Bishop Briggs - Water Lyrics

Funny how a blessing feels just like a curse
Bad love hurts, but somehow good love hurts me worse
'Cause lately I'm mistaking honey for the bees
Having trouble sleeping with you next to me

I sink in you like water
Pray you won't pull me under
One look and I die
Heaven in your eyes
Held hard in the white light
I dive in you like water
I sink like a stone

Stone in your water
Stone in your water

Tell the truth, you know you can not keep me safe
There's more pain in love than we can find in hate
Lately I've been keeping honey from the bees
So if you ever leave, at least it's bittersweet

I sink in you like water
Pray you won't pull me under
One look and I die
Heaven in your eyes
Held hard in the white light
I dive in you like water
I sink like a stone

Stone in your water
Stone in your water
Stone in your water
Stone in your water

Be gentle with me
Have patience with me, Oh
'Cause I've been in the corner of my mind that tells me
I'm not good enough for anybody like you
Help me out, you know I need you like water

Stone in your water
Stone in your water
Stone in your water
Stone in your water

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  1. Gabrielle Bruser

    Why is thjs version different from apple music

  2. Sara She Is

    My love for Bishop Briggs brought me here

  3. danielle carnicle

    Sarah Grace McLaughlin[5][6] was born in London on 18 July 1992,[7] the daughter of Scottish parents from the town of Bishopbriggs, which later inspired her stage name. At the age of four, she moved to Tokyo with her family. She sang in public for the first time at a Tokyo karaoke bar, and realised she wanted to be a performer. Growing up with the city's karaoke bar traditions and hearing music ranging from Motown musicians to The Beatles at home also inspired her to pursue music. She started writing her own songs at the age of seven, and would perform them for her family. She moved to Hong Kong at the age of 10, where she lived until she was 18. She continued to pursue music throughout her youth, participating in a number of school talent shows and performances. After graduating from Hong Kong International School, she moved to Los Angeles and attended college at Musicians Institute.[8]

    danielle carnicle


  4. danielle carnicle

    Sarah Grace McLaughlin (born 18 July 1992), better known as Bishop Briggs, is a British[2] musician, singer, and songwriter. Her single "River" was a number three hit in the US Alternative chart[3] and she released her debut album Church of Scars on 20 April 2018

  5. Darish Zone

    Powerful track, it gaves me chills on GA s15.

  6. Dani J

    ...after watching GMA3:Strahan,Sara&Keke I realize that nothing can stop a person from pursuing their passion! Infinite Flow Dance Troop is a testament to the miraculous nature of God. May God continue to bless you both, Marisa Hamamoto & Piotr Iwanicki... ♾️☮️❤️✌🏻🥰🤩😍

  7. Mike Luvano

    This songs puts what my soul feels into words and I can’t help but love it.

  8. Tomas Sudaj

    All these artists and record labels must be $$ the producers add their music as it brings ppl to look for there music catalog

  9. David Polyakov

    Grand hotel someone?)

  10. avs.24

    that finale of grand hotel killed me

  11. Nisa13

    Why does this not have more views ?? I came straight from grand hotel bc I needed to hear the whole song omg ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Nisa13

    Who’s here from grand hotel?? I NEED a season 2!

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    Anybody for Grand Hotel episode 13 for this song?


    Looks like I'm not first to post this comment after that episode.

    Tanarus Robinson

    Great Fuckin' Show

  18. Reuben Agyeman

    Who is here after watching grand Hotel Season finale

    Audra Savelkoul


    Amanda Dias

    Me!!! I hope they renew the show :/

    Reuben Agyeman

    @Amanda Dias yh I hope they renew it


    Reuben Agyeman It was sooooo good!!

    Reuben Agyeman

    @TheBookofDay Yh, I hope we get Season 2

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    Grand Hotel brought me here.

    Isaac Bobonis

    Me too.

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    Alexis and Alan brought me here

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    She sounds like Zhavia!!!!! She should totally do a cover for this

  23. Shinigami Kitsune

    *Don't mind me, just a rare person who's here just because Bishop Briggs passing through the comment section...*

  24. Nova Rundquist

    This is not fake beauty.... this is REAL beauty, who agrees???


