Bizzle - God Over Money Cypher 2.0 Lyrics

Bizzle, Bumps, Selah, Sevin, Datin
Boi -Datin on the beat and you already know what it is, it's GOD over Money let's go!
They know
GOD over Money

Welcome to mi casa partner, lemme walk ya into the kitchen this sauce is proper like mwah!
Every chef on this roster serves authentic pasta, while these imposters give you a bowl of superstition
It's GOD over Money honey, the New Edition
I make my peace by bathing beneath the crucifixion
While they Judas kissing, I'm trying to grow like a chi - chia pet so I'm beating my flesh into submission
They want a coupe description, I hit the Philistine strip in a guillotine whip, the roof is missing
We surpassing every facet of what you envision
So ain't no fasting just passing in my true religion
So I make a student listen
HIS word penetrates deep then generate heat like nuclear fission
I aim straight for the lost, how can a shooter miss 'em?
Put a cap on the cross call me the super Christian

Even if your booth was explode-proof, and you had the bomb squad with you or you wore the whole suit, it still would be no use
Cause on them pro-tools I'm known to react like Goku in dropping vocals, (Yes!)
GOM is the go-to for the whole TRUTH
A gang of bold dudes on the frontline and we won't move
You would think Bizzle cut the locks, chains and bolts loose throughout the whole zoo and freed the apes and formed this whole crew (Yeah!)
It's like you rappers stranded on the planet, of the apes
And you looking like bananas in pajamas
See when the crew vomits it's Jumanji
Cause animals will jump out the game and flood your street like a tsunami
Stampeding like when the elephants rush, a small opponent first it's gored then it's propelled from it's tusk
Then it's stomped until it's cerebellum swells and it busts
So tell satan him and all his devils in hell will get crushed

[Bumps Inf:]
Fix your gaze on the LORD above
And sure enough your eyes reveal the
GOD of righteousness with a light so bright it kills ya
Death to the flesh but still alive like Mike in thriller
But HE can free up a trapped soul like Bryson Tiller
Find a scripture, I am for realer, my mind is 'iller
Than a Riker's island asylum filled with violent killers
Peep the irony I used to hit the trees and now I abide in the VINE like I'm trying to climb and go find gorillas
Man no monkeying around
Like when Steve Harvey gave Ms. Columbia the crown, (Psych!)
Same thing that any self-proclaimed king
Kick that Liu Kang, flu game sicker than Gangrene
Look the GREAT KING so you know we got to spit fire
Cause my GOD's outstanding like a hitch-hiker
Uh, Can't brag on HIM enough, ask me
The flow nasty like Flint water in cups, easy

[Selah the Corner:]
It's Grand Skeena, GOD'S 9 Millimeter
LIVING WATER by the river come and get a liter
And everybody talking about they living fast
But to GOD you're peon
I measure y'all in Kilometres
I see they bluff, they saying nothing like they dead in mind, war and walk whatever Is-real like Palestine
But I ain't tripping to be honest homey half the time
I'm just trying to keep Bumps calm like Calamine
They don't wanna know about JEHOVA's graces
Everybody got that works or that hammer go berserk in the building and they seen something coming
Steady leaving with they keys like Taraji up in Smoking Aces
And we ain't ever sitting out, lifestyle over rap cause we live it out
And from the start I've been paying from the heart
Crazy how HE art like the word heart written out

I keep a big mac for you small fries
And I mob with a pair of pumps for you tall guys
Off in the coffin, you gone for the long ride
Talking will get you tossed off and then hog-tied
See the minute I spit what the killers spit
The first thing you think is hypocrite
But when he pop niggas nine songs straight
And start spittin like me on the tenth you be feeling it
I say I'm a Christian you stop listening
Like why he always gotta bring his religion in
But every rapper you know mentions GOD
So it's kinda odd you knocking the ones living it
They say you too vocal on tracks Biz
So they try to keep me under wraps like the ad-libs
And cats been sleeping on the flow
But this hot sixteen will put them back on they mattress
By faith I shine with no Diddy
I don't move Yayo for the Buck I'm no Fifty
I don't need henchmen for the LORD
I'm no Jimmy, and I signed up Ready To Die it's no Biggie
Yes I rep YESHUA, the CHRIST best not test unless that pen shoot when it write (Blaow!)
You in a fight, you finna lose in a fight, break all rules and apply to rap like you, you finna die
Mr. Hashtag rapper, Mike Brown, Trayvon
Only time you promote peace is when they die
It lasts about a week then it's back to the straps
'Cause your contract came with a stack and some KY
Poisonous raps like crack in a pot
Major labels like "here serve that to your block"
So I don't wanna hear how you let techs squeeze
Let them cut a check and you be in a dress next week

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Bizzle God Over Money Cypher 2.0 Comments
  1. shane frost

    still a much love track this what rap we need not F this F that and rapping about B....ches this is the music the world needs and the young generation still a top song my brothers in Christ amen stay blessed we nee more songs daz uk england

  2. cool bian

    Canibus cypher of 5

  3. Mr. Chandler

    I don't care what anybody says there are 203 people that need to get their self right with whatever God they don't believe or believe in. But with hip-hop can make a positive change. In the world of spirit these men are rapping a Joyful Noise unto the Lord. God bless these men of God.

