Bizzle - Bless His Name Lyrics

[Bizzle & Alexis Spight:]
Yeah, Yeah
They don't want us praising the LORD
They say you can rap about anything except for JESUS right?
But if I talk about GOD my record won't get played huh?
GOD over Money

Wooh! Buckle down, you done got rich enough from giving us what's killing us, we, shut it down
Give it up, yain't feeling us, yain't real enough, but, we here now, (here now)
And we ain't going nowhere, Oh yeah got the record labels so scared
Wow! If I was y'all I'd be petrified, Came in yelling GOD over Money, they can never buy it
I can show it, I can prove it if they ever try, if you sleeping on the team boy you hella tired
Martin Luther King had a dream and it never died
Homey we gon' be okay, we roll with Neo you see homey we don't play, HE the one
Don't sleep off it, HE told us to G-O, so we go and we obey, (we obey)

Put your phones in the sky now
If you knew that I was down with THE ROCK would you roll with me? (Roll With me)
Or if you find out we love JESUS will you leave us? (They ain't all gon stay)
Either way, we okay 'cause we used to it now, (yeah)
You may not wanna stay for what we do right now, it's about to go down

[Alexis Spight:]
We will bless HIS NAME, We will bless HIS NAME
We will bless HIS NAME, I don't know about you but I will, I will
We will bless HIS NAME, (We will, we will, we will)
We will bless HIS NAME, (Hallelujah)
We will bless HIS NAME

Man they hate to see us winning, if they ever catch us sinning they be quick to put the cam on us
It won't be my first time slipping or my last, I repented I'm forgiven so I dabb on 'em
We ain't perfect, we just dirt so we been dirty, we ain't worthy ooooh
HE is perfect, we HIS servants, we will worship, HE deserves it ooooh
I'm hot now I'm hot now, and if HE wants it HE can make it stop now
I can yell HIS NAME out loud and pray, every day but if I ignore the poor I'm I GOD'S child?
HIS love for me's really all that I need, Faith on high, pride on low, low, low, low
My SAVIOUR with me, ever leave us, forsake us, the answer is NO, NO, NO, NO

[Bizzle & Alexis Spight:]
Put your phones in the sky now
If you knew that I was down with THE ROCK would you roll with me? (Would you roll with me?)
Or if you find out we love JESUS will you leave us? (They ain't all gon stay)
Either way, we okay 'cause we used to it now
You may not wanna stay for what we do right now, it's about to go down

[Alexis Spight:]
We will bless HIS NAME, We gon' bless HIS NAME
We will bless HIS NAME, We gon' bless HIS NAME
We will bless HIS NAME, We gon' bless HIS NAME
We will bless HIS NAME, (Hallelujah)
Anybody wanna do it? Anybody wanna bless HIS NAME?

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Bizzle Bless His Name Comments
  1. lesley Lewis

    Yo man, i gotta keep playin it back man. Gotta keep playin the junk back back man. Hallelujah. Yea, like the scripture.... Amen

  2. The Kapes Tapes

    Cant stop playing this track! 2019!

  3. Makai & cassandra

    🔥 I❤GOD then my wife

  4. brylo1218

    I got the message!

  5. Franchesca Lira

    Hallelujah!!!!!! Praise God!!!!! Bizzle i love all your music . We will Bless His Name. Amen

  6. Freewoman

    Love this! The lyrics are edifying me. Thank you for sharing Bless The Lord

  7. Country Living

    Y'all I'm just hearing this! #OnRepeat 🙏🙌💪💕💯

  8. Aireonna Hines

    so if I talk about God my record won't get played huh? God over Money Bizzle!

  9. Aireonna Hines


  10. Shawntae Lanase

    🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 praises to the most high God!!!

