Black Sabbath - Back Street Kids Lyrics

I'm just another back street kid
Rock 'n Roll music is the only thing I really dig
Can't stop the music going round inside my head
I'm a rock 'n roll soldier, gonna play it until I'm dead
Nobody I know will ever take my rock 'n roll away from me

Sitting in the back seat of a shiny limousine
Living in a taxi can't remember where I've been
Playing my music, sitting in my hotel room
Writing about the stars and thinking about the hand of doom
Nobody I know will ever take my rock 'n roll away from me

Living life comes easy if you know which way you're going
Got to see yourself in others' eyes, surprised?
Living like I want to don't come easy, but I'm trying
Sorting out what's true and what are lies, it's wise

Brought up in a back street living with the salt of the land
Seems that now my music's paying off my tax demands
So listen to the music, want to see you getting so high
'Cause I'm a back street rocker and I will be till the day I die
Nobody I know will ever take my rock 'n roll away from me

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Black Sabbath Back Street Kids Comments
  1. John Espinosa

    I had the album, then the cassette, then it took forever to find the CD a few years back. One of my favorites.

  2. Ben Arneson

    Every album with Ozzy singing that came out between 1970 with Paranoid and his solo 1980 album with Crazy Train on it is CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED!


    Good song! A bit syntha in some parts, but i like it! 🤘🤘

  4. smiles1969able

    thanx man fkn primo album !!

  5. Jesse Joyce

    Holy shit the memories are all coming back

  6. GoodVibesOfficial

    ♪♫♥ ;)

  7. Francisca 101

    The galloping base line comes from Achilles Last Stand.

    James Young

    Francisca 101 go get a life

  8. Robert Lansing

    could never quite figure out the album cover

  9. Kevin Nelson

    Hard not to get amped up on this killer tune!

  10. Jon Dickinson

    Kids today need this killer music shoved down their throats.

  11. cloudybongwater

    So underated........

  12. Shallex

    the part starting from 1:58 is so addicting, the drum beat is so happy

  13. Turc44

    That riff around 2 minutes is GROOVY

  14. Susan Lawley

    The best ever album still blows the speakers sweet

  15. Daniel Blackmon

    Commercial Black Sabbath gotta love it!

  16. Michael Foy

    Nobody I know is gonna take my rock and roll away from me..yours truly
    - rock n roll soldier

  17. vinylmonstretify

    A great song

  18. Lee Dogg

    I kept thinking where have I heard this beat and rythym? I think Heart stole it in barracuda?

  19. Anthony Dio

    Pass the bowl! You can't kill rock n roll.

  20. Rick Livingston

    why did sabbath and the public put this album down i freaking love it


    Rick Livingston Because people don’t like change

  21. Rick Livingston

    ilove this album

  22. Skullsplitter

    I was expecting this to suck since people always shit on this album, but this is actually really good.

    V Williams

    Even Ozzy dislikes this album ...I have to disagree! It's fuckin great!

  23. james forest

    Wow that was worse than I thought

    Anesha Younger


  24. Eric Wood

    I don’t give a fuck what ANYONE says. This is one vicious motherfucking track !!!! Heavy as fuck 🙏💀💥🔥🌪✨🌟⚡️

  25. Andrew Corbett

    Harder than any band

  26. Wayno Walden

    My Mrs just asked ' did that guy just singNobody I know would ever take my rubber dollars away from me?"

  27. William Smith

    This isn't as bad as it's made out to be. Color me surprised.

  28. greg romo

    Nothing but tha music

  29. Kevin

    Back Street Skidz...

  30. Anthony Penalber

    You know Black Sabbath is the best band because all the comments are positive

  31. Logical Nonsense

    This album is so much better than it gets credit for.. honestly this is my favorite Sabbath album and you should definitely revisit it

    Kyle Annese

    Sabatoge??? Vol 4??? Interestingg...

  32. Budgie McLeod

    Pure kick ass rock n roll!

  33. Bob Builder

    This album seems to get a lot stick for some reason. This may get an adverse response but in my humble opinion Sabbath Bloody Sabbath album is a lot worse than this album.


    I only like a few songs from each of their albums, except for paranoid and black sabbath. I love almost every song in those albums.

  34. me an mm eye om


  35. gman hirt

    Ozzy kills it on the bridge, of this song,,
    Listen to the king

    Stony Tony

    Hell yeah

  36. gman hirt

    Izzy kills it in the bridge,,
    Izzy is the king

  37. ชัยพงษ์ วงษ์เทียน

    I like this album very much song that I like is dirty woman

  38. SellMe YourSoul

    shit swings

  39. Albeit_Jordan

    Is this their retort to Zeppelin's Immigrant Song? Haha

    Lauro Levandowski

    Not the same beat... but I thought of that too...but consider "you fool no one" by DP...seems they were all trying out some fast beats at that time

  40. T W

    most underrated sabbath tune, by far

  41. Wickedvoid96

    this album wasn't to shabby.

  42. Danny mathis

    Total awesomeness!!!

  43. Carlos Eduardo Cavalcante

    Essa intro!

  44. The Seeker-UrbEx


  45. Ethan Bradley

    Sounds like that Zeppelin cover band Heart, has some explaining to do.


    Heart is overrated never liked them.

  46. The wurm

    Really great drumming by Mr Bill Ward!!

