Black Milk - Sunday's Best Lyrics

Ayo, rise in the AM - early morning laying, I just wanna stay in
I just wanna lay in - pops like "get your ass up, stop the faking"
"We already late, and..."
Sunday morning waking, faking like my stomach's aching
Moms pull out clothes just for Sunday's best occasion
Bowtie, no lie, church shoes was aching
80-degree weather in a blazer, body blazing
Already can't wait until this day end
Just a little nigga that would rather be home video-gaming
Now we on our way in - deacon speaking
Preacher preaching to that congregation, mason (mason... mason)
Minds wandering off, not hearing that man of the cloth
Talk about that man on the cross
Now we back to praying
Old ladies with church fans screaming out ''amen''
Looking at that painting on the stained glass
Watching while that collection plate pass
Tithes, offering, to me it's all the same cash
Fast forward, got older - a younging that's gone bad
Let me rephrase that, a younging that went down that wrong path
No matter how religious moms or pops was
Steal at the counters, went to cop some (I was young)
Product of that environment I was in
Once I left that front door, I could have been out of here
Bullets flying is the norm, so most kids walk without a fear
Friends dying is the norm, so they walk without a tear
Rather tat it on their face - to who's? Wait
While the old head is yellin' "it's never too late"

Too late, too late, too late, too late
Too late, too late, too late, too late
Too late, too late, too late, too late
Too late, too late, too late, too late
Too late, too late, too late, too late
Too late, too late, too late, too late

It's never too late to get your values straight
Can you believe me, baby?
It's never too late to get your values straight (no, no)
Do you believe me?

Heater on the dresser, stomach growling
I'm thinkin' "how can I make some dollars within the hours?"
It's funny how them hunger pain to your rib can
Turn a decent kid into doing a bid
Over stick-ups, nothing come, so screw the consequences
I'll throw this black hoodie on, walk into this kitchen
Grab my keys and my phone, call my mans to see if he's with it
But he didn't pick up, I guess I'm on a solo mission
Times hard, my God, I can't even lie
A 9-5 is not what I'm tryna do to survive
I'm thinking while on the hunt
Somebody 'bout to stumble out of this club drunk
Without having that chain tucked
'Bout to get that fucking chain took, nigga

It's never too late to get your values straight
Can you believe me, baby?
It's never too late to get your values straight (no, no)
Do you believe me?

Yeah - in the club, chain hanging, swinging, wow
Baby moms is sending texts and sending threats like
"Where those payments?"
On some deadbeat dad shit, I hate you in the worst way
Spend money on rozay, instead of your son's birthday
Mad quick, I told her "hold up, hold up, be there tomorrow"
Then went back up to the bar to get another glass and a bottle
Okay, can't let her ruin my high tonight, not alright
Plus I pulled this chick
With every sip she's looking more and more like the model type
Ayo, let's leave, I take her, reach for my keys
I'm stumbling out the door looking for my car on the street
'Til I see this black-hood wearning, staring nigga tryna stick up
Shots go off, I fell victim, damn...
It's too late

It's never too late to get your values straight
Can you believe me, baby?
It's never too late to get your values straight (no, no)
Do you believe me?

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Black Milk Sunday's Best Comments
  1. Tony Scarbrough

    Detroit music at its finest

  2. Anthony L

    2020 DvE!

  3. William Jones

    He needs to get with Apollo Brown and drop an album.

  4. William Jones

    This shit is 🔥

  5. Dipesh Nayee

    Still a banger!!

  6. Anthony L

    Real rap!

  7. MrUtuber2012

    Its never too late

  8. Gilberto Otín

    the nosestalgiaaaaaaa

  9. Isaiah Kettles

    Straight 🔥

  10. Junes

    "Somebody bout to stumble out this club drunk
    without having that chain tucked. Bout to get that fucking chain took nigga"

  11. Kyle Donnelly

    Painfully slept on

  12. Colin Harnack

    💯 🔥 #properrhymes

    Colin Harnack


  13. Jason Hughes


  14. soulpeanuts888

    2nd Pt. is very Jesus...