  11. Dollaz Dollaz

    2019 we here

  12. Tiara L Butler

    this praay to god

  13. Steve WB

    Amen brotha smooth reppin for the Lord🙏💯

  14. Keith Williams

    god helped you with a good song

  15. El Peterson

    God Over Money

  16. Nestle Black

    DOPE 🤗🤗


    I Bless you all again Beloved

  18. Pamela Switzer

    Yes this is the time to take back our thoughts!! Our music demonstrates our belief... I LOVE JESUS!!!!!! "the LIGHT"

  19. bleed Green

    God over money

  20. SIndres MAson

    If your 13 years old I love your song so much

  21. SIndres MAson

    This is my favorite song bless his name

  22. SIndres MAson

    We will bless the name of Jesus

  23. SIndres MAson

    let's the 13 old girl I love your song

    SIndres MAson

    I mean I'm 13 years old I Love You song

  24. SIndres MAson

    Estimated 13 year old love your song

  25. SIndres MAson

    I like your song it inspires me and I'm thirteen-year-old

  26. NiyarraVlogz

    You guys rock it :D

  27. Jamel Roberson


  28. Jésus-Christ est Seigneur

    God is Faith

  29. Doug Siri

    nice well done ✊

  30. Eric Sayward

    I don't wanna hear how you let techs squeeze, cut him a check he'll be in a dress next week!

  31. Rhonda Grant

    God /over money a life not death.

  32. Ladarius Abston

    If I talk about God my record won't get played so true

  33. DA LITE

    Bizzle with the tight flows and Alexis Spight with the powerful voice and God's annointing this song is powerful!

  34. Katrina Coleman

    I absolutely love Bizzle music God over money, that's what's up

  35. Tina Cowar

    One of my absolute favorite rappers ever!  Tupac, MC Breed, DMX, BIZZLE!!!!!

  36. Phat Boi Phresh

    This some fire!!!! Lord, thank you for blessing Bizzle with the ability to ministry through music and encourage men like me whom adapting to a righteous lifestyle from being a savage out in this world

  37. Hero Jefferson

    I listen to the entire Christian community and put their music over mainstream music because I do not like to praise the wicked. I do so because I am the type who has ALWAYS been Faithful to God and stay True to my culture, family, and self. There are alot of talented artists, but none are this talented.


    love all my brothers and sisters out there!!! keep up that holy work 🤗😊😇

  39. lenetha bethel

    blessen stay strong uncle jay love in that

  40. Ryne Chambers

    yea this song is bangin!! Bless his name!! all day yo!!

  41. Adira Israel

    the bible is not for every nation under the sun... the israelites according to the bible are the descandants of slavery. deut 28:68


  42. Scriptures in Motion Gail Williams


  43. Ron Metoyer


  44. Dollaz

    thank God for bizzle

  45. Ron Metoyer

    GOD over $ HOG MOB. ITW. CHRIST 4eva!!

  46. Clinton Wells

    Worship Yahweh the father !! Praise His name .Yeshua ( Jesus Christ ) says Luke 22:42 ",not my will, but yours, be done ." Praise to the most high glory to the father .

  47. Yleani Thomas-Munoz

    who is ready for the coming of jesus? i know i am.

  48. UziDaSparrow #GodFirst

    tryna vring glory to our Lord! Listen to "Thy Kingdom Come" by UziDaSparrow

  49. Shay and Trav

    love this one bizzle!

  50. COWTown Tx.

    bizzle all dizzle fashizzle brizzle. 100 lol!!!

  51. Clorox Bleach

    This is wat we need on the radio my brothers and sisters

  52. Virtuoso Productions

    beautiful music. keep doing your thing family!!

  53. 81LoveLetters

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!

  54. Justina Nejelski

    i love this song because its talking about god and i love god to death and he is heart

    Justina Nejelski

    i love the part at 3:07all the way to 3:48

  55. hazel villalpando

    love it brother bizzle

  56. Ali N

    Bizzle going hard for God!!! No sellouts here!!! Keeping it real for God!!!

  57. Clorox Bleach

    Me wondering how this got 20 👎🏽🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  58. Tonisiah Holley

    Wow why am I just hearing this?😆

  59. quiana dixon

    Love this song!!!

  60. calvin kindell

    if I ignore the poor am I GOD'S child?!..PREACH!!

  61. datwasdope

    smh. Jesus gotta be lovin' this. Flamin'

  62. Marvin Lowe

    keep doing GOD all the world raper want to rap Gospel now that's funny garbage music is out kill shoot smoke drink booty Dance songs money only go so far then the devil take you out your dead your soul is gone to Hell kill them young so they cant grow still kill and destroy

  63. Zhari’s World


  64. Jonathan Goyens

    ITS ABOUT TO GO DOWN! That part always makes me jump out my chair and turn up

  65. bakinsodabizz101

    this shit go hard af to be a church jawn.... I dig

  66. SanDiego_Cali

    God over money!!

