Black Angels, The - Indigo Meadow Lyrics

Lay your hands on my chest girl.
You've been a problem
since the moment I met you.
You always cause unreal friction
Put your pale hands
on my face, my love.

Be strong! I wish that you were.
You stand up, act like you love it.
Keep your hands on my chest girl.
Leave your pale face
on my neck, my love.

Always indigo, always indigo.
Always indigo, always indigo.
Everybody knows
you like a hell of a show.

Be gone I wish that you were.
You stand up, don't act so defeated.
Swing hard! You think that you could.
Beat your bare hands
on my chest, my love.

Be strong! I wish that you were.
Your aching eyes
are not my concern.
Be wrong! I wish that you were.
Keep my pale hands
on your chest, my love.

Always indigo, always indigo.
Always indigo, indigo meadow.
Everybody knows
you like a hell of a show.

Always indigo, always indigo.
Always indigo, indigo meadow.
Everybody knows
you like a hell of a show.
Always indigo, always indigo.

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Black Angels, The Indigo Meadow Comments
  1. Austin Robinson

    This album just grew on me more after 5 years. I think only now do i finally understand it. Fantastic!

  2. Anibal Aldebaran Luz

    Very good! 🤘🏻💀🎸

  3. Beata Spiewak

    Great band great album 🖤
    Have a nice evening ✨

  4. Manuel Bucci Riedel

    did the velvet underground, the 13th floor elevators, the doors & the jefferson airplane having offsprings together?!this is soo mean, wicked and psychoactive...perfect sound shapers and collectors.I love the cute singin and lyrics, thats what makes em unique though sounding litten sedated on several multipolitoxics...please coloure my walls again with the black angels

  5. Rick Sanchez

    Hey guys maybe get more ads I can still hear the album also this is TBAs best work

  6. Freaty the Dreary

    i fucking love this band. fuckkk

  7. Beata Spiewak

    Love this group and the music they made .
    Have a great day ✨

  8. Akashamitra

    I discovered this band when Thee Hypnotics supported them. Check those guys out!

  9. M H

    I love this band. Discovered them a couple of months ago. Picked up three albums so far. Seems like I might be buying this, too. Perhaps even Phospene Dream, if I end up liking that one.

  10. That Thirdman guy

    Frist off beefart. Love the name also love your pic for this channel trout mask nice. Love this band so fucking kool

  11. Zachariah Slade

    These ads are crab grass of the ear.

  12. oper joss

    At first it seems fine, sounds good, but in the end it's very boring

  13. Niva Sa

    10:16 - how heaven should sound

  14. Linkfreak117

    I love their Neo Retro sound

  15. Juan Rivera

    95 people don't know what good music is !

  16. OcchioniApotropaici

    This is the Black Angels' album I like less.

  17. Alain Descamps

    amazing sound ...

  18. Pâmela Silveira

    wow this is good, i missed hear sounds like it, back to my origins

  19. Canada Eh

    awsome dude ..

  20. RinaldoDegliAlbizzi

    Damn! What a great album!

  21. Turning Black Like Lizards

    ......Fuckin awesome x

  22. xyling

    Always blue! Always blue! Always blue!

  23. voudontronics

    _exquisite & dope_!


    _play loud and watch the pictures growing in your mind with eyes closed or open (are they open or closed...?)_



  25. Vladimir Pavlovic

    Great band, great music!

  26. Rhah Nabunaid

    we're sleepwalking around
    With our hands high
    our eyes blind
    with our hands tied
    our tongues snide
    we waste our time in bars
    kill ourselves in cars
    we always search for stars
    our empathy's in jars

  27. Xaz

    indigo meadow songwriting + proshphene dreams sound + passover attitude = dreaming

  28. Hunter Watson

    personally I think this album is awesome it jams. & every bit as good as their previous work & in some ways even better, I think they keep getting more evolved & refined with each new album. all of their songs are out of this world & each tune is a masterpiece.

  29. yerko argandoña vargas

    you have to listen this álbum on LSD ... fucking awesome!!!!!

    Holly Nicole

    i tripped LSD one day and got into a 4-hour+ trance listening to this album, and "Black Isn't Black" specifically on repeat for a very long time. I produced some of my favorite art that day. My hand felt possessed by the Black Angels...and the acid.

