Birdy - Wild Horses Lyrics

I'm a dreamer
But it's hard to sleep when your head's not in it
I've been restless
Cause you disappeared and there's something missing
The Earth is loose under my shoes
There's an angel
And he's shaped like you, and I thought I knew him
There's a window
And it's dark inside, but the light was in it
This can't be love if it hurts so much
I need to let go

I will survive and be the one who's stronger
I will not beg you to stay
I will move on and you should know I mean it
Wild horses run in me

I remember
How we danced so close, I would stand on your feet
And the phone calls
That would last all night, they were life boats to me
Our fading scars just shooting stars
They're here, then gone

I will survive and be the one who's stronger
I will not beg you to stay
I will move on and you should know I mean it
Wild horses run in me

Our human hearts forget how strong they are
And they get lost along the way, hey
It's not giving up, it's letting go
And moving to a better place

I will survive and be the one who's stronger
I will not beg you to stay
I will move on and you should know I mean it
Wild horses run in me
I will survive and be the one who's stronger
I will not beg you to stay
I will move on and you should know I mean it
Wild horses run in me

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Birdy Wild Horses Comments
  1. Maturity2 Stay

    love it

  2. Alan Anders

    I think the video would look nicer and more realistic if she were completely naked (. Y .)

  3. Evan A1

    damn brings back old memories 🥰

  4. Celeste Woodhead

    Oh & she may not be big in the US but she sure is in the UK, where she lives. Sells out Coliseums. I went to one show here in 2015 & it was in the back of this bar w/maybe 50 people. Couldn't believe it.

  5. Celeste Woodhead

    I've been a huge fan of her's for 8 years now. Starting when she was 15, she's 23 now.

  6. Female power

    Love Birdy , her songs are gtreat lryically, great voice . Duscovered her this year . Fan 4 ever 💖 ........I I have a story to tell you my story, this song has some parts that fit ,but not all. No love loss in fact i realize today i believe i never had true feelings , felt sorry for this person . Believed all his sob stories thought i could save him . And felt sorry for his kids and family. So here goes I met a bad man michael Billones from Warrington uk in manchester lives in cheshire area. Corupt Fillipino works as a chef in WARRINGTON uk Manchester in a pub 20min away from cheshire area. Stold lots and lots of money from me user and a thief con lier Manipulator. Needs proffesional help big time. Biggest mistake of my life lesson learned the hard way destroyed me you never forget the hurt from a very bad situation . But im very strong woman today. He'll never find happiness only fake poeple in his life has no respect for nobody not even himself or remorse for what hes done too me. Watch out for social media careful if my story helps one girl its worth it. Please don't remove this message yutube want the world to know about this horrible person who destroyed my life. I had to remove my picture from my profile not to recognized. But im very happy today met a wonderful gergous man that respects me and treats me like the good person that I am and deserve. It will take time for what hes done too me. Good always wins evil. Don't forget this coward name MICHEAL BILLONES also has a accohol problem and woman. Thank you for reading my story. 😐😐😐🦂🦂🦂🐍🐍🐍👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿🍺🍺

  7. Mitzi Culverhouse



    2:14 always makes me cry man😭🤣

  9. Swirl AndTwirl

    Her beauty is so fairytale

  10. Sarah Baker

    Billie eyelash took the blueprint from her, Florence welch and lana del rey ... And she got a Grammy but not these ladies hmphhh

  11. netschi NAberer

    What a good song i love it. 🤩🤩🤩

  12. • GrizzlyThePotato •

    Miss this song :(

  13. Judian Jaco

    Angelica Hale 💕

  14. frans _

    Birdy is Ariel. Disney please make it happen. She is worth it, being Ariel👍

  15. 낭만

    She's so beautiful I love her and her songs!!

  16. Cameron Dempster

    This song helped me through a breakup

  17. Liam Hendriks

    anyone listening on new years eve?

  18. julianna marie

    i first heard this song in a greys edit and i’m obsessed now

  19. Weedy

    This song helps me so much at the moment thank you so much ❤️💪

  20. Utkarsh Yadav

    I got this song in AGT when angelica hale got golden buzzer and used shazam to identify this song love the chorus

  21. Riju Rai

    incredible visuals for such an incredible song

  22. Briana Beals

    You don't need Ariel, you need Birdy. 😊 She didn't give up her voice for someone.

  23. Jessica Love

    Save ever thing him

  24. Artur Płoński

    Kamil Lemie best actor ❤❤❤

  25. TheSandiiix

    Kamil BIG BROTHER 2 2019 !

  26. Dwik Prastwo

    Angelica hale golden buzzer make me love this song lol

  27. Jada Robertson

    Love this song and the instrumental

  28. Jan Francis Mangona

    Are you free?

  29. tj johnson

    *The little mermaid and Aquaman has entered the chat

  30. Duh Oficial

    December 2019?

