Black Label Society - In This River Lyrics

I've been around this world
Yet I see no end
All shall fade to black again and again
This storm that's broken me
My only friend

In this river all shall fade to black
In this river ain't no coming back
In this river all shall fade to black
Ain't no coming back

Withdrawn I step away
Just to find myself
The door is closed again
The only one left
This storm that's broken me
My only friend

[Chorus x2]
[Chorus x2]

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Black Label Society In This River Comments
  1. Jamie Forrest

    Never gets old. A gentleman who cares. Thank you Zakk

  2. Niven Naidoo

    Tabs? Lol jk.

  3. Matthew Arthurton

    2020 anyone?!?

  4. PPure Purephan

    2020 Helll yeahhhhhhh!!!!!

  5. overlord73


  6. Steve Trent

    This song still brings all the feels. RIP Dime \m/

  7. Cinthia AlexFabrinne

    Saudades dos meus amigos das antigas

  8. Martin Addison

    Best guitarist on this planet

  9. Darlene Marin

    Essa música é um hino❤

    Flávio Molnar Piancastelli de Siqueira

    Hino à morte. Fade to Black and no return!

  10. DAN_

    Зак... Затянул с соляком в начале. Все поняли, что с гитарой обращаться ты умеешь, да и с пивом тоже...
    Невероятное выступление, жаль нет студийной версии.

  11. Alex Z.

    15 years later, R.I.P. Dime

  12. Sam Maindonald

    15 years now man 😥

  13. Svetlozar Hristov

    I bet half of those views are from me :)

  14. Benjamin D

    Does anyone know if I can buy this on mp3?

    Benjamin D

    Like this live version

  15. Felipe Santos

    Melhor música de todas

  16. Vile Dispute

    Standin ovation, every time
    Much love

  17. Ana Maria

    beautiful and strong!

  18. Артур ский


  19. Артур ский


  20. Артур ский


  21. Артур ский

    right now

  22. Артур ский

    I want to die to this music

  23. Кое Кто


    я объездил мир, но нет ему конца и края!
    ...здесь вновь и вновь всё увядает!...
    единственный мой друг, шторм сломил меня
    — ...да...
    в этой реке всё когда-нибудь угаснет без следа!..
    — ..и в реке этой нет пути назад!.. —
    в этой реке всё когда-нибудь закончится
    - ...и не вернуться нам назад...

    я замкнулся, чтобы просто обрести себя
    ..дверь закрыта, и совсем один я..
    дружище мой, буря смела меня!
    — ...да...
    в этом бурном потоке есть конец, лишь один!
    ..и нет пути назад в потоке этой реки!..
    жизнь закончится, и всё мы уйдём, -
    ..чтобы никогда не вернуться вновь..
    всё, что имеет начало - имеет и конец!
    и река эта продолжает лишь в одну сторону течь
    ..мы рождаемся, чтобы умирать,
    — ...и не вернуться никогда!…

  24. Strix aluco

    This is the real BLS back when Zakk was boozin and doom troopin!

  25. ka ti

    Zakk wylde is still hot af 💕


    Bro I have to take like a good 5 minutes to calm down after listening to this. I just can’t help it. EASILY one of the best songs I have ever listened to. RIP dimebag for his memory will be in all of our hearts until we die.......

  27. Augusto

    Que musicão, meus amigos!!

  28. LOBO BR

    Brazil 2019!

  29. space caravan


  30. Swapnadeep Mitra

    this video sld have a billion view. what a performance & that start solo from the start ! goosebumps

  31. Preston Meza

    I’ve never listened to BLS. But the song In This River came up on my recommended videos back when SOA was on and they had the funeral for Opie....this would’ve been the perfect song for that scene. The passion Zakk has in the solos is amazing and moving!

  32. Armour V Lightning Strike

    i never played air guitar with this much determination i think i broke my finger

  33. Federica Martolini

    Tu mi fai sognare....grazie zakk♥️

  34. TNP HD


  35. Black91

    I always get gosebumps at this beautiful song.

  36. David Espinoza

    Ohhh shittt , guitar hero

  37. Drivesideways


  38. Wellington Santos

    Muito Bom esse som,demais!!

  39. Dimebag

    Zakk wylde and Dimebag is the crazy best players guitar Ever 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  40. Maki Trencev


  41. DTOM

    6:29 whoa!

  42. DoContraPlays

    rip dimebag.

  43. Carpe Diemsis

    Fucking awesone!!!

  44. Phantom Zephyr Ⓥ

    I can't stop coming back to this magnificent performance
    After many heartbreaks this fills my void perfectly
    Music is powerful

  45. William Hargraves

    I love you Brother!!!🤘

  46. alfawoof1

    Fuckin epic. 🤘🏽

  47. El Cuento

    As much of a bogan as he is, there is no doubting Zakk's heart. He'll go down as one of the true greats

  48. Richard Art

    Why is Zakk not on the top ten list for metal this man is badass.i can't wait for his show in Boston.