  67. phantom2k10

    don't believe jesus was the name of the biblical messiah,but this song was lit nevertheless

  68. Ethan Cochenour

    We don't side with the victims who deserved it

  69. Marshaun Quinniey

    Faith as small a mustard seed shall move mountains!

    Through God all thing are possible! Even radio play!

    Otherwise! I like the song!  It is hot!

  70. Dennis and Stephanie Baker

    "But if I talk about God my record wont get played HUH?"

    Honestly one of my favorite things about Bizzle is when he shouts Hallelujah in the background. I hear my kids imitating and it blesses me! #Unashamed


  71. yaboyshelz

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  72. André T. Mcleod

    Am forgiven so I dap on dem #BARS

  73. Asha Angeline

    those who have negative stuff to say about this tune it's obvious it so flew over your head.  Bizzle would eat Rick Ross food in a minute.  Lil Wayne has an upside down cross tattooed on his skin...and your point.....

  74. Steven A

    This really shows that Christian Hip hop hits just as heard!

  75. jason Myers

    God over money

  76. Akio

    U can run, but you can't hide No matter where it's his bee hive

  77. Nat Chea

    listen up people go support the movement, go buy the album. it's less than 10 bucks, it's available everywhere, Google play, iTunes, Amazon music, I bought it on Amazon music and Google play to show my support. go do the same.

  78. Demo Freeman

    Please give this a listen If you like this??

  79. kenneth matsenene

    MY EARS ARE BURNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. cla912

    OoooooooooooWeeeeeee!!! Straight FIYAH FLAMES!!! Homie we gone be ok!!

  81. Akon Fenty

    He told a lie, there are rappers who rap about God and gets played on the radio so he told a lie, there's a rapper name T-Rock whose a Christian but is a secular artists he raps about God and gets played on the radio, I heard some of his music on the radio...lying is a sin so don't tell lies next time, but this song is good tho.

    Akon Fenty

    @RS2007Vids Well T-Rock's music doesn't really worship the devil, he actually speaks a lot about God and how God changed his life, but he's still a secular artist.

    Kweku Bransah

    Come on. Are you really going to try to call that out and say "Lying is a sin" as if you don't lie? his comment about not being played on the radio isn't a lie either. The amount of rappers on the radio just mention God. Very few will talk about God and reference him as more that just a mention, like you pointed out with T-Rock but how big is T-Rock actually and even with Lecrae one of the most know Christian rappers his stuff doesn't really get played on the radio as other artists do.

    Bizzle isn't saying that no one ever will or can get on the radio when they rap about God because people have and will do it again, he's saying compare the rappers who do really rap about God to those who don't and see how far they get with their songs on the radio. Not very far because the world will keep holding back God's name when it's used to advance the Gospel.

    Akon Fenty

    @K Smooth Lying is a sin and he told a lie and no I don't lie cus I don't believe in lying, I believe you should always tell the truth cus you can never get in trouble telling the truth, what's the point in lying anyway? and yes it is a lie cus there are ppl who make music about God and still on the radio so he told a lie sir so stop defending him...most of these rappers do talk about God and it's only a few you hear that don't, Lil Wayne talks about God in his music, Pusha T (No Malice brother), Rick Ross talks about God, most of these rappers do identify as Christians.

    deangelo flagg

    In reality they don't get played period without taking Jesus name out of the song so he sold out for a dollar if it is not a gospel song it will not get played period. The industry do not like Gospel Rap because majority of the money in the music industry is from gangsta rap and the devil knows that so if someone like Bizzle get major radio play screaming Jesus name in almost every song the world would be a Godly place once again and the devil knows that the music industry would never be the same everybody would turn to God because rap music influences everybody that listen to it from the kids to the grown ups so no real Gospel Rap does not get played on major radio stations unless it is a Christian station period that's the truth my brother. You shouldn't call him a liar without really knowing your facts my brother you judge him without even knowing him or what's really going on. I hope you not one of those blind hypocritic Christians and to say you never lied you just did because as a kid you lied before all kids do my brother I'm not coming at you or anything because you are my brother and I love you but, you should really think about something before you post it. God Bless The World. I Love All Y'all And There Ain't Nothing You Can Do About It. Bless Up My Brother