  31. Jan Francis Mangona

    Keep it up.

  32. David PX


  33. Edward Mandac

    I love birdyyyy sm 11.03.19

  34. John Molina

    Beautiful song

  35. Meredith Ashley

    love this song.... <3

  36. lovelygacha

    this really reminds me of my 3rd grade teacher.
    i miss him so much. he's back in his country, he told he'll come back next year. been many years. never came back.


    there was those end of the year shows, and this was one of the songs he chose for the class to vote. :')

  37. Christina Sims

    I love how pure her voice is

  38. Rose


  39. Ben Martin

    Fly Birdy Fly.......

  40. officialjaniyla page

    Anyone else here from a " let her be happy challenge ( Alice cooper riverdale) edit? Cuz Im hooked asf😭😭💞 so beautiful😩😍😭

  41. Lana Del Ray

    Underrated artist

  42. Didier Rodrigo Fernandez

    I don't get the ending. Is she leaving him drowning because she learnt to let him go?

  43. David Becker

    So Many Lives Honey. LOVE The Tunes. Thats All Fokes

  44. Joyce Cobb

    Her voice is heaven

  45. Rose

    Just a fairytale and a fairy.. ✨2019 again and again! 😊 🇬🇷

  46. Frankie Sum


  47. Yayou naby Cisse

    This song is so underrated..

  48. angel Ann

    September 2019

  49. jincky sobremisana

    This song is so underrated but at the same time im happy because only few knew this song.

  50. levy zorn

    angel in the real world

    Milena Malinowska

    levy zorn Kamil Lemie? Yes he is ❤️

  51. Meredith Ashley

    Reminds me of Dana Glover -- the song she does for Tuck Everlasting... but this is kinda better!! <3

  52. Diana Vegana

    This song strenghens me every time I listen to it. Thank you❤

  53. Tinna Whale

    mermaid queen

  54. Ganja Power

    Best song

  55. Lucia Mihaela Borota

    This is beautiful 😊

  56. David Becker

    J CC 10 CC Hope U Are Dong Well> Birdy. Eye. D.R.B. Cant Wait For More Music From Your Heart.

  57. Carell Castillo

    Legend of the Blue Sea... I'm so late 🤧

  58. alexander brandan

    Birdy collaborating with Aurora it would be out of this planet!

  59. Beth Bradnam

    Literally the voice of an angel.

  60. Emily L

    Love this song and video ♡

  61. DaOneFame only

    Yaaaas queen 😍 😍 this is amazing song

  62. Frandy officiel


  63. La Cooler

    July 2019?

  64. Cecília Bernardino

    Cadê a Birdy com novas composições? Ela é incrível, linda, inteligente e cheia de amor e arte.

  65. Marcos Paulo Leme Silva

    This music is about Lost a iPhone and buying a Android Phone.

  66. Kathryn Thuy Dung

    I'm so in love with this song. 💕💜

  67. Glen ninja Cross

    This song is for my ex as I told her I would move on and I'm the one who's stronger now so hope she enjoys this song 👌

  68. Cata Lopez

    ❤️ 2019

  69. Joshua Flores

    2019? Anyone?

  70. jy b

    어우 이것도 좋다

  71. Lukas Lokken

    Birdy can cast the mermaid

  72. Francis Duarte


  73. zollinger Ellison

    You don't know how hard it was to get this song

  74. jessie osagie

    I'm here from Lee Min Ho's live. Luv this!!!

  75. Алия Исмаилова

    She is so cute in the water, the cutest mermaid ♥️

  76. Breaski daindigo


  77. Elie Mrad

    No make up amazing pure facee

  78. Marlon Kameka

    This song is so beautiful. So tragic. So empowering. So truthful. Thank you Birdy.

  79. Jummy Irayas

    2019, anyone?

  80. Vera Haile

    Damn. What a prodigy

  81. sarah shailes

    Gives me chills love it

  82. Nutcracker

    Angelica Hale brought me here 🙋‍♂️

  83. Josh Bieler

    Sheer ecstasy cabbage 🥬 match... the one ☝️ who’s stronger, sees every caps leaving... says the opposite... and defies its meaning... wild 😜 horses 🐴 and little ponies...

  84. Bri McBrown

    2019 still hear this fishy

  85. Yo Shioka

    I'm so happy to find a good song

  86. Heather Wanders


  87. Buhle Kheswa

    its not giving up, its letting go and moving onto a better place - i will move on and you will know i mean it.

  88. Wilk Dog

    Gorgeous but you just know she has a hairy muff

  89. AMBROSE 97

    Wow. Nice song birdy you are so beautiful as a marmaid to 😀what happened with the diver he stayed with his love?

  90. Kelly Thomas

    Birdy is so under-rated!
    Her voice is so unique, so pure & uplifting! Love you birdy Xxx