Black Dahlia Murder, The - Carbonized In Cruciform Lyrics

Ritual Of Conjuration

The circle of bones has been sealed,
Prepared for these most ancient rites.
Three virgin cunts arrested by chains,
Gut them like pigs,
Let their filthy blood drain.
Dark astral sigils brand their bruised backs with eyes disembodied,
Enshroud them in black.
Moaning, defeated, mere inches from death,
We reach out to you, master, with this offering ov flesh.

Cremation of the captured,
Inhaling the funeral plumes.
Torches besoaked and then set ablaze,
Accept now this token of drek, death, and doom.
Observing communion satanic elite,
Nails through the midst of the lamb’s hands and feet.
Affixing with hammers,
A spear through the side,
Staked with conviction as if it were Jesus Christ.
Impaled and hung up there,
Three of their most rotten thieves,
In a black recreation, so hideous and foul,
Of when this sickening lie was so deftly conceived.

Unearthly ritual,
Bloodlet thine human sow.
In flames his face appears,
Black intentions crystal clear.
Darkly the mass has encircled in silence,
The hooded look on the skies they are threatening terrible storms,
Protesting this crucifixion.

So hear me now and rise up from the flames.
Twisting leviathan,
Our path left handed,
We bear the bestial markings spelling doom.
O master rear your horned head,
Master exhale your acrid breath,
We are your humble servants,
We bow before your blackened essence true.


Unearthly ritual,
Bloodlet thine human sow.
In flames his face appears,
Black intentions crystal clear.
Accept our sacrifice,
Their blood will giveth voice.
Carbonized in cruciform,
Black inversion of the one called lord.

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Black Dahlia Murder, The Carbonized In Cruciform Comments
  1. The American Bobby

    We bare the bestial markings spelling doom. Top that, I dare you.

  2. D.Raven

    One of Dahlia's best

  3. Wandering Lens Media

    Bdm lyrics are so insane, complex mini stories

  4. Juan Munoz

    Three virgin cunts arrested by chains, gut them like pigs let their filthy blood drain

  5. Kenny Lambchop

    Best song on the album

  6. D'Artangan Oswald

    Trevor's lyrics are very Shakespearean.

    Sam Torruellas

    +D'Artangan Oswald Had me in tears at 'three virgin cunts'

  7. GillClinton7

    Trevor's lows are absolutely the most brutal hands down just sayin

  8. GillClinton7

    This and blood in the ink made this album great (for being one of the lesser albums put out IMO)

    12 34

    MrBlonday the window, the raven and moonlight equillibrium aswell


    Ritual is their best work imo


    This is BDM's best album for sure.

    nathaniel hughes

    People actually consider this a lesser album? That blows my mind. This was their greatest release. The song craft on this album is mature, and well thought out.


    @nathaniel hughes it's also a borderline concept album with each song being a different "ritual". I consider this to be on the level of Jester Race and Slaughter of the Soul. It's absolutely phenomenal.

  9. Reclusiarch Grimaldus

    The only song in this album that sounds like old school tbdm.


    +El Duderino I agree it could be on Deflorate and it would sound like it was always there.

    michael watchman

    except his high vocals in there first album unhallowed its more brutal in my opinion. i f#$ckin love this album though!!!!!

  10. ryanexsus

    This band man. Goddamnit how can they get so fucking good?

    steve anderson

    Because they don't suck ass like you.

  11. Nack Toothy

    Musically this song is one of the best put together songs I've ever heard. Just the way its laid out blows my mind. 

  12. NGruhn

    Dissection overload in this song - probably the reason why it's one of my favorite tbdm songs :-)

  13. Ape Billingss

    I learn so many cool, new words from Trevor.  Metal has truly expanded my vocabulary.

  14. SaturnineXTS

    My favorite song by this band!


    Mine also

    Hugh Turner

    @SaturnineXTS fuck yeah. really hope the new album sounds like this.

    Johnathan Cookson

    same my man

  15. Mariam White


  16. jose tortorella

    Damn, Trevor is such a great writer.