Black Hippy - Black Hippy Freestyle Lyrics

[Jay Rock:]
Jay Rock checking in, you niggas checking out
When I grip the pen, that's how it is when I'm on the mic
I'm the People's Choice
The streets never lie
I paid dues so I'm self made
And if you got something shitty to say
You get slept or slayed
Haters in the shade
They running they mouth
They steady talking till the gun in they mouth
Go ahead and chit chat
That's when you hear the click-clack then its all over
Too late to bleed, squeeze then flee
Bleed the streets, bleed the beats
True story
I'm straight gutter, all guts
No glory
You niggas whack with them same raps
Y'all bore me
You're all killers and dealers
With scrilla like Kobe
Cut it out, you rappers papier-mache
K. Lamar my nigga, go ahead and take 'em away

[Kendrick Lamar:]
I said we don't wanna hear that weak shit no more
My flow China white
Like a sheep in the snow
I go deep as the Bible, I could debate with the pope
And you rappers go down hill
Like a ski on the slope
I been a boat with Papi
But I ain't trying to cop no work
I'm trying to cop me the boat and some more property
I told Rock
"We gotta be more then just a commodity
Make the whole name and entity to infinity"
Y'all want me off the juice, no grenadine
Could stop me from thinking presidential like the scattered brains of Kennedy
After I shot, duck down
So the crowd won't witness me
Now, could somebody locate Mr. Shakur?
And tell these Tupacs, they two shots, away from two blocks
Of being neighbors with the Almighty Lord
I put your best material in, then fast forward
Kendrick, signing off
I'm sure your signature's forged, boy

[Schoolboy Q:]
They say I'm headed to the county and they said it's for a murder
In a zone like a touchdown
No need to be turned down
Catch a fade, mandatory
Walk up in the dorm room just me and my heart
Let it start
Where you from?
I bang back
Start pushing back the rack
So I guess it's time to scrap
Run that, Look
I Whooped his ass for an hour
Made his nigga have to drag him in the shower
Survival techniques from the streets don't apply in here
Just barbarious niggas who'll try your fears, ruthless
Little church choir and Hell's fire
And lemme see you sing your ass out of this one
Smashed out a victim
Should've kept push ups in your routine
Eating tuna for your protein
Most niggas turn scary, fags get buried
Snatch a mothafucka's commissary
Don't worry I'm a gangster

[Ab-Soul (Kendrick):]
First name Herbert
Last name Steven
Don't call it my government
Cause I don't know none of them
As far as rap
I'm running it like I'm getting robbed
Target wasn't quite my target
That's why I quit my job
These niggas better hop on board
When my ship sets sail and I sell a few records
Sipping Guinness and set a few records
Enough is never enough
I gotta do extra
I gotta go the distance
I gotta prosper, I gotta put my mamacita
In that big casa
I gotta be the
Realest if not the illest to spit a verse
God MC, Pick a church
Don't let the curly hair fool you
My hair ain't quite wool
And my feet ain't bronze
And it's inadequate thinking I used to run Nazareth
Imagine if this hoodie was a crown of thorns
You wish you had the stamina to go that hard
Get your punchlines up, then maybe we could spar
Your lyrics should make a point, then maybe we could score
Then maybe I could show you how three met-a-four
[*Beat runs out*]
Metaphorically speaking I'm more indecent
Then papa bear getting distracted enjoying his porridge, peep it
In a war, I rip a warrior to pieces
Make a Domino effect, like I'm delivering pizzas
("Let him go, let him keep going")
And if that ain't a fact, then neither is Jesus
Black-lipped bastard
Puffing on a pasture
I hit a chick till she holla' like she caught the Holy Ghost
Then I passed her, holy smokes
I bring disaster to every quote
You a Shasta to a Coke
I'm a master
Sensei with a pen raised
Build up bricks, just to break
In the dojo blowing do-do
And to be frank
I'm so hot I make the snow flake
On any day
Ab-Soul, now you know mane

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Black Hippy Black Hippy Freestyle Comments
  1. jwizzo

    Love it

  2. Malakai Wahtomy

    Oh shit

  3. Justin Hibbler

    The next generation needs to realize that this is the root of hip-hop! Respect the game 💯

  4. Manogya Acharya


  5. Tlhomotse Moteme

    Ab-Soul's lines are like a drug to me er'time when I get them. Soulo!