  30. suzy kiely

    tatally stoned.fuck it was hard to write that heehhhxhxxhhxzzhheheeheeeh

  31. lunarstation

    hammer geile mukke 41:00

  32. Jack NO.7

    I love this album...

  33. Terry Bogarh


  34. Brian Bauer

    To me they sound like an evil doors!! Not that he sounds like Jim, but the way he sings and the music!! Rock on Mother Fuckers!!!

  35. Rocks4You97

    The first track is very Piper At The Gates Of Dawn-y, great though

  36. juan diego

    fuck, they don't sound like any band, just listen to their music.

    Brian Bauer

    juan diego L... For all I love inyoyr eyes..O.. for all those sigh's in the night.. V.. It's very hard to denied.. E.. For everything left behind!!!!!

    Brian Bauer

    @Brian Bauer damn spell correct!!

  37. Derrin Harvey

    Love em

  38. mabix5

    that album is just amazing !


    just stumbled on this I to charge but when complete with this and that I will try to responded with some feed back bad or good middle fniger to yas but over all its how music moves one no matter what sounds has a tone that I like

  40. Sophie

    got a t-shirt with this exact design on, willing to sell to anyone who wants it? - I don't know them and got given it from a stranger at a gig. won't ask for much, just enough to cover postage

    Captain Beefart

    +Sophie Lane-rogans well, where are you in the world?


    london, uk but can post to anywhere

    Pedro Lopes

    +Sophie Lane-rogans I could dig this shirt, can you give your contact to trade info??


    facebook me? My name is Sophie L-r or if that doesn't work try sophielanerogans


    sorry i sold it months ago :(

  41. Sagi Tari

    Well they did set the bar pretty high with their first three pure fucking badass releases but this one holds it's own.. it just takes a few more listens than the others for it all to sink in.. nevertheless.. its the Black Angels, and it's thumbs up.

  42. Bobby Engel

    I enjoy this album. IDK what the hate is about. Indigo Meadow was a bit drab in the instrumentation department, but they still made it work

  43. Dax 1080p

    i love this album more than half are good to me but my taste of music is uh yah

  44. Dj Roxanne

    Can anyone give me their personal opinion about this band, such as what genre, what year, whats your favorite song, are they a '"big band" or a pub, bar bans? Ive heard many many garage bands and pub bands who should be touring stadiums and others who belong w=right where they're at.. so not an insult, i just want a personal review of the band.. would like to introduce on my page its a small page only 10,000 likes, but id still like to introduce some new, newer bands into the classic line up.. which is whyid love your take on them.. do you think they'll be big etc.. ty..

  45. Mr. C

    My new favorite band. Can't get enough of The Black Angels.

  46. Tim W

    Love me forever  love me forever love me forever

  47. iliket0p4rty

    lol they aren't from austn texas they are from SAN MARCOS texas! i went to school there before they got big i saw them a few times *pushes up hipster glasses*

    Thomas Hartman

    +iliket0p4rty . Not true. Christian went to U.T. on a track scholarship because he was a star hurdler. I had a buddy in track that lived with him.

  48. Zuko

    Pedazo de álbum!!!

  49. Paris Mygatt

    Melt me psych band

  50. skiing crocodile

    Grazie mille Capitano Bee Fart.


    +skiing crocodile qualche italiano si becca anche qua! Ciao :)

  51. BubbaZen10

    I hear colors sounds a lot like Syd era Pink Floyd. I guess a lot of it does, because of that organ sound, but that was the one where it really got me.

    Brant Blaga

    +BubbaZen10 So, always indigo? Don't tell me...

    Dj Roxanne

    +BubbaZen10 this band is NOTHING like PINK FLOYD !!! how dare you!! THE PINK FLOYD as SYD's era! the band was called! okay, i can see that PF's worst album ever, does indeed seem like this band got some inspiration from least the first song HOWEVER, this band or song,i don't know anything about this band, just clicked n it, but i can say it is 100 times better than :"Apples And Oranges" with the overrated SYD.. Second song ,ok they're prog rock, i guess??

    Dj Roxanne

    +Dj dawn-Roxanne i apologize for my outburst and lack of caffeine you are correct they are not in the same genre as the Floyd was then, but yes i can hear where you're getting your reasoning from, it does sound like TPF w/SYD.. sorry i was a dick.. cheers mate!!?