  15. Nette Leverett

    A true god. Discovered him on Hidden Gems yesterday. Mad skills but nowhere near brand new. His resume real. Check out 2-4PM EST every SunDay where this mad husband and wife collab to uncover some of the most talented and underrated artists! Brotha Trav and Sistah La will never disappoint!! You independent? Just gave you the plug for free! Ase’👁🌌✊🏾✨💫💞

  16. TooClean Mylife

    this is where Drake got his flaw from

  17. RhymeBeat


  18. MonicWtf


  19. The Grime

    Funny part is Milk is "Black" lol.

  20. Lewis Gilfillan

    It's crazy how fast 5 years has gone

  21. Slindile Khumalo

    Wow this is the true music...shout out from south africa

  22. Charles De castro


  23. Matthew Wing

    Love your shit man. I'll bring it to my grandkids.

  24. Chase Messner

    this was dope!!

  25. Jay Brooks

    still in rotation phx az 2018

  26. Zblackness

    Hearin this in 2018

  27. Lonesome Wolf

    Who the fuck would even dislike this?

  28. Victoria Appiagei

    Dope music Awards cool so skills beautiful

  29. Ismail Ghedamsi

    He always have catchy song title

  30. Ace Ha

    Black Milk IS what Kanye tries to pass himself off as.

  31. rrsmith30

    Just good, good music.

  32. James Brown

    Catch this soul and subscribe to his page. Peace and love everybody !

  33. clueless0414

    Hip Hop has been resurrected!

  34. Marquis Patterson

    Impeccable body of work that you can feel in your soul. Great vibes coming from this song.

  35. Eric

    Back in 2013 I was following a dope page on Facebook called RealHIphop Head, that I don't think is active anymore unfortunately. The page shared a shit ton of underground and '90s hip hop, some of which I knew about but didn't no anyone else who did, and others like Mello Music roster that I didn't know about beforehand. I knew about Black Milk at the time, but didn't follow him religiously or anything. I remember in particular that they posted this video a lot, like every few days, and said that it was the admin's favorite song of that year. So I'll always probably associate this song and the album in general with that.

  36. Nahsym KalifMUSIC


  37. Ervin Kahorere

    Still bumping, less that 14hrs to 2018

  38. Pitso Mothibeli

    This is real rap sh*t

  39. HashBrown Hertz

    Looks like my crib I grew up in
    Wilfred street DETROIT

  40. James E.

    second half of this track has the classiest, most soulful beat ever

  41. YelhsaLUVHer

    I'm surprised this isn't played more! This jams!

  42. cool as me

    what 117 people disliked this wtf this is real music right here lame ass trap niggas

  43. mizu88KA

    RIP cousin Rick. You set the standard for being a modern cool dad.

  44. Wordz Gaddafi

    Yo. That second beat though🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  45. Bobby Mercer

    So bangin!!!

  46. MrKaje72

    Detroit: Big Sean, Tee Grizzly, Dej loaf

    Also Detroit: Black Milk, Kurtis Roach, Clear Soul Forces

  47. Luke J

    How could this possibly have dislikes, like seriously?'

  48. Don Caleb

    Tithes... Offerings... To me it's the same cash.

  49. KHY Sci fi


  50. SI- LINCE


  51. hydroboost oxiaction

    I love his message

  52. FuzzyFruits

    Damn on the second half he sounds like Andre a lil bit!

  53. Pure Notorious

    fuck I'm feelin this someone give me more shit like this of his

  54. Pure Notorious

    amazing but wtf was he thinking about his name

  55. Scot McCormack

    This is incredible.

  56. edwin jordan

    omfg! dis shit is crack yo does anyone know the sample to this or have it "it's never to late to get your values straight" part wanna know the original song?

  57. UncleAfroThaFob

    dang why did I just discover this guy just today?!

  58. Ada Blane

    Damn man, super well done video and build up. Really loved it.

  59. Kongsmo

    Énormissime brother!

