Black Milk - Everyday Was Lyrics

[Black Milk:]
It's that overdose daily
No if, and, buts or maybes
Have you addicted like that shit my auntie smoked in the 80s
Auntie Tricia, what up, I see you still live and maintain raw
So I rep it, spit raw, spit hard as the veins in your arms
Reminisce back on the innocence
Back when the money was limited
Before we had stacks, before we had racks
Before we had raps on the internet
We was in class driving the teacher crazy, hoping the bell rung soon
Before labels we banged on tables
Inside that school lunchroom, doom
Only one that graduated but still hung outside school
Was cool with the dropouts
Didn't want to work around the clock from 9-5
Just to clock in and clock out
Some niggas had packed things and sold it to crack fiends
Some niggas had dope wrote in their notepad but couldn't turn it to rap dreams
But I did what I had to
Had to stash that cash up under that mattress
Hoping that a few years later, sooner than later I could put moms in that mansion
Back up against that wall
Back in the trap where nigga feel trapped in
Either you a hustler, either you a dopeman
Or you got the muscle in the hood like Conan
Wrack em, sack em (whoop whoop)
Play cool when the cops roll past em
If you heard that (whoop) you knew they were hopping that fence so the cops wouldn't grab em
Some of the visions we saw, some of the sounds we heard
Left that scar on the brain
And the bars, and the verse, and the words and the Hearse

[Melanie Rutherford:]
It's just a different way of living
Ohh I knew the hand that I was given
Hustle, up early in the morning
Grind on the way, on the way
Talking bout death around the corner
Hoping that we don't meet soon
Hell Below

[Black Milk:]
So when you waiting on those days of fortune
Unfortunately yo, that wait is torture
Like holding breath under water, you're the
Star a million miles away, just a minor way
Almost got got on a holiday, but he got away
What you think they troubled for?
Didn't grow up comfortable
Or comfy as the lives of Cosby's and Clair Huxtables
Need a couple grand in they hand put the handgun
To the next man, grandma live longer than grandson

[Melanie Rutherford:]
It's just a different way of living
Ohh I knew the hand that I was given
Hustle, up early in the morning
Grind on the way, on the way
Talking bout death around the corner
Hoping that we don't meet soon
Hell Below

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Black Milk Everyday Was Comments

    Beginning sample pls

  2. L Covington

    In love...

  3. Anthony L

    Beat cold af

  4. truebiczys

    KŁ0P0T PRO8L3M

  5. askdhuwuw

    Amazing song!


    This beat tho .. i am close to nut

  7. chuj chuj

    no to mamy pro8l3m

  8. Szymon Drozd

    Listen PRO8L3M "VHS" well better

  9. Brandon Stith

    I just discovered this album and saw Black in concert...YES SIR!!!!🔥🔥🔥

  10. Edouard Philippe

    Dead prez reborn from the ashes

  11. Sean Moonshine

    love the sax,

  12. Gabriel Gonçalves de Assis

    Brasil seen this.
    Real shit.

  13. yigit demir


  14. Tracy Nichols

    Nice beat and message

  15. Tina Willis

    WOW. Mesmerizing! From an old white woman from Arizona!!

  16. The Frame

    Fuck yeah! Listening in Belgium dawg!

  17. bullit76

    So so good.......😥

  18. BadKing83

    PRO8L3M - VHS (2016)
    A.J.K.S - Cała Ziemia pełna jest Jego chwały (2016)
    Black Milk - Everyday (2014)
    La mer - générique de fin (1977)

  19. Jef Christensen

    someone give me filthy instrumentals like this,, any hard mad beats reply or pm

  20. noxuification

    dobre ksero 😎

  21. Samuel Burgon


  22. Tigerão King

    j milk prod.

  23. j50t


  24. Sebra Zebra

    Black Milk przynajmniej śpiewa do bitu a nie to co ten łak pro8lem

  25. Tanner Kendrick

    When I hear dis bangin beat I can't help but think of The Rock's theme, circa 1998. Fucking incredible.

  26. kris hjuston

    PRO8L3M VHS tylko zremixowany xd


    Black Milk - 2014
    PROBL3M - 2016

    kris hjuston

    Nie no wiadomo że to było pierwsze xd


    La mer - générique de fin - 1977 xD

    Melo /

    To lepsze


    @OKIDOKIODOKI oui exact... il est allé le chercher loin ce sample looooll

  27. Tuqan

    Masz pro8l3m?!