  49. Riccardo Bianchi

    This is the version of the song, full of wildness and emotions, fuck the piano

  50. Destry Robinson


  51. Rosko6nii90

    В целом клёвая баллада.

  52. Savage Dabs

    You can almost hear Dime pouring out of that guitar

  53. Mansfield Coe

    Really does just give me all the feels...!

  54. Lost Soul

    6:26 ... That's why I never give up music

    Marco Bpunkt

    I normally hear Techno but this track makes me goose bumps at exactly 6:26... great..greetings from Germany ✊

  55. KungfuElephant

    You can hear the pain and grief in his playing. Amazing. RIP to Dime, Phil Lynott, Cliff Burton and all the other amazing dudes that were taken too soon.

  56. Natto Guns N fuckin Roses

    River Phoenix RIP we miss you

  57. Jim Lunn

    Can anyone smell a G.O.A.T in here or is it just me?

  58. 426 Studios

    This is why I was named after him right here

  59. LemmyJackAndCoke

    I like this version better than the original.

  60. ppiinnkk ffllooyydd

    This is the best performance I ve ever seen maşallah. Acaba bu adamı böyle gitar çalmaya iten şey neydi. Ne yaşadı garibim yazık. Acaba ne geçti başından. Ne çekmiş be. Dinleyince acısına ortak oluyorum elhamdülillah. Ciğerimizi söktün be reis. Respect ulan.

  61. Sbren Sbeve

    It makes me so sad I will never be able to see the god himself dimebag perform on stage, he really was one of the greatest guitar legends of all time. I was born way to late to know...

  62. M Z

    I’ve listened to metal music before 6 to 7 years constantly and it’s always a wonderful experience to get back to this performance. Such an amazing live and, of course, Zakk’s shredding is supernaturally great

  63. Михаил Полионович


  64. 이정원

    라이브가 더 좋네....

  65. Roger Adams

    2019 anyone? \m/ 🔥

    TraVVka Go

    Я мазафака

    wayne when

    ME !!!!!!!!!


    I just came home from Afghanistan. I spent 6 straight year there with no breaks in between. We've lost so many and I can't stop listening.

  66. Cornbread Hawk

    Those guitar 🎸 skills plus those vocals equals a freaking masterpiece!!!!

  67. Foxdevilswild

    Fuckin goosebumps every time in hear this song! We miss You Dime! Greets from Germany

  68. Victor

    loaded like a freight train... and more

  69. Cassandra My


  70. Hunter North

    I remember when Dime got shot. I was in 9th grade, and my dad came home from work. He told me, "I didn't know who it was until I saw the picture of the band on the news. He said his boss looked at him and said"hey man, your son likes Pantera right? Their guitarist is on the news." Lol he stood I'm my room and pointed at my poster of Dime and Vinnie I tore from Revolver magazine and said "that guy. Some asshole shot him onstage last night."

  71. Денис Гиганов

    Oh Jesus it's you! come here to us, just for play a guitar.

  72. Dangar

    Sabado to la em Porto alegre vendo ele ao vivo.

  73. Know What

    Who is still rocking to this in March 2019?

  74. Filip Krizmanic

    so fucking badass

  75. Alexis P.

    this song gives me horny...

  76. Marc Vizcarro


  77. Drahomíra Barszczová


  78. solcito Ballester

    8:17 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😅😅😅😅😅😅😋😋😁uuufff 😅jajjaja lpm 😄😄😄

  79. Zach Ariston

    Love how he's using the razorback for this

  80. sofakingdrunk66

    The riff on this gets under your skin..

  81. Phantom Zephyr Ⓥ

    I come back to this song everytime...
    This performance is soulful to the core, probably will never stop listening, even when I become an old grandma :'D

  82. Derrick Chua

    Superb music that's music, feel of lost feel that pain the sadness this is music,this is how music should be, brings out the feel

  83. Waddington Thomé

    Ouço e recomendo. Esse som regula a pressão da alma e a frequência cardíaca do espírito. IN THIS RIVER FOREVER.............................

  84. Matéo G.

    I never see a video as many time as this video

  85. Kherin MGS



    Amazing dedication.. breathtaking.. RIP Dimebag and Vinnie! You know while zakk was shredding, Dimebag was standing next to him smiling.

  87. Nicholas

    04:20 is what he thinks about the new generation of POP

  88. Levi Meisch

    My air guitar skills were perfected watching this man pour his soul into this performance.

  89. 8man

    10000 times better than the studio version

  90. Adi Gondrong


  91. Sebastian Cooper


  92. jonathan b

    The best version

  93. StormeRebel Hurt


  94. Richard Smerdel

    R.i.p. brad

  95. Bud Berger


  96. Tom Trickery

    That guitar is the holy grail of metal forged by Dean under Dime.