Black Milk - Overdose Lyrics

Ayo, this is how we chill from 2010
Shoutout to my niggas in Hiero
I go, I know my flow, is still kinda psycho, sideshow
Yo but it's alright though
They watch me ignite those mics like
I be spitting pyro like those likewise
Light chicks with the light brown like eyes
Dark skin, nice thighs, right
And nice, when my sight seen her from behind
But, this is how it feels when you stacking a mil
Why hate, I just let the haters debate
About how he's great
And how he ain't, and how he can't spit
And how he ain't that and ain't this
While saying, I wish my shit banged like this
Yeah, when I create something like this
Then my mind's great
High, in my Jimi Hendrix mindstate
But here comes the great showman
I show you something great as Beethoven
Playing deaf with his earlobes closed
And ya'll niggas ain't focused
Like a camera lens that ain't showing the pic
As clear as clean water flowing

Yeah, from the bottom of the totem pole
To the top like an overflow
I give ya'll the overdose, overdose

"You fuckin' with the, overdose"
"That's the truth, salute"

Ayo, who's the best
Heavy like dumbbells on your arms
I bury you broads
While spitting barbarian bars
Yo, I play my cards right but he don't play
Movie script, gang shit, Carlito's way
Push cars, broads, see those papes
My hoods like the Detroit zoo
And nigga, ya'll see those apes
Spit raps that's phenom great
I'm like Star Trek, spit a verse
Niggas get the Cleon face
I'm beyond great
Just put a beat on or
Gimme the MP, I beat all breaks
Don't like me so what
I feed off hate
But most likely
You starving, I eat all day
Plus, bad broads like Beyonce
I skeet on face
While ya'll beat off to skeet tapes
It don't matter still makin' a killing
Crush the game like King Kong feet on a building

Yeah, from the bottom of the totem pole
To the top like an overflow
I give ya'll the overdose, overdose

Instead here we are
In a silence more eloquent than any word could ever be
These words are too solid
They don't move fast enough
To catch the blur in the brain that flies by
And is gone and is gone

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Black Milk Overdose Comments
  1. mrpostman730

    I dont even think Black likes this song to be honest. He never performs it.

  2. richrahl33

    beautiful music

  3. joe soleany

    this is cold as fuuuuuuck

  4. Jmlad91

    This video is 2 and a half years old, no comments and only 400 views? Damn yall lol, straight motherfuckin piff