  6. Manogya Acharya


  7. El 47

    Q always throwing the wackest shit

    Ladyheroin .v4


  8. Keith Stanley

    Black hiiipie

  9. Mango Fresco

    Kendrick in the back saying "Black Hippy" 😂

  10. El 47

    Q always fucking wack in freestyles

  11. MoTown Kye

    Kendrick was on something else completely different.

  12. Levi Meyer

    Infenty one easey

  13. TINNY

    Ab-Soulo so much heat, been on repeat. Now my Dominos on reheat as I check the receipt 😭😭

  14. TINNY

    I absoooolutely adoreee Ab Soul, he’a on a another level. 🔥🔥🔥♥️

  15. Eff tee Pee

    Yooooo this joint ahead ov its time cuuhz

  16. 0821686331ebc2dd5a98db41f82620b3d91ee9da

    jeeez bro

  17. CPA

    AHHHHHHH!!! #BlackHippy

  18. Nope Nope


  19. Mike J

    Kendrick = Dr Dre
    Ab Soul = Eazy E
    Schoolboy Q = Ice Cube
    Jay Rock = MC Ren

  20. Donald J. Trump

    Am I alone for liking this style of Kendrick, and not his new stuff? Kinda like when Eminem did relapse and used that annoying accent when he rapped.

  21. Christopher Adams

    That nigga Soulo said “God emcee, pick a church” 🙌🏾 “Black lip bastard, puffin on the pasture, hit a chick til she holler like she got the holy ghost, then I passed her (pastor), holy smokes”

  22. CheboBANGS

    I hit a chick till she holla like she caught he Holy Ghost then I passed her (pastor). soulo a god

  23. Nosa Izevbigie

    Dam an soul is insane

  24. PhenomReloaded08

    Soulo Ho3

  25. B4D D 12 3 4 M

    Soul No.2

  26. The Princess Machiavellian

    U a Shasta to a coke 😭🤕

  27. 8one7hug

    smth liike... "Q"!!! yeah thank you. 😂😂😂😂

  28. Kanji

    Y'all want me off the juice, no grenadine
    Could stop me from thinking presidential like the scattered brains of Kennedy
    After I shot, duck down
    So the crowd won't witness me
    Now, could somebody locate Mr. Shakur?
    And tell these Tupacs, they two shots, away from two blocks
    Of being neighbors with the Almighty Lord
    I put your best material in, then fast forward
    Kendrick, signing off
    I'm sure your signature's forged, boy


  29. New WaveS

    Ab soul killed it >

  30. Bianicman Epic Videos

    Kendrick spazzed... But AB SOUL NIGGA!

  31. @SernaT.D.E

    "My Hair ain't quite wool and my foot ain't bronze"

  32. Nick Watson

    Y’all better hop on board, before my ship set sail and I sell a few records, or sip on some Guinness and set a few records! (Y’all remember the Guinness book of records?)

  33. Stephan G

    Real fans are safe here

  34. anonymous kwani

    Everyone brings something different

  35. Noah Saldivar

    Ab soul ate that

  36. Rio Junior

    Ab shined.

  37. Caramelbeauty852

    Ab soul is the shit!

  38. drewdonahue123

    My favorite part is when Kendrick steals q's adlb he gets so mad

  39. Ryan Collie

    Soul the best freestyler in BH hands down

  40. Baby Face

    Q"s fresh prison bars.

  41. philip hillman

    when the unsigned hypeman spits the best verse out of the label running shit ... whoa ab

  42. philip hillman

    why do people not realize ab soul is the best rapper / musician earth has to offer...

  43. rick jay

    Half of the world don't even know who TDE was till BET and still don't. Ab soul is slept on because of his message and they ain't ready for it.

