Black Sabbath - Evil Eye Lyrics

Something about the way that you look on me,
You watch every move, every word, every fantasy,
Got no time for love, there's something on your mind,
Got the face of an angel but the stare of a devil inside.

Got hell looking up, heaven looking down,
People say the woman's got an evil eye.
Got hell looking up, heaven looking down,
Free me from the woman with the evil eye.

I turn away but still I see that evil stare,
Trapped inside my dreams I know you're there.
Thoughts of happiness you destroyed them all,
First inside my head, then inside my soul.

Got hell looking up, heaven looking down,
People say the woman's got an evil eye.
Got hell looking up, heaven looking down,
Free me from the woman with the evil eye.

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Black Sabbath Evil Eye Comments
  1. Paul Merritt

    If the Other Martin albums were like this one I would have liked them. This is a masterpiece. Nothing like the other Martin years albums. I wonder what made them improve so much.

  2. Brooklyn Volume

    If that's EVH I'll eat my shoes

  3. Manny Badabing

    The Italian Hand of Doom.......Siñore I señora......el Dios de la guitarra eléctrica y el metal pesado.

  4. Manny Badabing

    Gotta be Vinnie or Bobby on drums.

  5. Manny Badabing

    Eesh. That riff is EVIL.....😡💪🤘

  6. Adrian Cooke

    I use this as the ringtone on my mobile (seriously)

    John Balls

    Rock on Adrian!!

  7. andre Matos

    Riff created for eddie van halen

  8. Eduardo Carvalho

    Eddie Van Halen que compôs esse riff!

  9. augusto cezar nascimento pires

    Essa quem compôs riff foi Ed Van Halen

    Eduardo Carvalho

    Veio pelo Régis também? Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  10. Lauro Levandowski

    a mix of "a national acrobat" and "zero the hero" riffs

  11. Damien Thorn

    I can't wait to see humanity burn.

  12. Robo Bonanza

    everyone excited with tge solo at the beginning, personally i think the other 2 solos ate better

  13. Cy Jenkins

    Geezer rules the world!

  14. Vanei Pontes

    Great album / simply Fantástic 🎼🎵🎸😎👊

  15. Trommephilip Hopland Ravn

    What a fantastic guitar riff

  16. ludde sundström

    is it only me but are the guitar parts very simular to sabbath bloody sabbath

    Trommephilip Hopland Ravn

    I think it's more simular to "A National Acrobat"

  17. Okram Narendra

    Miss those days when I use to listen to Black Sabbath songs with my frens

  18. Lauro Levandowski

    partially taken from the national acrobat riff

  19. Robo Bonanza

    Tony Iommi should teach to black metal bands how to make an Evil Riff.

  20. TopJimmy2

    Sure sounds like Eddie on the opening and main solo.

    John Balls

    That's bc it is.

  21. Manny Badabing


  22. Manny Badabing

    And the Iommic continuity kept the name .... Black Sabbath alive.

  23. joshcomedy

    Definitely sounds like Eddie soloing in Tony's style.

  24. David Alzate

    ¡Qué riff tan triple hijueputa!

  25. Mak Metal

    Qué dupla hacen Iommy y Eddie Van Halen!!!!!

  26. captainflamson

    From Iommi's book Iron Man, it seems that Eddie did not write this song OR perform on it, VH were performing in Birmingham at the time Sabbath were rehearsing songs for Cross Purposes and Eddie wanted to come and jam. Tony picked him up, and they got Eddie one of his EBMM guitars at a local shop, they were rehearsing the song Evil Eye that day and Tony said they had a great time and Eddie played a great solo on it, but unfortunately they weren't recording the jam so it was lost.

  27. dvg1985

    So Fucking underrated, it's a sin!

  28. Jota3214

    Eddie Van Halen co-wrote this song. He mainly composed the solo and the first riff.

    Carl Friesen

    Co-writted? Lol


    @Carl Friesen Yeah, i fixed it. My english used to be really bad at that time lmfao. Compared to now.

  29. Deniz Albayrak


  30. Sarah Qanbar

    Its sad how good music was ! now it's 2017 and the music is basically fucked up

  31. Ian Bruesch

    Like #666!