  4. Carl Serman

    Much luv this song hits home! 🔥🦁☝️

  5. ActionVerse Entertainment

    “I keep a Big Mac for you small fries”😂😂😂 “contract came with a stack and some KY”😂😂😂😂😂 I’m done

  6. Charlotte Lowe

    Ahhh my fellas!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  7. Tamese Luckett

    Ypooooooooo y'all have to come to my cityyyyyy all of yallll

  8. Elvis Pringle


  9. VK Westie 3021

    Dream team + bryann t & s.o. would be dope

  10. Lavita Miller

    Mannn! His word play is out of this world. I would think he is GOD... who puts words together effortlessly like this! #This man is the truth!

  11. Déjà Siku

    This is dope. Praise Jesus! This music is the real deal. God has called us because we can minister to people that no run-of-the-mill Christian (no offense to anyone) can.

    A lot of brothers and sisters are gonna be falling into grace _soon._

    He will guide you, provide for you, protect you, all effortlessly. WHOA. God is overwhelmingly awesome. Bless you all.

  12. Willy

    This is hard fire!!!

  13. Shali Carbello

    amen I love yall unconditionally

  14. Shali Carbello

    much love brothas

  15. DboyG Hutson

    He said your contract came wit a stack and some KY! Did y'all catch that!? Bizzle shootin some mean shots! Much props and respect!

  16. Ze'Queen DivaLoach

    Sevin said..the roof is MISSING!!! WhewWw!!! BUMPS said...Outstanding like a Hitch hiker!!!! Selah just trying to keeps BUMPS calm like calamine!!!! LOLLL

  17. Kingz Kid

    Fo real dis da deal

  18. cool bian

    Canibus - Lyrical Noir

  19. Peanut 7938

    All we need is ESHON on this
    O he’s right there

  20. Tim McCarthy

    "To God you're a pee-on (European), I measure y'all in kilometers" absolute 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. Saltym4n

    wow this is brutal... that word play. amen brothers....

  22. Nathan Jarrelle

    I love the video, I don't respect the use of the N word though as a Christians artist though, our language isn't to be like the worlds brothers and sisters Ephesians 4:29. If Christians see you do it, more will follow and some already have. Much love, dope cypher.

  23. TsaphahYah ben Israel

    Sevin stay doin that baphomet...smh

  24. 00CavScout00


  25. Joe Dynamo


  26. Jason Stephens

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  27. UNOIT Official

    🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️From the UK

  28. Warrior for Christ Our King and Savior!

    Sevin throwing up the baphomet at the start of the video...Smh. 👉😈.
    Sad that many wolves go unoticed.
    Shalom 😇😇😇

  29. Shawn Starbird

    Brought it homeboy!! God up!!

  30. Dedrick Clayton

    Woooooo!!! Bizzle kilted it! He ain’t hold nothin back!!!

  31. Bobby Wells

    I’m late with this you boys gave me the feeling like when I first heard nwa repping yah Christ barrrrrrrrs fire flow as Christian rapper this keeps me going on in a wicked world don’t be like the world be apart from the world

  32. Carlos Miller

    Real Spit!

  33. Anthony Jones

    does anyone know what the instrument of this trackies

  34. Eric Rider

    2019...... heat from above.

  35. Alfred Kanu

    Lol Bizzle your contract came with a Ky 😂

  36. Lawrence Miller

    Bizzle's bars tho!!!! Fire

  37. Inahyasharahla Israel


  38. Naya EZ

    This is straight fire. Blessings


    I'm gonna spit fire in this

  40. Daniel Kereti


  41. Nicole W.

    "Put a Cape on my me a Super Christian"