    @Dj dawn-Roxanne Apologize? NONSENSE! I loved that post!!!

    My comment was about the song "I Hear Colors". I should have capitalized and put in quotes. This band definitely has a sometimes Doors-y, sometimes early Floydian vibe to me on some songs. They're one of my favorites out now. I really need to see them.

    Yeah, some people love the classic, Dark Side era, and some people really love the Syd era more. I love them both a lot, and almost look at them as two different bands. 


  52. Dogma427

    this album and Passover are my favorites

    pavel karma


  53. полотенчик

    Holland намного глубже ,чем кажется, как и все творчество группы.

  54. Dimitri Vincheov

    Dont play with guns...crack for your ears

  55. originofnoise

    Fantastic album!

  56. Altura Official

    Check out my channel for some AWESOME music! It really is good, I'm not just saying it! you won't regret it!

  57. Stonerheads Band

    if youlike BLACK ANGELS visit our channel!

    more stoner here! --->

  58. Haily Veness

    Can't wait to see them at Levitation

  59. Ve. M.

    The Doors meets B.R.M.C.

  60. Ghostfinger Berns

    Seeing this group for a second time at Levitation Vancouver June 5-7. Hope Spaceport Union play as well. There new video is just so cool .  yeah I'm a superfan of both!

  61. Hernan Zenteno

    Always maybe is a wonderful tune. And I am not smoked

  62. Hernan Zenteno

    Terrible band. Hope more people know them down here, in the very south of America

  63. j hu

    so flaccid compared to spacemen 3

  64. Mr Mojo Risin

    I hear colors...



  65. Pablo Ferreira

    fucking trippy 

  66. Mink G.R. de Vries

    i could tell more but, this world won't allow it..humans are too mutch bussy telling others their story is theirs true one, and forgot too look the heart of there family the human rass...wen i would they would think the same about me, so i spared me that one,rather unknown then the star..thanks

  67. Mink G.R. de Vries

    yeah don't worry black or white ..don't excist more are the terms angry and friendly fits...
    how more kindness fits in the more anger can be stored in the other side..just detail...arn't we all humen :)

  68. Mink G.R. de Vries

    yup i should of known but the heart was back lol

  69. John Smith

    Who are these funky looking dudes, making funky music?


    You mean, good musicians making good music?

  70. mustis M

    good stuff. 33 people listening to justin bieber

  71. Davy Roger

    Pretty far out

  72. JustAsPlanned1

    Мда, хуевенький альбом. С прошлыми не сравнится.

    John Smith

    @BubbaZen10 Bubba read good


    @Captain Bee Fart When will you grace our subscriptions with another absolute banger of an album, my loving Captain Bee Fart? I hope youtube hasn't stopped you or something.

    Captain Beefart

    well, sad thing is, youtube actually stopped me. Until february I cant upload stuff longer than 15 minutes anymore due to copyright infringements, another strike until then and everything gets deleted. Ill propably start uploading individual songs I really like though.


    @Captain Bee Fart, My trust resides in you.

    We are ALL Captain Bee Fart.


    @availdname Well shit, i didn't sign up for this at all!!! 

    But, if i gotta be bee, i guess i gotta be bee.

  73. nicola mancini

    Voldo -Steps(2014)

  74. COVR

    any good recommendations for bands that sound like the angels?! or have that psychedelic rock factor with bomb lyrics

    John Smith

    @covr687 Holy Children

    Horog Péter

    @covr687 middlemist red

    Ghostfinger Berns

    +covr687  Spaceport Union, The myrrors. Blue Narcotica Lounge

    Jeremy Kaufman

    All Them Witches are both heavy and very trippy. One of the best bands around to see live.

    Jeremy Kaufman

    Spiritualized “Live At Royal Albert Hall” is a must-owl. Their precursor Spacemen 3 are a big influence on the Black Angels.

  75. blipblip88

    I don't know what they're like in concert, because I don't like crowds...but I bet they are great in concert.

    Keith Dilliplane

    Seen them three times - super psychedelic show! Their light show melted my face off, not to mention their drone-like licks and beats will play tricks on your mind. I recommend it!

