Black Angels, The - Evil Things Lyrics

I once met you in a killing field
Collecting dust, yeah, picking up blood
That was then when we were both people
Doing people things like collecting dreams, honey

Hey, little darling, you're a dreamer
All your options are so painless

That was then when we were both blind, yeah
Taking what was mine, killing all the time
We're the same with new intentions
We're the same with bad intentions

Hey, little darling, you're a dreamer
You sleep with your heart in your hand

Look what we've done, never been more blind
In a daze, singing prayers
We're the same
We are blameless

Making love on summer days, kid
Waking up feels good to me
Shaken up on holidays
Staying up feels good to me

That was then when we were both evil
Doing evil things like stifling screams
We are good now
We are blameless
We are home now
We are shameless

Love is your gun
Love is your gun
Love is your gun
Love is yours

Evil, evil, pure evil
This is evil

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Black Angels, The Evil Things Comments
  1. Austin Robinson

    The music industry doesn't like the black angels because they are better than everybody else.

  2. dante duran

    hermoso :)

  3. therealkyleyates


  4. California Dreamin

    PLEASE. come to Europe 2019!

  5. Braeden Stalford

    This song kinda reminds me of black sabbath-iron man

  6. xslowdivex

    That doom metal guitar though

  7. Beata Spiewak

    Great 👍
    Have a nice day ✨

  8. Ambush 121

    That my brother was the kid sleeping kid @blake mecham

  9. Crank Lab Explosion - lab central

    2:39 fuck every metal band. THAT is what heavy guitars sound like.

  10. Alex nf

    I'm here because of my own music taste

  11. Shane V

    We are a group of music lovers nerding out over our favorite songs that fall under a new theme each day. Come show us what you got! Today’s theme is “Evil”.

  12. Alexandre Pasternak

    je suie un fane du groupe intense leur music pourquoi un cheval noir dans ce clip

  13. ralph K.J

    2:39 omfg


    the following

  15. Christopher Powell

    Anyone have lyrics? I tried googling multiple times, but all of them are wrong. (I don't know all the lyrics, but i can tell you anywhere they're posted, they're wrong. All the lyric sites just steal from each other without error checking.

  16. William Gwillam

    Being cool as fuck brought me here.

  17. Mr. Hotdog Shirt Guy

    Happy Halloween!!!


    very cool

  19. pavel karma

    6\6 Zurigo

  20. Nogbadthebad

    I'm sooooo jealous of the Black Angels' talent and the ALL the music they make. Every single album is a stunner. The only thing to do when you are that jealous is turn on, tune in, listen and enjoy.

  21. Raymond Frantz

    From Dusk Till Dawn (TV Series) Season 3 Episode 8 "Rio Sangre" brought me here.

  22. hannah rauch

    Sounds like if Sabbath and the doors had a baby


    And throw in some Kyuss or early QOTSA to go with it.

  23. killerhippie

    danke aus Deutschland

  24. hector ktorides

    Great tune from one of the best bands in the world.

  25. Anna Kozlova

    this song makes my brain orgasm

  26. Legacy

    from dusk till dawn: the series brought me here

  27. Megan Robinson

    K Shop bought me here :-)

  28. C Norman

    I love the Black Angels. One of the best absolute acts to come out of music in the last 25 years. But I really wish their live performance video on YouTube had the line at 1:49. It's like a Banshee or an Indian whoop. Priceless.

    Angel V

    You need to get out more.

    C Norman

    I don't disagree. Whom do you recommend?

  29. Алєксандр Купєц

    very beautiful video

  30. Fegelborn ™

    dinleyince eski patronumu dövesim geliyor amk ağzına sıçıcam amınakodumun ayısı bekle tatil bitsin

  31. Maya Luzitano

    i'm here because "black angels" is what i wanted to name my band when i was 5


    Black Angels is what I wanted to name my porn site when I was 15.

    Itis Me

    "Listen To The Black Angels"

    Alex nf

    I'm here because, I found them one my own years ago. All my music is good


    @Alex nf Fuck off.

    Carl Toeski

    i cant help but think this is one of the lames band names ever really.

  32. Daniel Cannon

    who else came here because of gta v lol.

  33. Brian Banegas

    goddamn horses

  34. Florencia R

    amazing locations! where are them?

    Jurngyr Dolopaloose

    Maybe Detroit

  35. T_rbo

    That riff almost sounds like wicked world, black Sabbath

    Justin The Fixer's mom.