    Black Mist


  25. True P!nk Fan

    Hmmm... Damn, you uploaded the songs without drums... Damn... The Spotify version is really different.

  26. c M

    This song hits my soul so hard. I can't get enough of it.

  27. Shakira Gayle

    You are incredibly talented! You inspire me every day <3 Thank you for sharing that with the world.

  28. Ladychin Gordon

    Her voices isolates me from the outside the world. Damn glad i found her music.

  29. Mabuke 'Mue' Muelelwa

    ...from grey’s anatomy

  30. Jose Amador

    I felt this right in the heart. Thank you

  31. matthew gonzales

    I love her voice

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    Greys Anatomy??

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    Here because of Grey's, what an amazing track!

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    My fantastic taste in music brought me here

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    Grey´s Anatomy brought me here :)

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    She does it again!!! ❤️ her voice is everything

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    here after grey's? 😍

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    Here bc of Greys and Alexis and Alan’s dance

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    Anyone from Grey's Anatomy? :P

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    I love grey's anatomy. And I love Bishopp Briggs beautiful voice 🙌😍💜

    S J


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    Me me me

    Silver Skull


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    Greys anatomy

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    So glad Grey's gave us the chance to meet this angelical voice ❤

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    DWTS brought me here. In the version sung on the show it sounded like Joan Osborne. This original sounds mostly nothing like Joan Osborne but I can hear it in a couple of places.

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    Who else is here because of DWTS Alexis and Alan's dedication dance?

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    Milly Borr

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    Who else is her for alan and alexis waltz on dwts?

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    so cutteeeeeeee

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    A true work of art

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    I'm in love

  52. Alexander Caskie

    You know that first lyric about the bees makes a lot of sense, it's like the people who have good perception and find the people who are nice people and avoid the snakes, get a benefit n stuff, like honey. Improbably over complicated that,

  53. Elizabeth Kreutzer

    bishop briggs i like your song water

  54. alisson carreño

    I love bishop briggs
    From Peruvian 💝💟


    With a voice as stand out as yours how in the world have you not had billions literally of views on every video I usually stay clear of female singers due to there sound but you dear have soul something a lot of artist lack even male artist this is breath taking beautiful and just wow your voice is taking it on another level never quit ever

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    im doing a dance to this for competition!!!

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    I don’t know why she does not get more views and likes she deserves so much more

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    This is just an acoustic version.

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    I low-key hope the music video for this song is filmed underwater. With cool watery aesthetics and all that...😂😂💦💦💦

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    Favorite song from the album ♥️🖤♥️

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    Can’t believe I’m just now listening to her music lord Jesus she’s amazing this is perfection the backup vocals 😍😍 I’m shook lol

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    703K is left to the 1 million subs <3

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    I love her



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    omg h20 is shook

  76. by the ocean

    i want her to go full soul but at the same time her goth soul is so unique haha

  77. by the ocean

    i know it sounds crazy but adele and bishop would make a great collab

  78. Luu Moreno

    Lovely 🌹

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    why havent anyone made an instrumental to thiz song pls id rly love to make a cover of it

  80. lillyputt 60

    Every song ... a #1 HIT!! . ALBUM of the YEAR!!! Love it!!!!!

  81. Will Steele

    This is one of my favorite songs plus its shows just how powerful her voice is....!!!!

  82. Will Steele

    You are my water Bishop briggs I'm so in love with you 😢... Can't wait for you to accept your GRAMMY ❗❗❗❗

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  92. Niks Nielsen

    I saw this song live twice today. This woman is the real deal. Her voice is larger than life. We met her at The Peak radio station (Vancouver BC) during a meet and greet this afternoon. She is a genuine, passionate and humble human being. I can't wait to hear what's next from this girl!

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    Damn, this shit is deep like water.

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    Esta es su mejor canción ya neta sin pedos junto con Hi-Lo y me vale verga quien diga lo contrario esta epica

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    Preciosa :), thanks

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