    Paulo Sérgio Pinto

    Saw them last year... got totally zoned out with the music and light show... friggin' amazing!

  76. Lupin AAGL

    The Day reminds me of The Beatles somehow.

  77. Chris Schuschu

    40 people don´t know what good music is !

  78. David Hempseed

    not everyone knows it yet - but - the Black Angels have already reached the caliber - as the Doors - Creedence Clearwater Revival and the Moody Blues

    David Hempseed

    @Bill Perri it's an illusion to look at musicians and singers such as Jim Morrison and not think that this guy - Alex Maas - can sing as well or write even better lyrics - Corin Tucker is as good as Janis Joplin - Wesley Scantlin is as good as Kurt Cobain - talent comes in a cycle - it never stops

    David Hempseed

    @Bill Perri to be more precise - I am saying that the Black Angels at there 4th album point in time are where the Doors were at with there 4th album point in time - and where Creedence Clearwater Revival and the Moody Blues were at in their development 


    @David Hempseed tucker as good as lil sister Janis , what planet are you on? , its good to be enthused , but lets get real , tucker could`nt even open up Janis`s Southern Comfort ,

    John Reuter

    That was not a stage in the case of the MB's or CCR's development. They were at the height of their powers. It's possible to say that CCR was at its height with their first album.

  79. Ayahuaska Pop

    genial album!! de puta madre! :D

  80. SARA

    love it

  81. Bill Guandolo

    very cool stuff

  82. Claybian

    If you like this one then you need to check is this version of the same song synched to Wizard of Oz!
    Black Angles - Black Isn't Black to Wizard of Oz Remix

  83. Claybian

    If you like this one then you need to check out this version of the same song synched to Wizard of Oz!
    Black Angles - Black Isn't Black to Wizard of Oz Remix

  84. Bartonovich52

    One of the better bands out there, but still seem like they are just remixing old songs. Definite Doors sound on Love Me Forever (The End in the verse and The Changeling in the chorus) and of course the Stones Like a Rainbow and Paint it Black in I Hear Colours.

    It would be nice to hear a new song and not immediately think of another song made decades before.

    Austin Robinson

    They are thinking ahead, a lot of those songs you mentioned arn't going to be remembered like these ones are. Tastes change over time, Neo-hipsters of the 2050's will be like, "yeah this is great the only thing I don't like about it is it is BASED on the doors" or whatever. Lol.

  85. João André

    [email protected] i <3 you !!!

  86. Daniel García

    Not for me, I just came from  listening to "The Sword" and "Witchcraft"... amazing bands. I'm looking for some good Stoner stuff...
    these guys are pretty cool, but really, not for me.

    Space Ghost

    Did you hear their first or second album? way better than this one, maybe you'll change your mind c:

  87. Camilo Oyarzún

    it is not my style to spoil it up, but there is a chilean band from the 60's called "Los Angeles Negros" which in english means the same...

    Jack Brew

    their name derives from the velvet underground song "the black angels death song" 

  88. CutiePie2006

    Took two seconds,.....was hooked.

  89. Log Dog

    Love this shit.Soooo good.

  90. Anthony Monaghan

    Superb album. This band get better and better. 

    Captain Beefart

    Actually they turned from amazing to mediocre in 4 years

    Adriaan du Toit

    @Captain Bee Fart This album is their weakest but you're totally wrong about the 4 years. Phosphene dream is a masterpiece.


    @Captain Bee Fart Can't please everyone. And trying is futile.

    I'm just going to go ahead and say how much i absolutely love that the guy that uploaded this thing is saying how the band is now mediocre. You just don't see that shit every day on youtube.

  91. SomaCollector

    I like the music but the lyrics are so bad/dumb/lame. 

    Austin Robinson

    If you only knew.

  92. LWS

    LWS - Drive (Alternative Rock):

  93. Okifurbi

    Jose tío que musicote! Vamos a hacer un álbum así cojones!

  94. Garet2k

    Sounds like the first Pink Floyd albums or Syd Barrett... 

  95. mouthofthecave666

    very much enjoying this, just discovered them! tasteful music/creative music might actually last through the radio crap thats been around the last 15 years. alot of old school sounding bands in europe now too. withcraft, kadavar, graveyard, etc. 

  96. Arta Rexhepi

    the black keys can suckit!