  32. Damien Thorn

    This is the perfect song to follow Heaven and Hell, in other words, this song is a mother f ....r!

  33. Ruben De La Rosa

    Eddie and Tony Bliss

  34. Billy Cann

    Excellent intro! This pulses, when I run it through the lounge room bins.

  35. Hoss Cartwright

    Now this is an EYE I've had to wear this last 2 weeks. Hope, (know they have) seen me new fashion to point out my thoughts towards them!

  36. Agustin Saucedo

    Great Song... Geezer Rocks!!

  37. Drew P Drawz

    THE most ball-tearingest intro I ever heard! Huzzaaahhhhh!

  38. Sorin Nicolae Dananae


  39. Bucketbothead007

    This should've been a Tony Iommi solo project, not Black Sabbath. As a whole, this is better than Seventh Sign, The Eternal Idol & Forbidden mostly because of better production & Bobby Rondinelli. Geezer sounds good on some of this & Iommi is Iommi, but imo, this just doesn't do it for me as Black Sabbath. I prefer Headless Cross & Tyr to this, but even those two are more Iommi solo albums rather than Black Sabbath imo. Most of the Tony Martin era stuff is pretty much hard rock with a metal edge to some songs. I prefer metal sounding Sabbath, so l'll take any Ozzy/Dio era Sabbath over any of Tony's hard rock solo records.


    Don't listen to it then dude,...... nobody's forcing you,... just go back to your Ozzy and let those that appreciate great music listen to it in in peace,..... well not peace exactly, but Heavy Metal Heaven,..... ROCK ON!!


    I don't listen to it, & I don't care if I ever hear this album again, no big loss for me. As for this song, I've already heard this riff done better & with a better solo too, on 'Zero The Hero.' If you enjoy this, good for you.


    No Sweat Dude,..... personally I think Ozzys a whining tinny voiced little prick so I don't listen to his crap, but that's just my opinion,...... in the end it don't matter, its just a matter of choice,... the important thing is,..... we both love Metal, so yeh, ROCK ON!!.

  40. Rafael Leonhardt

    A única não-comercial deles (com tony martin)

  41. efilperpenfuhrer


  42. Drew P Drawz

    Sexy Metal.

  43. The Unhinged Gamer

    this is officially my favorite sabbath song

    Charudatta Munde

    Ever heard Iron Man?

    The Unhinged Gamer

    +ChaRudatTa MuNdE yes i have but imo i like this song more

    Billy Cann

    Thrill Of It All (Y)

    Sophie the robot

    A perfect song to follow Heaven and Hell.

    Saam Mehdizadeh

    fucking badass song

  44. JazzMan

    Very cool song, I like it. Especially that groovy bit with just the bass and the drums.

  45. Hitman1m1

    #BlackSabbath   RIFF MASTER  #TonyIommi  
    #HeavyMetalHitman     face book

  46. nick10162

    My dad had all the albums on cassettes of a lot of metal bands from iron maiden,Metallica, black sabbath, dio, overkill, megadeth, slayer, and Ozzy Osbourne. When i was young i used to go look at the cassettes and try to play them on the old tape player. It usually worked although nowadays i have them on Mobile i sometimes go and listen to them like retro style. You rarely find 16 yr olds that can work an old tape player sometimes i think that the newer generations are born less intelligent...

    Julien McLane

    @nick10162 I'm 16 years old, and I own a tape player and a few cassettes. ;)

    John Bonham

    @Julien McLane nice work, kid ;)

    Nintendo Psycho

    +nick10162 Yeah, most of them are stupid assholes who worship Justin Beiber.

  47. Luciano Roberto

    Masterpiece of Metal. Those who've complained and said shit on Evil Eye or Black Sabbath know nothing about good music.

    John Bonham

    @Ragnar Lothbroksson that's true, it's a pretty solid track indeed :)


    +Luciano Roberto Black Sabbath are the real GODS in heavy metal music,

    Henrique Ruchido

    Kkk vc aqui tb.. foda de mais essa aqui assim como todas outras

    Sophie the robot

    "Love can be seen as the answer, but nobody bleeds for the dancer. It goes on and on, on and on, it Heaven and Hell!"
    "I got Hell looking up. I got Heaven looking down. Free me from the power of the evil eye."


