Birdy - Lost It All Lyrics

Give a little time to me
Give a little trust and you'd see
Give a little peace of mind
You never know what you might find

Oh, if this is what dreams are made on
Then I think that I've seen enough
Oh, I've given you all of my love
But it's still not enough

You told me that you'd light my way
You're clever with the words you say, yeah
Led me out into the dark
I took a little step too far

Oh, if this is what dreams are made on
Then I think that I've seen enough
Oh, I've given you all of my love
But it's still not enough

Oh, it hurts (Lost control)
Oh, it hurts (Lost it all)
It hurts sometimes, sometimes

If this is what dreams are made on
Then I think that I've seen enough
Oh, I've given you all of my love
But it's still not enough

A bitter heart
You let me down
But you'll never lose
What you never found

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Birdy Lost It All Comments
  1. Jan Francis Mangona


  2. ccnatson

    I'll just be weeping here as I listen to this... WOW

  3. Anthem

    She's a diamond in music industry... cannot wait for the next album.😍

  4. 2010MelC

    Birdy, you are such a true inspiration and your authenticity shines all the eay through your music! Thank you so much!! Keep being you, through your music!! Love and light, always, xx

  5. Matthew Mills

    i would give anything to see this live... literally magic in my ears. Who's watching in 2019??

  6. John Pettifer

    She is so underrated .. great song 👍👍

  7. Wasistha Dyahapsari

    We miss you Birdy ❤️

  8. Cata Lopez

    ❤️ 2019

  9. Mariano Petra

    Beautiful song, I love this song. I hear it every day, every morning upon awakening.

  10. Kawther irïat

    "But you'll never lose what you've never found "
    WOW 🔐

  11. John Boggans

    up there with your best

  12. Jessica Kethan


  13. Sophie Bourel

    this song is absolutely beautiful and the way you sing it, turns it even more pleasing. Thank you for sharing, it gave me goosebumps

  14. Ritzy Buenaflor

    2019 and still listening to this💖💕

  15. Cata Lopez


  16. Jan Francis Mangona

    Why are you sad?
    We are not weak, our mental ability got all of you in our mind.
    Even the same feeling.......

  17. robert moore

    i mean Billie Eilish is good and all but where's Birdy's props? She's the shit.

  18. irV in

    worth the view

  19. Gael Boucher

    un pure bonheur !

  20. Rikend Vaqstors


  21. John Pettifer

    You did good birds ., awesome as always and love this ..

  22. Ryan Baez

    I like this one especially.. Shows the emotion in your voice.. Keep up the good work.. I want all your up-coming albums :-)

  23. Jason Burchard

    Your music and lyrics bring strength to the soul ✌

  24. Nikita Beletskiy

    Birdy, your great performance definitely may cause tears, that's for sure, but don't make me cry also by long waiting for your new album)

  25. Linda Moore

    Dedicated to my beautiful fiance... No matter what any one says I will never feel like I am enough.. I wish I had you long ago before any one else could have tainted your mind and soul. And I wish that every memory you had of happiness came from me.. I will only have bits and pieces of your heart. . And you will always have all of mine...

  26. e things15

    Muse ❤

  27. Bailey Hendrick

    Where did you go?

  28. Antoine Srll

    Mini celine dion,J'adore 💙

  29. KyleMatthew Raven

    Let it all go is my fav

  30. ivana

    She has such an incredibly beautiful gift. <3

  31. John Boggans

    i just want to hug her every song she has is heart melting she is one of the best female artists of today and every song touches the soul those lyrics it takes a special kind of person to use those emotions and make them a beautiful song

  32. P R

    So people were born to do music and she reaches places only music can heal because sometimes music is the only thing we can trust

  33. Fiona Fernandez

    I would love to hear her doing high and loud notes

  34. Sebastian Reyes

    Is she returning?

  35. Paweł Kosiara

    An ideal woman, real, the most talented singer and instrumentalist of my generation. I wish her all the best. She is a delicate diamond.

  36. 음 음

    언제 컴백해ㅠㅠ

  37. Music Solution

    amazing! goosebumps melody! :o

  38. Muhammad Abdulqader - محمد عبدالقادر

    we love you Birdy plz back to us ..!

  39. andia sal

    her voice ❤️❤️

  40. where is rezii?

    I wish she can collab with harry. Styles. It would be magical.

  41. Noah Uphus

    Birdy come back please we need more songs from you!!!

  42. Hassan Alnaami

    Birdy i miss you 💔☹

  43. smoke jim

    please cover between the bars -elliot smith! I think your voice matches perfectly to it!

