Bizzle - Knock Off Love Lyrics

I'm from where they love women and love liquor
Where enough liquor have you making love quicker
Now you waking up bitter
Hold up, two problems
And one is how I just used love while referring to a one hitter
And two is how I said it like it's possible to love both and a beverage
We downgrade love and abuse it every second
Cause it sounds great but now we used it like a weapon
Like homie they got you up for something stupid
Cause he hit you with that "baby if you love me you would do it"
Now he got you bugging, so you jumping up to prove it
Cause you thought he was an angel but he's just another cupid
Fly so you catching it the moment that he shoot it
But he lied so you blame love for what he was doing
You can't blame love for the motive of a human
God's love and there only one Jehovah with the blueprint

I look around and all I see is
Knock off love
If you do for me I'll do for you
Knock off love
You need it, I got it, don't even worry 'bout it
That's love, love yeah
One day you do, next day you don't, thats
Knock off love

I'm from where love people and love paper
But over paper they put people on front pages
The paper low the people start to mean less
And the love changes when the number written on the front raises
Uh, they yelling money over hoes
But we don't put money over nothing with a pulse
God over money isn't just another quote
If you love HIM you should what he love the most, people
And real love doesn't run after altercations
If you da homie be my dog until my coffin break us
If you my brother then that bond should go beyond replacement
You can take your love and shove it if comes with ultimatums
If Gods' love we should love the way he do it
If we hang it should be to cut one anothers nooses
Why am I telling you this?
I'm just trying to love you like Jesus in a world they love you like Judas

I look around and all I see is
Knock off love
If you do for me I'll do for you
Knock off love
You need it, I got it, don't even worry 'bout it
That's love, love yeah
One day you do, next day you don't, thats
Knock off love

The bible told me that love is patient and love is kind
I couldn't see it this world told me that love is blind
Never told the homies I love em I was too stuck in pride
The streets told me love is for suckers wait till one of us dies
And love isn't boastful, it keeps no records the wrongs that we go through
It remains hopeful, and love never fails
If it does then it problably was something else you held onto
Real talk
Loves never selfish, love came off of the throne
For those that were hell bent
Love was rejected by this world and nailed to the cross
And I know it was love I can tell by the scars

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Bizzle Knock Off Love Comments
  1. Josh H

    It's the same way we think God sees us, thinking that we have to do for him to receive his love.. nonsense. God loved us before we could love. Love people with a pure heart. But remember even when we struggle to love and forgive others, he still loves us. Not loving with what we can do for others but that we forgive, pray for them, just be kind, compassionate and not throw the law at them because even while we were dead in our sins, God loved us and showed it in his love for us when he sent Christ to die for us. God loves you, regardless. God is love, just be love. Gay, straight, rich, homeless and all others.. whoever they are. Not loving with thinking that throwing Christ at them with the law of moses but just being love.. love is patient, kind, keeps no records of the wrongs. If you want to instruct others do it with meekness and kindness and remembering Christ came into the world to set us free.. not load us up with more of the same. Crucified the law and it's requirements, the law of love is still standing, to love the neighbor as yourself. Do you think telling someone they are going to hell is loving? Perfect love that Christ showed casts out all fear of condemnation. But even when you've gotten it wrong, God loves you. We are imperfect people that press forward to show God's love. I say this not to shame but to build you up. We all struggle. Let God do what he does, you just be yourself. He has set you free. Your free babes, love you all.

  2. Denise Mclain

    Beautiful song and very true❤️

  3. Golden Child

    Peace To My Bros 🔥 Thanks Mobbing !!! So Real and True Praise God Bless You Both !!! One

  4. Early Bird

    God gave me this one today. Never heard this before, but Jesus answered a few questions for me through this one song. God Is Good!!

  5. CharliesAngel Jonnson

    I think we should love whenever however it doesn't matter

  6. CharliesAngel Jonnson

    I'm not about run after altercation I need Jesus full time

  7. CharliesAngel Jonnson

    Gods love is it that's all

  8. CharliesAngel Jonnson

    I can't even entertain this you got Christian men out her showing more knock off then female these wam bam thank mam men I want God to bring real love to me as for the brother and sisters I love but never will I put high hope in anyone again they straight betrayal the not loving I love with the love God requires I'm done with these dude and yeah I think they do chose hoes over money there desperately and lonely and impatient with love there not serious about real love it's a spiritual warfare so love them and teach them and lead them to God and leave them is what I see

  9. CharliesAngel Jonnson

    My love comes from Jesus and he gives it to me and I deliver it to his people I always do in the Mighty name of Jesus AMEN

  10. CharliesAngel Jonnson

    Yes you guys is my brothers yes yes love God bless

  11. CharliesAngel Jonnson

    Everyday I love God and his people

  12. CharliesAngel Jonnson

    I do love people everyday

  13. CharliesAngel Jonnson

    I don't want a knock off 💘 I need a forever love.

  14. Shawn Hutchings

    bruh This need to be played Worldwide DAILY



  16. Drake Ivey

    Song of the year!!!!!! Bizzle out did his self with this one. 100% fire and truth " I'm just trying love you like jesus in a world that loves you like judas" grace and peace from da anointed dj


    Barz!!!!! 👑Jesus!

  17. Kareem Ali

    Wezt Coaztin wit this Holy Ghost in motion n GLifin ain't eazy but we do it dough FASHO \l/

  18. FrankyMorata

    Bizzle had me thinking he sold out with the first few bars.. but then bruh threw me back in wit the knowledge ✌🏾

  19. AyeJai Marsalis

    LoveisLove... my cousin sent me this song and I thank yall keep building growing and believing