    Those that don't share my personal opinion know NOTHING about good music DURRRR. As a huge Sabbath fan, this song is commercial shit.

  48. Hawan Souza

    Tony Martin: melhor vocalista do Sabbath!

  49. Butter Shave

    Eddie really ripped it up on this one.

    Salad Volcano

    @Butter Shave That's an immediate page turner...

    Butter Shave

    Hell of a book. Clancy spins a good yarn.

    Joseph Hampel

    @Butter Shave Yeah Mr. ed Van Halen. Old pals from the '78 world tour!


    No, it isn't. Holland is a region and former province of The Netherlands. It is sometimes used as another name of The Netherlands.


    I sure hope you're being sarcastic. If not, somebody needs to teach you a lesson in Geography.

  50. The One Above All

    Eddie Van Halen co-wrote this one with them.

  51. Vincent H.

    This album is not great sorry Sabbath fans it has some good songs on it tho. Honestly "Headless Cross" was the peak of their work with Tony everything else is average in that time period.

    WhatDidYouSay 145

    @Ben Cross Yeah I found some of those @ Amazon and eBay. But I don't know, it seems ... Fishy.. I can't find someone near me, and trying to order it from a country further away increases the risk that I got scammed.

    Ben Cross

    hmmm atleast with amazon you can complain and they will ive you your money back, of it does turn out to be a scam, mine didn't

    WhatDidYouSay 145

    @Ben Cross Then I shall try it! Thank you!

    Ben Cross

    no problem

    Hawan Souza

    Headless Cross é o melhor na minha opinião.

  52. Joe Reilly


  53. jason russell

    I love tony martin area black sabbath. .

    Isaias Lima de Souza

    me too.........


    I think I visited that place one time...there was a big sign that said "Welcome to Tony Martin Area" and there was a large cemetery a few blocks down the road with a huge celtic cross.

  54. michael88863

    Martin era Sabbath is hands down the best



    Michael Black

    Worst era = Martin era sounds like a girl Martin has NO street cred

  55. Andreas Aristides

    one of their best song. period. and Martin fucking ROCKS!

  56. Shane

    If you people cant recognise Eddy Vanhalens guitar soloing you are deaf !! Those solo licks are all his signature riffs ! The only one he doesnt use is hammer-ons !

  57. Ratboy

    Eddie DID perform on this song! Tony played the riff and Eddie played the little solo parts. I just read it in Tony's autobiography

  58. Joseph Anthony Angel

    Eddie helped write the song, but did not perform on it.

  59. Joseph Anthony Angel

    Eddie helped write the song, but did not perform on it.

  60. MrDR7no

    what about 13?

    Grilledcheesus 83

    Its a thing what about it

  61. Gary Oyster Cult

    You can argue who the best vocalist is all you want but there is no question that the best Sabbath is with Ozzy and that Dio and Ian Gillan follow. If I was going to pick Sabbaths best actual "vocalist" I would choose Ian Gillan. If you really listen, the guy is amazing!

  62. ineedarealjob

    A lot of people rag on this record, but I actually love it. It has some really heavy licks on it, and no matter what anyone says - Tony Martin is a great singer.

  63. William Clark

    Tony Iommi said in an interview that Eddie did in fact play on this song. It was just a fun collaboration, the two of them are actually great friends. Van Halen opened for Sabbath back in the 80's, and the two of them bonded that way. Tony almost even produced the new Van Halen record, but our Iron Man was struck with Cancer and was battling that during =VH='s recording process.

  64. Vincent Randazzo

    Eddie was actually proven to not have anything with this album at all

  65. Vincent Randazzo

    IRS is still in existence, EMI revived the label in 2011; whether or not they hold rights to the Martin era enough to the point to remaster/reissue them idk

  66. ikill4klondikebars

    The entire Martin era catalog is out of print because during this period, the band was under the IRS label which is long since no longer in existence. Iommi owns the rights to the tracks but hasn't remastered them for release (at his own expense) yet.