    deangelo flagg

    And remember my brother nobody gets on the radio saying Jesus name because the devil hate that he will try to destroy they career he let you get away with saying God because he think he is God and some of those sell out rappers say God to give satan praise you should really do your homework and listen my brother. I am a reborn Christian but, even I know real Christian Rap gets no love in the industry because the world is scared to accept the truth of our Lord Savior my brother which is Jesus Christ my King and yours and the world's King. Look at Lecrae he said that Her tonight becomes addiction to pornography but, he was on the hip hop awards and not once did he mention Jesus name at all or none of his artists on Reach Records, but you come at Bizzle for telling the truth how blind and foolishness do we have to be to open our eyes that makes me so sad to see that. Lecrae said he is not a Christian rapper to get recognition from the devil to get in the major industry he did cyphers with rappers cursing and everything but Bizzle a liar because of Bizzle song Dear Hip Hop I stop listening to gangsta rap and turned to Gospel Rap and Gospel Songs. I love to hear it because it does something to my soul like really it feels so good my brother so please my brother do your research and investigate someone before you speak on them. I love Lecrae but if you listen to his interviews he contradict his self a lot. He said he don't let his kids listen to his music why not if you are glorifying the Most High that's kind of weird my brother and who is T Rock anyway I never heard of him at all and how much did he pay the radio station to play a song Glorifying and saying Jesus name because they will loose their job period please don't be blind my brother open your eyes because you are missing the big big big big picture. God Bless You

  82. Taie 007

    love this song!!!!

  83. Nathan Kaltz

    i added this to my watch later just because of the fact that it said bizzle lol fyi, i have a lot of songs that i like on my watch later and i keep them on there

  84. Sphamandla Luthuli

    Bizzle why you so consistant bro? wow ....This is fire #salue

  85. calvin kindell

    Hot song...🔥🔥🔥

  86. Jermaine Blalock

    So FIRE !!!!

  87. Jeanne Maseuli


  88. 1davoovad

    Wow this song is powerful I love you Jesus

  89. Alexis Massey

    Ok Drake lol

  90. jonathan chau

    go too hard, feel gods presence on this one

  91. Izzy G.O.M.GodOverMoney


  92. Tre Wise

    Dj khaled they don't want us praising the lord

  93. Brandel Barney

    Listen to them fire lyrics🔥🔥🔥 (homie we gone be okay )

  94. Lee J

    sad Christian artist has to say this but hey its needed injection. Datin wasn't nominated for Dove ?

  95. not your average

    I really do lol

  96. Deshawn Terry

    it a choice to be saved. God won't force you to be saved. he will give everyone the choice to serve the Creature or the Creator.
    The Choice is yours.
    And concerning Going to the Strip club...I doubt it. The scriptures teach that God will not tempt Man...And Trust me Going into a strip club is a temptation God will not endorse. but he will send the Striper your way...maybe you may see her in Walmart etc. and you may be able to witness their. The scriptures teach, let all things be done decent and in Order.


    Not on here to argue about scripture. Just saying that you're making accusations about other Christians based off of whether or not Bizzle goes on Sway. Don't be so quick to judge other artists, you don't know what they face. They're actually changing lives and leading others to Christ. They're also not perfect. And pertaining to the strip club, you're pulling that verse out of context. Scripture says that God isn't the one who tempts man, it's man. It's saying it's not God's fault that we are tempted by strip clubs. That it's our fault that we are tempted by strip clubs. You're right though, God doesn't endorse temptations. All I'm saying is that there's no reason to be debating any of this if you knew the Truth (in context, not pulled out to sway your argument).

    Tremain Jackson

    I really hope we can understand scripture fully when it comes to this nobody is perfect business. my comment is completely seperate from the original thought you both have about going to the strip joint. but take a good look into scripture and understand what the Lord is calling for and not what we think He is hoping for. the two are completely different.