  42. Daniel Mendoza

    Don’t want money ask for the gospel help me share the gospel world wide take it all over that is my prayer I ask God bless me with it it’s all over thank you 🙏🏻 never ask for money just share the word it’s been a more than big blessings super natural blessings thank everyone it’s beautiful when I ask for these blessings I was worshiping and praying usually when I’m worshiping. Just started crying non stop still happening every time I worship start crying can’t explain but it’s real Jesus Jesus Jesus is all I want in my life glory all glory to Jesus answer my special prayers is done more Proof people want simple men ask for a special prayer I got answered my prayers got answered I’m the one that ask for that blessings thank you Jesus thank you Jesus since that evening every time I get into worship start crying uncontrollably it’s not the media it’s God holly Spirit working on everything moving everything in the name of Jesus for he’s glory hallelujah hallelujah amén

  43. T'Challa Dickson


  44. Вероника Лепихина

    Sevin is a real free styler damn man ur shit is dope

  45. Rodney Roberts II

    BIZZLE... Man they dont even want to hear you... All of y'all kilt it...

  46. Christopher Garrett

    This cypher put me in a great mood 😁😁 prays the Lord

  47. yungflysaved

    Who still here in 19? 🙏🏼

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    FIRE!!! A big tune!

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    god over money All ways

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    Put a cape on my cross call me a super Christian

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    this deserves way more views... this is nice

  52. Brittany Bracey

    Bizzle 💯💯💯 everyone went in tho

  53. Torrance Jordan

    My GOD is out----standing like hitchhiker 💯

  54. Moku Nui

    Yoooooo!!!! Bizzle brought that fire !!

  55. Prince of Peace Productions

    *This is still one of the best songs EVER! HANDS DOWN!💯🔥🔥🔥. Ya'll need to make more joints like this one! God bless everyone in Jesus' name!*

  56. Michael B

    Yo brilliant!!!Im feeling dis the pretense of paint slinging and slugs in frames is really for the mainstream they love fables.keep going guys!!!

  57. ja jack

    All those different styles of jesus poets
    Hope you fools hungry u about to be fed.

  58. ja jack


  59. Allan Castro

    Moses played this next to the bush


    Wow. They wowed me

  61. Just stop it

    This is a classic 💯

  62. Cozmoe 1000

    Selah The Corner is on sumthin!!!!!! “ Im from the start I’ve been painted from HEART crazy how HE’s Art like the word HEART written out!”🖼 Krispy 1000*

  63. JbCut IT


  64. Jerry Benard

    Bizzle 🔥🔥🔥

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    fire all day

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    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👄👄👄👄 nice nice Nozzle closing out with that truth! Praises to Yah for these men

  68. FaithFamilyFootball

    "Mr. Hashtag rapper mike brown Trayvon,
    Only time you promote peace is when they die;

    It last about a week and then it's back to the STRAPS*,
    Because your contract came with a stack and some KY*..." 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  69. Troy Baraka

    brother sev went hard on that one

  70. Law Dawg

    "Im known to react like Goku when dropping vocals" -Dātin also "tell Satan and all his devil's in hell will get crushed!"

  71. Nicholas Verdusco

    Whole track went hard. Bizzle was too real at the end man hahahaha
    I dont wanna hear how u let tecs squeeze. Let em cut a check. Ull b a dress next week.

    Pshh. bars.

  72. PreacherMan 816

    I usually always say sev goes in the hardest but not on dis one. Bizzle went in hard

  73. Вероника Лепихина

    im for Sevin

  74. TLOKE 57

    This ain’t free flow 😜

  75. Zaul Jerez

    I like how they have all the Christian rappers

  76. Zaul Jerez

    I voting for my man datin and bizzle

  77. Zaul Jerez

    I like listening to Christian rap because it doesn’t curse at all

  78. Zaul Jerez

    Is this a rap battle I want to do it with you guys


    The only thing that would have made this song better is if T-Bone came out from the Woodworks rippin it for the OG's!


    If Bumps would have gone as long as Bizzle it might have been a tie for first otherwise it's Bizzle 1st, Bumps 2nd, and the rest need to catch up. JK, I've been missing Godly hip-hop for so many years thank God for these guys!

  81. Lawrence Cruz

    "Cause I'm on them pro tools, I'm not to react like Goku when dropping vocals" -Dātin

  82. lilmeddey adpmusic

    People who don't believe in God dislike but IAM not one of them

  83. lilmeddey adpmusic

    Guys get my song on SoundCloud and play music call get back

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    Ask Me To Flow Nasty Like FLint Water ! Oh Snap! Killed it !


    TORAH ONLY, But this is 🔥

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    Im super late but these boys slayed this track 💯🎯🔫. Yes lord

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    They b doing 4 Christ always.... without question

  92. mathew

    Nice set , .. lyrics pretty tight ,each man going in pretty strong on it .
    That’s enough for me
    Praise the lord

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