  67. dare wolf mc crooger

    anything new in my blood can i get a free diognosis doc how much damege we talking about?

  68. Ethan Classetti

    That would be Tony Martin. One of the greatest vocalist of all time. Who are you to call him shitty? >:O

  69. Mark

    That's kinda funny .. I was thinking that sounded like Eddie Van Halen at the beginning solo

  70. William Clark

    Having Tony Iommi and Eddie Van Halen play together on a Black Sabbath track... wow...

  71. AprilV

    Hey, me too! Black Sabbath are awesome.

  72. Richie Howie

    did anyone else know that an uncredited Eddie Van Halen is featured on this song? xD

  73. drquesadilla

    I swear every time I hear someone say "okay song but Ozzy should have sung it" in regards to a Martin or Dio era Sabbath song I die a little on the inside.

    Kurt Lantz

    fuck the haters go tony martin!!!!

  74. drquesadilla

    Actually he does that to make it less painful to play, what with his uncomfortable finger prosthetics.

  75. CounterfeitDogz

    I'd chop my hands off for Dio's voice & a chance to write something with Iommi

  76. CounterfeitDogz

    goddamn I love Sabbath



  78. ATDstudios

    You don't know what you're talking about.

  79. A. Braham

    Yeah!!! The Firm of Van Halen!!! =vH=

  80. scrabblejangzzzzz

    I perfer Dio but Tony's a good vocalist.

  81. radiokid7

    Imagine that.....I'm 46 and just now reached my prime

  82. Nyx Halford

    @undeadunliving Had to cut part of it out thanks to YouTube's character limit, that's why part of it didn't make sense.

  83. Nyx Halford

    @Wesaustin66 '"Evil Eye" was written by Martin, Iommi and Butler with Eddie Van Halen, but Van Halen was not credited, due to his affiliation with Warner Bros. Records. ...Eddie Van Halen wrote the riff for "Evil Eye" and played and recorded it in the studio and that Tony Iommi went in and re-recorded Eddie Van Halen's parts. The first main solo is performed by an uncredited Eddie Van Halen as well, per Tony Martin in the book Sabbath Bloody Sabbath: The Battle for Black Sabbath.'


    Then why does it sound unmistakably like Iommi? Not even EVH or May seem able to play exactly like he does.

  84. scorpion528

    Drop guitar to B flat to make badass riff thats Iomis secret

  85. Francisco santos de melo

    Maravilhoso disco!

  86. F2B5150

    @termsofusepolice tony martin

  87. Kris Knapp

    I bet know one new that Eddie Van Halen co-wrote and played this song with Tony Iommi, but couldn;t be credited due to record company restrictions.

  88. skwiddjergensen

    @josueatthebb Tee hee hee! Sorry to to inform U. It is the master of cemetary rock! Iommi!

  89. vbrachos

    Eddie Van Halen also played in that song, but he wasn't credited due to record company restrictions.

  90. Wes A

    I always heard Eddie co-wrote this song, but never made it into the recording sessions. (shrug) Every guitar on this track sounds like Tony to me.


    wow. yup, sounds like Tony's signature hammer-on / pull-off solo work!

  91. Cino The Ducer

    Genau das ist das BESTE EvilEye

  92. David Hovhannisyan

    @Kagrenac2 yes !!!!! bible black riff !!!!

  93. BillGeezerIommi

    black sabbath evil eye vs dio evil eyes

  94. Kagrenac2

    The beginning riff here kind of reminds me of Heaven & Hell's Bible Black riff. lol. ;)

  95. jagrblood

    I know Tony is playing here but to me it sounds more like Keith Richards dressed as a mariachi with an ukelele plugged to the red boot of a naked gnome who is butt-raping a midget version of Hitler while in the middle of a waterpolo game inside a thermal pool in the middle of some asian mountain.

  96. Disc


  97. Seth LaClair

    @Brutalyeah hey bro...fuck you lmfao

  98. Disc

    Chill dude... Its been fucking 15 years ago.