  36. Dalton

    Whole thing is badass, but 2:39 on is pure sex


    @L-zarus Had multiple performances with bands and solo on all 3 instruments since I was 11 - around 40 concerts/gigs, until I got interested in electronic music. Also, I used the term professional, because I got paid for it - that's the definition.


    +Ozzy779 yep. So Nickelback, Limp Biscuite, and Puddle of Mud are professional musicians the same way.


    @L-zarus They got paid, and got further in life than you have. Hating on certain music is childish, but then, I don't expect you to be more than 18, so you won't understand being open-minded.

    Kelly Keegan

    The drop is amazing. Reguardless of the nay-sayers.


    Gotta hit the upshift right there

  37. Muertos

    Nice and filthy

  38. jonpaulsquarter

    Permission to uss your audio?

    Dominik D

    What does USSR have to do with this audio?

  39. Adeline Caruso

    Pourquoi un cheval ? La musique est magnifique, mais le cheval je vois pas par contre. :O

  40. jonpaulsquarter


  41. Mr Mojo Risin

    Loving the video clip!

  42. Алєксандр Купєц


  43. Miroslav Sherovski


  44. RareBeardlessWizard

    Come to brazil

  45. capri cious

    Could they have possibly made a crappier video though? Too bad.

  46. capri cious

    I once met you in the killing field
    Collecting dust, yeah, kicking up blood
    That was then when we were both people
    Doing peopl things like collecting dreams
    They knew gold and pure
    All your auctions are so payment
    That was in when we were both blind,
    Taking what was blind
    Killing all the time
    We re the same with new intentions
    We re the same with bad intentions
    Hey little darling girl
    Look what we ve done, never been more blind
    Every day singing prayers
    We re saying we are blameless
    Making love on summer days yeah
    Making love feels good to me
    Shaking up on hollow place
    Saying up feels good to me
    That was in when we were both evil
    Doing evil things like stifle and scream
    We are good now, we are blameless
    We are wrong now, we are shameless
    Love is your drug, love is your drug, love is your drug
    Evil, we are evil, this ain t evil.

  47. Shiho

    My favorite song of The Black Angels, soooo badass

    Daniel Ferreira Cunha

    My second favorite, you can´t beat Young Men Dead

    Bobby Hill

    Yes. SO MANY times I smoked weed in my car and then was driving with this song playing it at 100% volume. This song is mindblowing

  48. Shiho


    Check his video

  49. Robert Bush Jr

    Not my thing.....the sound just hooks you in...

  50. Carmen Fuentes

    Love this song♥♥♥

  51. V00D00 GURU

    Dark n dreamy

  52. Louis Mazzei

    Crushing snare drum awesome song

  53. Omarr SOsa

    CHRIS CHILDS WELCOME TO MERRITT brought me to this sick track, go  check it out!!!   

  54. Russell Nunn

    Ive only heard 15secs of this and I know that Im addicted. Awesome

  55. Eric L

    The next BMW ad. Way to go...


    Would actually work :D


    PSYCHED ON THIS! This album has been in my car since it came out and every now and then I try to swtich away from it...always come back. Addicted. 

  57. B4TT3RY

    Too much camera time on the sleeping boy. I like it despite this.

    Ambush 121

    B4TT3RY that’s my brother

  58. aptspire

    Great clip visually. (Still love the song)

  59. paisano85

    That guitar riff.....

    Carl Toeski

    if you like this sort of stuff check black heath canines, great band

  60. 666MFA666

    This Video has really everything I'm afraid of: horses, books, churches and children! Pure Evil! :D

    L. Duke

    666MFA666 , no clowns , ferrets or nuns?? ...🤔??


    Nor your mom? Lol

    John Jameson

    "Hurrr durr pure evil!"

  61. isabell wiman

    So good! Love it!

  62. Byron King

    Such psychedelic goodness

    Ben Theriot

    Do you have suggestions of any other psychedelic rock bands

    andree Aguayo

    Ben Theriot king gizzard and the lizard wizard, black mountain, Unknown mortal orchestra, Tame Impala, Ty Segall, Wooden Shjips, The murlocs, Thee oh sees, Pond, Melody’s Echo Chamber, Temples, Tash Sultana, Boogarins, Allah- Las, Pink Floyd, Spiritualized, khruangbin,

  63. Jose Marquez


  64. Citizenofthe9thdivision

    So so love these lot! Always amazing every time I hit play! UK tour soon???

  65. João Hass

    awesome !