    Jim Morrison

    oho oho, to będzie pro8l3m

    Grand Shop

    Skąd się tu wzięliście?

  28. Thum Bhais

    I have shown this beat to at least 10 different people. Once they heard the beat drop, all of their faces crunched up and they couldn't stop nodding their heads.. dirty

    Matt Scodeller

    soo much fire



    suge nite

    Thum Bhais dirty

  29. Fernanda Itzel Sánchez

    new school that taste old school

  30. Lucas Wonderz

    oohhh shit!! :D

  31. Alex Guzman

    black milk/eminem album would be legendary

    Rob Robberson

    Or Black Milk and Royce :)

    Amandeep Singh

    +Rob Robberson or you know all three

    Amandeep Singh

    They've collabed a lot of times. Check out Losin Out or Deadly Meadly

  32. Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77

    Black Milk should do an album w/ Bizzy Bone and another album w/ Hi-Tek and Elzhi.

  33. [im dreaming of stealing eatable marbles]

    I think he played this beat on Boiler Room or something like that .. really wanted to find out name of that beat... for some things u gotta wait..

  34. Deep Singh

    Can anyone ID that intro sample (first 14 seconds)?

  35. WaterThEPlAnts

    Melanie Rutherford a.k.a.

  36. cristian tklan


    Andrea Cappuccio

    +cristiano de benedictis MITO. QUESTO ALBUM FA DECISAMENTE PAURA.


    italiani presenti!

    K. Ridge 1

    +Paul Dawson Cuarto campi flegrei, u OK?

  37. Broom

    He's a better, unknown, Big K.R.I.T.


    don't u ever say that they're on two diff levels black is better


    @jo0386 I can't tell if you're trolling or illiterate. I literally just said he's better.

  38. Rob Robberson

    Smoke till it's ashes


    That's my favorite one. Grey for Summer

  39. Ricky Balboa tHa sLk 1

    Damn this is jus to dope....

  40. Brandon Dalley

    black fucking milk GODAMNIT this is dirty

  41. David Martens

    one soulful album

  42. Ric Smith

    This beat is fuckin stupid... this goes hard. When the beat drops at 0:44 if your face don't screw up and your head don't start noddin furiously you literally hate hip hop.

    Ric Smith

    @A Ward
    Yeah, that's a dope track too. Has a more mellow soulful vibe to it. The whole album is dope.

    Ralph Williams

    had a hard time getting into this album like everyone else I know.


    @Ric Smith damn you literally described my entire face...

    Ric Smith

    @Stanners lmao

    Michael Sanchez

    Ric Smith you're just assuming it's genre ?

  43. Brian Heine

    Man he fuckin ripped that one

  44. knvL1

    shit goes so hard! dilla taught him well

  45. Anthony Adams

    Ths goes so FUCKING hard. Black Milk IS the man!

  46. ntrnka.

    fucking amazing

  47. AmeRican Indian 2024

    It's sounding like a classic.

  48. foxking39

    Beat stuck in my head all day


    foxking39 sounds like you had a good day that day.

  49. Senzala TMSkrew

    crazy beat damnn

  50. donofman

    Who the f**k are these people I just stumbled on to this and this shit raw a$$ f**k.

    I listened to a few songs now I gotta go and check this group out.

    Clay Sears

    Not people, just one dope ass dude from Detroit


    @Clay Sears Detroit?
    WOW.... I would not have pegged this from Detroit. New York was too obvious so I was thinking maybe a L.A. underground rapper. It sounds like so much more than the efforts of one person. I am super impressed.

    J Sun

    yeah this is Black Milk, producer/ rapper.  He has a nice discography. This is his new album.


    Check out j dilla, t 3,elzhi, phat Kat,guilty Simpson, slum village....just to name a few

  51. John Attfield

    Black Milk's production reminds me of J Dilla's. Can't be any higher praise than that!!

    Michael walker

    John Attfield I was thinking the same thing

    runar antila

    its probably because he was able to watch dilla work, and learned alot from him.

    Andrew Tindukasiri

    Yup true school! <3


    Maybe... but he did nothing in this beat...
    Check the original version from FRANCE in 1977.

  52. J CPadilla

    Pretty fucking dope if you ask me.

  53. Matt Scodeller

    dope track

  54. Dan Lamey

    I've been blasting this album straight time since it dropped. So good.

  55. Rayymer

    I know right

  56. Unofficial Official

    So good. Hip hop still breathes!