  44. dre monet

    my boy soul went the fuck offffffffffff

  45. Cyrus


  46. Pablo Estrada

    instrumental ?

    Maz Sin

    Bqhu 24 Deep instrumental

    Pablo Estrada

    good looks bro 👍🏾

  47. Terrance Phillips

    back when Ab-Soul was actually better than kendrick


    Terrance Phillips his verse was longer but all black hippy my favorites

  48. Logan Buchte

    ab soul dooooeeee straight fire

  49. jay reezy

    Man so many fucking lines from AB Target wasn't quite my Target that's why I quit my Job! I hit A chick til she hollared like she caught the Holy Ghost then I Pastor (Passed Her) 🔥🔥🔥🔥 That Pastor line even made Kendrick laugh like this nigga is too much!

  50. Chanell Jacobs

    is it me or does anyone else have to lay in fucking awe after an Ab verse.

    TDE always.

  51. Joel Cruz

    Show discipline by Jadakiss ft. Nas

  52. Lennox Munga


  53. Alex Rangel

    whats the instrumental

    Bingy 24

    Brotha Lynch - 24 Deep

  54. philip hillman

    abs a monster

  55. kick flips

    Soulo by far the best out of TDE. this man is fucking insane

  56. VegaCF

    Give absoul a cap! Looks like eazy


    VegaCF The new N.W.A lmao

  57. Mohamed Bajaber

    "Im so hot, i made the snow flake"

    Joseph Wilkerson

    Mohamed Bajaber break it down to me king 👀?

  58. NAAP B.


  59. Pablo Estrada

    What's the instrumental of this?

  60. TripMenace

    Soul is too much

  61. Mohamed Bajaber

    Ab Soul is the best in black hippy

  62. Jay Critical

    Kendrick said "They told me stop thinking presidental like the scattered brains of Kennedy".

    Gabriel A. Rodriguez

    Jay Critical legendary

    Eff tee Pee

    Ahead of his mind and time lol

  63. veseli klosar

    They all went in, but god damn Soulo, lyricly one a few rappers can touch him. Btw original beat is Show Discipline, Jada song ft. Nas, if anyone wanna know, it's dope to.


    veseli klosar nah son its 24 Deep - Brotha Lynch Hung

  64. Torrey Turner

    you a Shasta to a coke!..........."bodied"😲

  65. Obi_WanJabroni_

    Ab Soul has an amazing flow holy shit

  66. Yzaiah Jordan

    Ab Soul went in

  67. Fredo Crugarr

    I still think ab soul is the best he just needs to take this to the tracks

  68. xlatoyax

    absoul had a black jesus line lol yall sleeping men hahha hiiipower

  69. kingrosekilla

    kendrick and ab bodied this

  70. Henry Trevino

    i put your best material in and fast forward, kendrick, signing off im sure your signatures forged boi

  71. big ol'

    fuck was that shit at the end? hahahs


    +Rup Tratin Magic

  72. Fredo Crugarr


  73. Christoff Robinson

    soulo killed it

  74. Jonathan Galea

    You can tell Soul is freestyle by his mannerisms and hesitations, and he fucking BODIES this verse.

    Jonathan Galea

    +Jonathan Galea freestyling*

  75. FallingLeaf

    lmao you tell these guys are brothers man 4:23

    Ramon Barrera


  76. HarmonicDX

    "As far as rap, I'm running it like I'm getting robbed
    Target wasn't quite my target, that's why I quit my job..."

    "And it's inadequate thinking I used to run Nazareth
    Just imagine if this hoodie was a crown of thorns"

    Two of the toughest lines in this cypher, both by Soulo. Don't sleeeeeep!

    Jarvis Elmerhath

    Honestly, the hardest line to me by far was "To be Frank, I'm hard enough to make the snow flake."

    Frank White/white/cocaine/snow/flakes

    Mohamed Bajaber

    sleep on Q
    but not Soul, never Soul

    jay reezy

    HarmonicDX I hit a Chick until she catch the Holy Ghost then I Pastor (Passed Her) Soul is a Monster!


