Black Label Society - Death March Lyrics

Where have we gone, what have we done
Where have we gone, nowhere left to run
Pray for war, pray for death, pray for hate
Pray for all that you know
All these year ain't nothing's changed
And you know

Spiral of darkness, as the fools await
Peace through destruction has sealed our fate

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Black Label Society Death March Comments
  1. Mendes

    Great song! Reminds me of Angry Chair by AIC

  2. alex

    Go check out angel juice (album) by damien it has a song called death march it is way better

  3. youcan'tstopme

    i am named affter
    zakk wyld

  4. bob caffey

    .............THE L/A CHAPTER.............SAYS TURN IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!..........

  5. James Thompson

    Like cattle we March into the pit! Where are you?

  6. sarah jayne lee

    Fuck Yeah

  7. Bailey Harrington

    Fuck I needed that! Cheers Black Label Society..still one of the greatest and rawest sounds.

  8. Dazed Hippie


  9. dave phillips

    mr.zakk wylde baby !!!!!!

  10. Bobby Esposito

    This song is beast love it

  11. D Rok

    awesome bass in this song


    awesome bass on this album. Lomenzo was on it!

  12. Wastelander1972

    Awesome... Metal and cold...

  13. StarCat64

    Thx NYWC for helping me find this.

  14. Montaukii

    Not a good song to listen to while driving if you're concerned with fuel economy!

  15. Marcio Henrique

    great song, nice chorus

  16. BigBoyStone

    the one person that diskliked this can lick the crusty taint of a dead hippopotamus

  17. Rob Lucchetti

    @MrMatt942 If it was the one that was like 11 minutes long then it was probably the song in this river the live version. its pretty epic. has a 5 minute solo if its the one ur thinking of

  18. Joe Peady

    @Atoutlem0nde A bunch of songs by BLS sound like Alice in Chains to me.

  19. shoeym82

    i love it

  20. Bradley Blair

    wewt 11,000 viewer

  21. Brendan Ford

    @Atoutlem0nde I sometimes get this feeling about Black Label and AIC too. I think it's the riffage and overlaying vocals that are similar. Believe me, you're not the first person to have thought that. ; )

  22. Merrfi

    very good :D