  44. Толстый Парень

    где ты давай еще видео

  45. Brand New Girl

    Dear birdy we need i new album

  46. Free Bikini

    great song



  48. Jeroan Castillo

    me encantan tus canciones, eres mi cantante favorita, eres muy linda

  49. yasmim

    what a voice

  50. daoljs

    I most like 😍

  51. BlindedAngel

    This one is by far my favorite, I bought the whole album on Apple Music , her Voice really comes out on this one, it’s so intense, goes through my 💔 can’t help it , i just 😢 it’s so full of feeling, what a special lady ❣️❣️❣️

  52. BlindedAngel

    💘🖤💔 wow , when I 1st heard this song , I felt it was written for me , exactly what I feel ..... I love your voice , you are like a Angel 👼 on this earth , thank you just beautiful ....❣️

  53. SakuraSabre

    were did she go?

  54. Hattie Parsons

    2018? Birdy plz do a new song

  55. Sevh Tzav

    real talent..❤

  56. Christina Sims

    I love this album so much

  57. Wanzz Channel

    birdy now where?

  58. C Golden

    You have become famous so you have ditched your roots the youtube channel that made you successful?

  59. yokehuatgoh

    beautiful birdy <3

  60. seigasuki

    Maybe finding our voice it's a path in which we learn a lot and have a very rich experiences. You're so talented. I admire you and like your music a lot. Congrats, and keep going!

  61. michou officiel

    Skinny love

  62. Clara 0920

    Miss you..

  63. Kerby Sutherland

    I want to hear more of you😢

    Sergio Niño

    And you will. Just be patient . :)

    Kerby Sutherland

    Sergio Niño thank you

  64. Faust

    U ur religion <3

  65. Che pers

    i like ....

  66. Bayssi CSGO


  67. Daniel Kakum

    I've been through so much and yours songs keep on telling me how much more I've got. I love u.

  68. Paola Souza

    she deserves so much more. what a beautiful artist. the way she sings with so many passion makes me wanna cry

  69. Idonteatdog

    The girl with the sad eyes. She looks like a painting from Jan Verneer or Vincent Van Gogh.

  70. Wesley Horne

    Merry Christmas Birdy! Hope it's the best one yet. And Hope and Pray that you have the best year of your amazing young life. True Love coming at you from the Horne Family!

  71. HD green Video

    Amazing great we loved and liked 💖💖💖 Welcome to my channel for free Green screen effects Thank you

  72. JohnnyVVlog

    One year since we were given this amazing video 😍

  73. Sergio Niño

    A year. What a wonderful year. Thank you Birdy for sharing your feelings with us.

  74. Ana Lívia

    Muito perfeita!!! * - - *

  75. Wesley Horne

    It has been one year today since Birdy released this, her last video. I know because I check every day lol. Can't wait for cd #4!

  76. Nova Van Scherrenburg

    Wanneer kom je weer terug

  77. Bedbully

    Sheesh, I cried hard to this :')

  78. Nicht der, der du bist

    Germany loves you ♡

  79. Luis Isaac

    i love birdy❤

  80. r e a n i m a t i o n

    I Need a collaboration through AURORA and Birdy

    Wesley Horne

    Nah I like Aurora a lot, I think she's a breath of fresh air, but Birdy is in a whole different genre (actually Birdy is the ONLY one in her genre) and their perspective types of music would not blend well. Imo.

  81. Khaola ESSIHI

    My dream is to do a duet with you one day. I respect your talent a lot, you are one of my favourites. Well i am not a singer but i have a kind of talent too. My God bless you. ❤

  82. Tianna Hancock

    I feel like Birdy is underrated. Anyone else?

  83. TheLatta Sisters

    Maaaaannnn I been using birdy_77 for gaming and I was going to use birdy for YouTube channel....
    You beat me to it:(.....

  84. CREEPY COVERS music.

    Give a little peace of mind
    You never know what you might find❤

  85. Tyler1 Memes

    does she still live?

    Wesley Horne

    Yes. Still writing music.

  86. Delia

    This song gives me some kind of emotions. Its so calming, especially the piano. I adore this girl so much.

  87. argiletonne

    quite a banger right there, I was jamming on the ones and twos making a sure fire calm beat while maintaining the piano on the hi hat sometimes it's hard to play the drums slow and still make it sound relevant.

  88. ?? ??

    What headphones is she wearing?

  89. Jessy kley

    oh my god i love this song!
    Birdy, you are the best singer and songwriter i know. I was searching for a song like this soooo long and now i found it! thank you so much! you have the most beautiful voice on earth and your lyrics is so emotional and soooo wonderful! YOU ARE PERFECT! please, never stop singing or writing songs!!! I LOVE YOU

  90. Babylyn Paciga

    Addicted to your music. I dm you on instagram

  91. Babylyn Paciga

    Addicted to your music. I dm you on instagram

  92. Darío Arévalo

    Imposible not fall in love of her voice 😍

  93. zinmum originals tm

    Beautiful ❤❤

  94. Orestis Ntelmas

    This song reminds me of my small village when it rained and everything was darker and more beautiful. By moving to a city I lost this feeling and only can recall it but never relive it

  95. Jasmin Schwandt

    So schöne Stimme ich liebe sie 😍

  96. Forever monster

    WHere , are , you, now ?