  47. PearlJammer07

    Good song. I have been a BS fan since about 1999 and haven't heard the later Sabbath albums.

  48. David Cox

    I couldn't play this song on my cheap record player, it always made the needle skip lol

  49. Gunslinger

    For an album that's supposed to be the start of Black Sabbath's decline and features two robots fucking for cover art, this is a pretty badass song.

  50. Panzer Valkyrie

    Centuries ahead of its time! Seriously!

  51. Leo Bagawan

    Лучший их альбом...

  52. Vinícius H. Sales

    Muita gente fala mau desse disco. Mas eu gosto pra caramba.

    João vitu

    Também kkkk, só não curto o never say

    MF 23

    Eu também Vinicius. Mesmo a banda desestruturada eles conseguiram fazer um excelente álbum.

  53. Gen. Lee Interested

    This is a great hard rock album . The bar for Sabvath is so high that this is considered failure . If any other band put this album out it could possibly be seen in a much better light ... if say Van Halen made an album only this good people would be ok with it . Or even Ozzy as a soloist , again it would be well received . To me this is proof of Black Sabbath being an upper echelon (sp) band .


    Winning Grinn ozzy solo is not horrible its just the later albums after no more tears just not great I liked his first solo album the best.

    Jayson Raphael Murdock

    Ozzmosis is awesome.


    Well said

  54. Paul Kane

    Great album to this day

  55. Peter Kaminsky

    What the fuck is Geezer doing on his bass here? So strange

  56. sherry hughes

    Amen brother this was my theme song back then

    paul mitchell

    Can't stop the music going round inside my head I'm a rock 'n roll soldier, gonna play it until I'm dead Nobody I know is gonna take my rock 'n roll away from me

  57. Ash Wendy

    A little STYX Synth going on here!

    dautia abdil

    Ash Wendy thats true dude!

  58. Joseph Powell, Iii

    Amen Richie....the crap they call music today.....IS crap.....

  59. igor n. dikulemhors ll

    You are on UK no, I going their ... Glasgow

  60. martk fartkerson

    Intro reminds me of the Magnum P.I. theme song lol

  61. Michael Holmes

    same shelf as Hole In The Sky bliss

  62. Loretta Santos

    bought this album in '87 ...."technical ecstasy. ...what fucking Black Sabbath album is that.....?????".....EXACTLY. Patricio

  63. Rory O'Brien

    I am a great supporter of this Album.  Consistant quality in my opinion.   UP THE SABS!!

    S.A. Hogan

    RO'B: March on, oh Army of One!

  64. diziamonddave

    I love sabbath. I used to hate this album. One day while cleaning my place i threw this on and blasted it at full volume. I love it now.

    Kennedy Crevoiserat

    diziamonddave when I found this I realized it was #2 to me because I fucking love never say die

    Michael Holmes

    got the same vibe with Never Say Die album love both albums now

    Jess Adams

    Jess Adams loves all black sabbath for 40 years and will never stop

    Loretta Santos

    it grows on you or not ....but I am an honest 'sabbath this..... de macio.....Patrick


    Another guy who couldn't cope with their change in direction!
    Yep I was the same,now think its one of their best.

  65. Ray Flores

    blew out the speakers in my car listening to this over and over!


    Back then you had to over rate your speakers , if you were a rocker :)

  66. Lael Destan

    Anyone else get an early Judas Priest vibe from this song?

    Andre Sassi

    Yes. Even the guitar tone is more late 70's Priest than Iommi.

    Lee Ralph

    Love this song and never realized the Priest vibe until I read your comment....good call!!!


    @Lee Ralph Priest had 2 records at that point .
    And was active since nearly as long as Sabbath

    Same place too.

    Roc Johnson

    Zeppelin all the way


    idk why but i hear rush limelight towards the the middle i think

  67. Alfadex Books

    Such an underrated song.

    Anthony Smith

    Alfadex Books underrated album

  68. Branni


    Robert Roman

    l well I never heard this before

  69. Richie Arizona

    i got this album in 77. i was 11. this why most older people are bad ass. we didn't listen to this caca of today....

    west coast

    I got this album in 81 from my older for my BDAY I was 11. I m a Rock n Roll Soldier!!

    Jane Lambie

    You got that right Richie... I was a 70's Angel Chic and lived on early rock and other good stuff... ;) I'm a good girl now and at.... not quite 60... I am still listening and rockin'....

    Loretta Santos

    if you are a true sabbath fan then you'll know this album every one knows paranoid. but born again....Patrick

    Kennedy Crevoiserat

    Loretta Santos born again sucks dick to be honest good licks but the vocalist just did not fit this style of music

    gu furlan

    Ok boomer

  70. Lotus Feet

    "I'm a rock 'n roll soldier, gonna play it until I'm dead..."...fucking great !!

    Nameless Entity

    Fuck yea it is!! 46 Solar Cycles,and I still rock out.When they put me in the Casket,I want my right hand to be throwing the Devil Horns! Just a side note: I also love Pro Wrestling ( Independent and Foreign Leagues mainly ) and had I become a Grappler myself,this one would definitely be in my top three choices for my entrance music.Obscure enough that I do not think anyone else is using it,and it is also Bitchin'

    Lotus Feet

    I'm gonna listen this shit till i'm dead into my fucking grave.............yyeeaaahhh man.....