    Soul Soza


  60. Dom Jú

    Religion = prison, get your mind free

    Dom Jú

    Jesus, God etc...All to maintain U in mind prison, in Ethiopia where was create the religion the things were seen and copy but the elite change

    Dom Jú

    The bible is racist, the writter of the bible etc...

    Dom Jú

    Morality we born with...

  61. Dom Jú

    Religion = brainwash

  62. I love God, On god

    Why?? Why?? Why?? Why today I jus found this man?? WTF. I be finding rappers that are way unground, they collect oil and light that bitch on fire.

  63. Lucas Wonderz

    underrated? here we are... CHILE!!

  64. Nard Dog

    Instantly noticed a Big L piece in here, respeck

  65. speciocide

    saw these guys in sf, shit was gnar

  66. joy_ cub

    this is some incredible story telling from various perspectives. Black milk is a one of a kind master of beats and rhymes!

  67. Isaiah Hughes

    Rise in the ayam.

  68. gina donar

    detroits own.. "popular demand" used to b my shiiiiit his new stuff not bad either

  69. famthemusicman if anybody need beats check me out

  70. famthemusicman

    this is dope black milk killing em especially monday's best

  71. 1975TIO


  72. Will G

    HOW does this not have at least 5 million views wtf????

  73. Shawn Orlanes

    Storytelling is amazing

  74. s0alaih

    man those first bars are too real, I was right back to every sunday morning as a kid

  75. j cole

    amazing, I can relate

  76. Munkee D. Luffy

    Why is he so slept on....

    A. Rashad

    1Mil views. . .I wouldnt call that slept on

    Akiru's Lab

    A. Rashad Future - Mask Off = 314Mil views...

    Dylan Fearn

    I don't think it matters I'd imagine he's being paid well ATM the years of hard work always. I know I haven't bought a CD or vinyl or a piece of merch from him hopefully if I gotta bit of spare cash I can continue to help him out in the future

    Tyra High

    We woke listening

    Woldini - Real Rap & Hip-Hop Music

    @A. Rashad Real heads know ;-)

  77. kamikazi Nottz

    This is so lyt!

  78. Bimmaaah

    He stuck with this shit for so longgg unreal, never really coming close to make it until fuckin bang bang he made it. Damnnn. He made a mission to make it and dedicated his life to it and he kind of made it thats his life

  79. Donald Sparks

    My neck hurts from nodding so hard!

  80. thatsonyou


  81. Nathalie Rosengarten

    hey does can anybody tell what font is used at the beginning?


    +Nathalie Rosengarten (MediaDesign) Looks like Futura Ultra Condensed.

  82. Triple Six

    What's the intro sample of Sunday's Best?

  83. FourGrip

    Been listening to BM since I was 12, damn I feel accomplished now.

    THC T.H.C

    FourGrip found him at 13 dont remember how but i did, then frogot about him sadly and rememberd him again recently when im 16

  84. Ronny

    God damn this boring ass shit was trash...

    Nah jk this was cool lol

  85. Quake SRK

    i relate to the faking/wanting to stay home part.

  86. astheskylarksings

    Where Detroit at? Black Milk reppin tha D!

    Harley Weedwax

    Black Milk...Boldy james...El zi ...Royce...some of the best MCs come form the D

  87. kaleido phe


    Respect from México

    kaleido phe

    Viste que viene Wu?


    +kaleido phe wu?

    kaleido phe

    +Emmanuel Burquez Dio igual, no impresiono tanto XD


    +kaleido phe , te gusta chance the rapper? :)

    kaleido phe

    @Emmanuel Burquez Si me gusta bastante el con su estilo tan inconfundible :)

  88. MrHenn1


  89. tuffel

    happy new year

  90. Detalks

    Been listening to this album for a while. Had no idea there was a music video to my favorite songs off it. Shit is nice!!

  91. Relieve

    I can't find Music Better than this, Fuck...

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    omg how did I not hear about this dude >.< He's dope AF man

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    I feel like the last words were paying homage to Nas' "I gave you power"

  95. David Sabethai

    if I was stranded in a remote island all I would want is some milk, quelle chris and danny brown