everything 70s. You can hear them taking so many influences from this time and making them sabbath. Makes it a very poppy album and softer, but they still keep the same level of artistry.

    Bernhard Herrmann

    I can see n o resemblance!, @mate. Stones is mainly shitty pop-rock; B S is pure Hard R. ! O:-) don't get confused ;-)

  59. nofatbird

    The melody and the lyrics are so mysterious, almost hypnotizing

  60. William Cluck

    Love this album
    when never say die tanked then fired ozzy thought Sabbath was done , then , Dio heaven and Hell, Sweet , Plus Ozzy,s solo was Kick ass , Great times 1977/82
    and more

  61. Lee Andrew

    If this don't move ya nothing will!!!

  62. euro missiles

    very weird album but genial

  63. Mark Konzerowsky

    This song is a lot more Uriah Heep than Sabbath, but it's a good one.

  64. Necessary Evil

    Do you wanna Russell Nipsy?

  65. Fernando Escalona

    Underrated song, but a masterpiece

    Tomcio Paluch

    Goddamit yeah! Those Riffs are breaking my skull man!

  66. Bob Marriott

    one of my favorite drum parts

  67. 864gel8

    one of their unmortal signs,,,,,love,,,,,top of tops a masterpiece and most significant song in their opus,,,,,,,,,,

  68. roboliño schmidt

    Jon allie...

    R Star

    roboliño schmidt ❤️

    Chris Romero

    Circa its time

    demetrius Jennings

    I literally came here from that free dvd that came with my shoes years ago

  69. Doobie1975

    very underrated Sabbath track that rarely gets mentioned when it comes to their classic tunes.

    Andy Howard

    Hell the whole ALBUM is underrated, a shame really.

    Nicolas GOTTE

    every single Black Sabbath song is underrated these days. Every single one.

    Peter Hughes

    The solo is excellent very bluesy.


    Completely agree. This and "You won't change me".


    @Tomy shit yeah the more you listen to just about every song on this album the more intricate little bits you pick up bill wards drumming seems to subtly all the way through most songs, and they all seem to be really playing off each other in every song

  70. Rodri Monsalve


  71. Laszlo Horcher

    This song is marvellous and excellent! And I can crying for this song!

  72. james reinolds

    so wonderful track ,great solo of tony!

  73. yommi1970

    The music is awesome! Lyrics, just blow my mind!

    Gio Gionist

    About people who are origin from Rajasthan. Believe me!

  74. Rodrigo Soares

    From Sabbath Bloddy Sabbath on, they became a progressive rock band. Not a heavy metal band anymore.

    Thomas Castrovillo

    Rodrigo Soares awesome


    70's Sabbath IMO is mostly hard rock with a little metal here and there.

    Peter Hughes

    Trying to make more money. I dont like the sound but Iommi guitar is class. The melodramatic aspect is annoying.

    Bernhard Herrmann

    @Peter Hughes ,...well buddy, one need balls for BS music !

    Jeb Stuart

    From this comment on became the biggest douchenozzle on your entire block