    Don't forget "HOLY SMOKES"

    Funkadelic Stylez

    Na bruh
    “You wish you had the stamina to go that hard
    Get ya punch lines up then maybe we can spar
    Your lyrics should make a point then maybe you can score
    Then maybe I can show you how 3 metaphor (4)”
    And if you don’t get that it’s cool but that shit too hard

  77. Jman1234ism

    Kendrick had a buzz cut
    Q was skinny
    Ali had a mohawk
    You know this shit old

    Mr Hotfries

    Jay Rock was yojnger


    Ab souls hair also

  78. Hexted

    Ab-soul is a better rapper
    Kendrick makes better albums

    Mor4draco Rules

    +Hexted truuf


    Well said

    The Great Rudini

    Control System can go toe to toe with any of Kendrick’s albums but I agree

  79. Antoine

    Soulo Ho!

  80. This tea tho

    Whos here for Q lol


    +tbaggin yomoma Who's here for all of them

    Walsh Perrin

    +themasterassassian hell yeah

    Chol H

    Here for Black Hippy

  81. Jared Weitzel

    What's the beat?

    Fredo Crugarr

    It's souls beat now

    Alejandro Velasquez

    +Kallum Dix lol fr

    GardenState Savage

    the beat is Show Discipline by Prodigy feat Jadakiss. it's on the first violator compilation

    Fredo Crugarr

    +Alejandro Velasquez what??

  82. michael jeremy

    I hit a chick untill she caught the holy ghost and then i pastor(passed her) holy smokes.
    pastor as in preacher holy ghost and passed her like a blunt (holy smokes). lol just in case that went over yall heads!

    Fredo Crugarr

    Dam soul


    +Christoff Robinson Sorry to burst your bubble but this is written. Still a great line but written.

    Christoff Robinson

    @TheWeaponzzz how u kno


    @Christoff Robinson Ive been a rap fan for a very long time (I feel like you are too) but I have had many perspectives on the music as a whole that I can tell and also he said some of those bars in a song before. Can't remember what its called but he has said it before.

    Christoff Robinson

    Ive heard some of those bars in songs too but i figured he remembered them on the spot or re-listened to this and decided to re-use them and i thought it was written too but from all of them you hear a bit of hesitation and thinking

  83. thebiz619

    Damn you know this old.....Kendrick got a haircut

  84. J Cadeau

    Soul is that dude

  85. LegendaryElite

    Damn...Q put on some weight since they recorded this lol

  86. Jakobi Kornegay James

    My NIGGA soul

  87. Tezzy Wright

    My nigga Kendrick with that lyrical ass freestyle ain't nobody fuckin wit dat nigga


    @Victor Adjei I'm sayin

    music lovers

    You slept on soul bruh

  88. Warren Paea

    why the fuck this aint got more views? this still hot!

  89. Jason Cueto

    "I run nazareth you would think this hat is a crown of thorns" or some shit like that #soulo

  90. C Mack

    Does anyone know the instrumental?

    DRek LB


    C Mack

    Good looks bro

  91. xP3RF3CT10nZz

    Soul was freestyling too ..damn

    josh kinsman

    xP3RF3CT10nZz he writes in his head

  92. Tre Reed

    kendrick was high af lmao

    Evan Moore

    Which explains H.O.C. high off contact watch his hardknock tv interview he does not smoke

    soloist One Love

    @Titus Crew exactly lol  

    Evan Moore

    Whatever hahaha

    Christoff Robinson

    why u say he high

  93. David Mordoe

    Get your punchlines up, then maybe we can spar, your lyrics will make a point, then maybe we can score, then maybe i can show you how three met-a-phor... 

    d-Don Naga

    damn...its like a meteor just landed on me

    Keven sum

    Fucking Bar

  94. Quentin Jenkins

    Kendrick busted a nut when he finished

  95. Aaron Tuck

    Ab soul killed this

  96. Martin Porter

    Jay Rock be that nigga